A Convincing Critique of Free Market Capitalism

Another Friday, another podcast by the Voice of Saruman.  This week the ZMan’s talk was a condemnation of Free Market Capitalism or as he characterized it “Marketism.”  Now, I’m far from an adherent to all of the ZMan’s opinions but I think it would benefit even the most strident libertarian to listen to this argument.

In my youth I was a pretty strong adherent to the idea that whatever I built was my own business and the government had no right to tell me how I could run it.  But after witnessing the stalinist policies of Silicon Valley and their cronies in the rest of big business I’m perfectly willing to see the Department of Justice crush them if for no other reason than to pay them back for the damage they’ve done to regular people that ran afoul of their twitter mobs and sjw finks.

But I digress.  Forget the ZMan’s other dissident right beliefs.  Listen to his arguments and examples.  He makes a whole lot of sense.  Capitalism is not a religion it’s a tool.  If it doesn’t serve the needs of the people then it’s a bad tool and needs to be fixed.



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Tyler, the Portly Politico

Yeah, this week’s podcast was a good one. I’m like you—I can’t go along with everything the Big Z says or writes, but he is _truly_ an original thinker. His insights are unlike anything I’ve read. Your second paragraph tracks with my own thinking/experience.

2 years ago

Haven’t listened to the podcast yet but will. My thought are generally that capitalism is an extremely effective market mechanism until the largest players are large enough to distort the pricing mechanisms. I’m pretty sure there is some math function that describes the marketing function in terms of the number of players and the relative size of the largest 10% (or whatever %) and the relative effectiveness of mechanisms to stop or limit collusion. And there’s always this question: what competing economic system is more efficient? Pretty sure communism and socialism have been repeatedly tried and found wanting. Pretty sure… Read more »