The New York Times Is Now Anointing the Leaders of the Dissident Right

In case you didn’t know Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are the intellectual leaders of the Right-Wing. Or to use their terminology, they are “intellectual leaders of the dark web.”  I was sent this link and normally I wouldn’t click anything from the NYT but the description was so hilarious sounding I couldn’t resist.  After reading it I was full of conflicting feelings.  The overwhelming emotion was amazement at just how inaccurate the conclusions were.  Another was anger that the NYT was once again attempting to misdirect people to useful idiots who would do the Left’s bidding.  And finally was hilarity at just how ridiculous their choices were.  Jordan Peterson, the man whose 12 rules of living include standing up straight and taking your pills, was somehow a right-wing Machiavelli directing the revolution like a three dimensional chess master.

What is it with these people? I mean I know the republicans are the stupid party but come on!  In what alternate universe is NeverTrumper, Ben Shapiro on the cutting edge of dissident right wing thought?  Give us some credit.  We finally figured out the Bushes, the neo-conservatives, the Weekly Standard and the National Review were the controlled opposition.  Don’t turn around and send the same group right back at us again.  At least put fake moustaches on them and change their names to Jones and Smith.  While they’re at it they might as well claim that JEB! has seen the light and is ready to embrace Pepe the Frog as long as Pepe renounces White Supremacy.

Kevin Williamson just found out what happens when you embrace the Left. You get shanked for your trouble.  And if you can get along with your new insect overlords it means you have been bought and paid for.  You’ll discover (or if you don’t then anyone who reads you will discover) that you now think just like your employer.  I think folks on the right have had enough of playing nice with the left.  It won’t be necessary to install a skinhead in the White House but we can stop trying to please the New York Times.  Donald Trump has demonstrated that not compromising with leftists and pushing the limits works.  You hear about the Overton Window but actually seeing it pushed in our direction for once is inspirational.

So don’t be tempted. The right wing is infested with crazy people.  Half of the things they believe sound like gibberish.  Nobody knows whose ideas will turn out to be the ones that finally defeat the Left.  And maybe all of our problems go away under President Trump’s moderate administration and we never have to find out if the Alt-Right apocalypse would turn out the way they hope.  So use your judgement and keep your eyes and ears open and weigh everything carefully.

But don’t let the New York Times tell you who to follow. That will lead to Bill Kristol, John McCain, Justice Kennedy and some endless war in Podunkistan.

9 thoughts on “The New York Times Is Now Anointing the Leaders of the Dissident Right

  • May 10, 2018 at 8:18 am

    Like Hitler used to say, if you’re gonna lie, go BIG

    I appreciate Vox Day for his steadfast hold and expression of the precepts of Alt-Right. I find it grounds me. Because this whole attempt to teabag Alt-Right has some very low cunning. It sucks in millions, what with Jordon Peterson having created a cargo cult following, lot of people are making him into some kind of here when all he is a crafty sneaky dirty fucking commie involved in running a very well orchestrated agitprop campaign.
    We have seen this kind of grift too many times to count. At the very least it should always and constantly be trust but verify in these matters of critical culture and history. Nobody can be above your suspicion, uf they are true to their heart and their word no loss has occurred.
    As Vox Day says, Alt-Right is inevitable, it validates itself every day. It IS the existential threat to marxian utopia. Nothing else comes close. Alt-right is Self Validating, question here, is Peterson and Shapiro and what they are foisting?
    Look what happen to the Tea Party. No effort was spared. Ot was infiltrated and waylaid 6 ways to sunday, the final insult was Lois Leaner’s weaponized IRS.
    Nothing is beyond suspicion. But Normies just figuring out it is the system that is so converged by the neo-bolsheviksm are walking eyes wide open into a ideological/cultural trap of masterful very sophisticated dissimulation.
    This cargo cult worship of Peterson should be the glaring indicator as Patrick Henry put it: “I smell a rat”
    Along with that, Peterson is showing up at various college venues, without all the vehement hate and bigotry of the net-bolsheviks. How come should be the question. That these infiltrators and agent provocateurs are feature in the NYT alone should be setting off 5 alarms in your brain.
    Nationalism and secession of hearts and minds from the State is the most dangerous threat the human extinction movement faces. “We have too many guns” as they so truthfully reveal, so their only peaceful recourse is fake right agents, doing what the bolsheviks where good at, scrupulous cunning propaganda, and who are the most vulnerable?
    Normies and boomers.
    Its like shooting fish in a barrel.

