Trump Takes the Next Step to Clean Out the Justice Department. More Chicken or the End Game?

The Conservative Treehouse has a pretty thorough treatment of what President Trump’s order to investigate political motivations in the DOJ’s Trump campaign spying effort means.  I have to say I thought Trump and Mueller were playing chicken with each other.  Maybe we’ve moved past that.  Maybe this now has to be resolved by someone going to prison.  Or several somebodies.  Unless Mueller has a smoking gun (which seems very unlikely) it looks like McCabe, Comey and company are about to be charged with criminal charges.  The thing that occurs to me is that at some point somebody is going to sing to save his own neck.  None of these guys wants to go to prison.  My guess is McCabe but I am only looking in from the dark outside.  Maybe it’ll be Comey or Bruce Ohr or Peter Strzok.  But whoever sings first will get the best deal.  We live in interesting times.  Let’s hope they don’t get much more interesting than they already are.



4 thoughts on “Trump Takes the Next Step to Clean Out the Justice Department. More Chicken or the End Game?

  • May 27, 2018 at 12:33 am

    I say your right. Though for some reason I get this funny feeling we haven’t seen nothing yet. These clowns where only the operators, not the conspiracy of treason and palace coup leadership. I wouldn’t be surprised they are being permitted all the leeway possible to not only incriminate themselves but flush out the ring leaders. kind of like still hunting for grouse. They will stay still as a rock on the ground, unless they think you have spotted them, then they all spring up at once thinking in the confusion they will get away.

    These clowns aren’t the “elite” of the illusion they project. The facade they have projected for generations of their organized crime is ripped away. It doesn’t matter if they all walk because they have no power any longer. Their entire scam is over, they can never hold office or power.
    I suspect Trump and his white hats are trying them in the public venue, slowly exposing them in bite size pieces, along with letting the agent provocateurs who systematically have been posing as “journalists” and media “news” people make fools of their selves.
    The thing here is consent & withdrawal of consent of the people is probably the greatest weapon ever invented to counter the elites power. Mr Trump is pretty smart, he has used the consent of the people and withdrawal of it like a master. Its how he got elected. That election was a color revolution, an insurgency like 4th generation warfare. Just look at that electoral map sea of red out in flyover land. The “elites” never saw it coming. Dollars to donuts the same plurality effect will try these crooks in the peoples minds so by the time they are before a jury that are toast.
    Too bad they won’t find a “fair” trial, nothing like poetic justice. The very dirt people these scumbags robbed cheated and grifted will be who sends them way for the rest of their rotten stinking lives.

    I think they need to be hung from lampposts till they rot away. It would be cathartic to returning our Republic.

    • May 27, 2018 at 6:26 am

      “I suspect Trump and his white hats are trying them in the public venue, slowly exposing them in bite size pieces.” Nicely put. I think you’re right. That’s why Mueller hasn’t been fired yet. He has to be delegitimized first.

      • May 27, 2018 at 2:14 pm

        Indeed yeah, is there any question how incompetent they are being revealed as? To predicate you will never be held up as a traitor complicit in a coup on the assumption a blood thirsty raving psychopath in a pants suit and her fully accomplished sex predator husband would be crowned as obamas successor? ( and just what kind of SS agents do you use to protect this serial rapist? never mind for his red diaper baby raving lunatic wife) By the way did you read Huma’s intercepted communiqué’s with her Muslim Brotherhood Handlers, her brothers and father, pertaining to the details of HRC’s mental & physical state?

        I think a little cheeses has to have fallen off your cracker to put faith in your future security on a husband & wife who are the largest organized crime syndicate boss’s in the western hemisphere.
        These are Dept of Justice and the worlds premier criminal detective agency employee’s? That alone says something pretty amazing in itself aside from the actually crimes & treason they committed.
        Makes you wonder exactly how far off the reservation the whole conspiracy actually is we have not been apprized of yet.

        • May 27, 2018 at 8:30 pm

          Incompetent or unworried. The solidity of the Deep State is something that we will find out about soon I think. If none of the middle echelon guys cracks when he is confronted by the threat of serious prison then to me that means the Deep State is extremely strong and the members fear the organization more than the actual government of the U.S.

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