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This week I’ll finish up reading Larry Correia’s “Monster Hunter Seige” and post a review.  The hard cover version came out back in July but I buy the paperback for convenience and that version just got issued.  The site has been a little slow because I’m putting together a sort of “best of” post on my southwest landscape trip for a link that Captain Capitalism is providing me and it’s a time-consuming endeavor.  It’s like eleven hundred files and I’m still learning how to use Capture One.  So bear with me.  That post should be pretty interesting for the photo enthusiasts.  As I mentioned earlier I’ll get those rental lenses on Friday the 11th and that will spawn some interesting posts on the viability of using Sigma lenses with Canon mount on the Sony A7 cameras.  That may be interesting to Canon shooters with Sigma glass who have been interested in switching to Sony and anyone who is still constrained by Sony’s telephoto and macro lens choices.

The other thing I am interested in writing about is the direction of right wing movement.  I am trying to formulate my own particular spin on what makes sense going forward.  There is a lot of confusion and undirected anger that doesn’t seem to be producing much in the way of results.  And there seems to be a certain amount of opportunism and charlatanism that makes it difficult to know what is solid and worthwhile.  Sometimes it seems that several people have each latched onto a different piece of the puzzle needed to reform the current situation but like the blind men and the elephant they only “see” a small part of the reality and are missing the big picture.  And because of that, they diagnose that small part of the problem and their solution doesn’t address the broader situation.  And some of the “wise men” are too extreme.  They would throw out the baby with the bath water.  The more I think about solutions for the social disintegration the more I think that restoring the common-sense institutions we used to have is the solution.  Stopping unlimited immigration is neither impossible nor radical.  Restoring respect for the traditions and institutions of our forefathers is important and relatively straight forward.  And replacing social justice and reverse discrimination with actual justice is so rational that it shouldn’t even require explanation.  I think some of the emphasis on race reality is a response to the absurdity that occurs when racial and sexual protectionism and intersectionality tactics are used to attack the American white middle and working classes.  If you eliminate these irritants then the rules of American society should be competent to allow different types of people to function relatively harmoniously.  Anyway, that is what I’m starting to think.  I’m definitely interested in other opinions.  And I read around to hear what other people are coming up with.  For instance I’m going to read Gregory Cochran’s “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution” and David Reich’s “Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past” to see if there’s anything in biology that rules out my optimism for a functional multi-ethnic America.

And finally, I’d love to get more feedback from the readers.  Even if it’s negative.  It’s useful to know what you like and what you don’t.  Or even to just say hi.  It’s definitely appreciated and part of why I made this site.  I am interested in hearing other points of view.  And if you find something interesting on-line pass along the link.

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  • May 6, 2018 at 7:07 pm

    Thanks very much, sincerely, for asking, and I would very much like to express a perspective which gets almost no good honest notice. Just to be frank I will use myself as a reference, but please make no mistake I am not a singular aspect here, but a cold anger plurality at that. I am legion, and a very silent one to boot, as I suspect due to everything from normalcy bias to a media which does everything within its power to disenfranchise, marginalize, villianize, and sully at every chance such Americans as myself. No big deal really in the larger scope, as me/we know what we are about, and when the time comes, will be a certain surprise to multitudes of every stripe, that they ignored missed or where ignorant of who we are. It must be said, we are greatly feared, even if we are an unknown quantity and quality, we are known to exist, proof of that lies with the hoplophobes who have committed every atrocity and sin, every misdirection narrative and false flag imaginable to dis-arm us.
    And if truth be known, it is this legion of Americans who have been all that stands in the way of tyranny breathing down our necks.
    What I’m about to try and convey is very difficult to put concisely, it is about hearts and minds, about motive power, about audacity, more than anything it is about tolerance and the right thing, also in no uncertain terms it is about resorts, last ones and honorable ones to be precise. Above all it is about dignity and spirit, patriotism, about something larger and better than ourselves, while at the same time it is about being provincial, traditions, legacy, and things long held and learned over centuries that transcend all revisionism, all lies. Call it what you may, it is about being an American, natural born with primal rights like self determination and property, natural God given rights which no man made law decree or diktat can ever usurp.

