Can a Recognizable America Survive a Majority-Minority Future? – Part 1

The ZMan wrote a very interesting post called, “No Easy Answers.”  It’s an analysis of the consequences of large scale non-European immigration into the United States, its consequences and an opinion on the useful response that white Americans should have.  I’ll critique the essential portions of the essay to show what I think is the situation.  Note that I’ve cut and pasted several of his sentences together to save some space.  His text is in bold face font.


“Given current immigration and fertility numbers, America will be a majority-minority country within a generation. The crisis of our age is not just how we respond to this reality, but how we come to accept it.  The civic nationalists will move heaven and earth in order to avoid facing demographic reality.  For the recently red-pilled, all of their efforts were based on the belief that the solution was simple. Just red-pill everyone and the problem is solved.”

I agree with this analysis and the characterization of the reactions of the civic nationalists and the newly woke dissident right.


“The possibility that liberal democracy inevitably leads to cultural suicide is unpleasant, so even the red-pilled look the other way.  The fact is, another bit of that dreaded demographic reality is that what comes next cannot include the current system of governance. In a multicultural society, everyone’s primary loyalty is to their group. Liberal democracy assumes people are loyal to their narrow economic interests. In a majority-minority society, this cannot possibly work.  What comes next for us is what we see in the Middle East. In every country, one group dominates the rest, imposing their idea of order on the society. Saddam controlled Iraq for his people. The Persians run Iran. The Muslims run Lebanon, where every hill and valley may as well be its own country. The rule in multi-cultural, multi-tribal societies, is that one tribe rules the rest. That’s our future. The question is which groups will come to dominate the rest and what sort of system will they impose in order to remain in charge.”

ZMan’s thesis is that in a majority-minority society the form of government will devolve into a rule by the strongest tribe.  The implied condition is that the rule is enforced by the threat of military or street violence.  His examples are middle-eastern dictatorships.  I’m not convinced of this for a couple of reasons.  One reason is the existence of places like Switzerland and Singapore where a multi-ethnic state exists in a reasonably peaceful coexistence.  And secondly a case could be made that the immigration of the Irish and the Eastern and Southern Europeans during the late 19th and early 20th century was an analogous if not equivalent example of a majority-minority situation that while disrupting and modifying the United states, did not destroy the country.  The American culture was attractive and strong enough to subsume the new immigrant populations and produce a changed but recognizable United States.  The real difference this time is the degree to which there is a significant portion of the American people who are actively working to destroy the existing culture through anti-American and specifically anti-white activities and propaganda.  It seems to me the focus of white Americans should be identifying the people and institutions actively working to destroy our people and work to destroy them instead.  And the reason I think this will work is that recently there have been some successes.  The Supreme Court case where the wedding baker was exonerated based on freedom of religion.  The other recent Supreme Court decision that bears on this is the Ohio state law that allowed clearing the voting rolls of ineligible voters.  These affirmations of the clear intent of constitutional safeguards will allow the United States to continue to function as the rational and enlightened sort of country it’s always been.  And these rulings occurred even before Anthony Kennedy is replaced.  Once he has been, I could see a conservative Supreme Court ending affirmative action.  Now, the argument against this is that something like ending affirmative action will never be allowed to happen.

But that will be the test.  If the ZMan is right then even if the whole white population is “woke,” nothing will be done to alleviate the anti-white activity.  But if I’m right then with someone like Trump, a republican who’s actually on our side, we should make some headway and see some victories won.  In the next part of this post I’ll try to think of concrete actions that need to be taken.

17 thoughts on “Can a Recognizable America Survive a Majority-Minority Future? – Part 1

