Can a Recognizable America Survive a Majority-Minority Future? – Part 2

In the first part of this post I was looking at the contention that a majority-minority United States would devolve into a Lebanon style multi-ethnic state where one of the tribes would dominate the other groups by threat of force.  I don’t see this as necessarily inevitable.  Switzerland is an example of a multi-ethnic state that doesn’t involve coercive means.  I said I would discuss what things would need to be done to avoid the erasure of the America we know.

I think the biggest problem currently plaguing modern-day America is that a divisive ideology has been allowed to infest schools, colleges and other institutions.  This ideology is leftism and it is inherently anti-American propaganda.  It attacks all facets of traditional life.  And piece by piece it has been allowed to assume the role of normalcy.  And always by some twisted logic, justice and kindness are used as the excuse for injustice and oppression.  So, to improve the lot of minorities and women, white men must be discriminated against by means of affirmative action.  And to make sexually confused people not feel uncomfortable a wedding baker has to either be coerced into pretending he believes in same sex marriage or bankrupted and driven out of business.  Confronting these things is the obvious and effective way to put a stop to the primary effects of this poisonous ideology.  But it’s just as important to oppose the propaganda and proselytizing efforts that are taking place in schools and corporations.  And that will require national, local and individual action.  President Trump has taken the first action by appointing conservative judges to the federal courts and specifically the Supreme Court.  Once these judges begin removing constitutional protection behind some of these programs like “same sex marriage” the States can make laws to eliminate some of these egregious court overreaches.  And once those laws are in place local groups like PTAs and school districts can start eliminating the impact these programs have on children.  At the college level it will be necessary to concentrate on the State and local colleges.  The Ivy League and lesser private colleges are very heavily infested with leftists and will probably have to be avoided until they either change or go broke.

It goes without saying that some States like East and West Coast blue states will resist any reversal of these policies.  It would be unrealistic to believe that just a few years will be needed to change this situation.  I assume the only way for blue state residents to avoid the leftist regimes they live under would be to move to red states.

As for the demographic shift to a majority minority population, I would say that many local areas with overwhelming minority populations will go the same route as Boston did with the Irish and New York did with Eastern European Jews.  People will vote in their own kind.  But if this fails to bring the American Dream, they will vote for someone else who will.  People coming to America are looking for the peace and prosperity they’ve heard about.  If a Chinese immigrant living in the Research Triangle in North Carolina has a choice to vote for a white pro-business republican or a Chinese Occupy Wall Street socialist I think the republican has a pretty good chance of winning the vote.  And if it’s a choice between a white republican and a black democrat from the inner city then I don’t think the black democrat has a chance.  As for the impoverished third world refugees currently flooding the country and clogging up the welfare rolls, they need to be ejected.  The simplest way to do that is cut off the social services and enforce the laws targeting employers of illegal immigrants.  And in general, social benefits need to be eliminated even for legal immigrants.  And finally, even legal immigration needs to be curtailed down to a trickle.

If all these ideas were pursued, it would go a long way to stabilizing this country and give us enough time to acculturate the current flood of immigrants.  Will it happen?  Hard to say.  But it will only happen if people demand it.  If we just sit back or vote in the same tired hacks, the Bushes and the Romneys, then the America we know will be replaced by a leftist nightmare where everything we believed in has been destroyed.  Trump has made a good start.  It’s up to all of us to keep the momentum going.

4 thoughts on “Can a Recognizable America Survive a Majority-Minority Future? – Part 2

  • July 21, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    What makes the difference in affluence, dominance, inventiveness, or any number of other metrics between countries with approximate equality in land area, access to resources and innate abilities of the indigenous populations? Why does the apparent human and natural resource parity between, say the US, Brazil, Mexico and Russia not result in a broad and consistent parity in results?

    For that matter, why are the former crown colonies of Great Britain so likely to be among the most prosperous and free in the world?

    Can it be that the very most important element to add to the mix to ensure the eventual creation of a highly successful nation-state is culture?

    Your central question is : “Can a Recognizable America Survive a Majority-Minority Future?” Kill the culture and America dies, keep the culture and America continues no matter the racial makeup. Pretty obvious that the culture is the central target and has been under multi-pronged attack for decades now.

