What Do We Do After Trump?

Right now, Donald Trump is the most active, disruptive force that the right has had working for it since Andrew Jackson.  It is almost impossible to overstate how important he has been and continues to be for the preservation of the American experiment.  Without his miraculous victory in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election we would be literally choosing between insurrection and slavery.  That is how bad permanent domination by the Left would be.

But now we have to remember that the U.S. Constitution does not include provision for a dictator for life.  Somehow, they decided to leave that clause out.  Something about Julius Caesar, blah, blah, Caligula, blah, blah, blah.  So, we have to face up to the fact that we won’t always have the Donald to speed bag the media, the swamp and the Dems for us.  We will be back to depending on the Republicans!  That is a discouraging thought.  Therefore, it behooves us (now that’s a word) to plan ahead and make provisions for that sad future day.

Let’s try to get to the essence of the problem.  How do we avoid ending up with the Bushes again?  My first thought is install Donald Trump in some position of power in the republican establishment when his term is over.  Maybe the head of the Republican National Committee.  Let him be the one to control the purse strings for the election funds and work on the talent selection and the party platform that should guide the executive and legislative agendas.  But, of course, this is still a temporary fix.  Donald Trump is over seventy years old.  Even he lives to be a vigorous centenarian the day will come when he’s gone.  We need a Plan B.

And Plan B is that we need to become radicalized and activist about the things we want and don’t want.  And the first thing we have to get straight is that this is a permanent state of affairs.  We will never reach a point where we can split the difference with the Left.   Now and forever it is a zero-sum game. Whenever they win we lose and vice versa.  We have no common ground and there is no compromise except as a tactic and even then, it’s probably a bad idea.  We are two separate populations inhabiting the same geographic space locked in a perpetual war of attrition.

We need to become serious about vetting our leaders and those that want to become leaders.  No more Bushes.  No more mavericks.  No more kindler, gentler anything.  No more reaching across the aisles and no more globalists.  If you’re not America first, last and all, you’re a globalist.

We need to become as unfair as we possibly can be toward the Left.  Do to them what they’ve done to us.  Remember they are doxxing, deplatforming, firing and discriminating against Right Wing folks on a wholesale basis already.  The least we can do is return the favor.  Make them live up to the lefty creed but ignore it for our side.  Allow and even egg on the witch hunts for the Al Frankens and Harvey Weinsteins of the Left and laugh at the Stormy Daniels episodes.  Let the Joe Crowleys and Phyllis Kahns experience the blessings of the identity politics and diversity they championed by losing their legislative seats to these new populations when they look around at the Old Democrats and say “What you mean We, kemosabe?”  Make them pay whatever price we can for policies like sanctuary cities.  Penalize progressive states wherever and whenever possible.  Use lawfare to go after their companies and institutions that discriminate against people and companies on the Right.  Use the courts to shield traditional and religious populations and institutions.  And cause trouble for companies that cater to the Left.  Send letters of complaint.  Boycott.  Give poor recommendations and reviews to them.  And by the same token lavish business, compliments and good word of mouth to companies that take our side or at least don’t go against us.  Sometimes it will seem like you’re going against your own interests to do that.  Maybe it’ll be worth it anyway.  Think about it.  Do you really need to drink Starbucks?  Isn’t there another company slightly less obnoxious to your views that still makes decent coffee?  Don’t patronize movies with imbeciles like Matt Damon in them.  Don’t buy their books, don’t read their news stories and don’t watch their television shows.  It’s that simple.

And the most important aspect of all this is don’t wait until Donald Trump isn’t around.  Start now!  If we can start chipping away at the awfulness of the Republican party before we’ll have to depend on them, it will go that much better for us.  If you have a Republican Representative who does not cooperate with President Trump then send an e-mail to his office stating your displeasure.  Let him know where you stand.  Remind him that there will be a primary at some point in his future and someone you like better may be running against him.  Get involved in your local politics and take the measure of the people who represent you.  You might be surprised what you learn.

So, enjoy the Trumpocalypse we are living through in all its sideshow splendor but start planning for the future.

6 thoughts on “What Do We Do After Trump?

  • July 5, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    Great critical thinking!
    Super well written.
    I like, well done.
    Been asking the same question, what comes after Pres. Trump?
    The question is when does the god emperor step down? Will it be a false flag impeachment on Article 25, or some other equally specious fabricated reason such as a Mueller set up, with the fake media running propaganda and agitprop to give whatever false grounds for removing Mr Trump from office: Felonious activities, treason etc.
    I believe one thing I probably already in play with a vengeance, no matter what, the dirt people will never be permitted to elect a candidate of their own choosing ever again, no matter what else is done to prohibit us from withdrawing our consent and using our consent as our weapon against such tyrants and their system of totalitarianism.
    Which brings up guns. All else pales in comparison. It has always been about guns, gun in the hands of America with a will to choose to own such property, for the use just in case it comes down to our guns and the inherent primal natural right to use our property, our guns, being the first thing, property, to defend and win against said tyrants.
    I say this because it isn’t really Trump that is the deep states problem, it is the 65 million Americans who have the singular motive power and plural audacity to defy the cabal.