    “It is vital for nationalists to adhere religiously to the philosophical truth rather than to various dogmas and ideologies. Any departure from the truth and the media will adroitly exploit that gap and use it to discredit and disqualify you. Speak the clear and unvarnished truth and they will fear to even mention your name because there is little they can do to effectively spin what you are saying into something that it observably is not. They really, really, really do not want to permit any discussion of which narrative is closer to the observable truth, because that calls their own veracity and legitimacy into question.

    Reject the Fake Right. Reject the neoconservatives. Reject the cuckservatives. Reject the conservatives. They are all fakes. They are all frauds. None of them are able to speak the truth reliably, and that is why the media is always able to successfully exploit the vulnerabilities exposed by their dishonesty.
    the Alt-Right remains inevitable. Now that it is of no further use to them, the media is finally killing off its cartoon parody of the Right. But the Right is not, and never was, based on races or states, but rather, on nations. The material distinction between nationalism and imperialism is the easiest way to distinguish between true Right and Fake Right. Meanwhile, the genuine nationalists are growing steadily in popularity and influence, and taking over entire nations.” -Vox Day


    • May 10, 2018 at 10:45 am

      I think the easiest way to avoid the useful idiots is to assume anything written in the MSM is disinformation. Peterson is probably just a run of the mill liberal who found out how repressive his own side can be and got mad about it. the MSM recognizes him as a safe “conservative” and away it goes.

      • May 10, 2018 at 3:09 pm

        I can appreciate what your saying. I’m not sure what Peterson is yet. But he is just too slick by far, has a cargo cult like following. He gets university presence any true grass roots hard right philosopher would never receive. Thats the tell right there and what set the alarm off for me.
        Then there was the troll/provocateur army trolling the right wing commentariat disrupting and hijacking comment threads. These aren’t SJW keyboard radical commandos I’m mentioning, but an entire well funded, trained and professional obama regime federally based actors involved in full fledge psy-ops, with an entire processes and procedures they worked from. Last accounting there was almost 3000 of them on the payroll. They are mostly gone, disbanded with the end of the obama regime.

        I know a bit 1st hand of these actors, as I was involved in a citizen journalist online newspaper which was assaulted from every avenue by these agents of obama beginning in our start of our first year, literally on inauguration day, they began hacking us. So they where watching us before taking up residence in the oval office. Even the FBI involved in investigating the federal felony computer crime employed to shut us down was told to shut their case down and desist, who in our final 8 way phone conference, (even had the North American sen VP of involved because the agents found obot trolls in their IT Dept) informed us the head hacker’s IP was the West Wing of Pennsylvania ave.

        Conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact.
        I don’t put nothing past these scalawags. Nothing.

        • May 10, 2018 at 6:48 pm

          Sorry to hear about your trouble. It’s remarkable how far Obama abused the power of the executive branch. I hope we go a good long time before someone that bad is President again.

          • May 10, 2018 at 11:21 pm

            It was an incredible experience, let me tell you brother. They really went after us. We where small fry. Sheryl Actkins has nothing on what they did to us. I was fictitiously exposed as a highly radical white supremacist. A nazi skin head no less. We couldn’t get a single server to handle our paper, had to get an outfit in Scotland to serve our site. The US based servers where threatened with being shut down by the FCC. An agent posing as a citizen reporter got hired on we figured out, so they could get into WordPress’s operating system in real time, corrupted our files, hacked thru into anyone and everything with DOS etc. WordPress had to completely modify its IT security measures. Hughes North America was infested with trolls and obots. They where fit to be tied screaming mad when the FBI gave them a list of who the actors where. Corporate had no idea. Imagine how other platforms and information systems are or where infiltrated. Barely anyone on the public sphere is aware how converged. Its no surprise the social networking like faceborg and twitter, Google and the rest are literally Stazi like police state entities.
            Twice somebody broke into our house and searched our belongings. Broke into our only niebhors house we can see, who lives in VA., and set up video cams to watch our home. We could see the cameras on tripods in two windows when the sun was right. They even sent 3 organizing for America thugs to my house to intimidate me. I literally had all three at gun point in my front yard. I bushwhacked the sonofabitches by getting around behind them through my timber stand. Talk about three scared cats. Gave them 5 seconds to get back in their .gov van or I’d blow their fucking brains out and roll them in their van down a hollow on fire. Advised them to tell the chocolate emperor next time bring tanks. Bring everything. You’ll need it.
            Imagine three black guys in urban gang attire 9 miles up a 1 lane mountain ridge goat path 18 miles from the nearest store, in the whitest county in WV. Excuse my crudeness, they sent three big buck niggers, no scrawny little guys. O’m watching these cats, thinking you got to be kidding me. Come on. It was about as cheesy and lame as it gets.
            Frankly underneath it all, I was one truly pissed off dude, all i could think of my wife home alone and these bastards showed up. I watched them for about 10 minutes, walking around my farm like they owned it, looking into everything, vehicles, windows barn.
            They never came back thankfully. I would have shot them if they did.

