Rebuilding from the Ground Up – Part 1

When every church and social organization from the Roman Catholic Church to the Boy Scouts has been compromised you have to rebuild from the ground up.  I know it has to be done but how do you start?  Do you emphasize the religious aspect of the effort or do you concentrate on the family and cultural concerns?  I guess eventually all of these facets come into play if you’re trying to reclaim your world but it is without a doubt a daunting task.  Even the idea seems ridiculously ambitious.  But from my point of view there doesn’t seem to be any other way forward.  All the existing institutions and groups have surrendered completely.  No other way forward exists except starting from scratch and creating something that hasn’t been deformed by the madness of the modern world.  It’s going to involve selecting members one by one.  Everyone will have to be vouched for ahead of time.  Writing a charter will be important but what does it require?  What does it forbid?  It has to support activities that are important to families.  It has to include activities that include different age groups.  Children sports is a natural part.  A women’s auxiliary would be an idea.  But the leadership has to be adult men.  Fathers and especially grandfathers have to step up and start contributing to keeping the culture alive.  And eventually we’ll need a curriculum for after school teaching, sort of a Sunday School for traditionalists.

I’ll have to reread Rod Dreher’s “The Benedict Option” to see what practical information he includes for organizing a reclamation.  I don’t know if anything will come of this or not but it feels like the only really important thing I can do to help this degraded culture we are embedded in.  If anyone knows of information that would be useful pass it along.  To be continued.

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  • November 25, 2018 at 6:52 pm

    Beautifully well said.
    The institutions of the Christian Greco/Roman West have indeed been converged by the long march through the institutions by the Gramsci cultural marxists. That is the whole point of the convergence, to abolish and destroy the long learned hard won institutions which represent the precepts of our singularly American Christian Western ideas of natural rights and God given Liberty. In no doubt.
    So what you ask should us Men of The West do?
    WE go alternative Western Christian Institutions. But we do so grass roots. Local. Local. Local. One family, one clan, one tribe, one village, one community, one precinct, one county, and stop right there, at a time.
    You go insurgency. Nationalism on the local scale, and no further. The grass roots, organic, nature of local local local is 4th Generation non violent cultural warfare. You keep it at this level, it remains sustainable, it draws people together, it is solidarity, and the application of the most powerful political and cultural weapon ever devised. Consent of the individual, on a local level. It is the only way. There is no other way. There never was. WE where extraordinarily lucky to have such a long relatively prosperous rich run.
    That is not to look at it in a negative light whatsoever. It is the positive and realistic look at history.
    The fact these institutions are converged is proof that when they began to evolve into monopolies of a national scale, industrialized for lack of a better term, they began to loose their grass roots character, what made them resilient and anti fragile. Why they did last as long as they did is indicative of the sound and upstream nature those institutions grew from. The foundations of the culture of our unique Christian Western history, and yes, legacy.
    None of which is lost, only the vulnerable institutions. Which no matter what, begin, between the ears and in the hearts of Men of The West.

    A great example of Alt-Institutions is the various Alt-Tech we are seeing arise from the ashes of learning, information, news and knowledge bases before the thrust of convergence beginning in the 60’s due to the emergence of the red diaper baby boom, who went on to become the latest generation of the amerikan intelligentsia who infected academia, amerikan nomenklaturer class, aka the “deep state”, modeled loosely on the old Soviet Nomenklaturer, and the neo-bolsheviks which take many forms, antifa, BLM, the femenazi’s, etc., who all together are pushing for their glorious october revolution of order out of chaos. The Alynskites are all but finished with their convergence. Its is their pogrom and genocide phase they are crossing into.

