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8 days ago

It will pass right over my house in a couple of hours. Getting a little nervous about the building wind. Flooding everywhere. And this storm is moving at a literal crawl, 2 mph and will take around 24 hours to clear the area and diminish.

7 days ago
Reply to  photog

It missed New Orleans by a few hundred miles. It dumped between 18 & 30 inches of rain depending on your location, historic flooding levels, 147000 of 150000 customers of Gulf Power in one county have no power and won’t until God knows when. In my adjoining county, only 70% lost power (not me, I live near a sub-station). A local river will crest Friday 23 feet above flood. There are flooded houses and roads everywhere. Things were pretty dicey at my house for a number of hours as 100 mph gusts whipped the trees into a frenzy in the… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
7 days ago

Glad to hear you’re okay. The flooding from hurricanes will only get worse.With all the rooftops, parking lots and paved roads water cannot absorb into the ground very quickly. Add in the fact that prices go up and it is no wonder that hurricane damage estimates are so high compared to say, 1960, let alone 1860. The higher the US population the more land is needed for housing, which means less green space and more paved areas and roofs. Also more people and companies such as resorts and hotels building right on the gulf coast shore. Allow an unlimited influx… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
5 days ago
Reply to  War Pig

Hears from them, all are okay.

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