            I think what got somebody going after us was a piece I did on Barry’s timeline. Beginning with his mom Lee Ann, in Hawaii, at a 2 week meeting where Castro, Malcolm X, Che’. Frank Marshal Davis and a number of other commies just prior to Castro going big. It was simple stuff to research back then, they didn’t have the political juice to memory hole obamas past and connections.
            Thing was there had to be some other actors watching everything, because one day not long after that piece, started sending me some wild emails. No dress, no subject line, just emails. One was what appeared to be a microfiche copy of an Israeli Mossad intelligence document which detailed Malcolm X was Obama’s natural father. Actually ties in with many key points along obamas life timeline if he was a certain age. Another “file” I received was the first hacked Adobe documents from the East Anglia research dept file dump detailing how they where cooking the numbers for the global warming scam. I had it two weeks before anyone new it existed. I wrote the first article from it published, about Mann’s hickey stick trick, how they strategized to destroy the whole peer review process, who among the scientific community they planned to destroy their credibility. Ot was hundreds of pages raw right out of their file storage.
            These mysterious documents would suddenly disappear from my email after a few hours or a day or two. I’m talking gone, Poof! Really Crazy Spooky Shit. My editor was an extremely intelligent guy. An English Professor with masters of masters degrees. It spooked the hell out of him. Another piece I wrote, and the FBI hinted this really pissed somebody hi up off, was about obama sending Churchill’s Bust back to England, and how obama’s supposed father could never have been a US Citizen, as the Britts gave everyone a choice of Kenyan or brit citizenship, if they chose either, by default they naturally became Kenyan Citizens. Which Obama’s “father” became. The timeline forbids him from being a US citizen. The birthers where right far as I can tell. Barry’s Keyan “father” had a particularly blood thirsty hatred of great Brittain and here empire. All consuming hatred. It appears it rubbed of on Barry too.
            There was so much stuff out there, all about the Dunham’s communist ties, John Marshal Davis’s tutoring and phedofilia of a young Barry. The Annenburg Foundation, and how it was literally only Barry and Bill Ayer’s who ran it. The characters who funded it and their ideological purposes to cultivate a whole generation of sycophants and young Amerikan Bolsheviks. Ayers was adamant about his 25 million dead American’s in order to have the chaos to bring a new order in. The federal housing scams they ran. How they set obama up in his first political positions if office, how they used every dirty tactic. vote rigging, precinct hijacking, the whole shebang against opposition candidates to destroy their careers and lives. His connections in Hawaii. So much more. Its all gone, like it never existed. These guys are masters at political corruption stealing millions of federal and private NGO funds, laundering it, like taking candy from a baby. Just like the Clinton Crime Syndicate, absconding with $350 mill here, $265 there, the Haiti relief fund money, gone in sixty seconds like it was nothing.

            I guess they could have really done a number on me. They began the whole thing by sending my wife a patriotic US Flag screen saver she downloaded, they ghosted thru my laptop to gain WordPress access, and went from there. Thats the executive wing hackers IP address the FBI agents informed us about. I think they had a lot of people to go after as the regime was just sworn in, and by luck or the phase of the moon I escaped being ruined and railroaded.