    • July 21, 2018 at 10:24 pm

      And that’s my guess too. If we can defend our world from the leftists and globalists and anti-white racists, America will recognizably survive.

  • July 21, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    Something’s going to pop. The Marxists have been pushing for decades, their agenda is entirely aggressive, the only progressive thing about this “ideology shake down racket” is it gets regressively more horrid and unacceptable with each stage.
    At some point a plateau is reach where the aggressor out of frustration of failing to shove its ideology down everyone’s throat successfully, where it obtains the raw naked power critical to its ultimate goal, decides to go full fledge violent on its intended victims. A serious possibility seeing as its getting its arse handed to it via withdrawal of consent of a vast plurality of people, and an electorate abandoning it in droves, through corrective actions of the executive branch, its pig troughs of free money are being systematically eliminated, along with judicial activism of the judicial branch, both highly injurious in corrupt political power, and money required to sustain the unsustainable, will come the day out of desperation it goes full blown violent subversion. It wont have a choice if it can’t survive what will be required to rebuild what’s lost over another series of decades.
    The Deplorable ‘s and dirt people who have always held closely to culture legacy, traditions, faith, land, property called their rifles and pistols, their way of life hard won and long learned, will not tolerate physical incursions and violent strikes into their geography. I can assure all my fellow dirt people, with absolute agreement and vice versa, we know beyond any doubt, reasonably understood, after the Marxists are through with their convergence of the metropolitan and urban population centers, we out in flyover nation know the next target of the leftists are us.
    We are an entirely different kind of Americans on this score. Highly independent. We constitute a demographic which embodies via daily life, our belief in God and his Kingdom, self sufficiency, and most important almost to a man, self determining. We are people who live with all our bones, to just simply be left alone.
    We are nothing if family, then tribe, and worse comes to worse, community, come first before any other thing outside this demographic.
    We have lived with less, learned to make do, not waste nothing, share a culture of common decency to each other, because you do that out of charity and goodness of your heart, and when your down or out, others will do for you. Its a great and honorable way of living. Money and material things come in dead last on this list.

    We know our faults better than anyone, and understand as humans we can figure out how to deal sensibly and personally, because duty and community spirit, dirt people know best what’s best for them and thiers.

    So to think you will come to my backyard, and steal or destroy everything I love, those are fighting words. Call it whatever fake bullshit you want, we call a cat a cat. And its us you plan on liquidating along with all that makes us who we are. That we are the creates threat, The existential threat, because we are America, what America has always stood for. And that makes us a natural bulwark against tyranny. One of the many noble things we Kling to is what it is which created America. We are the only ones by any measure, but as a plurality, a geographic culture, as a people of faith in God and America, we are indomitable, and as long as even one of us survives, America still exists as we know it.
    Just as we know as long as one marxist/statist sonofabitch is left to poison the world with their hate and envy, it is one Marxist statist psychopath too many.

    That is where ultimately tho is going.
    So to make an observation about the main premise and question of Z’s post, yeah, there is only room for one side here. No longer can both “coexist”. The left and its cabal have pushed and pushed, till they have pushed the issue to where ultimately it is a war of extermination.

    I know for my part, and my kin, the tribe and community, most of the counties and the state itself, comprising all us hillbilly white trash supremacist nazi’s, go ahead, stuck your dicks in the meat grinder, because that’s what it will be for you who want us dead. We will bury you in these mountains and hollows. Only the trees will know where the bones lie.
    This is what ultimately will be the fate of you damn Yankees posing as modern progressives. We know you. You have never stop waging your WA on us, the carpet baggers never left. The rules though, they are very different this 2nd war of yankeedom’s aggression. There wont be any Fort Sumter’s, we all are John Mosby this time.
    It will be 4th Generation war, a nightmare you will if lucky survive.
    Remember, you started this.
    All we ever desired has been to be left alone like all good people.

    • July 22, 2018 at 11:45 am

      They were getting hyperactive under Obama with the BLM and Antifa. But I think they are retreating somewhat now. They are biding their time hoping for a crisis. But that may not come.


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