Who Will Emerge from the Democrat Clown Car as the Nominee?

When you look at the 2020 Democratic Presidential field it almost takes your breath away.  The sheer range of nitwittery is stunning.  Joe Biden, a serial plagiarist, shoulder clutcher and hair sniffer with bad hair plugs.  Corey Booker, a man who declared himself Spartacus in front of a tv camera.  Elizabeth Warren, an Okie who couldn’t be whiter trying to pass herself off as a Cherokee in order to get a job at Harvard.  Kamala Harris, a woman who slept her way to the top in California politics.  Bernie Sanders, a septuagenarian communist who looks and sounds like Larry David’s stunt double from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”  Pete Buttigieg?  I won’t even bother.  And on and on and on.  The candidates who might actually have something to offer like Michael Bloomberg aren’t running because they sense that President Trump is very likely to get re-elected without much effort.  Bloomberg is probably waiting for 2024 to see if a better opportunity presents itself.

And it’s not just the abnormality of the candidates that strikes you.  It’s the fact that weirdness is actually their greatest selling point.  Bernie is popular because he is a communist.  Mayor Pete is popular because he’s married to a man.  Booker is exciting because he’ll say outlandish things that even he’s not sure make any sense.  Kamala wants to turn the United States in California, the first “Third World State” in the Union.

But in handicapping this race I think you have to assume that the weirdo pageant is really a selection process for the VP sweepstakes.  Whichever of the wackos produces the most excitement and brings the largest constituency of unlikely voters to the Democratic ticket will end up as running mate to either Creepy Uncle Joe or Crazy Uncle Bernie.  Because when push comes to shove, they’ll put an old white guy at the head of the ticket to try and give some semblance of normality to their platform.  The Obama experiment opened up a lot of eyes about just “who they are” on the Left.  Now in order to drag any middle-class men at all to the Democrat side they have to flee from the fringe when the general election starts.  But if they can tack on a woman or a minority or a homosexual on as running mate, they hope it will energize enough of their own base to put them over the top.

My guess is it will be the Creepy Uncle Joe/Fauxcahontas ticket.  And that is just marginally more likely than Kamala Harris or Corey Booker in the second spot.  But I’m pretty sure Biden will be their candidate.  He checks all the boxes.  His link to Obama and his folksy regular guy act is pretty close to what the Democrats think will appeal to both black voters and working-class white men.  Fauxcahontas is the best lure for suburban white women.  So that’s the ticket I think we’ll see.

Wow.  That’s some “dream team.”  I suspect President Trump will pummel them mercilessly in the general election and on Twitter (unless he’s banned by that outlet).  It should be a very entertaining primary and general election season.  Stay tuned to see if my prognostication is accurate.

After you’ve read enough sexbot articles on Drudge maybe switch to something interesting

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Pablo Panadero
Pablo Panadero
1 year ago

I know the first name of the nominee, but not the last name yet. The first name is Mark. The last name is either Zuckerberg or Cuban.
After the first few debates, the non-politicians will jump in.
Oh, and Michelle Obama is the running mate.

Mark Harman
Mark Harman
1 year ago
Reply to  Pablo Panadero

We are being set up. What do democrats and the left need the most…emergency and emotion. They are creating this emergency by pushing everyone in the clown car far left. Independents are not going there. Also, 23 people trying to get the nomination will make sure no one reaches 200 delegates allowing someone to be nominated. Then during the DNC Michelle Obama will be nominated and enter as a moderate garnering the independent vote and the emotion of the base. Also, avoiding the circus show debates and getting Barack’s endorsement.

1 year ago

“Oh, and Michelle Obama is the running mate.”

The horror, the horror!

1 year ago

I don’t completely disagree with your assessment. However, I don’t think creepy Joe is a lock by any means. Bernie may be crazy, but if it weren’t for Hillary and the DNC rigging it against him last time, he would have been the nominee. I wouldn’t rule him out. Plenty of Bernie bumper stickers here in MA.

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