Judge Emmet Sullivan Just Got Busted by the Court of Appeals

The Clown Prince of Injustice Judge Emmet Sullivan just got served with an order from the DC Court of Appeals to show why he hasn’t honored the Federal Government’s petition to vacate the prosecution of General Flynn.

DC Circuit Panel Orders Judge Sullivan To Respond Within 10 Days…

By some wonderful miracle two of the three judges on the panel are Republican appointees and it looks like old Emmet is headed for a spanking.  The order says he has to explain himself by June 1st.  Well ten days is a long time but I guess the General has been waiting three years already so it won’t be much of a stretch.

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Liberal judges of all sorts are corrupt. Here is a different sort of liberal judge who deserves to be hanged. https://www.foxnews.com/us/philadelphia-dem-elections-judge-admits-taking-bribes-inflate-vote-counts I believe that election tampering should be a capital offense. After the liberal “journalist” said she would vote for Biden even if he boiled and ate babies, I knew this is going to be an absolutely filthy election. If liberals would condone kindercide and cannibalism, then election fraud is small potatoes. I believe they are not above an assassination attempt nor would they shy away from doing “drive by” shootings and murders to intimidate voters lined up to cast… Read more »


Under the heading of “and you thought this couldn’t get more bizarre”, “Judge” Sullivan has hired a high end Washington law firm to represent him at the Appeals Court. The Appeals Court has asked Sullivan for his legal rational for ruling as he did. Considering that, in theory, the Appeals Court won’t rule on “Judge” Sullivan himself, it will rule on “Judge” Sullivan’s decision, you really have to wonder why he thinks that he personally needs representation.

Pretty sure Obama is involved here somewhere.