“Narrative Collapse” or “And Now They Know That We Know it Too”

As the Conservative Treehouse linked to the results of the Harvard-Harris monthly poll we find three very encouraging results.  Look at the answer percentages on these three questions:

Do you think current border security is adequate or inadequate? 61% Inadequate / 39% Adequate

Do you support or oppose building a combination of physical and electronic barriers across the U.S.-Mexico border?  60% Support / 40% Oppose

Do you think that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, known as ICE, should be disbanded or not?   31% Disbanded / 69% Not Disbanded

And this poll skews to the left with 37% Democrat, 32% Republican and 29% Independent.  Look at that number, 60% support building a wall.  That represents basically all the Republicans and all the Independents.  But if you go to the Harris Poll site and look up Harvard Harris you’ll see this headline:

“Latest Harvard-Harris Poll Finds More than 6 in 10 Registered Voters Oppose Border Wall Between U.S. and Mexico.”

But that’s the opposite result.  How can that be?  Well the poll they tout was taken back in April and preceded this one.  But wait a minute, you might say, how could 20% of the country change its mind in a month or two?  And you would be right.  That doesn’t happen.  The older poll reflects what we’ve been fed from pollsters for the last decade.  Americans want more immigration and they love those whacky, fun-loving drug runners from M13.  We can’t get enough of their idiosyncratic drive by machine gunning and intimidation of our high school children.  What’s not to love?

So how did the new headline occur?  I don’t think you’ll find a documented answer that makes sense.  I’ll give you my theory.

The narrative collapsed.

The people who put out these polls have a pretty wide latitude when it comes to selecting the participants, phrasing the questions and massaging the data they receive.  And I think they use this elasticity to produce results like the 99.9% certainty that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.  So, I’m guessing that the difference between the April poll and the June poll was relatively large, not twenty percent but maybe five percent.  But my guess is that the real percentages in those two polls were 65% and 70%.  But you’d say, wait a minute, that’s impossible.  How could a 65% majority for the wall be turned into a 40% minority?  That’s a 25% inaccuracy.  And why then would they not just adjust the 70% to 45%.  My theory is they’ve been maintaining the same narrative that they fabricated to prop up the Obama presidency and they juiced it as hard as they could during the Clinton campaign and they held out hope that the Resistance would bring down Trump’s popularity and allow his presidency to collapse.  But the numbers keep moving farther and farther in the other direction and now they’re literally afraid of being caught cooking the books and losing their gig.  After all, other pollsters are already showing different results on these same poll questions and it must be getting a little thick for our friends at Harris and Gallup.  They don’t want to be the ones flapping in the breeze when the next Brexit or Trumpocalypse occurs.  It might mean having to get real jobs.  So the jig is up and they’ll have to start only slightly slightly tipping the scales, let’s say 5 to 10%.

And that got me thinking, what would it look like if the narrative collapsed completely?  And what would it take to cause that implosion?  My guess is that what would cause the implosion would be the success of the Trump Revolution.  Specifically, if the Republicans hold onto the House and expand their lead in the Senate and use this majority to provide President Trump with the funds to build the wall and enforce the immigration laws and the country supports this effort by re-electing him convincingly, then all of this would be enough to collapse the Narrative completely.

So this is the long answer for why those poll answers seem so different from expectations.  But there’s a short answer too.  A one-word answer.  Trump.

Ever since the primary debates he’s been telling us the Emperor’s New Clothes are fake news.  Jeb! told us that illegal immigration was love.  Trump told us it was crime.  The Media and the pollsters said Trump was part of a small, shrinking, bigoted minority.  The election showed that wasn’t so.  He keeps hammering away at the lies and evasions.  And he’s definitely winning.  And they know it.  And now they know that we know it too.

4 thoughts on ““Narrative Collapse” or “And Now They Know That We Know it Too”

  • July 3, 2018 at 5:07 pm

    All you have to do is look at your own natural polling.
    Take a gander at the sphere of your own personal activity. Who do you know in the entire sphere of your life who follows the official “polling” and the legacy media portrayal of regular every day Americans such as ourselves.
    Here’s the catch, its a double edged sword which is leveraged to the hilt, and in effect isolates all of us in such a way that we have no idea if our own common sense perceptions of reality have in common with the red of America.
    Notice, if you will, if a sense of people like ourselves, our thoughts, opinions, views or hopes are ever presented on any corporate media platform.
    If you didn’t know any better, you would not know there are hundreds of millions of people like you and I who are alive and lead healthy, intelligent hard working lawful peaceful cooperative lives with each other. I mean, it is as if we literally do not exist.
    The only approved people seem time and time again brown black female disadvantaged persecuted didntdunuffin victim immigrant diverse stereotypes, not even these subjects are portrayed as every day Americans.
    It is like there does not exist any Americans at all. It looks like a proposition portfolio from an affirmative action corporate add agency.
    When do you see anyone who reminds you of you, and those you know in the sphere of your life?
    It is a deliberate carefully contrived sleight of hand mind job. And why if any aspect of it, would polling be taken and presented in a genuine unbiased manner.