    We are as I point out legion, we are a plurality which has not risen up, yet, to know we are such a force of liberty, yet we know what we each are ourselves. We have two weapons, our guns, and our consent. The first are in some very important ways more powerful never used in anger, because they are first, our property, and owning property is one of the components that make our liberty possible. The second thing is our arms, our property, they are our symbols of us being Men, Men of The West, we are warriors, crusaders, we are Freemen, always have been always will be. Many of us wear The Whole Armor if God, he trains our hearts and our hands of war. But if you asked of us this, many would not be able to put it into words, yet it exists within us just as our resistance to tyranny. It is somehow natural born to us.
    We are not boastful men, if anything we are afraid of being unleashed, for our tolerance for usurpers is that we are prone to suffer many and great insults, for a chance at peaceful redress at all costs before resorting to our arms. It is our moral high ground, and no matter how evil our enemies be, we hold that high ground in the face of their assaults upon our loved institutions of freedom and liberty. It is what makes us who we are, and stays our hands. Rightfully so.

    Our second weapon is our Consent, and our withdrawal of our Consent, the most powerful weapon ever devised. See, Consent is unique in all things on this mortal coil, it can only be given, it can not be taken, it can not be coerced, forced, blackmailed or extorted. You can put a pistol to my head, pull back the hammer, and tell me you will blow my brains out if I refuse to comply with you, I still have that choice to give or not my Consent. No matter what, I always have that choice, it is mine, it belongs to me, and you can’t have it.
    The consent of the people overt or tacit is the most important thing tyrants who are trying to destroy our beloved Republic require above everything, without a certain amount of consent regardless of how it is given is required to have even a fig leaf of legitimacy in order for such a relatively small group of tyrants to rule over a country of 330 million Americans with impunity.

    The point I’m hoping to convey here is that there exists a core of principled Americans. We are steadfast, indomitable, we persevere, above all we employ prudence in all things. Where prudence, lack of it, is probably the singular issue of our time. We are armed. Armed because we are not going into that marxian long good night.

    Funny thing, most of us could not put much, if any of this in words, even myself, after years of trying to understand and compose what is in my mind and my heart, I still am at a loss to express what it is all about. But I can tell you what it is runs in our veins sure as the sun rises.
    Once our tolerance has been exhausted we are not to be denied. There is nothing on Earth that can stop us. We are not only legion we are the glue which holds everything together, regardless of the hubris of those who think they rule us and control all. Donald Trump was our color revolution, he is our fuck you. If they are taken by surprised by our resolve to defy them and elect Mr. Trump instead of their insidious psychopaths and minions, their minds will be blown when we decide to take out our guns and show them our wrath.

    • May 6, 2018 at 8:04 pm

      Mtnforge, thanks for replying. I think an awful lot of people understand what you are saying. We have been betrayed by both parties. Donald Trump is the biggest surprise of my lifetime. The alt-right may not be right about everything but they were right about him. If a man like Trump who seemingly should be part of the globalist cabal joins our side then there must be some hope to turn this thing around. He has opened my eyes to how useless the republicans are. In fact I now believe them to be wholly bought and owned by the left. But I have new hope because at least now my eyes are open to why we kept losing. It’s because we trusted the wrong men, namely the Bush family.

