Why is the New Right Wing Successful?

The Alt-Right, Dissident Right, whatever it’s called, is replacing the Establishment Conservatives as the legitimate voice of the non-progressive citizens of the United States.  These are the people who voted for Donald Trump and until he was elected their point of view was almost completely unrepresented in political and journalistic circles.

But why are the old voices in the Republican Party and the Legacy Conservative Media falling by the wayside?  That’s at least easy to see.  It’s because they had no clue why Donald Trump was so popular.  They couldn’t (or wouldn’t) see that they were the hapless tools of the Progressives.  They truly were the stupid party or at least pretended to be.

So, I’ve been thinking about what is so different about the New Right.  First of all, it would be inaccurate to suppose that this is a monolithic group.  They disagree tremendously about many things but specifically and especially around what the outcome of their efforts will be.  And undeniably the New Right is chock full of “characters.”  Trying to list their defining characteristics I came up with this list:

  • They recognize that we’re being played by the Left and the Controlled Opposition.
  • They know enough about the Left’s tactics to have at least a chance at not being steam-rolled.
  • They recognize that anti-white racism is an intentional and powerful tactic but that it provides the means to wake up and unite Americans against the campaign being waged against them.
  • They spoke up against legal and illegal immigration being used to disenfranchise the native population.
  • They spoke up against all the globalist tactics used to bankrupt Americans.
  • The know how dire the situation is.
  • They’re on our side.
  • They’re not afraid.

Looking at all these factors, what it tells me about the New Right is that they aren’t fooled into thinking the Left are their fellow Americans.  They won’t be co-opted by the Left-Wing Media or Institutions.  They know the Left is their enemy.

What all this says to me is that they aren’t thinking about ideological definitions and logic chopping.  They’ve realized that we can’t win this war by persuading our opponents of the superior logic or morality of our position.  They realize that the only way to win a fight against power politics is by using power politics.  And they’ve realized that the only way to beat identity politics is with identity politics.  They’re thinking about strategy and tactics for beating the leftists at their own game.

Basically, they’re not stupid.

Will they continue to be successful?  Nobody knows.  But what is clear is that they are the only option that even might work.  But unfortunately, their definition of success differs from mine.  They mostly assume that the whole system will and should blow up.  They’re much braver than I am or maybe they have much less to lose.  But I’m not dumb enough to think that things will get better if we play nice with the Left.  That’s what got us here in the first place so I’m following the path that the New Right is blazing.  I don’t agree with everything being said.  And as a I mentioned, unanimity doesn’t actually exist in the New Right but the general direction is clear enough.  Donald Trump is our Northern Star and we will follow him as long as he can withstand the onslaught.  If he falls then we’ll be waiting for the spark to ignite the powder keg.  Because it’s long been primed.

4 thoughts on “Why is the New Right Wing Successful?

  • August 4, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    There’s some valuable insights into your question what is the Alt-Right? Brett Stevens on his blog amerika has made much regarding your question understandable.
    Vox Day too offers his critical insights.

    Dont remember the sequence of these axioms, but these are what helped me to understand things I wasn’t connecting with.

    – Alt-Right is not a movement per say, it is the Ziegeist.
    – Alt-Right is inevitable. (we only have to see the effects of the NYT’s hiring of Joan and her rancid posts on “hating dumb fucking stupid white folks to grok why, as Vox said “We are all Alt-Right now)

    -Every day, through science, religion, politics, culture, history Alt-Right is validated.

    Andrew Breitbart, God keep his soul safe please, who Stevens and Vox says Andrew created Alt-Right even though it had not been coined as such, said “Culture is upstream of politics”, meaning loosely and presciently there exists a grass roots insurgency, the Alt-Right, is upstream of the Marxists and their ideology, upstream of the Statist-Quo. By assassinating Andrew Breitbart they created the whole alternate right movement, by killing Andrew, they made him stronger than in life. That they thought by killing Andrew because he not only was becoming an outstanding leader of alternative right wing movement, aka Tea Party and subsequent reformation after the deep states multiple efforts to quash the ground swell, read Lois Lerner, various agent provocateurs infiltrating the various Tea Party Freedom movement non profits, to undermine them, he was a superb investigative journalist, had attracted outstanding talent T his organization, lived to antagonize and expose the uniparties betrayals, greed and corruptions, made it look easy exactly like Trump does, Andrew knew of, and was days from exposing the Podesta brothers and their child sexslave trafficking crimes and connections, along with their organized crime connections to the Clintons Crime Inc. Andrew waited in the elevator lobby to confront John Podesta, let him know he had the goods on him and he could read about it from his jail cell. Podesta told Andrew to back off or else. Couple days later, Andrew was found dead from heart failure on his daily walk home from work. Like Clancy was found dead, and a long line of people who where getting close to or uncovered the truth of the Clinton crime syndicate and their associates, like Seth Rich and various Haiti whistle blowers who knew where the earth quake billions went.

