What Do I Think About James Gunn?

I’ve been catching up with the Gunn firing story.  Vox Day has several links, posts and a podcast about it.  http://voxday.blogspot.com/2018/07/darkstream-saint-chan-takes-on-hollywood.html

Aside from any consideration of tactical or strategic importance the ironic nature of Gunn’s position is worth considering.  The messages where he revels in Roseanne Barr’s firing are extremely comical in retrospect   https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/07/ben-shapiro-loses-debate-defending-disgraced-perverted-disney-director-james-gunn/

But I guess what everyone wants to know is whether this is a one off or is it part of a larger campaign.  Disney has always been something of a special case.  Their link to children through their legacy and current products is so important to the company that any hint of pedophilia has to be handled by extreme measures.  But now that a precedent has been set it’s possible that it could affect Fox too.  After all, Disney is currently negotiating to buy Fox’s entertainment business.  This includes the X-Men and Deadpool franchises from Marvel.  Based on the vibe from these movies I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that several of the “creative types” behind these films have skeletons in their closets.  In order to satisfy Disney’s squeaky-clean image Fox might have to unload anyone who even approaches James Gunn’s level of unwholesomeness.  Is this the case?  Who knows?  But it’s certain that the folks working with Cernovich have archived a lot of tweets and are prepared to use them to embarrass and possibly un-employ people on the left.  Timing is probably being used strategically.  The next Guardians of the Galaxy movie was beginning production.  Forcing them to switch directors now would be least difficult and therefore least detrimental to Disney’s bottom line.  Possibly future attacks will be timed to coincide with business decisions by the other studios.  We’ll have to wait to find out.  But it is encouraging when the Left’s own tactics are used by the Right and used effectively.  The New Right is not the new Stupid Party.

4 thoughts on “What Do I Think About James Gunn?

  • July 26, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    I suspect it will be “Pizzagate” and related organized child pedo sex slavery and trafficking that has been an integral instrument in the century plus long system of using black mail to control public and private people in positions of high office, will be the “deep states” undoing. This pedo,child trafficking is literally an organized extortion racket. Remember HRC suddenly took control of The Children’s Fund as financial executor, and 254 million dollars disappeared over night. Aside from the money used for buying her a NY Senators seat, The Children’s Fund, and all the children orientated NGO’s, are pipelines for children sent into the world wide child trafficking ring. I believe also planned parenthood is a front for the final disposition of the youngest trafficked children who are chopped up for parts, organlegging if you will, after they have either been used up and or murdered in ghastly sacrifice rituals, or killed in snuff films. The money generated from child organs and stem cells, other useful body parts, is enormous. Notice the Clinton crime syndicate, HRC herself, along with a number of other actors are heavily invested or invoked in PP. It is the perfect cover. It is also why, it never seems to be defunded of federal funds. The whole operation I a money and power/blackmail laundering operation.
    Roe verses Wade was the turning point of creating a flexible strictly controlled form of genocide that’s purpose is the social engineering of America. An instrument to create an entire race of fatherless socially cultural malleable people who could be formed into a variety of useful subjects, along with destroying matriarchy, faith in the holy trinity of the body temple, turning hundreds of millions of women into unsuspecting murderers, who wander the land bereft of a system of morals and feminine prudence, wisdom, and long held western Christian culture. We see the deadly fruit of this social engineering daily. How can you have any scruples and morals if you have deliberately murdered the life growing within you?
    How can you as from a child, grapple with the hienous sex emotional and physical abuse as a tool to brain was you into a permanent victim?
    How can you understand the value and benefits of family tube and community of western Christian culture, if your father has left you for dead before your born, if you didn’t end up in the industrial organ legging system as a cooler of critical body parts for the elites to keep them wealthy alive and in power?
    This is larger than any of us can imagine. It is a deliberate doctrine of indoctrinating or extorting the political class, thru blackmail to satisfying perversion of our elected representatives till they only represent those who extort them.
    Is it not too difficult to imagine the structure of power predicated on this system of control? And the sick demented evil bastards involved?

    Pizzagate is the weak link. It is what will proceed their downfall. Its their Achilles heal. Nothing so diabolical can survive its own insane evil after a certain point.
    The chickens of unintended consequences are coming him to roost.

    One day, sooner than we may think, this truth is outing. It will Redpill millions in ways they can not imagine. These psychopaths have to be hunted down and exterminated exactly like a deadly vermin, or a plague, eradicated at least to a level that makes it impossible for centuries to reappear.
    A cultural imperative, that this sickness is watched for relentlessly and dispatched with extreme prejudice. It is absolutely the most prudent thing imaginable. These are our children. Protect them as long learned hard won cultural imperatives of the West taught us and once again must do so, or we loose the West. There can be no wiggle too on this. It is an absolute duty as Men of The West. And this is to be our Crusades. No one else can stop tho plague. And there is no one else who can do so. It is paramount. Reducing this evil to extinction will re-define the West and our race of Men who hold it dear.

    • July 26, 2018 at 9:57 pm

      At the very least, they are once again trying to normalize depravity. This time I think we can destroy them.

      • July 31, 2018 at 1:31 pm

        Certainly, but is it out of agenda, or desperate act to bushwhack the narrative among the awoken that this human trafficking is real, ongoing, an instrument of power and wealth, and to satisfy the hubris of a class of psychopaths?

        Word keeps leaking out what is on Wiener’s lap top is beyond normative comprehension.

        I suspect such behavior is natural to such evil people who deem themselves unquestionable lords of the world, superior beings if you will. What better way to satisfy the ego and sociopathic being, what higher dynamic of satiating the sociopathic needs than child sex crimes, child slavery, child cannibalism and ritual, of child sacrifice, and belonging to such a secret society is there beyond the raw naked totalitarianism power of globalist tyranny? What higher evil is there once you are a cabal of this tyranny?
        These are human garbage who grow hideously wealthy and politically powerful from instigating war, genocide, destruction of entire nation states, total control of fiat money systems, control wealth transfer systems which strip mine half the Earths population.
        What comes next?
        The axiom “What do men with power want? More power.”
        Is there any power more evil and hideous than power over children sexually, making them slaves, eating them in Satanic rituals?
        What other pinnacle of evil power tops this child trafficking?
        Is there a more sinister effective form of blackmail, hence unlimted control, then drawing in the political class and other men in high office or places and implicating them in human trafficking and sex crimes?

        Over time, watching our elected and unelected officials, and seeing the things they do, or dont do, I’ve often been at a loss to understand why they do certain certain things, against all historical, lawful, moral cultural duty, against all interests of Ku country and ourselves best sane common sense interests.
        It is mind blowing. Perplexing far past comfort and normal thinking. This “Pizzagate” revelations sure make a great deal of sense, fill in many questionable blanks.

        I have no doubts now after all that has passed and underway today, the details may not be accurate, but the truth of these people is right there in front of us to see. That it is this human trafficking/sex slavery which will be the end of these bastards. Nothing so disgusting, so inhumanly evil, can survive its own insanity. And as breadcrumbs and bits of truth out, it paints a more and more revealing look into how truly insane this political class running their shadow government are.
        That threat of family as hostage, even their murder, or further made into slaves of this cabal, then murdered, is the power behind the power of it all. A most fitting and appropriate use of total control this so called deep state holds over its rank, file, and sycophant solders of this globalist crime syndicate.

        • July 31, 2018 at 9:22 pm

          Well then it’s about time that some of them get convicted. But just as importantly anyone who tries to normalize this stuff needs to be tossed out of human society. Send them to Europe where Polanski went.


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