  • July 13, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    Most definitely as you point out the domestic natural born enemies are a great threat and very destructive.
    It is difficult for many to wrap their heads around such Trojan Horses, the scope and scale of betrayal by fellow Americans and institutions which have been converged is beyond many’s experience. I’m not making excuses for anything. Just pointing out a characteristic of the unwoke or newly red pilled. Having said that, I think Vox Day is correct about the Zeitgeist, and that Alt-Right is inevitable, because the domestic enemies among as they are exposed and revealed, validate reason and critical thinking, (in a desert of hive/group think), every day, and thru political science, history, faith in God, the rebirth of scripture, family/tribe/community/precinct is returning, at least in the 1world order’s so called “unsecured spaces”.
    Things like treasonous actions, from Nikki Haley, a civic nationalist at the least in appearance, signing the UN’s latest attempt at American Disarmament and plausible deniability workaround of the 2nd Amendment, citizen small arms “treaty”, ( we got a female version of Lurch Kerry who thinks they got special powers), to the rouge agencies from the bushwacking/deep stares hit for hire BLM to the DOJ/FBI consortium of inside treason. These things stick in the craw something fierce. The entire alphabet soup of executive of treason, has so much in common with the feared old Soviet Nomeklaturer class, its stunning.
    We can talk about all these actors and agent provocateurs, their instruments of treason and tyranny all day, the things which are different from other times and places in history in our present circumstances completely change the equation of the circular nature of history in common outside the 5000 Year Leap of the birth of liberty.
    One factor I believe in is we Americans are the only humans throughout history to be literally born into Liberty. For all our foibles and faults, this legacy is in our blood, our culture, our spirit, that we are the only peoples who have not just recognized there exist natural God granted rights, we, again, regardless our shortcomings, are dirt people who exercise our primal rights in living color. That regardless of our enemies who strive to disarm us of all of our natural freedoms, we are still here. There are at least 65 million of us. That is a legion, a plurality, which is armed with the knowledge of our legacy, not only as it is in our blood literally by birth, not only manifest in our destiny, but that we do become manifest only after great tolerance has been also betrayed. Just as it is stated clearly in The Declaration of Independence we are people who will suffer great ills and trespasses against us before we resort to our instruments of redress and revolution.
    I can not state enough the power as a people and a plurality we posses through our consent and withdrawal of our consent. It is singularly the most powerful weapon ever devised. To put tho in perspective, if our consent was a fantasy, how did 65 million of us pull off the greatest color revolution which of course nobody heard about on 11-9-2016?
    Just by withdrawing our consent from the deep state we completely changed the entire course of western history, and may well be, the world.
    So take it to another level. As the cabal doubles down and attempts to push back what can not be denied, no mater how the 5th column lies and dissimulates, no matter the vast instrument of bullshit of the political class, called plausible deniability, if our consent and withdrawal of it was not the most powerful weapon ever devised, why are we not lined up before box cars and concentration camps? Or worse liquidated as the Bolsheviks did to the kulaks’?
    See, right there, the circle of history has been broken, without a shot fired in anger, from our rifles.
    And point being, we did not need to, because our natural rights are inalienable.
    Thing is, the oligarchy, the neo-cons/nwo-bolsheviks, the deep state, the Amerikan Nomenklaturer, they truly need consent of the people, even tacit consent, to maintain their illusion of legitimacy, hence their power. Power in America that only comes from two places, consent, and the barrel of The Gun.
    Notice if you will, the power of our governments is derived from the will of the governed, no matter how messed up crazy that is in certain ways, and not in others, or ultimately with the threat of force and use of violence if you do not comply.
    Here’s what makes us dirt people different than any peoples on Earth: Take a pistol and put it against my head, tell me if I refuse to comply with your diktat, orders, rules, man made laws not derived from the great scriptures, you will put a boolit thru my head killing me. What you fail to understand is I have choice, even facing liquidation. I still have to choose, and in choosing to comply I still win, even in death. Because I have choice. You have to resort to murder to compell free men to your tyranny. So right there, you lost. You compelled no one. All you did was kill somebody. So even in death, my consent is still mine to withdraw.
    And that’s the pickle all these domestic enemies of you and I are faced with.
    And we havntveven broached the subject of armed redress against tyrants.
    There is something else about that Consent too. Tyrants, where they go wrong, is not that people refuse their consent, but that they are not afraid of making you die for your beliefs, ideology, agenda what have you. That there is an audacity which is indomitable, that as a plurality of withdrawal of consent begins to realize it is indeed a plurality to begin with, it becomes more powerful than the sum of its people. That is how a mere 3% of Colonial America was able to beat the largest empire in history. There is a motive power within which defies all political science, all accepted conventions, add in the arms such people posses, and you have a 4th generation insurgency, waging 4th generation warfare, in all its facets and tactics, and, very important, it holds territory has and bountiful in resources, geography, and vastness. The tyrants have to not only force such a plurality to comply, it has to disarm it and deny it its support system, and, hold that territory also. A regime of various factions that couldn’t even pull off a palace coup against a guy who never was supposed to be President, with the two largest law enforcement, and all the intelligence agencies, along with limitless funds from the entire cabal of one worlders? They couldn’t even win with a margin of vote fraud.
    And with a purposely created invasion of Central Americas worse crime, free loaders, drug and human traffickers they think they will win. I dont think so or see what Z sees, bless his great heart and critical thinking I doubt is surpassed by but a few, because Z is deep within enemy territory, every day he must comply with the most vile diktat and statist state tyranny, possibly not equaled within our sovereign borders. I really love his writing and insights, superb, sublime, but on this one thing, I think he has been effected by the Marxian environment he resides in. On that score, and there’s not just a few, there is this whole nation of dirt people far from the enclaves of diversity and gender fluids. Which I interesting, because Z is who coined and defined who what the dirt people are, along with the cloud people.