      • May 7, 2018 at 9:46 am

        Well thank you most kindly for the forum, and this still great Republic, for a venue to express openly, at least for now, what I firmly contend is the state of mind and spirit of possibly millions of us so called Deplorable’s. There’s no time for mincing words. Straight talk among peers of us Men of The West is warranted.
        Appreciate you for saying so many understand. I really look forward to the day we become united against tyranny as a brotherhood. In someways that possibility of unity and solidarity seems very much possible, increasingly so.
        Its not very nice now is it we all been played for suckers. For President Trump to have accomplished more than almost all presidents combined in less than two years time is mind blowing and justifies your observations with a vengeance about being conned so much for so long.
        Your undoubtably correct as events are proving as to President Trump’s provenance, or is that providence? Or both… and the agenda of the political class. There exists no discernible difference in outcomes or effects between the factions of the uniparty other than they take turns tag teaming our freedoms, wealth and liberty.That so many are in on the grift says everything. It was all total bullshit. It is an actual process. Of course plausible deniability has become the true political style of cover over a long continuous line, since at least 1865, of treason passed down since that pivotal time. We have been betrayed on such a scale as to have become de-facto virtual enemies of the “state” within a state by virtue of them fearing and loathing us fir what we could do to them for what they are and have done to us. That Mr. Trump got past the gatekeepers is instructional. The cabal is barn blind with its hubris and being the ultimate entitlists. If they could not detect with all the spying and collectivist resources ordering on billions of dollars that pre-Trump MAGA would ruin their last farce of a “Constitutional appearing” election, do they have any idea of the cold anger out in that sea of red which surrounds the hives urban enclave archipelagos?
        It is a question of intensely deep meaning as to when we as Freemen must resort to severe measures to thwart the usurpations of our republican form of government and the accompanying destruction of our attendant culture, the very fabric of the people, an agenda of a new order out of chaos. This is not an easy thing to cognitively judge, as those who are behind this are dug in deep as a tick and operate behind the treasonous political parties and within each branch of the government, isolated by geography, protected by anonymity of the amerikan Nomenklaturer class, who as the Declaration of Independence stated, and are again proving out, are agents of the state who are set out to eat out our existence, (the DOI to me the most profound document of withdrawal of consent/secession/abolition of The State, ever composed).
        As you so well point out Mr. Trump is only one man, an amazing man who has turned the entire permanent regime on its head literally by wielding the sword of Truth. A truly revolutionary weapon in this time of universal deceit as Orwell stated. I think he and his valued loyal steadfast deputies need all our help, and believing in and passing on to others the merit and spirit of MAGA is a powerful weapon in itself. I say that because at some point in the zeitgeist MAGA becomes an indictment of the elites in all their criminality and treason, of their agenda of a one world order. Its not a catchy phrase nor is a movement per say, it is a state of mind.
        As long as an America, a plurality of the people exists who simply believe in MAGA and all it implies, this so called deep state can never attain their goals. I think too the proof of this is more evident every passing day. As desperate cowards who use and abuse the Amendments of the USC, hiding behind it as they attempt to destroy those original Amendments so as to destroy all with the audacity to hold the inalienable primal rights sacred and absolute, they are thrashing about searching desperately for a grand plausibly deniable way to oust President Trump in a palace coup, thus denying us dirt people our Champion and MAGA. They ain’t thinking very well if you ask me.
        Regardless these cowards have a certain low cunning, they are very dangerous, their unknown bosses at some point will have to “Jump The Shark” and reveal themselves directly. It is extremely important we the people become appraised of these dark unknown actors. I think Mr. Trump and his White Hats are attempting to expose these ringleaders. It is critical to draining the swamp. They too are dug in deep as ticks. They are the puppet masters. They can not survive being exposed, their power depends on staying anonymous, just as it depends on their deep state actors having the fig leaf of plausible deniability.

        A major question here is what will these scalawags do when they become existentially threatened? Order out of chaos is one of their standard methods of operations and they have no shortage of sycophants and cannon fodder aka useful dupes to carry out their will. It is one big collection of a lot of people who are so incurred, so brainwashed, that they would rather die than change their thinking. Which in itself makes them a serious dangerous horde. Are these useful idiots going to be used in a desperate attempt to create a situation in which it is easy for the deep state to reach their goals of dis-armament and removing President Trump from office? Was the last two summers of radical/violent demonstrations by the likes of BLM, anti-fa dry runs, so too Mandalay Bay and Broward County false flag ops?
        This all combined is very complicated, its a true tempest in a teapot either way the winds blow.

