2 thoughts on “The ZMan ExplainsWhy We Lost the Culture Wars

  • November 5, 2019 at 12:04 pm

    I believe the right is losing because they continually underestimate the ruthlessness of the left. The left will do literally ANYthing to get and maintain power. Look at the false charges against Trump, as an example. Nor does the right realize just how deep the deep state runs. Look at how Colonel North was treated by the Democrats in his congressional hearings. Look at how Schiff et al are using secrecy to foist impeachment, when impeachment is supposed to be an open book, as it were. Look at how hard the left tried to throw the last election, even shafting their own by having Hillary chosen over Bernie and changing the rules on the run to do so. Ballot box stuffing, “missing” ballots, false flag attacks on their own local headquarters to try and engender sympathy. Jesse Jackson’s son was caught red-handed in election fraud. Trying to deny GIs the right to vote by misplacing or challenging their absentee ballots, registering dead voters, giving crackheads money to vote several times in the same election. Actual violence and intimidation at polling places by new Black Panthers and others. College professors swinging bicycle locks at Trump supporters. The supposedly free American press going, for the most part, whole-hog to the left. Universities have long been under communist/socialist attack, beginning in the 60s. Now the majority of colleges, where our youth go to learn, and controlled by communist/socialist professors with tenure who actually support violence against Republicans, “By Any Means Necessary”. There is no end to the perfidy of the hard left. Assassination would not be beneath them.

    I have said before and I will reiterate: This coming election will be the dirtiest (on the left’s side) election in a century or more. They are going to pull out all the stops, hoping that they win and can then suppress any investigations when they have both the White House and the House of Reps. Soros will spend money like water. Blue state activists will try to terrorize Trump voters and Republicans in general.

    If they manage to remove Trump before 2020, it will only begin what I see as a bloody revolution earlier than predicted. If they take the White House, the Senate and keep the House, AOC’s pack will be running the government. Huge tax increases, open borders, illegal rights over citizen rights, a third world healthcare system like the UK’s public care where hospitals are filthy and staff only punch the clock. Waiting lists like they have in Canada, weeks to months to get an MRI.

    Then the great gun confiscation will be attempted, and that’s when the shooting starts. There are hundreds of millions of guns in private hands and literally billions of rounds of ammunition. There are enough veterans with experience with IED and explosives making to cause any army, even our own, to pause and think. TATP can be made in a kitchen sink with a quick trip to Walmart and the hardware store.

    If it comes to shooting, I hope the right has the guts to go through with it and finish the job, Sans-culotte style.

    • November 5, 2019 at 1:36 pm

      All those things are true but I like the ZMan’s point that the (supposed) Right never even tried to fight these changes. They gave ground continuously because they didn’t actually care about the substance of the fight.
      I think if we actually resist the Left we’ll see results.

      But you’re right, the Left is vicious.


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