Trump vs The Mad Scientists

President Trump (PT) – Hey Mike! Mike, where the hell are you now, I need something.

Mike Pence (MP) – Right here Mr. President. I just got off the phone with Rachel Maddow and she was very upset about the income tax prank.

PT – Yeah, well you know what she can go do.

MP – Precisely, sir.

PT – Yeah, well anyway, I want to start the swamp draining a little early. We can restructure the whole thing when we have the new set up sussed out but the first thing I want to do is shut down the NSF and the NEA.

MP – Well I can kind of understand the NEA. That is a highly leftist infiltrated organization. And I share your unhappiness with the whole climate change industry and see why we can cut funding altogether on that enterprise. But isn’t it highly short-sighted to cut off funds to science all together? I mean if for no other reason doesn’t the military depend on the technology that streams from basic scientific research?

PT – Mike, haven’t you ever heard of the Third Law of Funding for civil R&D?

MP – Actually I haven’t.

PT – In Dr. Terence Kealey’s 1996 landmark study, “The Economic Laws of Scientific Research,” he formulated the third law which states that public funding not only displaces private funding but it does it at a factor greater than one. In other words, for every dollar of government money that is investedin civilian R&D more than one dollar is lost of potential private R&D funding. You see what that means don’t you?

MP – Mr. President, no disrespect but are you trolling me?

PT – Not at all Mike. I’m just showing you that by eliminating government funding of civilian R&D we will actually improve science and technology progress.

MP – But how can private industry afford to immediately increase their spending to make up for this government expenditure?

PT – Easy, I cut their taxes by the amount that we currently charge them for the funding and the government overhead we currently spend to administer those programs.

MP – My God, that’s brilliant.

PT – Yeah, Kealey really is a genius.

MP – but Mr. President, you are forgetting one problem. How will you employ all those people currently in the NEA and NSF. They’re gonna be mad.

PT – I’ll send them a link to

MP – Cold.

PT – Equations are cold Mike.

Trump Really Is Gonna Drain the Swamp!

I ran across this tonight, “Presidential Executive Order on a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch.”
If you love America how can you not love this guy? You’ve gotta read this.

It’s remarkable. The fact that we didn’t have all the Presidents that weren’t generals prove that they can run a business just shows how dangerous it is to let lawyers anywhere near your money. We’ve been cheated all these years. This is the kind of thinking that has been so lacking since,…, since forever.
Drain the swamp, then grow something useful there. It’s like a metaphor for the stupidity where the EPA says you can’t build a garden shed on your property because in the winter the snow forms a puddle there and there might be a salamander living in it that has 28 spots instead of the 26 spots that are found on the other salamanders across the road in a different puddle.
It’s like God finally said, “I can’t let these poor people suffer under these merciless cretins anymore. I’ll send the unlikeliest leader imaginable. He’ll be vulgar and vain and selfish and profane. And he’ll be the perfect foil for these evil men because he’s seen how they work and he knows how to beat them.
If he gets half of what he’s trying to do done, not only should we put him on Mount Rushmore and not only should we let his goofy hair flap over onto Teddy Roosevelt but we should let the Trump Corp. get the contract to build it.
It says in the executive order that the public can make recommendations. So, let’s see. How about merging NPR with the Coast Guard. I’d send the whole evening news team to a light house on Gooney Bird Island in the South Pacific and let them do something they’re qualified for, scraping guano off the light. And how about putting NOAA back in charge of predicting weather and out of the climate alarmist business? And what about letting the military do their job, killing our enemies, instead of convincing 98 pound girls that they’re actually Navy Seals or ninjas or whatever their latest fantasy is.
Of cours there is a downside. The unemployment rate will go up sharply. And most of these bureaucrats really have no marketable skills. What a shame. Well, dem’s duh breaks. Funny how it wasn’t important when it was factory workers in Pittsburgh. Hey, those people actually voted this time. Who’da thunk it?
Well, I must go to bed soon. I’m certain Saint Nick must be close by cause if this ain’t Christmas then I must be dreaming. And if I’m dreaming please don’t wake me up.
But in parting I just want to say that no president in my lifetime (and I’m counting Reagan in this) has opened my eyes to all the dysfunction and actual evil that exists in our so-called democratic institutions and the press. And no other president has shown the energy and guts needed to topple the towers of the unelected satraps who feed off our daily bread and give us nothing but pain in return.

Drain the damn swamp and pave the son of a bitch over so they can’t come back.

