The Pattern Seems Established

Warning:  This is a rant.  But I’ve had it with these fools in the FBI.

There seems to be a concerted campaign to attack non-leftist groups and individuals.  Between the Scalise attack, Las Vegas and this latest leftist maniac in Texas it now seems to me past the point of coincidence or even mass hysteria.  It seems that coordination is occurring.  This doesn’t have to correspond to a team working together.  It might come down to someone online proselytizing the leftist ecosystem toward mass violence and his message resonating with a certain profile.  Each of these individuals was radicalized against traditional or anti-leftist targets.  I don’t know anything about the guy who attacked Rand Paul so I won’t speculate whether or not he is just a nutty neighbor or not.  But these other cases are different.  These are kamikaze missions, intent on maximum casualties, maximum shock value.  This is leftist jihad.

If the FBI was any use they would use the much-vaunted data collecting and intelligence capability to identify the links that join these three men.  But instead they scratch their heads and declare it a mystery.  Look at the state of the Las Vegas investigation.  All they’ve been able to confirm is that he was a white man.  Meanwhile if you had unpaid traffic tickets from four decades ago they could probably track your every step over the last forty years.  If you missed a nickel on an Amazon tax bill they would roust you out of your bed to perp walk you down to the IRS office.  If you used the term lip balm in a phone call to your doctor you’d probably be added to a terror watch list.  But after three maniacs massacred innocent Americans by the scores they can’t find anything to tell us except “we’re investigating.”

And that brings us to Jeff Sessions.  What the hell is he actually doing as Attorney General, as head of the Justice Department?  Is this the best he can do?  Is he trying to get things done but is being thwarted?  If so, why doesn’t he fire these fools?  Is recusing yourself from the Russian investigation equal to sitting on your hands and not doing a damn thing?  I think Trump should fire this guy and get someone useful in the spot.  And it’s not just these spectacular cases.  The Antifa thugs should be rounded up and treated to a RICO action.  If they aren’t organized crime and domestic terrorism I don’t know what is.

So, the question is what’s next from these creeps?  Will they be blowing up St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC just to make a point?  What does it take to clue in the authorities that radical leftist terrorism is ramping up and is just as deadly as Islamic jihad?  I mean, we expected the Obama justice department to ignore leftists and BLM when they intimidated Americans.  Those were Obama’s shock troops in the cowing of a free peace-loving people.  But we thought Trump would re-establish the rule of law and order.  It appears that is not the case, at least not yet.  But if they don’t hurry up and fix things, it’s only a matter of time before action leads to reaction and things may start to spin out of control.  And that won’t be good for anyone.

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2 years ago

Well said. What comes to mind is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and the likes of Bill Ayers and Weather Underground. Violence is their method for resisting. As you stated, just like the jihadists. While so-called news reporters like Jake Tapper are telling us that Allahu Akbar is ‘often used in the most beautiful of settings’, Jihadists continue to murder us infidels and the media still can’t find a motive. Look no further than Dabiq magazine. Just google Clarion Project Dabiq and you can view their well-written articles, for example, ‘Why we fight you, and why we hate you’. If… Read more »

2 years ago

On Sessions: What is he waiting for? There is clear and obvious evidence of collusion between the Hillary campaign and the Russians. If the suggestion of collusion with the Trump campaign was enough to get a special prosecutor, I would think that evidence of collusion should get indictments.
And how about Uranium One?
Can we get an investigation of that? I’ve never seen a more clear instance of bribery or quid-pro-quo in my life!
This concerns national security – and Sessions does nothing?

Tom Dulaney
Tom Dulaney
2 years ago

The landscape is literally littered with too-many-to-count glaring examples of Dem/Progressive corruption and criminality being totally ignored. Meanwhile the Trump investigation grinds on month after month with nothing to show. The reason the media ignores the corruption is obvious but the total lack of action after almost an entire year by the “Justice” Dept is a real head scratcher. Something Very large has to be going on behind the scenes. Personally I think that the totality of the depredations of the Dems during the 8 years of the reign of terror (Obama) is so horrendous as to go nuclear if… Read more »

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