The Trumpocalypse Picks Up Steam

I sense a stirring in the force.  Even the NeverTrumpers detect the turning of the tide.  The New York Times is starting to talk about it.  I’m not saying that I’m tired of winning but I definitely notice that the orcs are starting to waver.  Politico has written off the Senate as unreachable for the Democrats.  The generic Congressional Preference Poll has gone from Dems +10 to even.  What a wonderful place to be in the spring of a Mid-Term election year.  I noted recently that the NY Times is providing us with the acceptable “ intellectual leaders of the dark web.”  To me that says they’re trying to blunt the force of the tsunami headed their way.  Next will come the congressional “moderates” reaching across the aisle to come up with sensible (understand liberal) choices for the Supreme Court.  Before you know it the MSM will start touting the remaining liberal Republicans as elder statesmen and intellectual leaders of the Grand Old Party, “the party of Lincoln.”  We’ll be told that good old American compromise is the bedrock virtue on which all others rest.  And then the wackiest of all transformations will occur sometime around the beginning of Trump’s second term.  We’ll hear about  how moderate Trump is but how radical Pence has somehow become.  How we need to find a better candidate for 2024 that better reflects the spirit of the times.  Possibly Mitt Romney or even JEB!.

Let’s hope that Republican leaders (?!) and voters have learned something from the Bush years.  Don’t trust the Dems.  Ever.  And if you get them on the ground put your foot on their throat and keep it there.  Permanently.  These people are the problem and the ones who want to compromise with them are idiots.

I look forward to a few things happening this spring.  I assume the rest of the FBI cabalists will be fired and hopefully prosecuted.  The Mueller Investigation will be terminated either willingly or unwillingly.  And I hope to see the Supreme Court come out on the side of the Wedding Baker.  Even that idiot Kennedy will have to own up to religious freedom existing in the Bill of Rights.  Beyond that we’ll see.  I hope the #metoo movement will continue to terminate Democrat slimeballs.  And if somehow the Republican congress can manage to get out of its own way, I even have hope that the House of Representatives will remain in Republican hands.  I say this because all the ballyhoo about the blue wave seems like self-generated hype by the MSM.

So fellow deplorables, ask not what your Uncle Donald can do for you, ask what you can do for Uncle Donald.  After all, he’s achieved more than anyone imagined he could.  Make sure you don’t gripe every time the MSM paints a decision or an action as “unconservative.”  Remember what the Bible says about the Devil quoting scripture.  In Trump we trust is the mantra and until he sells Alaska back to the Russians I’m firmly in the “Trump Can Do No Wrong” crowd.

5 thoughts on “The Trumpocalypse Picks Up Steam

  • May 10, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    MAGA is killing them. Causing foundational damage to the top down inside out agenda of the globalists. They are furious the dirt people voted to determine their own politics thank you very much. Or is that thank you very little?
    Setting back a century or more of the long march thru the institutions. Because without the federal Amerikan Nomenklaturer class to weaponize the intelligentsia’s diktat with federal tyranny, its up to the diverged corporate mandarins and their SJW sycophants to enforce their thought police regime.

    its probably not much of a leap of faith when Trump is out of the white house they are going to come back with a vengeance. The audacity and motive power of the resurgence of the dissident right and the ideas of legacy precepts of founding America is far more powerful an instrument of overall Liberty than the combined and inextricably linked natural born legitimacy 1st & 2nd Amendments.

    The left is in a serious pickle. How are they to assume lost power without creating even more divide’s and distaste for their agenda of human extinction among the dirt people and Deplorable’s? All the myriad of deceit and systematic lies via false flag/narratives, especially from the 5th column media, has except for the voluntarily unawakened Normies/boomers, become so predictable, cheesy, and transparent only the most ideologically brainwashed puts any credence in it. The distrust of the media, the social networks, is become household common knowledge.
    The left has nothing to offer. They only can deliver a cake made of shit with canned frosting. And regardless it is still made of shit. Without an illegal alien gerrymander army invasion, the numbers aren’t there. Trump is accomplishing fantastic steps to undermine and eliminate the lefts go to strategy of mass vote rigging. A slew of particularly egregious key felony grade vote tampering/gerrymandering actors have been arrested and put in prison.
    The left is bereft of merit. Its SOP’s are wore out and wore out its welcome.
    They think they can waylay Alt-Right with subterfuge and agent provocateurs, that bout left the dock before The God Emperor was crowned Alt-Right’s murder weapon. All the neo-bolsheviks can do is fool the most gullible awoke into a convergence trap by Shapiro and Peterson.
    As summer approaches it will be interesting to see what if any tactics are employed through the lefts proxy violent social warriors Anti-fa. Or does a new proxy appear? BLM is a total joke made of professional agent trolls and diddunuffins, bigotry and hate baiters, and free shit cadre.
    All of these are nothing but astro-turf anyways. It is a labor intensive cash guzzling fake media dependent 3 ring circus. Its got no leg power. Nothing is genuine resistance and petition. Its all a fake meme/narrative generator.