    Another question: Why haven’t the deep state and whatever evil actors, assassinated Mr Trump? For fear of making Trump a martyr? Not wanting to stir up the hornets nest of Patriots because it soul be such a obvious thing and the unintended consequences too dreadful to tempt?
    And just who could possibly follow in Mr. Trumps foot steps?
    Observation: For a guy who is going up against basically the entire statist-quo crime syndicate called the States of the western hemisphere and in part most of Asia and mid east, the guy has a price on his head. If for only the reason he is about to deny this globe spanning corporate/state crime syndicate their means of extortion and skim via every wealth transfer scheme imaginable, he looks cool as a cucumber. Trump has balls that Klink when he walks for sure, yet there is more to it, the guy has son serious hidden allies and has the goods on everyone, thus knowing exactly how the consequences of his and his compatriots actions evolve. Big Medicine right there.
    In all cases, the POTUS has the option of declaring martial law. Once called, all branches of government become null and void if so desired, all power goes to the Prez, as long as POTUS see’s fit. An option, I suspect, is already in place, and which would G a long way to relieving the Republic of all the most intractable problems and persons, associations, and agenda, currently not solvable or able to be redresses through peaceful positive change, exactly because those hoping to destroy America are dug in like ticks on a hounds back, otherwise.

    Can Trump lead the charge of recourse to original Republican form of government? As Trump said recently, “Impossible is only the beginning”.
    In doing so, it guarantees a built in great awakening, an inevitable recourse to Nationalism, a cleansing of America, possibly, hopefully a return scripture and service by our duly elected representative, as Gary North’s mind blowing outlier Political Polytheism is laid out, or as Al Benson Jr put it, if Liberty was the design, why did they give us centralism? The war of Northern Aggression, leading right up to this moment, proof positive, why these terrible events transpired, and are set to play out in a second class war.
    Attainders of writ and plausible deniability, are the operating procedures of the cabal. It is looking like the actors of the deep state are so overwhelmed with trying to survive their illegitimacy, their only other options of projecting power is to totally jump the shark, go for everything in one fell swoop. Just as its looking out there on the archipelago’s of urban leftist dystopias’ which provide the 5th column media its visual plausible deniability of illegitimacy.

    And all along Mr. Trump has this aura of positivity, confidence, and invincibility. Very interesting thing that right there. Amazing when you give it a good think.
    But, who can take off where the god emperor leaves off? No one individual, it has to be lots and lots of will of the governed who will not stand for in no uncertain terms this terrible past 150 plus years. Yes, right now shits so bad, without resorting to violent redress, we need our Captain, but, and its the but of all buts, it is ourselves who must through solidarity and knowing we are a plurality of a Republic, not to be denied our will, nor our consent and the withdrawal of it. Most of all, the State is to large. It intrudes into every facet of the spheres of our lives. It indeed send hither agents out to eat out the substance of our lives, it extorts, steals, our intrinsic wealth in all its forms, it has usurped the small nation states with the republic, denying each its own peoples self determinations and freedoms, there is nothing the State has not put its greasy greedy meathooks on. These things must be nullified, more color revolution like 11-8-2016, we must refuse to bend a knee to tyranny, reject the statist and their quo in entirety, loudly, without doubt or hesitation. We are actually the ones we have been waiting for, and when we finally understand we are a plurality, the key to being a righteous plurality, then we become not individuals who will not be denied, we become an insurgency nothing can deny.
    Trump or no Trump we are FUBAR’d otherwise. Then its a matter of letting our rifles do the talking, and the perils of violent revolution. A path fraught with disaster, but still maybe, after all said and done, the only way. Its a legacy our forebears handed down to us, and its our turn to defend it.

    • July 5, 2018 at 1:22 pm

      Thanks. I think my biggest worry is the GOPE waiting in the wings to lead us back into captivity. We have to become very suspicious of any Republican who doesn’t seem to accomplish what we need.

      • July 5, 2018 at 11:17 pm

        Choke artist faction of the human self extinction movement? The pickle we got ourselves into is we have to vote for them, or sling our rifles over our shoulders like real men of the west, literally start in say Texas, and hoof it right across the Appalachians right into their swamp.
        Do not say one word, all of us men take a vow of silence, no statements to the press or anyone else. It has to be absolute. Simply begin walking. Bet you there would be so many Patriots the line stretches back 20 miles. Your alice pack, vittles, a few canteens, good pair of boots, a woobie and two ponchos, change of draws and undies, and your best combat grade rifle. Couple extra mags too.
        You want to see the people of flyover land come out and donate food water and support? Bet anyone it will be beyond compare.
        Straight and true right into our domestic enemies territory. Talk about a mind job. The Amerikan Nomenklaturer class the DOI mentions about those who are eating out our existence? Give them a taste of their own medicine for once.
        Once this march on the swamp reaches a certain attendance, it becomes an entity nobody is crazy enough to mess with.
        The key is to say nothing. It is legal to carry a rifle unloaded open style, no law against a bit of a hike, or congregating with like minded friends. Keep our pieholes shut. On the straight and narrow.
        Imagine the fear which would result among the statists and deep state.