    I’d say, at the least, add 20% to the poll numbers in favor of good old fashioned traditional American values and mores.
    Remember the color revolution of 11-8-2016?
    65 million of us non-existent dirt people do not exist. Nobody, an entire plurality, of nobodies never happened. Like the Tea Party people who showed up in DC. I was there. It was an ocean of people. So many people it was a sea tide far as you could see, every street, side artery, street between around and beside buildings and blocks, like a river, as peaceful and gay as you could imagine. Everyone smiling, courteous, gracious, and festive. Everyone you met eyes with or hesitated to permit others to go through or around an object, vehicle, post etc. smile at you and nod thanks, it was everything that makes America great. The one thing, it was in the millions of people. You have to see this to grok the truth and majesty of a plurality so moved, in commonality, in solidarity, it is a living breathing thing, an entity formed from the many into a singular motive power, audacity that permeates everything. It lifts you on your and others spirits. Nothing like it exists. You are wrapped in this sense of purpose, of choice, it feels in your bones proper and it will never be denied, that it exists because of who we are as a people, legacy.
    Then there was the million bike ride on DC. I love motorcycles. I race and pleasure ride. I rode from West Virginia to DC. Traveling along the interstate, in one lane, sisde by side, far as you could see down through over and over each ridge of the Shenandoah, bikes, like a living serpent. Tens of thousands, and this was but one artery to DC. Bet you never even heard about it. Hardly a few photos exist in the mainstream web.
    These events are like they never happened if we where to only have this fake media complex spoon feed us their concoction of brainwash potion.
    An ocean of lies and dissimulation.

    I’ll go far as to say, these poling numbers are so lop sided away from the desired narrative, they are in the 75% – 85% range of long held traditions which constitute the America you and I live and believe in our hearts about.
    It will be a cop day in hell before these domestic enemies of country & Liberty ever intimate what the pure truth is.
    If you have any doubt, ask yourself why, every poll, always portends to the official narrative of the 5th column propaganda/brain washing media?
    How could the be?
    Its not when it came to our color revolution, when we rose up in solidarity, voted Mr. Trump our Captain.
    To this day they deny this truth:
    We defied them.
    We revolted against their dystopian world.
    We withdrew our consent of them.
    We are existential to them.
    Right now, we are seeing that fear of extermination of them manifest itself into the nation spanning hate and violence.

    Get along little doggies, get along.
    Go away. Not mad. Be happy we haven’t decided to give you what you so richly deserve.
    Your playing with something so powerful, trying to instigate something so vile, that which will destroy every vestige of this evil.
    It is the only recourse.

    • July 3, 2018 at 5:26 pm

      Yes, they try to cover the truth to maintain the narrative but it’s starting to collapse. When even Chuck Todd says right out loud on Meet the Press that despite his hatred of Trump he has to admit that Trump is winning you know the jig is up. It’s a remarkable situation.

      • July 5, 2018 at 12:33 pm

        You said it. Right on.
        Its all they have. There must be a breaking point, where irrelevance rips away the fig leaf of legitimacy.
        There is the fellow you mentioned, then there are to unhinged, those who have become unglued about President Trump. Lenin’s useful dupes.
        I guess the question is, do they once full collapse takes place, wither on the vine? Talking actual people here, millions. What happens when their addictions to dissimulation and the drama of cultural Marxism writ large is no longer a feed via a corporate fake news show? What about the army of paid trolls and agent provocateurs who infiltrate comment threads and operate avatar blogs? They are melting down now, each day its mind blowing how deranged and have lost touch with reality?

        • July 5, 2018 at 1:27 pm

          I think it’ll be like it was when Reagan finally beat them down. They’ll pretend they were always good Americans and wait for a Bush or a Clinton to come along and put them back in the Globalist business again.


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