    • July 13, 2018 at 1:18 pm

      I hope Z is wrong and we can turn this country around again. As you say, if we withdraw our consent it alters things immensely. I think we are starting to move that Overton window big-time and I think even our enemies will start modifying their behavior in response.

      • July 14, 2018 at 10:29 am

        Ten-four on the Overton Window. It seems to get further from their reach every day. As in there is more winning than loosing, a 180 deg turn from the previous 3 regime factions who usurped the presidency. There was this sense of loosing on a steady incremental level, but now, for the cabal at bed all they are achieving is one step forward, two or three back. Highly satisfying, something more though, each winning fits a pattern strategic action. It is quite remarkable watching Mr. Trump make his moves towards eliminating the evil within the system of the large nation states, incredible nullification and loss of legitimacy, causing outright political irrelevance. Talk about a man of focus. I wonder constantly who are his true allies and what their strategy sessions must be like?…or is Trump just Trump alone? Its said the guy has an IQ of over 160, which in this age of dumbing down and hive mind ideology, makes Trump even more of an indomitable adversary.
        Is Q actually part of some group of so called white hats, behind the Trump presidency? It seems plausible. It seems implausible that every American in the service of the fed gov is a deep state statist actor.
        I am trying not to let my hopes and whishes for peaceful redress and recourse influence an attempt to be objective, and look at it logically. Who and what is behind Trump? Aside from us who voted for him, which is in itself of super value if for only the mandate traded between Mr. Trump and the dirt people.
        Or is this amazing man so capable that he knew how to get by the gate keepers, and once in has clear insights and understanding how to defeat our/his enemies simply by sticking to the truth? As it I said the truth I a revolutionary concept in a world of dissimilation and deceit.
        Other than Q, there are no tells to who if any corp, if any, of compatriots closely linked to Mr. Trump and MAGA.

        Could it be Occams Razor instead of Schrödinger’s Cat? The most obvious answer being the truth?
        Though Schrödinger’s Cat seemed to fit the Obama regime more than MAGA.

        Seriously, what do you think?

        • July 14, 2018 at 1:28 pm

          To be honest, a lot of this stuff is very confusing to me. I assume President Trump knows what he is doing with the Mueller situation but I find it exasperating that Mueller hasn’t been fired yet. I’ve just decided to trust his judgement and stop thinking about the Dems and the Deep State and let the President handle it. I don’t know if our side will win. but I know for sure this is our last best opportunity.

          • July 14, 2018 at 5:28 pm

            Me too on Mueller. I’ve often speculated there has to be some important element for allowing Mueller and the rest to continue their idiotic operations. Something akin to not stopping your enemy while he is making a mistake, old military dictum.

            Like you it is confusing, or fustrating, because we dont have the key elements into what this is all about.

            Regardless, at the end of the day, no mater what Mr. Trump is about ultimately, at least in the sphere of my life, it all begins and stops with me. Having said that, being forewarned is to be forearmed. All I can effect is my area of so called operations and the liberty below my feet. That I can never take anything for granted. I got family and tribe to protect and cooperate with. Most come to me and ask my take on what’s going down. I like to at least know what I dont know if I can’t acertain the truth of things.

            Its funny and interesting, but you know those hilarious snarky skits you write about Pres. Trump are actually very insightful. Its what drew me to your blog to begin with. I found them well written and highly entertaining.
            They struck me as taking quite a bit of thought to incorporate various observations and actual events into a comedic dialog.