    But we all grok that marxian long march to certain degrees. What we must begin to redress, in our selves, and thru that begin to build and nurture or local institutions, understand we are self determining people. That we hold immense motive power and a very American audacity, great audacity, which is indomitable, because it originates in our consent and our withdrawal of our consent.
    Thing here, its is so simple it is almost the most complicated thing in human activity. A contradictions in terms yes? No. It is what Andrew Skousen called The 5000 Year Leap. Consent is unique in all things but maybe unconditional Love. See, Consent can not be taken, it can only be given, it can not be coerced, it can only be withdrawn. If I refuse to comply with the tyranny of cultural marxism, they can not make me give them my consent for what they wish to do to me as a White Christian Man of The West. They can put a .45 to my head, cock the hammer back, order me to comply or they will pull the trigger. I still have a choice, the choice it belongs to me. Only I can make the choice. Even if they kill me for refusing to comply, I still own that choice. They only killed me. Not my withdrawal of my consent nor my self determinism, and what really is existential to them, my individualism.
    It may seem a stretch of reasoning to some how this is part and parcel of grass roots recourse to Alt-Institutions of our Western cultural emperatives. But if you give it a good think, it is, because you have to start with consent of others to rebuild your institutions. It takes at least two to create an institutions, and in this time we are in, we got to stick together, refuse to bend our knee, find solidarity, common ground, common faith, common grasp of the institutions we desire to reconstruct on our very dirt people like institutions, and keep them anti fragile by making them robust local grass roots institutions. We do not require “national” ranging institutions, the precepts and ideas can or not be accepted across national spheres, it is the precepts and ideas that matter, which give the “institution” legitimacy, because they are accepted, people grant their consent for them. When we get away from that consent from grass roots and substitute it for a national hierarchy which becomes by human nature the sanctioning entity for grass roots institutions, we defeat the whole idea behind these Western Christian Institutions, that they come from grass roots origins, they thrive very well indeed, as they did for centuries thru family, tribe, community, church, precinct, county, local area.
    As soon as they where “hijacked” by a far off, unreachable national hierarchy, they became converged by an oligarchy, and became vulnerable, no resilience, fragile constructs, and targets of convergence. Corrupted in a myriad of ways, by omission, and commission, by malice or neglect, waylaid by special interests, and they where no longer those “Institutions”, only figurative representatives of an idea bereft of local local local hearts and minds.
    To me, shitty as the whole marxian madness of convergence, the institutions had been long corrupted by their own structure, and ceased to be the institutions in the original sense, founding form.
    We see this in everything. The US Constitution has evolved into an instrument of centralism, Administrative Tyranny of the regulatory fiat and defacto diktat which passes for “rule of law” and “law” enforcement power of these regulatory fiefdoms, where Congress has abandoned all form of law making and legislation and become a body of plausible deniability while it is but one entity of the centralized administrative state consumed by its station at the pig trough of corporate welfare.

    You have to return to basics.
    If your fighting small unit infantry combat, and your getting your ass handed to you, you lost touch with the fundamentals of all combat: small unit infantry tactics.
    If your an American White Christian Man of The Greco/Roman West, and the dirty stinking commies and their NPC SJW’s are whipping your ass by converging your institutions, well you are doing it wrong. Time to tactically withdraw, so you can live to fight again, but on your terms. You start Alt-Institution, from the grass roots of your area of operations, you become guerrilla’s of insurgent alternate institution by starting at the beginning with your local tribe and community. Meat Space. The hive mind collective has to either infiltrate your local institution, or liquidate, pogrom, genocide you personally. But you made it happen on your terms, your community’s terms, and as long as you and your tribe/community refuses to comply with outside diktat or whatever meant to stop you and your institutions, you have become a plurality which has legitimacy nothing can usurp. Because you refuse to consent, to anything but the precepts and ideas of your institution.
    Imagine village after village of grass roots alt-institution insurgency?
    You don’t have to imagine anything.
    As an example, here in the deep hollow sand ridges of WV, the institutions exist. They are naturally part of the culture, how people live, behave, co-oporate. How they worship in their little gingerbread church sprinkled all thru the mountains. Some have standing room only out the door, some don’t even have a pastor, and a dozen neighbors gather on Sunday, taking turns standing up in front and telling a tale, or sharing an insight, or how they want to pray for Mrs. so and so down the road.
    Some of us Men have accepted the duty of watching our niebhorhood, of taking to arms, and dealing well, prudently, but in no uncertain terms with hard love with the Meth and pill problems. We meet on Sunday mornings for coffee and eggs and bacon, or squirrel gravy on biscuits, and we talk like men about everything, eye to eye. We are types of institutions, definitely grass roots. Absolutely insurgency. We defy.

