The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 4 Episode 5 – Mute

The episode opens up in Vienna where five married couples who also happen to be scientists studying extra sensory perception are setting up a grand experiment to restore telepathic ability in humanity.  Their plan is for each couple to bring up their children without any use of speech and solely use telepathy for communication.  One couple, the Nielsens would return to their home in Pennsylvania and communicate their progress to the others by monthly letters.

The Nielsens were extraordinarily successful and their daughter Ilsa is a natural telepath who has never learned spoken language at all.  But ten years later when Ilsa is twelve a terrible fire breaks out in the Nielsen home and only Ilsa escapes.  She is physically unharmed but in deep shock from experiencing telepathically the death of her parents.

The town sheriff Harry Wheeler and his wife Cora shelter Ilsa in their home after the fire.  Ilsa can’t speak but Cora comforts her like a mother.  Cora had lost her own daughter to a drowning accident a few years before and is very lonely without her child.

Harry finds out from the postmaster that the Nielsens regularly received letters from Austria and obtaining the address, Harry writes a letter telling these friends about Ilsa’s orphaning.  But unknown to Harry, Cora steals the letter from the mailbox and burns it.  But Ilsa sees it and reads from Cora’s mind what is happening and in despair she runs out into the street and collapses in grief.

Ilsa takes up residence with the Wheelers and Cora heaps great kindness and attention on her.  When the Wheelers send her to school she is taught by Miss Frank, a woman whose father also brought her up mute in order to become a medium to the dead.  And because of this shared background she is able to get through Ilsa’s telepathic behavior and force her to learn to speak and understand human language.  At about the same time, a couple of the Austrian scientists, Karl and Maria Werner, show up to find out why the Nielsens have stopped writing.  They go to see Harry Wheeler and he tells them of the fire and brings them to see Ilsa. Karl talks telepathically with Ilsa and implores her to answer him.  But Miss Frank’s training has changed Ilsa from a telepath to a normal girl and she rejects the telepathic appeal by instead speaking clearly out loud.

The Werners say that they will leave Ilsa to be adopted by the Wheelers.  They pretend that they haven’t a legal right because they see how happy Ilsa is with her new parents.  When Karl is walking away from the house with Maria, he expresses misgivings about allowing the experiment to be lost.  But Maria states that the love that Ilsa has gained is much more important than the telepathic gift she would have possessed or even the benefit to mankind in rediscovering telepathy.  She reminds him that though the Nielsens were kindly people they really treated Ilsa as more of their experiment than their child.

So, this is a morality tale wrapped in a science fiction story.  It’s a minor work but enjoyable.  B.

Building the Underground

Last week I read Angelo Codevilla’s essay “Conservative Resistance” in American Greatness.  His thesis was that since the Leftists have begun selectively to ignore federal law (e.g., marijuana illegality) that it has come to the point where Red States will start ignoring social policy laws that they disagree with (e.g., abortion, homosexuality).

Whether things will actually progress very far this way anytime soon remains to be seen but I realized that we already live essentially in two different worlds.  The conflict over the last sixty years has been over which world will rule the other.  And essentially it is not a matter of agreeing on a common set of rules that we can reach a compromise on.  We are being systematically undermined in all areas of the most important aspects of life.  The Left’s social projects have absolutely nothing to do with freedom.  They are efforts to destroy the traditional family as the means to eradicate the people they cannot control.

Looking at things from that point of view it seems plain to me that until we can reassert control over the agencies of the government that are infringing on our freedoms of speech and religion, we must in some ways look upon ourselves as people living under a foreign power.  We live in occupied territory.  This is similar to how the people in Eastern Europe endured the Soviet occupation.

The Soviet occupation controlled every facet of civic life with an unbreakable grip based on the military strength of the Russian army.  But the people lived a dual life and their inner life expressed the truth of what they actually believed as opposed to the outer rituals that the state forced them to observe.  So, whereas Poland was officially a communist state with atheism as the official position, the Poles clung desperately to their Catholic faith.

