18JUL2018 – Photo of the Day

Stella de Oro daylillies are a ubiquitous part of summer in this area of the country but their widespread use is well deserved. they are attractive and bloom for months.  And every year I find myself mindlessly taking additional photos of them.

Hemerocallis ‘Stella de Oro’, Daylilly, flowers, Sony A7 III, Minolta 200mm F\4 Macro Lens

3 thoughts on “18JUL2018 – Photo of the Day

  • July 18, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    All life is a miracle. These Lillies. Why are such things so beautiful to us? Or more precisely, there has to be a divine purpose. Must be reason such beauty exists. It isn’t a random cold thing like chance.
    My neighbor and best friend next farm over, rescued a baby girl who was a born meth addict from her birth mother. We all where seriously concerned how this cherub would be effected by her mothers intravenous drug abuse.
    The little girl is the happiest easy going natured child any of us have known. And stunning beautiful, as her constant expression is a smile and utter obvious delight in everything around her. She smiles at everyone constantly.
    My friend said here, hold her, she obviously likes you very much. I’m holding this precious bundle of life, and my buddy asks what do you think, why she always is smiling at the world? I dont know where it came from exactly, it was spontaneous, I remarked to my friend, every life is a miracle.

    Years ago when there was actual science based on observed physics on the programming one eyed re-education box, there was a series on the early history channel about the theory of relativity and cosmology. The great minds of the time where interviewed, Schrödinger, Finame, and the other minds involved in a unifying theory, one of these minds made a statement that was understood to actually define the universe no matter what we did or did not understand, theory or proven science. It was a really neat observation: some things we just had to accept exactly as they where, regardless if they fit theory or not. Truth trumps theory every time. He predicated that insight on no matter what, no matter theory, or observed truth, no matter how complicated or simple, how vast or how small, the only thing for sure most of us know in cosmology and physics once you see the grand spectacle of the universe, how vast and beautiful splendor, there is Gods hand behind it all, because nothing else makes sense.
    This from some of the highest IQ extremely well educated scientists and theorist that live.
    Flowers or galaxies, little babies, or the greatest minds. And all we keep coming back too, is a Devine hand.
    Why else behind everything, do we take photos of the beauty of nature?
    Time and memorial over again.

    • July 18, 2018 at 7:13 pm

      Very well put. When I get a week off from the salt mines it’s remarkable how beautiful my own backyard can seem. You have to be pretty miserable to be unable to appreciate a sunset or a bird song. There’s a little bit of poetry in all of us and I see you’re no exception. Too bad we have spend our lives battling the leftists. But they do try to take all the beauty and goodness out of life so we have no choice. Some people can see a drop of dew glistening in the sunrise and see God in it. Others look at beautiful baby and call it a burden on the planet.

      On a different note will Manchin vote for Kavanaugh for Supreme Court justice? It would certainly make things easier to get him in.

      • July 19, 2018 at 4:55 pm

        I hear you, there’s always some kind of beauty from Gods paintbrush on our land. The older we get the more precious it is.

        You can bury your kin on your land long as the hole is at least 4 ft deep, and the remains are at least wrapped in a cotton sheet. My wife and I want to return our remains back to repay in small part beautiful things its gifted us.

        The best revenge is living a good life, regardless what they think. They can’t stand it, their hate/envy level goes thru the roof. It is why they hate us Men of The West. Its us and the legacy we pass on thru our patriarchal culture. The truth of us is existential to them and their human extinction movement.
        I just wish they would stop the shit talk and come out to kill us like they are telling us hillbillies and white supremacist nazis.
        We will bury them in these mountains, only the trees will know where their bones lie.

        Aaa, Manchin. You want to discuss treason and traitors. They dont come much more slimy. You know his daughter is the CEO of that Epi Pen scam few years back. They got off with billions in federal tax money, laundered millions more.
        Aside from his betrayal of us West Virginians. A real slick m#&%@-f*%&$#@. One of the prime Hoplophobes in the swamp. Defines going past corruption.
        He needs to be strung up, then burned to ashes, and dump them down a toilet.
        His worse crime though is selling us out on the natural right of arms. How he went about it. Scum.

        He’s toast next November. Hard to say what parting betrayal hell leave, other than it will be a betrayal in some back room deal.


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