Star Trek – The Original Series – Complete Series Review – Season 1 Episode 9 – Dagger of the Mind

The plot of this episode is a variant of the “mad scientist theme.”  The Enterprise is transferring supplies and receiving freight from a penal colony Tantalus V.  An escapee hides in a crate and is loose in the Enterprise.  When he is captured it is discovered that he is part of the staff named Dr. van Gelder.  The director of the penal colony, Dr. Adams, claims that van Gelding was driven mad through exposure to a device called the neural neutralizer that is used for therapy on the mentally ill.

But McCoy has suspicions and recommends that Kirk go to the planet and investigate the real reason for van Gelding’s madness.  McCoy selects a young woman named Lt. Helen Noel to accompany Kirk down to the surface.  Noel and Kirk had a romantic episode during the “Christmas Party” the previous year.

While investigating the neural neutralizer, Noel plants a suggestion in Kirk’s head that their little encounter was really a serious romance.  But immediately after this, Dr Adams has Noel restrained and uses the machine to convince Kirk that he was madly in love with Helen Noel.  After the session, Noel and Kirk are returned to his room and once Helen convinces him that his romantic impulse is a false memory produced by Dr. Adams through the neural neutralizer, he helps her into the HVAC duct with the intention of turning off the force field to allow communication with the Enterprise.

While she approaches the power plant Kirk is brought back by Dr. Adams for a more painful treatment meant to make Kirk a compliant victim of Adams’ plans.  Finally, Noel shuts down the power and Kirk overpowers Adams.  Spock comes to the rescue with a security theme but when the power is restarted Dr. Adams overdoses on the neutralizer that suffuses his unconscious body and dies.

Parts of the episode were interesting, parts were ridiculous.  I enjoyed the silly banter and embarrassment between Kirk and Helen Noel.  It was slightly clever.  The fact that they mention a Christmas Party instead of the politically correct term Holiday Party was refreshing.  The plot was fairly predictable but not terrible.  The actress playing Helen is definitely a babe.  As a regular story it would earn a 6.  As for the mockability index, there are several notable moments.  Whenever van Gelding tries to tell McCoy and Spock about things that the neutralizer compels him not to talk about, he writhes in agony and makes the goofiest faces imaginable.  And in this episode Spock performs his first “Vulcan Mind Meld.”  Melding with van Gelding he becomes practically weepy which is truly embarrassing to view.  So, I would give the overall score as 6//5.


The British People Rally for Their Freedom

For us on the Right, today is a great day.  This is 2016 all over again.  Boris and the Tories took districts in the north of England that have never voted for the Conservatives before.  That is like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan voting for Donald Trump.  The working class is coalescing around the opposition to our elitist masters.  It happened in the Brexit vote, in Donald Trump’s victory and now again in the British General Election.

The people need champions and some perceptive men are stepping forward.  Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and now Boris Johnson.  The pattern is there and so far, we’re running the table.  And we need to run the table.  We’re barely ahead of the end game.  These people have done so much damage that they’ve almost bled us dry.  It’s going to take hard work and enormous luck to claw our way back.  And America needs someone after Trump finishes his eight years to keep running the table.

But the deplorables are waking up and even the normies are starting to figure out that the people running the show want to get rid of them all together.  That’s a start.

Well, enough of that.  Boris will get his majority and it’s up to him to deliver a real and honest Brexit from the EU.  And he has to do it soon or he’ll lose the mandate he’s been given.  All these new MPs will only toe the line for as long as Boris has the public’s backing.  So now he needs to be the leader he says he wants to be.  He has to bully the EU into a good deal or he has to walk away with the No Deal Brexit.  That much is clear.  And finally, Boris can negotiate with Donald Trump to their mutual benefit.  An Anglo-American trade deal would go a long way to helping Boris compensate for any losses from EU trade tariffs and without a doubt special access to the UK market would be another boost to the already booming American economy.

But tonight, I just want to bask in the glow of all those traitorous Tories who Boris booted out of Parliament in October sitting on the sidelines while better men take their places and burning with impotent anger.  They sold out their countrymen for some EU perks and probably some cold hard currency but they lost the bet and now they’ll have to suck it up.  Their friends in Brussels will attempt to hurt the British economy but honestly, I don’t think that will work.  And let’s not forget that other big loser.  Barack Obama told Britain if they left the EU, they would go to the back of the line trade wise.  Well he got that exactly backwards.  But I guess he expected President Hillary Clinton to exact vicious revenge on British Deplorables too.  Funny how many things the Light worker turned out to be wrong about.

So well done you sons of Albion.  The freedom loving Brits are still standing on their feet.  Let’s hope and pray that we keep up our winning streak too.


Sharyl Attkisson Summarizes Barr’s Interview

In her recent post “William Barr Has Suddenly Become Chatty—and He’s Provided Quite an Information Dump” Sharyl Attkisson summarizes Barr’s recent interviews.  It’s very well put together and even has some schedule info on Durham’s investigation (won’t end before Spring or Summer).  If you’re interested in what Barr says here is a good summary.