The Pink Beetle – A Short Book Review

The Pink Beetle is a novella (it says it’s about a hundred pages) published independently by author Caspar Vega. It’s listed in the sf&f category but I think I’d call it a noir or mystery story. Mr. Vega is on Gab and I’m interested in things that aren’t sanctioned by the mainstream institutions so I figured I’d give it a try.
Well, it’s definitely different. I think the best way to describe this story is staccato. There is no attempt to use smooth transitions between scenes in the story. There are no bridge elements between the wildly different sections of the book. Beyond this the writing style is extremely spare. The scenes are like sketches. It is minimalist.
With respect to influences on the story I’d say noir is the strongest. Who is this book for? Well I can say who it’s not for. Anyone who is looking for a refined, highly structured literary story does not want The Pink Beetle. This is more like a two-reeler that went before the main attraction at your local movie house when my parents were kids.
So, did I like it? Yeah, I did. He’s got three other books in “The Young Men in Pain Quartet Book Series” and I think I’ll try another one soon. But this is definitely one of those yes or no things. If you don’t go in expecting something that’s more than a little odd and different, you’ll be disappointed. And who knows, even if you are it still might not be your cup of tea.

The Eclectic Prince by Caspar Vega – A Short Book Review

Nate Silver Discovers the Liberal Echo Chamber!!!

During the run-up to the vote for the Brexit and also for Trump’s presidential victory it was consistently the case that all the establishment news sources declared emphatically that victory for the progressive position was a foregone conclusion. In fact, these pronouncements were almost always attended by snarky jibes at anyone who even hinted at an alternative outcome. And of course, the further to the moonbat-left you ventured, the more manic these pronouncements became. Especially memorable were the efforts by Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow and John Oliver.
After the elections, these same sources were a study in shock and astonishment. Immediately blame was cast at the polls. How could they have been so wrong? This was followed by the pollsters pointing to the closeness of the numbers for both sides and the accuracy the polls actually represented. And this brings us back to the current situation. Democrats want to know how the supreme confidence that the media outlets had in their sides’ victories was so wrong.
So the latest analysis that I read today was an article by pollster Nate Silver of FIVETHIRTYEIGHT, entitled “There Really Was A Liberal Media Bubble.” In it he discovers that there really was echo-chamber on the media left. Shocking!
Now of course to normal people this sudden realization seems utterly comic. But from the point of view of his constituency it really is sort of a brave statement. They will attack him for claiming that there was any kind of error on the left. The acceptable answer is that “the Russians hacked the election.”
Well anyway, Nate says that the problem was that the echo-chamber led the media to accept the beliefs of their own peers as representative of America in general. He lists the characteristics of a crowd that makes it representative of the larger population and shows why the media isn’t a good population to use. They are:
1) Diversity of opinion.
2) Independence.
3) Decentralization.
4) Aggregation.
According to Nate the media has aggregation but lack diversity, independence and decentralization. Very interesting. Regardless of how he’s defining diversity of opinion, independence and decentralization I’m pretty sure most of us don’t have any trouble believing the media lack these things. So let’s go along with this analysis. His point is that the inaccuracy of the media on these elections was unintended and correctable.
Yeah, I think that’s a bunch of bull.
I’m pretty certain that a decision was made that painting the election as completely out of reach would demotivate enough Trump voters in the swing states to win the election for Hillary. Likewise, in England shaming and demotivating Brexit voters was a conscious ploy. I’ll go further, I think it was also a desperate ploy. I think in both elections they knew it was slipping away from them but they kept up the best face they could in order to prevent a rout from occurring when their own voters realized that they weren’t locked into victory. Apparently progressive morale is a more fragile commodity than the right-wing equivalent. Evidence for this is on display on You-Tube in the large number of post-election videos highlighting unhinged leftists wailing and gnashing their teeth convinced that the Trumpocalypse had engulfed the universe and would soon end it.
So, there’s my thesis. I guess someone could claim that really it was more like people whistling past the graveyard and just trying to encourage themselves by not allowing any worrisome speculation on unfortunate outcomes. I don’t believe this. I think the combination of encouraging their own fragile partisans and dispiriting as many republican voters as possible was the tactic and the play.
And the test for this theory would be if Trump is able to deliver the results he ran on (the wall and deportation of illegal immigrants, reversing exportation of manufacturing jobs, restoring the middle-class) his reelection victory should be even more lopsided in the electoral college but more importantly, he will win in the popular vote too. Because as long as he keeps faith with his voters and doesn’t allow the media to define his presidency, he’ll prevent republican voters from losing heart and simultaneously he’ll depress the hell out of the commies.
Oh, and Nate Silver, he’s full of it. He knows exactly where things stand. It’s just a fig leaf.