Not to be dramatic about this but there is a way for us to live a similar inner life.  We will have to foster a separate culture and society from the one we live in.  We will need to have our own fiction and philosophy, our own music and movies.  We will need to communicate together over our own channels, websites and networks.  And someday we may need to invest our money in our own banks and businesses.  We’re actually luckier than the Poles and the Czechs.  Theoretically we still live in a free country.  If we are careful and patient, we can make a lot of progress without depending on some kind of upheaval to get what we want.  But it will require slow methodical effort by large numbers of like-minded people to lay the kind of foundation needed to bypass the converged infrastructure currently surrounding every facet of our lives; schools, social networking sites, businesses, federal bureaucracies and even churches and non-profit organizations.

All these things are possible and relatively easy to understand.  The hard thing to do is how to pass along this information to the children today.  If you homeschool your children then this simplifies matters enormously.  But if your kids are in the public (or private) schools then it will be a struggle.  They are saturated by the propaganda that the culture and its representatives broadcast at them continuously.  It’s like a fish in poisoned water it can’t escape the effect.  To tell them the truth will seem to them like madness.  It will fly in the face of everything that is drummed into their heads twenty-four/seven.  But even here there are ways to use the natural advantage of the truth to simplify the effort.  When a child tells you about global warming have facts on your side.  Point to statements by alarmists like Al Gore about how the polar ice caps would be completely melted by 2017 and then show a photo of the Arctic today.  This will be understandable to the child.  Then it would be useful to explain that not everything that is taught in school or on television is true.  You can then introduce the concept of political bias and how this can cause people to lie about objectively true things for the sake of gaining political power.  It will also be necessary to explain how arguing to the authorities about their lies will only get the child punished.  It will have to be explained that for the sake of keeping appearances the truth won’t be mentioned.  But introduction into the inner world of those who know will be an interesting phenomenon for him and allow a space where you can talk to the young without confusing them.  Another good way to break them out of the propaganda mode is to give them books and movies from the earlier times before the worst of the madness evolved.  Books and movies that showcase the qualities and behaviors of Western civilization and the normal occupations of men and women before the present confusion was inflicted on society will be interesting and attractive to their minds.

For an American having to do this seems Kafkaesque.  And probably that is the apt word.  Modern American life with its continuously weirder new outrages and never-ending assaults on the wholesome and sane appears like some surreal nightmare from which we never awake.  But teach them we must.  The memes and other tactics that the dissident and alt-right employ are meant to show the normies out there, the absurdity and illogic of the Left’s signature positions.  This we have to incorporate into our dealings with our children and grandchildren.  It is hoped that we can one day recover control of the culture and return it to normal.  And with President Trump some of that is actually happening.  But I know it’s much too soon to even think we can go back to business as usual.  We are behind enemy lines and will be so for the foreseeable future.  We will therefore have to act accordingly.

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16JUN2019 – Happy Father’s Day to All the Readers Out There

If you are a father, then force your family to give you just a few hours off today to do something fun, even that’s just catching up on sleep.  If you have a father that did his job and he’s still around call him up and wish him a nice day and if he’s gone take a minute to think of the best memories you have of him and the things he did for you.

Every man who had a father who sacrificed for him and tried to raise him right owes it to any children he has to pay forward what he received before.

At least, that’s how it seems to me now.

Here’s a bonus quote for the day.

When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.

Mark Twain




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15JUN2019 – OCF Update

Apologies for the quiet today.  I was on a trip and got home later than I thought I would.  I’ll catch up tomorrow.  Shatner-Khan is in disarray.  Attendance has plummeted due to outside forces, George Takei perhaps.  I’ll have to salvage it using, in Deadpool’s words, maximum effort.  I haven’t reviewed the news today, so who knows what fresh horror awaits me.  Stay tuned


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16JUN2019 – Quote of the Day

From the earliest ages of history to the present day there never have been thirteen millions of people associated in one political body who enjoyed so much freedom and happiness as the people of these United States. You have no longer any cause to fear danger from abroad… It is from within, among yourselves – from cupidity, from corruption, from disappointed ambition and inordinate thirst for power.

Andrew Jackson


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