Curbing My Enthusiasm

So yesterday I allowed my unbridled exuberance to get away from me (The Trumpocalypse Picks Up Steam) and today I’m feeling the let down as my feet touch the ground again.  That’s okay.  It’s better to try your wings once in a while, no harm done.  But let’s then look at the negative side of the picture today:

  • The wall isn’t built or even funded.
  • Thirty million illegal aliens still inhabit the U.S.
  • Robert Mueller wants to interview President Trump.
  • Justice Kennedy hasn’t ended his reign of judicial terror.
  • The Clintons still infest Planet Earth.
  • Affirmative action is still the law of the land.
  • Smarmy college students still hector the normal people about white privilege.
  • Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon still function as on-line speech police against the Right.
  • Virtually every college in the country is a propaganda indoctrination center.
  • California and New York (and several other states) criminally interfere with the enforcement actions of the Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents.
  • Nancy Pelosi hasn’t been euthanized yet by either PETA or the American Humane Society.
  • Rosie O’Donnell hasn’t yet been assigned the status of food aid, rendered into 250,000 MRE and flown to North Korea as part of the peace deal.

Well, okay, those last two were just added for fun but you get the picture.  There’s still plenty for President Trump to do in the second half of his first term.  I shouldn’t be so happy.  It’s unwarranted.  And yet I am!

I’m sorry, I can’t feel down.  Looking at all these problems only increases my belief that the Republicans despite their epic cowardice and stupidity will benefit from President Trump’s popularity and hold onto the House and Senate.  This won’t be for their sake but it will be the American people’s desire to help Donald Trump.  And I think the Mueller investigation will end without doing any real damage to the Trump Administration.  And I think that Sessions will finally clean out the rat’s nest of cabalists in the Justice Department.  And I now believe that President Trump will get to appoint at least one more Supreme Court Justice.   And finally, I’ll go out on a limb and say that the Supreme Court will find in favor of the baker in that Gay Marriage Wedding Cake Trial travesty.  And that last one is just a hunch.  Common sense says that Kennedy will go out with one last assault on normal Americans.  But somehow the change in the climate makes me think Kennedy will try and strike a balance if for no other reason than to moderate the anger that is growing on the right toward all these outrages against common decency.

So there it is.  I’m slap happy from all the winning.  Maybe I’m completely delusional.  Time will tell.  But the sun is shining, the birds are singing and all’s right with the world in this best of all possible worlds.  Well except that Nancy Pelosi and Rosie O’Donnell still walk the earth.  Well, that can wait for the second term I guess.

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Nah! Not delusional. It is just plain simple really nice to know and see there’s a really decent guy looking out for us best he can. Ask yourself when was the last time in the good ol’ USofA anybody had us dirt peoples backs? Right now they want to get Trump wrestling the alligators in the swamp. He can’t get caught in that trap. He needs to take full power. He’s not there yet but it’s coming. The guy is fighting the globalists and their western hemisphere crime syndicate. The neocons of both factions of the uniparty. Having to work… Read more »


You can imagine if they are calling Munchkin a “conservative democrat, an oxymoron if I ever seen one, SOP lies and grand dissimulation. He is a political marxist agent provocateur through and through. The creep ran against a pretty decent guy last congressional race. Regular dude, real family guy. Christian and fiscal orientated. The race was too close to count, Munchkin came out with a TV ad of him shooting a bolt gun and saying something inane about “gun rights”, like he was the universes sole advocate of the 2nd Amendment. It was enough for him to squeak by via… Read more »


Dude! What is it with this spell check lately? You notice? Are they running an algorithm designed to change the English Language? I never seen so many weird corrections and stupid substitutes.


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