            I did a piece on comment sections at the time, they where just getting going. I believed they where priceless in value, because they are really public forum for the political citizen scrum. That they would turn out to be a truly powerful weapon against tyranny as long as the Internet stayed free. Hard to stop the message outing. As Andrew Brietbart said so well, Culture is upstream of politics. O miss Andrew. They guy was a Warrior. I think they assassinated Andrew. He was becoming to powerful and a great leader of the then beginning of the unknown Alt-Right. Or at the least by killing Andrew they made him more dangerous than alive. You know, the law of unintended consequences come around to bite you on the arse.
            After that crazy shit with the online paper I made it my mission to become a comment thread warrior. I had all day down in the coal mines to think about things. Its another world down there, and I came up with a strategy because it was quality thinking time underground. One thing I was sensitive to was the trolls and agent provocateurs working the comment threads. They stuck out like sore thumbs and it was a trip bagging them red handed. They started following me around and tag team me on various blogs I posted comments on. There’s a number of these agents within the liberty movement running blogs who have a slew of folks conned. There’s 4 main guys and 2 others who jump around. They pose as FreeFor Ex military infantry/intellegence operatives. They are running honey traps to keep track of peoples thoughts, ideas etc. You could tell each individuals styles, the personal characteristics of faking being a normal citizen commentor or blog owner, hard to disguise if you look closely.

            Amazing to me even after everything going on, what i experienced and seeing others go through similar, what they are attempting with President Trump. How much hate and evil these actors got in their heart for America and us as Americans to willingly with malice and forethought work to destroy us and our republic.
            Stunning in its scope.

            But, there’s way more good people in this world than bad. And thats a comforting thought.

          • May 11, 2018 at 7:00 am

            Imagine the United States is now using Gestapo tactics against its own citizens. Let’s hope we never have another President that bad. But I’m very optimistic that we can make some progress toward getting this country back under control and working for us. Time will tell.

  • May 11, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Yes lets hope, but the crux of it is, it is people, not government abusing power. It is people who violate the law and other peoples liberty and lives. Prime examples, Waco and 76 dead, LeVoy Finnicum, executed in cold blood in Oregon, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City. Fast & Furious, its a hell of a list. Are you aware the Clinton’s hated the states militia movement in the 90’s. Perfectly legal militia’s, most even swore the oath to the USC. The Clintons sent the FBI after all of them. Oklahoma City was the hard paper depository for every federal investigation into the Clinton’s myriad of criminal corruption activities. It was killing two birds with one stone. Frame the militia’s, destroy records, add in some dead to sake bloodlust power, presto you have the Clinton’s in perfect form.
    After the bomb took out the building a recovery team held up all rescue efforts for almost an hour and a half while the recovered files that survived the blast. The team kept all rescue from attending to wounded. Their is an incestious relationship between the FBI DOJ and ATF & the Clintons going back to the beginning of the Clintons presidency.
    Consistently Its a long list of various violent means, going back to early period in their politics beginning in Arkansa, as the Clintons or their trusted associates show up behind the scenes in every event.

    When the Clinton’s are gone, whatever, locked up one day hopefully, or their influence is finally dissolved, this long period of crisis as a means, false flags, murdering various “loose ends”, Alynski tactics, it will be a great day for our country. I personally attribute so much which has gone down since they soiled the White House, they have been instrumental one way or another in almost everything gone down.
    2 truly evil psychopaths.
    Hope Trump’s security team is sleeping with one eye open, wouldn’t put it past those two trying to assassinate him.
    It would be truly cathartic for this country if the two and their closest associates where tried and locked up.

    • May 11, 2018 at 12:06 pm

      I don’t ever expect to see the Clintons prosecuted. I’ll just settle for them being removed from the government gravy train. And I’ll also take pleasure in outliving them.

      • May 11, 2018 at 11:44 pm

        Funny you say that. Is it possible to be any more crooked than those two. I am betting on, if there’s anything that could put those two in socially damaging positions of public disgrace and derision, it would be exposing their involvement in the child sex slavery regarding Pizzagate and Epstien’s little Pedo island. Which mysteriously, everything burnt end to end to a crisp about 2 weeks back.
        Black mail is one handy tool if your the top political dog. Blackmail involving horrors like child sex slaves and I’ve heard rumors of snuff films have a particularly powerful control. It even makes sense, looking back on how so many elected “representatives” seriously betrayed us and our country.
        I’ve suspected for years HRC probably rakes in millions with her connections in Planned Parenthoods genocide & subsequent sale of fetal stem cells and organs/tissue. Its “Organlegging”.
        If anything is going to get them it will be Pizzagate. Maybe Uranium One.
        All these key actors of Clinton Crime Inc and obamas top regime members been spending time in NZ for some reason. Do you know if the US has an extradition treaty with NewZealand? Qatar doesn’t, lot of obama honcho’s bought estates there, and down in Honduras I believe also, the Clintin’s are said to have bought a spread there also. If they boogie out of town its probably a sign somebody needs to get out of Dodge in a hurry.


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