Apparently Even Knitting is Political

Here’s an article on the Federalist that informs us that the biggest knitting and crocheting website won’t allow Trump supporters to just get along.

The author reminds us that those pink hats that the old ladies wore to protest President Trump had to be made somewhere.  Sounds like an opportunity for a new platform.


Vox Day Has a Post on Creators Working Around Demonitizing by YouTube

Vox links to an article on the Verge lamenting that YouTube demonitizing someone like Steven Crowder didn’t do much damage to his business.

In the comments I found a link to an alternative to PayPal and other payment processors who have denied service to gun merchants and othe deplorables.

Finding alternatives to converged institutions is a real problem for people on the right doing business.

The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 4 Episode 8 – Miniature

Charley Parkes is a loner.  He lives with his mother and she dotes on him.  He is a shy quiet man who cannot socialize with his peers at work and even has trouble empathizing with his own sister and her husband.  His boss fires him because his detached attitude toward his office associates is causing animosity.  A woman that his sister convinces to go on a date with Charley slaps him in the face and walks out when Charley knocks her off the bench they were on because she tries to kiss him.  He is a hopeless recluse.

While killing some time at the local museum he happens upon an exhibit containing a dollhouse of a 19th century Boston home containing a small wooden carving of a young woman sitting at a harpsichord.  Charley is enchanted by the tiny beautiful figure and he becomes lost in the scene.  Suddenly he sees the tiny woman playing the instrument and moving.  He asks the museum guard how they can make the doll move and the guard tells him he’s seeing things.  He shows him a sign that expressly states that the doll is made of a solid piece of wood.  Charley admits that he must have been mistaken.  But Charley goes back e3very day and spends hours watching the dollhouse.  And what he sees is the whole life of the woman and her household.  There is a maid and even a gentleman caller who takes the woman to the opera.  But one day the man comes back to the house in a fury and forces his way in the door, strikes down the maid with his cane and carries the fainting woman up the stairs to her bedroom.  Charley is so alarmed for her safety that he takes a museum furnishing and uses it to shatter the glass around the dollhouse.  He explains to the guard why he did it and the guard leads him off to the authorities.

Charley is placed in a mental institution where his psychiatrist works to convince him that he was suffering from hallucinations caused by his desire to escape from a world in which he felt he didn’t belong.  When Charley persists in saying that the girl was alive the doctor reveals that he has borrowed the doll from the museum and Charlie can see that it is only a piece of wood.

Some time later the psychiatrist explains to his family that Charley has been cured and can reenter the real world.  Charley pretends that he is convinced that what he saw was an hallucination and agrees to all the plans his family make for his career and his social life.  But while he is supposedly taking a nap, he sneaks out the window and heads back to the museum.  There he hides until closing time.  Then he comes out to stand in front of the dollhouse and talk to the little woman.  He tells her of his love and his belief that he and she were made for each other and would enjoy each other’s company.

Meanwhile his family discovers his escape and along with the psychiatrist they summon the police to escort them to the closed museum.  When Charley hears them coming, he closes the lights.  They call to him but he can’t be found.  Now the museum guard who appeared in the earlier scenes looks into the dollhouse and sees the woman now joined by a little man that looks just like Charley.  He doesn’t say anything to the police because they would think him crazy.

In the last scene we see the man and the woman in the dollhouse and it is indeed Charley and the little woman looking at stereopticon slides and looking happy together.

Okay everybody what is the law!  No living mannequins, ventriloquist’s dummies, robots and just in case someone misses the category no living dolls either.

So, Robert Duvall and William Windom who play, respectively, Charley and the psychiatrist are both good actors and do a good job of giving the play depth.  And I myself am a sensitive soul who can barely interact with my fellow man without wincing at his barbarity.  But come on!  Dammit Charley, man up and kiss the girl if she wants to.  C+

Who Will Emerge from the Democrat Clown Car as the Nominee?

When you look at the 2020 Democratic Presidential field it almost takes your breath away.  The sheer range of nitwittery is stunning.  Joe Biden, a serial plagiarist, shoulder clutcher and hair sniffer with bad hair plugs.  Corey Booker, a man who declared himself Spartacus in front of a tv camera.  Elizabeth Warren, an Okie who couldn’t be whiter trying to pass herself off as a Cherokee in order to get a job at Harvard.  Kamala Harris, a woman who slept her way to the top in California politics.  Bernie Sanders, a septuagenarian communist who looks and sounds like Larry David’s stunt double from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”  Pete Buttigieg?  I won’t even bother.  And on and on and on.  The candidates who might actually have something to offer like Michael Bloomberg aren’t running because they sense that President Trump is very likely to get re-elected without much effort.  Bloomberg is probably waiting for 2024 to see if a better opportunity presents itself.

And it’s not just the abnormality of the candidates that strikes you.  It’s the fact that weirdness is actually their greatest selling point.  Bernie is popular because he is a communist.  Mayor Pete is popular because he’s married to a man.  Booker is exciting because he’ll say outlandish things that even he’s not sure make any sense.  Kamala wants to turn the United States in California, the first “Third World State” in the Union.

But in handicapping this race I think you have to assume that the weirdo pageant is really a selection process for the VP sweepstakes.  Whichever of the wackos produces the most excitement and brings the largest constituency of unlikely voters to the Democratic ticket will end up as running mate to either Creepy Uncle Joe or Crazy Uncle Bernie.  Because when push comes to shove, they’ll put an old white guy at the head of the ticket to try and give some semblance of normality to their platform.  The Obama experiment opened up a lot of eyes about just “who they are” on the Left.  Now in order to drag any middle-class men at all to the Democrat side they have to flee from the fringe when the general election starts.  But if they can tack on a woman or a minority or a homosexual on as running mate, they hope it will energize enough of their own base to put them over the top.

My guess is it will be the Creepy Uncle Joe/Fauxcahontas ticket.  And that is just marginally more likely than Kamala Harris or Corey Booker in the second spot.  But I’m pretty sure Biden will be their candidate.  He checks all the boxes.  His link to Obama and his folksy regular guy act is pretty close to what the Democrats think will appeal to both black voters and working-class white men.  Fauxcahontas is the best lure for suburban white women.  So that’s the ticket I think we’ll see.

Wow.  That’s some “dream team.”  I suspect President Trump will pummel them mercilessly in the general election and on Twitter (unless he’s banned by that outlet).  It should be a very entertaining primary and general election season.  Stay tuned to see if my prognostication is accurate.

After you’ve read enough sexbot articles on Drudge maybe switch to something interesting

Vox Day Links to an Article About an Australian Rugby Star Fired for His Religious Beliefs

Israel Folau was a star of the Australian Rugby league.  But his comments about his christian beliefs on homosexuality got him fired from his team and when he set up a crowdfunding effort to contest the firing in court, GoFundMe cancelled the account after it received over $500,000.

Folau is a Polynesian (Tongan) raised in a christian family and his biblical beliefs about the immorality of abnormal sexual practices have clashed with the LGBTQ mafia that more and more ruthlessly attempts to silence any voices that won’t burn a pinch of incense to the Caesar of our time.  Kudos to Vox for highlighting this story from “Down Under.”

After you’ve read enough sexbot articles on Drudge maybe switch to something interesting