        Truth be told, the God emperor needs support, it makes him, and us even more undeniable.
        I’d wear a MAGA hat or shirt. Carry the Confederacy battle flag and or old glory. Which by the way, is required by federal law, to have an armed honor guard.

        One point Im trying to make here involves solidarity among Americans who believe in liberty & justice.
        The more we know we are a plurality, the more we become one. Its been the fake press’ job to divide & conguer the dirt people, in one way by creation of a narrative we are a tiny irrelevant hateful minority. Which by no account is true. But its something drummed into us 24-7-365 unrelenting. One of those “Big Lies” thing.
        An idea understated as an outlier act of defience against the cabal. They certainly are itchin’ to start a fight. Well here’ s a perfect opportunity Bitchez.

        I’m not bullshitting you or yankin’ your chain. I’m truly sincere and hope with all my heart there is peaceful recourse. Yet, trust but verify is at the crux of this. We take control and begin to not be the victim any because real politick, and the incredible betrayal of trust and color of constitutional order by our elected, and non elected “representatives?

        Let them find refuge behind the Constitution from our wrath. Nothing like shaking our rifles in the tyrants faces. And right now, its perfect timing, they already are under existential strain of surviving their illegitimacy. All it would take is one peaceful undeniable act of resistance and in your face defiance, and Humpty Dumpty falls down.

        You can delete this if it is presumptuous on you and your fine blog, uts you in an uncomfortable position. It can be just us talking man to man.
        I still appreciate you and what you do.
        Warm regards

        • July 6, 2018 at 6:24 am

          I think a mass demonstration such as you describe might be triggered if the swamp creatures overreach and try to remove Trump. I hope that’s not going to happen but that might be when people rise up. I don’t have a problem with comments. I like to see them. In fact I wish people were more talkative. My readership is mostly on the quiet side. But maybe caution is wiser in these troubling times.

  • July 7, 2018 at 11:19 am

    Wow that is nicely said. Thanks, appreciate you too.
    What you said makes me think about the spring before the color revolution of 11-8-16. Was watching Mr. Trump on a video of a speech about the dirt people across the land, and how the globalists had enough free run strip mining us of our intrinsic wealth thru artificial price discovery of goods and labor. It just popped out of my mouth, Trump is “The Great Fuck You”, MAGA Bitchez! That here was a Man of the West who was going to disentangle this republic from all its foreign entanglements, because he was not only a devout Patriot, not only a set of balls that clink when he walks, but those things and a thoroughly competitive Alpha Male who nobody owned. President Reagan said upon shaking Trumps hand at first meeting him, I feel like I’m shaking the presidents hand, or close to that.
    Its difficult to define but Trump is a Champion, nothing he fears but failure, and even then Ashe said recently to a question about something being impossible, “Impossible is only the beginning”. Trump is quintisentionaly American. During NASA’s heyday in the 60’s an Aunt of mine worked at Grummon building the lunar lander, she was up for Thanksgiving, I was 11, and like all us kids, NASA was made of giants, it was everything great and good about us. My granddad and her where discussing the weight factor they where trying to achieve and the ways they where finding grams here, pennywieghts there, every tiny bit of wieght they could get rid of. Pop asked her if they could reach the weight limit and still have a reliable lander, my Aunt looked right at him and with the greatest look on her face, said it wasn’t going to fail because of her and her fellow workers. She went on to say they all thought and said it wasn’t going to fail because of us, of me.
    Too me that was the greatest statement imaginable, it hits you upside the heart, its whats profound in American greatness terms that makes us who we are. Something that will not be denied. Everything pales against that.
    And its what ” The Great Fuck You” is about. Lot of us have had enough of this “elite” class running shit. Nothing is elite about them but the hubris they think they are entitled to along with our wealth. They have the distinction of having created an unmitigated disaster out of the greatest thing ever to happen to people. For a century and more they have been strip mining us of our intrinsic wealth, and more than physical wealth, the motive power who my Aunt and others of NASA exemplified so well. Ain’t nobody else landed on the moon yet.
    The possible is only the beginning.
    And if anyone thinks me or other Men of The West are going to be put down by the cabal, they realm dont have an inkling about the meat grinder they are about to put their dicks in with this bullshit neo-bolshevik revolution crap.
    A little revolution very well could be a good thing. There’s some things that really need to be cleansed from this land.
    Regardless, ol’ Trump is a great peaceful beginning on that recourse. Like you I hope it dont come down to violent means. Its fraught with disaster because there are so many factors, unknowns, unknown unknowns in play.

    • July 7, 2018 at 12:20 pm

      Well written. I know exactly what you mean about NASA. We were witnesses to an amazing adventure. Your description resonates with how I felt. And if we could do those things back then we can certainly do them today. All we have to do is stop letting them tear us down. Trump has shown us that if the US government isn’t actively helping the American people then it’s doing us harm and needs to be replaced. Never again should we accept a leader that is so afraid of the leftists that he goes against our interests to curry their favor. I’ve learned my lesson. No Bushes, No McCains, no Romneys and no leftists or globalists of any stripe.


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