Pathetic Progressive Life Imitates Exaggerated OCF “Art”

So Sunday night I posted my incredibly over the top comic masterpiece “The Absolutely Final, Last Stand of the Losers, 2020 Democratic Kamikaze Debate.”  Well, over the top may not be completely accurate.  All descriptions of the Tuesday night debate put it within an order of magnitude of what I described in my parody.  Ah, a prophet is never honored in his own time.  It does my heart good to know that the Dems are fulfilling the direst fears of the progressive powers that be.  If Bernie gets a convincing plurality of the delegates it will be checkmate against them in the November election.  Give him the nomination he will go down in flames.  Strip him of the nomination and his followers will stay home.  Sweet poetic justice for the Left encouraging the Millenials to believe in magic socialism.  Feel the Bern!

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War Pig
War Pig
4 months ago

Who would they choose over Bernie if they decide to change all the rules again and let the so-called super delegates choose another? Warren has had the best debates after Bernie but her second is not a close second. After Bernie, Trump would love to run against her the most. Bloomberg is going down in flames. How did he get elected in NYC with such poor debate skills? I suppose they could try to draft Michelle Obama but she has shown zero interest. Hillary is spoiled fruit and pretty much unelectable. Besides, unless the Clinton’s arrange another Arkancide for Weinstein,… Read more »

4 months ago
Reply to  War Pig

Holy crap! I’d love to see AOC on the debate stage.
1. The level of “dimwitedness” spewing forth would make suffering through watching that ALMOST worth it.
2. What the heck… at least she’s cute! That is until her eyes bug out… THAT reminds me of the climactic scenes in Total Recall where Arnold is sucked into the vacuum on Mars.

War Pig
War Pig
4 months ago
Reply to  Jason

Yeah. AOC and Trump on the same stage would be worth watching.

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