        Even though, I can’t help but have a sneaking suspicion there is mostly window dressing here. Everything the deep state or whatever this cabal of one worlder’s are, their perceived power relies on an appearance of being larger and far more powerful than they are, that this republic and its true patriots has been an impossible nut to crack, the marxian agenda doesn’t work as advertised on a people armed and aware who having been born into liberty who naturally as their birth rights are not cowed or can be liquidated in a genocide as previous peoples in other states who have gone into that long marxist goodnight.
        And that an America that exists embodied in this plurality, as long as it exists, is the bulwark against which the “Long March” has beaten itself to no fully effective results, and as long as it exists in the hearts and minds of a plurality it will always be so. So America by reason has to be destroyed so an example of liberty and freedom no longer exists to inspire others peoples to liberty. A task monumentally easier said than done.
        These usurpers I contend have isolated themselves. Cloistered in their rarefied enclaves, lack the awareness of what we are about. Their hubris blinds them. Their arrogance belies them. Their self anointed superiority is their greatest weakness. I think other than the psychopaths among them, they lack the heart and mind to face the wrath of the armed plurality and its support/auxiliary force. They would at first resist by all means retain their grip on their raw naked power, but as one first fails, they all fail like dominoes, a trait they thankfully all share in common.
        Of men like me are to resist with the last resorts of our rifles, we will do so with a bone in our teeth. We will deny our enemies every comfort, every resource, we will cut these usurpers off from their luxury and vital resources. They are actually a demographic without a clue how to not only survive without their accustomed resources, but how truly indomitable men like me and you are in all things, especially to just revolution & war.
        Its important to point out it is this Legion who make the things, fix the things, grows and manufactures the things, who supply the things, it is us who keep the lights on, the water flowing, the oil and gas pumping. It is no small thing the clear ability to cut off the snakes head. How long would this cabal of usurpers survive without their medicine and health care? These are people who are accustomed to high luxury. As their useful dupes and sycophants are dependent of handouts and a level of luxury which would stop in a New York minute if the Legion chose to isolate this entire demographic and their dependency on the resources only we provide them with.

        But who in their right mind chooses to rise up like this without dire reason, when peaceful methods are available? It seems apparent the color revolution on 11-9-16 is a last peaceful resorts. After Trump, there is no turning back, the peaceful options evaporate and way to resolve this existential problem will no doubt be forced upon us, because these deep state actors will be doing everything possible to come after us who defied them. They have to if they survive Trump and The Great Fuck You.

        I have great faith in Mr. Trump. I see his heart in the right place, an amazing man with the motive power that makes MAGA possible because it is infectious, inspiring, and just the ticket to put and keep the deep state and their minions having to react, keeping them off balance, rather than the other way around. Even with the vast monetary resources and the hive mind collective of the legacy media, the intelligentsia, the political wing and the corporate cabal, all in on destruction of our Republic, one Man is able to do away with in short order what took decades and a century to impose, that MAGA is a state of heart and mind thought defeated to a level which would give license to next dis-arming America. That Trump/Maga and it’s attendant color revolution is a thoroughly awful rude surprise to the usurpers.
        They ain’t seen nothing yet if they don’t back off. Which they couldn’t even if they wanted to. Its a pivotal moment here, which way will it go, its the great question.
        My money is on MAGA.
        Maga wins.
        It is THE only outcome.
        Nothing less is unacceptable.
        MAGA’s time has come around full in the circle of history.

        Lets Win!

        • May 7, 2018 at 10:11 am

          Even though, I can’t help but have a sneaking suspicion there is mostly window dressing here. Everything the deep state or whatever this cabal of one worlder’s are, their perceived power relies on an appearance of being larger and far more powerful than they are,
          I agree with this. Being aware of their tactics and actually having someone resisting their efforts in the White House makes all the difference in the world.