Rabid Puppies 2017

Any fear that the annual Hugo debacle would be called off on account of boredom is allayed. Vox has posted his slate and it includes the now obligatory dinosaur buggery story. But there has been tactical change. The E Pluribus Hugo rules change means that attempting to monopolize every nominee spot is futile. So for the most part a single nominee is listed for each category. Some but not all of the nominees are Castalia House authors. For the VFM of Vox Day these choices (including “Alien Stripper Boned from Behind By the T-Rex” by Stix Hiscock!) are a duty that allows for no substitution. For others, these are a list of suggestions that provide choices that don’t correspond to a social justice slate. I’ve found Castalia House a very reliable source of enjoyable fiction. But of course, one man’s meat is another’s poison, so decide for yourself.
One interesting development that may or may not be related, Vox included File 770 as a pick for BEST FANZINE but that blog asked to be left out. Now, File 770 despises Vox and all things Puppy, so possibly this is one of those reactionary withdrawals but who knows?
So, I’ve got some reading to do. Although I can confirm that Deadpool would already be my choice for “BEST DRAMATIC PRESENTATION, LONG FORM” (movie). I await also the lists that the Sad Puppies put out. These new choices from the various puppies, sad and rabid, are a boon to old timers like me who decades ago despaired of ever seeing old time fantasy and science fiction. If you are of a like mind I recommend you give the puppy choices a look see.

The Trumpenification of America

So, for months I’ve been observing, thinking and writing about our new president. He’s the biggest and really, the only story there is. He bestrides the modern world like a colossus. Every day he confronts his enemies and whenever they attack him he hits back with remarkable instinct. When the press uses their megaphone to establish a lie he turns it back on them in a tweet that catches them flat-footed. The man is a one-man media machine that makes the news and covers it all at once.
Whether he will conquer the forces arrayed against him or be defeated is perhaps the single most important question in America since the outcome of the Civil War. That sounds like an insane thesis but I think it’s completely true. The direction of American life has been deflected by Marxism since the 1930s. Every institution and group has been attacked from without and infiltrated from within to such an extent that America has become almost unrecognizable. It has finally reached a state where only a few small steps will make reversing the trend virtually impossible. But along comes this crazy man. He seems like a clown and a lout. He brags and struts and rains insults down on the most important politicians and bureaucrats like he and they were fifth graders in a digital school yard. And it seems impossible because the American Public has never put up with this sort of behavior (from a republican anyway). But they do! In fact, the more outrageous the behavior, the more popular he becomes. And the story progressed and what everybody realized (even if some wouldn’t admit it) was that he was tolerated because he was the only one willing to admit the truth and agree to solve the problems that most people really cared about. He talked about illegal immigration, crime and attacks against free speech and gun rights and the exportation of all American jobs to China and Mexico. So they choose him against !JEB! and Marco and Ted and Kasich and everybody else and they even come out in blue states like PA and MI. And they beat the Clintons and make him president.
And now against all odds he’s keeping his word. And this has stirred up the press and the democrats and the Obama and Bush bureaucrats and they’re gunning for him with every smear and dirty trick imaginable. So far, he’s been able to fight them to at least a draw and maybe even a little better. But the pressure is growing and the press is getting even more outrageous. And never forget how weak and untrustworthy the republican congress really is. If they decide that Trump is weakened they’ll drop him like a hot potato. So what can you do? Be ready to show your support with messages to your congressmen and senators. Send letters to the editors of your local newspaper. Voice your opinion and support Trump in any way you can. He’s risking everything he’s got for you, because, let’s face it, if he goes down they’re going to destroy him every way they can. The least you can do is show support. Show some spunk. If America was a little more Trumpified maybe the lefties wouldn’t be as bold as they are now. Maybe if ten million of us marched on Washington we could make an impression. But just realize that trying to get along with the left is not a solution. It’s the reason for this problem we’re already in.
Which way will it go? Who knows. But the important thing to remember is that it can be done. Never accept another McCain or Romney or Bush for your representative. If it’s a weak loser you might as well elect a real communist. You’ll get the same result without the confusion and disappointment. And one other thing. If Trump loses, the time will come soon when you’ll either have to fight for your rights or admit you’re a slave. And if you choose the latter that’ll be the last thing you’ll ever get to choose.

