When Bret Stephens Admits He’s Glad Donald Trump is President You Know That The Democrats Are Doomed

The NeverTrumpers have seen the light.  The blind can see.  The Millennium is upon us (again).  American Thinker has a nice review of the NeverTrumpers waking up to why President Trump is the antidote to Progressive poison.  How sweet it is when the dolts finally see the light of day.


My two favorite quotes in the piece was one from Erick Erickson:

“Congrats progressives. You so overplayed your hand that you

(A) fired up the Republican base;

(B) pissed off Susan Collins; and

(C) Radicalized the newest Justice on the United States Supreme Court.”


And one from Brett Stephens:

“For the first time since Donald Trump entered the political fray, I find myself grateful that he’s in it.  I’m reluctant to admit it and astonished to say it[.] …


I’m grateful because Trump has not backed down in the face of the slipperiness, hypocrisy and dangerous standard-setting deployed by opponents of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  I’m grateful because ferocious and even crass obstinacy has its uses in life, and never more so than in the face of sly moral bullying.  I’m grateful because he’s a big fat hammer fending off a razor-sharp dagger.”


If I wasn’t sure they’d back track on this later in the week I’d welcome them back into the right-wing fold.  But I know they will so I’ll just take this as a gift from heaven and give them no credit.

But this is a wonderful moment.  And every Republican establishment type that pats himself on the back for being a part of it should know very clearly that without Donald Trump none of them would have had the backbone or the opportunity to be a part of this.

I’ll have another longer post on the Kavanaugh addition to the Supreme Court but let’s just savor the moment.

Thank you, President Trump.  Well done.

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I’ve never seen anything like the shrieking maniac fury of the dims & honestly would not have been surprised if it had gone physical sometime today before the vote. Where can it possibly go from here? To say that the dims have taken it past all norms doesn’t even begin to capture the current situation because they bypassed that description more than two years ago as they weaponized the Federal bureaucracy in an attempted soft coup.


[…] When Bret Stephens Admits He’s Glad Donald Trump is President You Know That The Democrats Are Doom… […]