Thoughts on the Smollett Travesty

As with everyone else I’ve been amused by the level of dishonesty on exhibit by the various Progressive participants in this farce.  At the primary level we have Smollett and his Nigerian-American assistants who faked an attack and made a false police report.  They sparked a spate of politician and celebrity condemnations of President Trump, republicans, and in general, anyone who doubted the story.

At the secondary level we have all of these defenders of Smollett who even after the Chicago police confirmed Smollett’s part in the event refused to condemn him.  This is despite the testimony of the brothers who assisted him in the hoax.  They still doubt his culpability, preferring to doubt the police testimony rather than face reality about their ally.

And finally, at the tertiary level we have the media which has gone to great lengths to provide support for Smollett and his defenders in an ever-changing narrative for why all of this is President Trump’s fault.  Initially, the story was that President Trump’s supporters were the attackers.  Then we were told that background levels of racism were what inspired Smollett to exaggerate this particular incident.  And now the story says that the real victims are those poor future victims of racism who won’t be believed because of this present event.

But just as interesting is looking at the way the various voices on the Right have looked at it.  One of the more interesting discussions came from the Z-Man.

His main point was that the Left isn’t going to acknowledge their error and they aren’t going to learn a lesson.  That is why a long string of hoaxes will never lead to an apology from the Left.  And that is why right-wing pundits hoping to reason with the Left are wasting their time.

Perhaps the only useful thing that can happen during one of these events is to help sort out the real allegiance of those in the middle.  When some allegedly neutral party starts telling us not to judge or excuses the hoax based on historical oppression you’ve learned something.  On the other hand, if you ever find an assumed leftist who finally sees the light you’ve probably found a normie who has finally had enough hypocrisy.

Interestingly, even someone who in the last few years has been vilified by the Alt-Right as the epitome of Never-Trump foolishness can be acknowledged for a sensible insight into the phoniness of these leftist hoaxes.  Here Vox Day acknowledges that even Jonah Goldberg can provide a sensible argument to show the absurdity of these hoaxes.

The only way I can see good coming from all these events is if someone made a movie out of all these hoax exposures and let it be distributed as widely as possible.  Of course, Hollywood and the media companies would never allow their distribution network to show it and the colleges would probably unleash antifa on any student groups that attempted to show it on campus but even internet access would be something useful.  It really is remarkable how outrageous some of these phony hate crimes are.

I wonder what the next one will be.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Smollett Travesty

  • February 25, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    I’m thinking that the Jews in 1938 Germany around to time of Kristallnacht had very little need to fabricate fake attacks. Ditto Southern Blacks in the early 1900’s. Real examples were plentiful. Today the fakes are necessary because real examples are rare to nonexistent. Yet the drumbeat continues, accelerating really because there is too much money and power to be had by keeping the races polarized and angry.

    • February 25, 2019 at 8:17 pm

      I hope the rest of the country starts figuring out they’re being had.

  • February 26, 2019 at 1:44 am

    So do I but I doubt it. It seems craziness is increasing. Flat earthers, moon landing deniers, alien technology, dark star doomsdayers, green miracle plans, antifa, PETA, AOC socialists, people who go off to join terrorists then realize it’s a bad deal and try to get us to take them back, etc.

    There will probably have to be a purge if not an outright civil war in the US. Hollywood and the media including tech companies are trying their best to increase the levels of craziness. The rest of the world is in just as bad shape. Thankfully, I have the weapons and skills to survive such a purge and protect my family as well. I’m not a prepper, but I’m also not blind to danger. Call me a Minute Man. I won’t start trouble, but if it comes knocking it won’t have an easy time. It’s more attitude than anything.

    In the mean time I watch what’s going on. I watch trends. The coming of AOC is a trend, and she is being used as a useful fool/distraction. While people CAN be that stupid and she likely believes all the ass’s bray she puts out, I believe she is being encouraged by movers and shakers to be the yapping puppy that draws our attention from the skulking wolf. I believe that most of this is coming from old school Marxist-Leninists who could not believe that their system collapsed with the old Soviet Union, and again in Venezuela. Old school socialists/commies in Russia, China, Europe and the Americas, who comfortably placed themselves in positions of influence are trying once again to spread The Word. Not to bring joy to the masses, but to enrich themselves. While the workers are controlled, the puppet masters flourish. Stalin did not live in squalor, nor did Khrushchev, or any of the old commissars. The socialist/communist oligarchy is different from the neo-capitalist oligarchy only in that in capitalism, you can climb the ladder with talent and work. In socialism/communism, you basically have to betray/kill/toadie your way up. Are you really good at kissing the heinies of those above you, and ready to plunge the knife into their backs as soon as you can so you can trample on their bodies? You will go far in socialism/communism. Or Hollywood. Whichever. McCarthy was right.

    • February 26, 2019 at 7:06 am

      The best way to punish the communists is to shut down the government job gravy train.


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