          • July 14, 2018 at 7:30 pm

            Thanks, I’m glad you like them. I originally started writing them as a comical riff on the hilarious way Trump verbally body slammed the chumps he ran against. But reality keeps exceeding the hyperbole I invent so I have to keep upping the ante. Anyway, it is a lot of fun for me.

          • July 16, 2018 at 5:20 pm

            Are you aware of the amazing number of sealed Federal indictments for 2018?
            By all accounts its a stunning 40,000. Forty Thousand?
            In previous years its said approximately 1,200 sealed indictments are fairly regular.
            Its interesting, as late in 2017 I read there was about 3,200, and since then all thru 2018 the number has increased. No one seems to have any idea why 40,000, other than some speculation it is linked to a myriad of deep state crimes and corruption.
            In any case, I got to thinking the other day, why AG Sessions is totally absent from public view, why is Rosenthal as AAG calling the shots on Mueller’s and the FBI’s arse covering operations. The foxes guarding the hen house. Something just isn’t adding up here. Mr. Trump looks cool as a cucumber, not a President who is the enemy of a large percentage of the executive officers and their rank and file, or a Prez who has watched before his eyes the same actors have attempted to pull a palace coup in broad daylight with the 5th column media as conspiracy partners.
            Ol Trump, he looks like he is having the time of his life. Not a guy that probably has more dirt bags and other commie scum wanting to assassinate him in American History.

            I think his European tour has been to take power that had been systematically denied him by the globalists and crony capitalists. If anything, he still hasn’t obtained full power domestically, and if there is anything up his sleeve, a superb hole card, it has something to do with all those indictments, and taking full power.
            Maybe, timed to do irreparable injury to the left and traitor never Trumpers under the guise of Krystal and his cucks.
            40 thousand Indictments!
            That’s one holy cow number of secret Grand Juries to have amassed forty thousand sealed & secret indictments.

            If its true, one could drain a pretty fair share of the swamp, one hell of a lot of phedo’s and sex slave / child traffickers, and still have room left over for dessert, one best served cold, of deep state leadership and underlings.

            Even George Soros and some of the hi tech 1%er’s who are funding the neo-bolsheviks like BLM & anti-fa. Maybe even a few key actors in Soros’ states attorneys generals project.
            Speaking of that true Nazi psycopath, did you see Soros has started up with a 6million dollar advance, two new NGO’s who agenda is to stop Trumps USSC appointments?

            Still, 40 large, secret indictments…

          • July 16, 2018 at 6:17 pm

            I had heard that and I assumed that Trump and Mueller are building some kind of mutually assured destruction situation that requires them both to keep their fingers off the nuke button. It’s all too complicated for me to figure how it ends. But in Trump We Trust.

  • July 14, 2018 at 9:58 am

    A successful society of several hundred million persons is a highly ordered system. If you tear that system down expecting that the result will be an equally ordered but changed system, you are stupid to a level approaching evil. There is a case for equating entropy to the Devil. I think that, pretty much by definition, once a very highly ordered system gets beyond a certain point in a cascading collapse, any combination of elements from within that system is extraordinarily unlikely to return it to a similarly ordered state. Like winning-powerball-10-times-in-a-row unlikely.

    In other words, what arises from the ashes of the Phoenix isn’t the same phoenix, but a lessor one.

    But even if you could—— The system of organization, thought & law created almost exclusively by Caucasian Europeans brought humanity from essentially tribal late Bronze age to a world spanning civilization with unprecedented levels of security and prosperity. And this is a time frame measured in hundreds of years, an eye blink relative.

    So you’ve concluded that the abovementioned civilization is too evil to continue and so you must replace it. Here’s the question of the millennium: With What? What, precisely, is the vision? What organizational system do you propose? Are you certain enough with your vision to risk the lives and well being of literally billions of people? On what do you base your certitude? Or, perhaps, you are dominated with hate and envy and that you really haven’t thought past the destruction bit? Shouldn’t a thorough examination of these questions and more precede any discussion of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”?

    Have you ever read about the psychological studies demonstrating that a large portion of humanity will sacrifice a potion of their resources (well being) for no result other than to harm another person whom they perceive as having more than they do?