    Out of these things that precepts begin, as precepts are the root of ideas, we become institution in our Western Christian ways, and build family, tribe, community. There is solidarity, and others see this and they feel strong for it, anti fragile because they are part of something a little larger and a tiny bit better.

    Very difficult to converge such things. Institutions which some of us will fight and die for, but much rather the other guy die for his convergence.

    I’m rolling this off the cuff, letting my certain directional drifting thoughts follow a glowing path in my minds eye as my finger follows my inner voice.
    Does it make sense?
    To me certainly. I live it to a certain extent by the day. There is a flow and continuity here. Much is subtle, some sublime, some burgeoning. Most of us reckon in some fashion there’s trouble coming. Trial and tribulation. We aren’t fools, or bitter clingers, nor deplorable. The only way we make it thru whats coming is together. I think no better institution exists. If we don’t make it, our institutions won’t matter. Yet without our institutions how are we to go, there but for the Grace of God we ask?

    • November 25, 2018 at 8:35 pm

      Sure, what you said makes sense. If we want our children and grandchildren to survive this horror we are going to have to teach them the truth about the world we live in and how to survive in it. I can’t decide whether to call my class a school or a church. It’ll have to serve as both.

      • November 26, 2018 at 10:39 am

        It can be both. Why not? Its your Alt-Institution. I believe exactly because of what your saying it should be both, thats definitely in the sprit of the whole idea. And a grand idea at that.

        • November 26, 2018 at 11:29 am

          Thanks. But I wish it were twenty five years ago. So much time and so many opportunities gone. Well, better late than never.

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  • November 27, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    Photog, you speak the truth. As a former member of both organizations I can testify to how far they have fallen. Sadly the church is now firmly in the hands of the pedophiles and I don’t see any way out for it.
    The small, christian based churches that are focused on the family are a good source of spiritual guidance and community involvement.
    The Boy Scouts have been falling into PC land for a long time now. Openly gay scouts and scoutmasters rot the organization. No-one would condone a 30 year old straight man sharing a tent with preteen and teen girls yet we are supposed to be ok with a gay man doing the same with young boys. Really?
    Adolescent boys and girls do not belong camping together.
    Even without the sexual tension, Boys behave differently with girls around and will not be their true selves. The same is true for girls.
    There is a blueprint for a new organization that teaches the values the BSA used to teach.
    Go find an old Boy Scout handbook. You can find them at garage sales and used book stores. Look for one that has knives and fire building in it – probably printed no later than 1976. They have the skills that will help young boys become men. The newer versions are useless.
    There is your foundation for a new type of organization. Call it Freedom Scouts or something. Heck, make a girls version too. Just keep them separate.
    It might even be worth pairing up with the small churches for logistical support and meeting space. Just keep organized religion out of the scouts. Instill morals and deference to God, but don’t tell them how to pray.

    • November 27, 2018 at 4:44 pm

      I agree with what you wrote 100%.
      Anyone who knows me would tell you that I am about the laziest man to ever walk this green earth. But I don’t see any other way to do this than to get involved myself. I’m going to work with my own grandsons and just do whatever I can. As far as religion, sectarian doctrine is completely irrelevant. We’ve fallen so far that just sticking to what was legal and illegal in 1945 would be just as good a basis for morality as anything else. What I hope to do is start providing content and support for anyone out there who is looking for information and feedback. But everyone is going to have to take care of their own. The national organizations aren’t the solution they are the source of the infection. I half-kidded that I might start my own church. But I couldn’t do any worse than what’s out there now. Since I’m not retired yet this is a part time effort but I’ll try to document what I learn and pass along anything that seems worthwhile.


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