Sony Macro in March

There is no surer sign of cabin fever than the late winter indoor macro session.  I look out the window at blinding sunshine.  I run outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and crash into ten degrees F.

Back inside and break out the macro set up.  These were shot with a Sony A7S, Minolta 200mm F4 macro lens, and the LAEA3 adapter and sometimes some A-mount macro extensions.  Take them for what they are, a desperate cry for help(i.e., spring).

The Hunting of the Snark


If you grew up with Watergate as the primary example of Republicans self-immolating, then news that Jeff Sessions recused himself from investigating the Russian Scandal sounds ominous.  But Donald Trump is not your father’s Republican.  This morning I read that Donald Trump was tweeting how Obama had wire-tapped Trump Tower during the election.  That’s more like it.

Trump seems to have a well-developed instinct for public relations.  I think he is working an angle to allow him to use public opinion to defuse the Obama trip-wires that we see being deployed by Deep State actors and the Fake Media.  The only question in my mind is whether the initial actions by Obama’s surrogates are immune from legal consequences.  Being the petty, vindictive individual I am, I whole-heartedly hope for some truly horrific retribution involving extended prison terms and plea-bargains involving state’s evidence that leads to indictments of former presidents with the (D) associated to their names.

The way that I would approach this is to announce that the leaking of investigatory information was a conspiracy to destabilize the United States government and therefore a form of treason.  I would give anyone who wanted to avoid prosecution, the chance to come forward with the details in advance of an investigation.  Anyone who did not come forward and had information of the conspiracy would be liable for prosecution as a co-conspirator.  That would surely produce some actionable information and allow for the rounding up of the main actors.  From what I remember, treason still has the death penalty attached to it.  And atheist communists know of nothing less desirable than being dead.  So, it should be interesting to see where this sort of quail hunt goes.

But the first step is to provide a pardon to Jeff Sessions (and General Flynn) in advance and move forward with the hunt.  That should take all the wind out of the sails of the democrats and let them know that they are being hunted by the guy they tried to set up.  These democrats have had things their own way their whole lives and someone who doesn’t play by their rules will have a pretty easy time of mopping the floors with them.  After all, the element of surprise is an incredibly powerful thing to have on your side, especially against the complacent.

On a personal note, I think it would be extremely interesting to get state’s evidence from someone like an FBI insider.  There must be a list of House and Senate names involved that would empty their side of the aisle if the true story ever came out.

Trump vs The Deep State

Announcer’s Voice (surprising Don Pardo-esque!) – We interrupt this regularly scheduled and highly uninteresting programming to bring an important message from the President of the United States.

(President Trump) – Good evening, my fellow Americans, I hate to break in on your viewing of “Fresh Off the Boat” or whatever other crapfest you were watching, but I need you to wake up for thirty seconds, put down the Doritos and listen carefully.

For the last few months, ever since I kicked Hillary’s ass in the election, Obama and his stooges in the FBI, CIA and NSA have been cooking up a sting operation against my nominees to stop all the things I’m doing to drain the swamp.  You see, they are the swamp and they don’t want to be drained.  Unfortunately some of the appointees allowed themselves to be tricked into trying to hide the contacts that the sting operation was using as bait.  Well that doesn’t reflect well on their own intelligence and honesty.  But they’re also the best we’ve got so I can’t allow this nonsense to go on.

That is why I’ve come up with a two prong solution to this problem.  First I’m providing a blanket pardon to all these nabobs who took the Obama bait.  They don’t deserve it but it’s the only way to put an end to this nonsense.

Second, I’m announcing a bounty for anyone who has evidence that I can use against this little cabal that Obama and Clinton have cooked up.  I’m calling it Dollars for Democrats.  If you have evidence that will allow me to prosecute any of these losers, I’ll give you cash, lots of cash.  You name the price.  A million dollars, a hundred million dollars, let’s talk.  I’ll also throw in a pardon and even secret service protection if it’s on Bill and Hillary (they’re known to get vicious, I’ve heard).  And don’t forget, if you’ve got something showing who is leaking this stuff to the Times and Post I’ll get you a Presidential Medal of Valour (if there is such a thing) and probably put your face on a postage stamp.

Okay, that’s it.  Go back to the bong now but try to remember and think about it if you still can.  Trump out!