          • May 10, 2018 at 3:42 pm

            Yeah, thats for sure. Having an entire media complex, superbly funded & backed by elements if the 1%, regardless of its corrupt nature, is still a huge force multiplier. The glitz and glamor, professional looking broadcasts, the carrot and the stick elements, the relentless parroting the same lies and narratives, it is difficult to not be effected. The only right thing is to stop watching and listening. Look at it from afar, while taking in a broad spectrum of the alt-media and its grass roots alt-tech. Strategic view with careful considerate attention to details in order not to get bogged down and loose the forrest for the trees kind of thing. Like your blog for instance. You undoubtably put tremendous considerate thought into your posts. While I may or may not agree with everything you say, I receive excellent insights, outlier view points, 1st rate snark, and an honest joes opinion that comes from the heart.
            Now multiply that by all the blogs and alt-media a guy like me peruses through each week, and your taking about a veritable banquet of insightful genuine essays, articles, and truths. I am confidently informed to be able to understand history and goings on I would never have garnered any other way, except for having a classical education in latin and history.
            I’m a welder in a coal mine in WV with a 7th grade formal education. Where else could I get my learning from except self learning?

            Ive found I have literally zero reason or need, nor desire to visit mainstream/5th column media. I’ve reached a point where the dissimulations and falsities are re-run has beens in my minds eye. It all seems so transparent and predictable. They are that circular nature of marxian history. Stale. Evil. Destructive. Eventually unsurpassed bloody ends if not stopped. Born of envy and hate fortified by raw naked power and biblical grade hubris.

            And this long march crap to destroy America, it is reached the stage of mutual extermination. Only one can exist, one has to be gone. Stamped out, while vigilance must always be kept. The poisonous nature of one only requires a handhold to re-emmerge.
            I doubt the cycle can be completely broken. Human nature can’t be stamped out. But we can make it very difficult to plant its roots in culture and politics. In any case, in certain ways it could not happen any other way. That America as founded still exists. It wasn’t a republic handed down. but a legacy that has stages to it to be gone through before “The 5000 Year Leap” reaches its maturity.
            We can very well come out the other side stringer, wiser, wealthier, more viable and prosperous than we can imagine. the instruments and resources exist. All it takes is that all begins with each of us.
            Nobody or nothing can take that from me. I believe it is very possible. Just look at what one man has accomplished in Trump himself. Amazing. And he makes it look like its second nature to him.
            Winning is awesome.
            Its been a long barren desert in that sense, for far too long. Too many decades and generations. And the dirt people are waking up.

          • May 10, 2018 at 7:15 pm

            Yes: We each have to do our part. Like Vox does with his books and other ventures. But it’s also great to make contact with like minded folks. There are people all over the country in blue and red states who feel the same way we do. Talking with them is a breath of fresh air. You’re in West Virginia. If you feel like it link some photos of the local stuff around where you are. I put up photos of old buildings and graveyards in southern New England where I’m trapped. The welders I work with are pipe fitters who install and replace our process and utility piping in the pharmaceutical plant I work in. Some of those guys are very interesting characters. One guy I remember was a red headed fellow from northeastern Maine way back in the woods who was about six foot eight. When they had a connection that was rusted stuck they’d give him a six foot wrench and let him put his back into it and it would invariably come loose. So he lived in a cabin without running water and in the winter he had to “break ice” to get drinking water. When his wife left him she sent her lawyer up to his cabin to tell him she was suing him for alimony. My friend said he laughed at the lawyer and said “If you see anything in this cabin you want go ahead and take it but that’s about all you’ll get, except for that deer liver I found last night in the woods. It’s frozen but pretty fresh. I intend to have that for dinner so stay if you’re hungry.” The lawyer left and his ex-wife stopped bothering him after that.

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