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War Pig
War Pig
7 days ago

I wish I could quote the source on this, but I got it in an email and they did not know the source. Supposedly from a WWII veteran: When you come upon a unit in battle and you are not sure whose side they’re on, fire a shot over their heads: 1. If you receive a fusillade of rapid, precise rifle fire, they’re British. 2. If you receive a shit-storm of machine gun fire, they’re German. 3. If they throw down their weapons and surrender, they’re Italian. 4. If nothing happens for about five minutes, then your position is obliterated… Read more »

War Pig
War Pig
7 days ago
Reply to  photog

True. When you fight the United States, you are not fighting our Army, or our Navy, or Air Force or Marines, you are fighting them all at once, along with their technological superiority. Your Sukhoi fighters may be close to our F-35 in capability, your submarines sneaky, you may even have an aircraft carrier, although I hesitate to call what China and Russia have aircraft carriers. Your army may number in millions and you may have as many or more tanks. But to fight the USA you are fighting an interlocked and integrated system. You have to get past the… Read more »

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