Pick of the Day from American Greatness –  Apocalypse Ciao – Italy’s Trump Election by Angelo Codevilla

As all of my long term readers know Angelo Codevilla is one of my favorite conservative scholars.  I enjoyed this recent post on Italy’s election.  And I had to chuckle when I read this description of the Five Star Movement’s “slogan”:

“The big winner of the night, however, was the “Five Star” movement. This most obviously Trumpian outfit, which expresses the voters’ anger at the establishment, won 33 percent. Its slogan, “Vaffanculo!” none too subtly invites establishmentarians to attempt monogenesis.”

Now as any Brooklyn Italian kid knew back in my day that word would get you slapped in the face and sent to the Church Confessional if your mother heard you say it.  But it is exactly the correct sentiment for the globalist dictators destroying Italy and every other country in the First World.  It’s a quick read and will bring you up to date with yet another populist echo of the Trump heard round the world.


2 thoughts on “Pick of the Day from American Greatness –  Apocalypse Ciao – Italy’s Trump Election by Angelo Codevilla

  • March 17, 2018 at 5:39 pm

    I’m fond of Mr. Codevilla too, ever since he wrote The Ruling Class and Perils of Revolution. It has pretty much stood the test if time in this age of marxian insanity, organized political crime syndication, and ruling class hubris. A feat in itself. But truth has no agenda, and his insights where well written down.
    The only question really, is the perils of revolution part. We will see pretty soon I imagine.
    Hope you have a safe trip!

    • March 17, 2018 at 6:21 pm

      Thanks, the weather has been on the cold side for these old bones but the sights are amazing.


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