    Take a look around the sphere of your life. Petition your network of people. Who among yours really gives a crap, except to be prepared and keeping an ear to the ground so to be fore warned as to be forearmed?
    Personally I know no one. Not a soul. Everyone is more or less disgusted with this neo-bolshevik bullshit. Nobody likes being designated an Amerikan Kulak. Its ridiculous at best. Some so far fetched it is a joke. And deeply insulting in its projection, and the Alynski tactics of the left accusing White Christian Men & Woman of The West what they themselves literally are. Insult which only serves to reinforce the cold anger of a vast plurality which turns its back on the dirty stinking commies. They ain’t winning hearts or minds. Painted themselves into a corner that Trump led them into eyes wide open, and they still don’t see it.
    They made a huge mistake with the entire white privilege thing. It really is OK to be White, so alright, you save that particular insult in a very special place for when it comes a time you can pull that one out and bludgeon a particularly rich target with it. A most useful example & implement of self determination. The left has so richly earned its comeuppance, along with the rino/never Trumpers oligarchy & perfumed princes, neocons, who have consistently sold us out and betrayed our trust. For a faustian bargain & a pouch of silver, this uniparty capitol/cronyists Sarah Palin battled for years, and whooped its arse in Alaska tried to warn everyone of.
    They are going to have to repair an almost insurmountable mountain of damage and outright elimination of key weaponized instruments and vehicles such as the EPA, Supreme Court, DOJ, IRS, FBI, BLM, Soro’s Attorney General’s Project is whittled down to a shadow of its former self. Millions are bugging out of the urban Hives/states.
    The left is going to have to literally pull off a coup, otherwise it will take a decade or more to undo the damage of MAGA. And MAGA is just about at the point of becoming unstoppable without using nuclear options, or maybe actual nukes.
    That all doesn’t mean there’s no alternatives on the table, after all, there is a debt time bomb ticking away, central banks just waiting to be imploded. Kind of weapons that gives the axiom order out of chaos a magnitude of danger. There’s an awful lot of people in a bad position for a financial/economic Ragnorak. Though The Honorable Resistance is growing and maturing. A demographic that can’t be bullied. Can’t be lied to. Can’t be threatened. Is self sufficient literally and figuratively. Agrarian & provincial. Unplugged from the Matrix. And is a renaissance which is taking from tradition hard won long learned of particularly prudent Colonial Era mind set, and way of life.
    Its another zeitgeist/paradigm of the dissident right. the left has no leverage or power over these dirt people. They have withdrawn consent, totally. Thats why I believe the neo-bolshevik tactics if outlawing White People is so desperate. They have to create the circumstances where genocide reaches the physical stage. Pogrom, diaspora don’t work with legitimately armed natural born White American’s. its this political/cultural hurdle the left has never been able to surmount. Its the bulwark that becomes manifest, such American’s refuse to comply, they defy. claim “I WONT! & MYOB!, BFYTW.
    MAGA Bitchez.


    • May 10, 2018 at 6:44 pm

      I think Trump will be able to hold the ground he takes from the Left. I hope Pence is learning from what he is seeing so that when it’s his turn he won’t fail.

      • May 10, 2018 at 9:37 pm

        Indeed. It would be a great day if Pence or another suitable candidate is able to carry on MAGA. Trump will be a difficult President for another to fill those shoes. Do you perceive Pence as capable of following after Mr. Trump?
        Or maybe it will be another style of MAGA that carries the day. You see anyone else out there? At the least Mr. Trump has set the bar very high. Anything less will be glaringly obvious to the electorate.
        Should be interesting.

        I still think Trump should appoint Sarah Palin as FBI director. Talk about a cosmic level mind job. Imagine the chattering class explody heads! As wacky as it sounds though, Mrs Palin would add a dimension of hitting the oligarchy politically on their flank like a 200 car freight train. Never mind Palin is capable, after what she did to big energy interests in Alaska.

        It seems Trump is getting closer to taking full power. The palace coup, Flynn’s railroading, and the traiters in congress have been determined to at least hinder Trump from following through on the MAGA time line and scale Trump is capable of achieving. Nonetheless that hasn’t stopped the Prez, just imagine him unfettered. I suspect once the palace coup is kaput, things shift into a higher gear for Trump.

        • May 10, 2018 at 9:55 pm

          I think Pence is a good man but he’ll need to learn from Trump how to stand up against the MSM buzzsaw. He needs to become unafraid of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. That’s a super power that Trump needs to pass along.

          • May 11, 2018 at 11:23 pm

            Good point. A good guy like Admiral Stockdale, as Pero’s VP. They put the guy through a meat grinder. It was despicable and a real eye opener for me as to how nasty the commies are. Yeah got that right too, Trump is low drag hi speed when it comes to the press. Hard act to follow. Sticking with the truth no matter what with class & grace is a tricky thing for many people when faced with these media vultures. Key is not being in the position of reacting to them. They have no workaround when its them reacting, because they are like 5th grade brats full of shit.

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