    • July 14, 2018 at 1:20 pm

      Spite is a very powerful force. I knew a fellow who despised the rich so much that he would prefer not to get more if it meant someone else would lose something. As far as the likelihood of things not collapsing, curtailing immigration would go a long way toward stabilizing the situation. And restraining activist judges from demolishing our way of life would help too.

      • July 14, 2018 at 4:58 pm

        Excellent points. I’m with you 110%. Closing the borders is an imperative of the utmost importance. It is an actual invasion which has to be stopped. How not doing so can be justified is a lie of biblical proportions.
        As Trumps parting observation as he was stepping on his chopper to the press, “There is no country without a border”.

    • July 14, 2018 at 5:12 pm

      The politics of envy are a Marxian prerogative of high value. It permeates every element of the agenda.
      There is also the emotion, and empowerment of being a component of the hive/collective. Very powerful attraction, where one can abandon all reason and prudence, especially prudence, without consequence, because the Mob.
      Many are attracted to this drug.
      What it becomes is then Diversity, equality, gender preference etc, are dress rehearsal for civil/class war. None of those things exist in nature nor Scripture. Especially equality.
      The politics of victimhood, along with strategy of divide people to conquer them is an ages old tried and true tyrants method of getting useful dupes to do your dirty work. No self respecting dictator goes without it.
      Where they go wrong is there are people who are not afraid of making such tyrants die for their tyranny.

      I believe they are making that very mistake right now. It will not be long now before such defiance becomes action. You dont need a crystal ball or political scientist to see the indications abrewing.

  • July 14, 2018 at 7:21 pm

    “dīvide et imperā” Divide and Conquer, first attributed to Phillip of Macedonia about 2400 years ago though the concept probably far predates that.

    The advantages of the strategy are obvious, divide your opponent into as many non-mutually-supporting subgroups as possible and defeat them in detail.

    It is obvious that splitting as much of the entirety of the US into competing victim groups is the general strategy of the (dems, deep staters, progressives, leftists, socialists). So obvious that I can’t believe it goes unremarked for the most part.

    • July 14, 2018 at 8:05 pm

      Since at least FDR the Democrats have had at least one foot in the Communist camp. Since LBJ it’s been two feet. Once the Bushes crossed over to the globalist project it’s just remarkable that we haven’t already been branded and shackled.

      • July 16, 2018 at 10:54 am

        Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs deprives them of the wealth transfer system of strip mining the intrinsic wealth of the people. Can’t run a totalitarian state without steady tribute from the productive people. I guess its a matter of balances.
        Which proof lays with the House of Representatives, who have sole power of the purse, and over our lifetime, have we ever witnessed the defunding or total removal of federal funds aka the peoples wealth extracted via extortionary IRS? Not to my knowledge. Every rouge agency can be stopped dead in its tracks, like the FBI, BLM, or Obama care. What suckers we been played for. Have we ever witnessed defunding anything? It is by taking away its budget, executive tyranny stops dead in its tracks. All with a simple majority present at the time of the vote.

        That right there speaks volumes of how co-opted the Congress is. And the scope of corruption and treason that passes for representative government.

      • July 16, 2018 at 10:54 am

        Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs deprives them of the wealth transfer system of strip mining the intrinsic wealth of the people. Can’t run a totalitarian state without steady tribute from the productive people. I guess its a matter of balances.
        Which proof lays with the House of Representatives, who have sole power of the purse, and over our lifetime, have we ever witnessed the defunding or total removal of federal funds aka the peoples wealth extracted via extortionary IRS? Not to my knowledge. Every rouge agency can be stopped dead in its tracks, like the FBI, BLM, or Obama care. What suckers we been played for. Have we ever witnessed defunding anything? It is by taking away its budget, executive tyranny stops dead in its tracks. All with a simple majority present at the time of the vote.

        That right there speaks volumes of how co-opted the Congress is. And the scope of corruption and treason that passes for representative government.