    The various -Rights are unintended consequences of the deep state/uniparty/globalizt power and corruption.
    If you look at it with perspective of natural resistance of white Christian Western moral civilization, and its precepts in mind, what we call Alt-Right and its similar right Zeitgeists’, where else, what else, short of violent redress, are such people to go or turn to? The bastards have cut off all avenues of lawful, constitutional, cultural traditional petition and redress of Thier government as guaranteed by republic form of guaranteed government.

    There are not many options, and such as the insurgency right’s, its natural go to alternatives based on culture, tradition, political science, scripture, and history.

    I think it all could not transpire any other way. If anything, you could say with almost unlimited justifications, what the fuck else are we going to do? Bow and submit to the sonofabitches?
    That is not how many of us red blooded prudent Americans are made. We dont submit. We dont surrender. We never say die. Its simply, to use the Marxists pilfered phrase, “Its Not Who We Are”.
    Or as those of us who belong to the growing numbers of civilian small unit infantry combat trained men and woman patriots say to each other, BFYTW.

    The other side of the coin of perceptions of the various Alt-Right’s, is what is produced by the 5th column and their agitprop factories, creating false flags ops, false narratives and memes.
    Alt-Right scares the cabal to the core. There are no existential enemies when you rule the political machine of the western hemisphere, except, what is called for now Alt-Right. For good reason they should fear us. They can’t contain or stop the Zietgeist. That cats out and left the bag long ago. They sealed their fate putting the hit on Andrew. Everytime they try to create the narrative White’s are Nazis, Fascists, racial supremecists, Deplorable’s, garbage people, they need to be liquidated, it backfires, because it creates a larger plurality who turn from the failed betrayal of the conservative right, who conserve nothing but their place at the pig trough of spoils of destruction of America.
    Every day Normies by the droves take the red pill, and choose to see how far the rabbit hole goes.
    At a certain stage it changes from the Zeitgeist to a plurality which begins to realize it is a plurality. That stage is coming soon. The cabal knows it is about the most difficult movement of people to stop possible. And if it turns from a peaceful lawful insurgency into a violent means of redress, they are toast. At least in North America.
    Hell, the bastards are barely making it trying to pull a palace coup while trying to survive their illegitimacy.
    used had it in the bag, and the Deplorable’s came out of nowhere, pulled of the largest greatest color revolution in the history of revolutions, and they missed it by an entire Republic. Even with the calculated margin of vote fraud used in normal staged presidential elections. The electoral college refused to comply with more than the 2-3% of traditional vote fraud the fake media and pollsters create to provide the appearance of a close honest election.

    Its all the Alt-Rights fault. Truly. Ask them. A bunch of toothless white trailer trash, the great unwashed, those smelly dirt people, there is no way they won. It couldn’t happen. Just like Alt-Right is nothing but Nazi’s and Fascists.

    But do you see why alternative right orientated people have formed into the plurality they are? Its pretty basic human nature. Nothing radical or sinister here. Its people with the druthers and the courage of their convictions and beliefs, who want a vehicle, a platform from which to be heard and counted. To rightfully petition their elected representatives, and be respected in kind.

    Where else can they go?
    Does anyone in their right mind want to resort to armed revolution I there is a peaceful alternative to not tear this country apart, any more than those who spit on us have already divided us so to conquer us?
    That’s a critical question.
    In that light, as Vox Fay puts it, “People are drawn to the alternate right because its the only one that fights.”
    Andrew Breitbart said the same thing about his news and journalism organization, because we fight back against the lies.

    “We are all Alt-Right now. You maybe just haven’t caught on to this fact yet.”

    • August 4, 2018 at 1:36 pm

      As you say, the zeitgeist is what is driving the success of the Right. To use an engineering analogy, think of the United States as a complex system like a steam engine that due to mismanagement has been allowed to get out of control. Pressure has been building up for generations now and either the pressure will be released through the safety valve of political change or the over-pressure will rupture and explode the vessel into a thousand bits of shrapnel. Some of the Alt-Right say that is the only way to resolve this problem. I hope there is another way.

