The Z-Man Thinks Our Government System is Obsolete

The Z-Man has a very clever analogy between government and software systems.

Our Legacy Code

He compares government reform to software revision.  but he makes the case that at a certain point the program needs to be replaced with something new.  This corresponds to revolution.  My hope is he’s wrong about what needs to be done.

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War Pig
War Pig

I used to think revolution, armed revolution, was unlikely and almost impossible. Americans were too fat and lazy and it would take a great discomfort to rouse them. However, I believe that the shooting may start from the left, from frothing at the mouth, insane, triggered Antifa/ alphabet people. But this attempt to disarm the People by fiat may start it. A liberal sheriff or other official may try to confiscate guns. Then neighbors arrive, with their guns, to protect the individual, or else ban together as a neighborhood militia to stop confiscation and like the confrontation in Nevada with… Read more »