27FEB2020 – OCF Update

As has been the case lately that stupid day job has been interfering with the important things in my life.  Well, what can you do?  They pay me a princely salary and I don’t really get much done.  It’s hard to walk away.  But I will persevere and keep the content coming as best I can.

I’ve got some Shakespeare movies that I’ll review.  I’m still about 70 pages from the end of “The Age of Entitlement.”  As I’ve said, it’s painful to read but it’s an amazing story of how we got where we are in a step by step narrative.

I think the Monday morning (or Sunday night to be completely technical) post won’t be on the 2020 race or big things in the news.  I think I want to talk about practical things we can do day to day to improve our lives while living under the thumb of Big Brother (who by the way, doesn’t really love us).

And finally, I’ve got to figure out some way to get more comments from the folks out there.  Especially when we get lots of new viewers.  It’s way too quiet. Maybe some sort of contest.  So if any of you folks know of effective way to increase comments, I’m definitely interested in ideas.

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War Pig
War Pig
4 months ago

I generally comment only when I think I can add to what you’ve (or a commenter) said. I don’t comment just to comment. If I don’t think I can add something to the conversation I keep my mouth shut and my fingers away from the keyboard.

4 months ago
Reply to  photog

I’m with War Pig on this. I’ve been thinking though… unfortunately, I’ve got nothing yet, as far as helpful ideas go.

Other than the standby, “Throw-something-so-blatantly-horribly-awful-out-to-rile-some-feathers” approach.

4 months ago

You want a comment? I got a comment for ya. . . .
I would be very interested in: “Practical things we can do day to day to improve our lives while living under the thumb of Big Brother”.
Start the ball rolling.
I’ll probably join in. Useful information is best shared.

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