Minnesota Wants Federal Money to Rebuild Minneapolis

Minnesota’s Governor Walz has requested President Trump to declare a national disaster and bail out Minnesota to the tune of $500 million for the damage which he himself caused when he allowed the rioting thugs to burn down Minneapolis.

I think the correct response is to respectfully ask Governor Walz to go pound sand where the sun don’t shine.  The first thing that should be done is to cut off all federal police funding to Minneapolis and institute a DOJ investigation into the civil rights violations inherent in a city knowingly allowing a mob to terrorize American citizens based on their racial identity.

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War Pig
War Pig
29 days ago

Or we could kill them all and let Satan sort them out. It may come to that if this keeps up.

29 days ago

How about. . . No!   To recap: The governor of Minnesota has the power to call out the National Guard and put down any type of civil unrest. President Trump all but begged him to do that. Governor Walz refused. He preferred to give the rioters time and space to riot and, in so doing, denied the businessmen, property owners and citizens of Minneapolis the protection that they are due and that they pay for through their property and payroll taxes. And now, Governor Walz has his hand out to the citizens of every other state and thinks we… Read more »

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