      • August 8, 2018 at 9:01 am

        Yes, indeed. As you infer, of a unique trait of Christian White western culture. Only prudence stays the hand of unlimited redress. Savings Grace, and Providence runs deep, in spite of the collectivists efforts to undermine the mores and scripture, the underlying precepts. Some of us are hardly cognizant of the centuries of such things on their belief systems. A couple hundred years of spotty inconsistent propaganda dont genocide the ideas of Christian Grecco/Roman which created the west. And installing sexual perverts in the Clergy has not had the intended effects, but it has created an underground more grass roots Christianity with a realistic sense the Church has been usurped, but in no way the religion itself, as it lives in the hearts and mind of the dirt people throughout flyover nation. I see this every day. One does not require structured visible organized worship to have faith. Faith is where the heart is. A lovely and becoming homespun organic way of faith. I think the disciples would be most pleased. It is the makings of eternal strengths from the ground up.
        It creates a faithful which stands guard and questions provocateurs and intruders’ into the flock.

        We must survive our faults regardless. Not loose faith in better and larger things. Yet be prepared and vigilant. The Marxists have a certain low cunning. It sneaks in, and plants roots into traditional home town agrarian America. Its like shooting fish in a barrel. I witnessed the process in NH with the usurpations of the party in the form of Jean Shaeene and her bloodsucking husband with the Claremont case. How on Halloween night a handful of Satan’s useful sycophants they attempted to abolish NH’s motto of Live Free or Die from vehicle tags. Installed every sort of local corruptocrat, laid waste to the small flock clergy with diversity and lesbian agents, launched a campaign to turn NH into an annex of The Peoples Communist Republic of Massachusetts.
        The long march indeed. And allegory lesson.

        As you say, hope that there is another way. I believe given how the MAGA awakening is proceeding, there is hope which springs eternal, just in time thankfully. As it gains momentum it becomes stronger and its focus not so easily waylaid, a plurality which has wandered without a Captain to direct its attention, and leading through genuine concerns for true blue American electorate and incorruptible example. I doubt there exists in the mind of this electorate a more powerful force of mortal good and right.

        Think of it in this light.
        The people of the dirt have only just begun. We have yet to recognize the power of our Legion numbers. Even though an almost instinctive Zeitgeist rallied and defied TPTB, rich when it mattered most, at the 11th hour, the nick of time!
        Man, what an act of unconscious solidarity. Its said grew minds think alike. Imagine a conscious focus of this plurality?
        And every day, more and more join The Honorable Resistance. A resistance which rejects the modern world. Discovers new skills and crafts, an awakening of new political thought with upstream cultural traditions, reason, truths. At some point, this resistance is exactly that, resistant to the disease of hate and envy of the human extinction movement. Rendering it openly ineffective and illegitimate. The ultimate in withdrawal of Consent. The most powerful political weapon ever created.
        It will I believe, be left to the HEM to initiate the “right wing white” violence it so desperately requires to create its illusion of virgin virtue so its goal of genocide can have the appearance of justified pogrom.
        That has been the purpose of BLM and antifa, the cheese in the trap, the “right” being the mice. Why the 24-7-365 nazi white supremacy fascist right wing racist narrative.
        It is extremely instructive it has been the sole act to date of the leftists to employ “guns” in its false flag false narrative acts of violence as a means. Out of the hundreds of millions of Americans who are the terrible ” waaaacists” gun and bible clinging “whites” in flyover nation not a one has resorted to initiating violence as a means.
        It is just incredible to me not one of my fellows of The Honorable Resistance has struck in anger, using our weapons of defending our freedoms and selves from this war intended to exterminate us waged upon us.
        Not for one heart beat do I attribute this absence of armed violent pushback to cowardliness, if anything it is representative of the inherent prudence in our blood as patriotic Americans. Where instinctively we know in our bones to resort to armed violent redress is the last resort, best saved until all hope of peaceful remedies are gone. That we are the rational bulwark against the incredibly destructive act of civil war. That the effect use of violent armed redress is the use of overwhelming application of violence without mercy or quarter. That as Men of The West, for but the grace of God we go.

        In all sincerity I hold great hope, and believe you are right. That we prevail in the end.

        • August 8, 2018 at 8:57 pm

          Agreed, let’s hope the luck goes our way and our opponents prove to be weak. On a totally different item I read that all the remaining West Virginia Supreme Court are going to be impeached. I’m guessing that is a good thing?


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