    • July 15, 2018 at 3:12 pm

      Read a comment by a federal judge on the “Patriot” Act, seems like 30 years the way things are advancing, it was about the totalitarian dangers the act implied in regards to power once given is impossible to peaceful take back. Went something like this:
      Totalitarian rule strives to divide those it has power over the people through the use of threat of force to create an atmosphere of fear, in doing so it is a much simpler task to define who are then not afraid, because they stick out like sore thumbs, thus they can be readily isolated, left on the vine to wither, or be gone after without the need to expend vast resources and agents on the whole population…

      Its the economy of tyranny in the digital world really. Its the purpose of all the “intelligence” gathering agencies, basically the regimes continuous operation of surviving its illegitimacy. But the more power the regime usurps, the more its lack of legitimacy, the more resources it must expend, till at some point its entire reason is involved in surviving that illegitimacy.
      I think it is akin to the theory of water empires, where they grow to such a level of totalitarianism, where they control every facet of life of its subjects, one outside or outlier event or person sends it into collapse.
      Sound familiar?
      Then there’s the ancient Chinese Mandate of Heaven. An Asian version of withdrawal of consent of the people for their Sovereign Emperor, king, etc.

      The deep state, and its factional regime allies, for all the order out of chaos they create and implement, for all the turmoil they create, still do not grant them the ability to function in a vacuum safe from the law of unintended consequences.
      Many say as a nation state, and a culture, America is a shidiw if itself, on the brink, fragile, of collapsing. I have this sneaking suspicion it is the cabal who are fragile, and surprisingly suffering its self created unintended consequences, like there is a crack in their damn of elitism, and they have run out of fingers and plugs to stop the damn from collapsing.
      I think to out in the unsecured spaces, there exists an entire underground genuine grass roots insurgency. We saw it on 11-9-2016. A plurality, to the oligarchy a total unfathomable plurality it believed was crushed under the jack boot of free ” free trade” globalism. It is a demographic which has sent its sons to fight in the transglobalists wars of conquest, a demographic which has lovingly maintained its culture and connection T the dirt, family, tribe, community, it has learned to live with less, created an entire underground system D of info, intelligence, of self polling through its grapevine of tribe to community, it makes its own, grows its food, is mostly right with the Lord, it takes care of its own. It is another world the outside world doesn’t know it exists. All it sees is white trailer trash, crankheads, and welfare free shit dumbed down hicks and hillbillies who trade EBT cards for pills and dope.
      Those bad things exist, like any other part of society, yes, that is where the similarities to the intended stereotype ends.
      You can’t marginalize people who live close to the earth, who hold the precepts of Christianity, not the “Church”, close and dear, its Faith, a very mighty weapon against the ills imposed by those who deem themselves omnipotent.
      This is a core of America as founded, not its sanction written on parchment, but Scripture written on the soul. And prudence, which the lack of is in son ways if not all, the fundamental issue of our time. Prudence is something ingrained in the dirt people. Dont ask me how, its almost impossible for me to put into words. But it has everything to do with Consent and withdrawal of it. You take all these elements and the people across this land who embody such things, and you have a demographic which has the instruments of freedom and liberty in hand. It makes these people indomitable. It also armors them with almost unimaginable to to outside world, tolerance. You take all this, and it is an America so many say is lost. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because the chattering class and the oligarchy can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
      And thats the thing, these elites, which are neither, they can not exist without the conveniences they are utterly dependent on. From medicine to air conditioning. It would destroy their cohesion as a regime of power to be denied all these wonderful things an America they so despise created and provides.
      How long does one suppose they could function as a political power when these utmost luxuries begin to dry up? These are spoiled hedonistic psychopaths shoes whom existance is derived from special priviledge. And their sycophants, hangers on, the special class executive power underlings, they to to some extent depend on such luxury and isolative privilege. There’s a fragility inherent in this system of political power, power that lasts as long as the dirt people grant it the barest consent it gives now. Its a rickety platform. The elites think they rule. When at the crux, it is the dirt people who hold this society together. The glue. Always has been. The elites power originates in advantage, as in taking advantage if good will, faith, tolerance, and a desire of dirt people simply wanting to be left alone. Its not complicated. Any of it.
      The dirt people, they are anti-fragile by culture and nature, nurture too. Its built in survival, from a legacy hard won, hard learned, hard lived, down through the history of the west. Ever ask yourself why Mr. Trump likes West Virginia? Ol Trump is nothing if he isn’t a supreme judge of peoples character. Its innate in Trump, he sizes up his hired help with one look. He understands dirt people because he is wealthy because of the dirtpeople around him who with all due diligence and devotion to work ethic, make what Trump wants possible. And he never takes this and dirt people for granted. He trust dirt people, he is a master delegator, and that makes Trump a Champion of the dirt people.

      Ever see the oligarchy do such a thing?


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