15JAN2021 – OCF Update

I have had a an account on Gab since 2016 but stopped using it because it was a pretty chaotic.  I’m going to try posting there again to see if I get any feedback there.

This week will be another circus as the Dems pretend that Dementia Joe is the target of an army of ninja assassins who will do anything to derail the great Biden restoration.  I will be studiously ignoring all of that nonsense.  I’m just waiting for the impeachment farce to play out so that I can collect the names of Senators who need to be primaried.

I have been re-reading Homer’s Odyssey (Fitzgerald’s poetic translation).  It is a great story and reminds me that the timeless story of a brave man and a faithful woman facing the adventure of a mad world still has something to say to us today.  But it was so strange.  The sunburned Aethiopians were mentioned but at no point did Zeus get around to giving the rest of the Olympians a struggle session about how Sunburned Aethiopians Lives Matter.  And shockingly, even though Odysseus was accosted by several goddesses during his wanderings not a single one of them was a trans-goddess.  Well, I’m sure the publishers will write one in.

When I get through I’m going to start reading J. D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy.  I heard they made a movie out of it which kind of scares me.  But I’ve heard it’s interesting.

And I’ve started re-watching the TV series Justified.  Camera Girl and I agree that there just doesn’t seem to be a new show that’s anywhere as good.  Just proves that good writing trumps everything else in drama.

Hat Tip to Neil for the Link

In the comments for yesterday’s post Neil linked to this post on Poweline:


Seeing a lot of action by red states to rein in the woke corporations and elbow the Feds out of our lives would certainly be a welcome development.  In general this would be a quick way to punish the people torturing us.  Waiting for Washington to come to our aid is a hopeless idea.  If the states don’t step up then it’ll have to be something desperate.  And that would look like a guerilla war.

What We Need is a Little Less Outrage and a Lot More Action

Hat tip to Toby Keith for the song title that I adapted to our situation here.

I look over the e-mails from right wing pundits in my inbox and they consist almost completely of breathless denunciations of some outrage being perpetrated by Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden or some Hollywood airhead.  And that outrage is only very slightly different from the one they committed yesterday.

I’m sure that in the coming weeks Congress and Dementia Joe will perpetrate an outrage that even I can’t shrug off.  If the Sidler in Chief approves a law that says that if I don’t burn incense to Cthulhu then I’ll be imprisoned in an underground ghoul’s nest, then yes, I will be outraged.  Or if the Creepy One decides to add Obama onto Mount Rushmore then sure, I’ll get my bison man hat out of mothballs and head for the Capitol.

And sure, we writers, need something to write about.  I myself talk about the outrages that have been raining down on us for decades now.  And I angrily condemn the evil Left and chastise the brainless Right when they let these problems grow and fester all around us.

But you know what’s in short supply?  Action.

We’re seriously lacking in any kind of progress of any kind.  One good story about a state government reining in a federal mandate running out of control is worth a hundred outrage stories.  Or one about a business doing something that helps people in our camp.  Then we’d have something to cheer about and someone to reward with our business.  Or how about a story about some individual who says or does something that provides hope or help to normal people trying to survive all of these well documented outrages?  That’s worth a thousand Nancy Pelosi hit pieces.

So, let me start the ball rolling.  The outrage story is Parler was de-platformed!  How dare they!  Let’s get mad!

But a better story is the flip-side, the social network site Gab that is friendly to conservatives is getting all kinds of new members joining.  Sure, it is struggling mightily to accommodate all the new traffic.  And since Gab doesn’t have all the revenue that Twitter gets from advertisers for stealing people’s information, the owner, Andrew Torba, is probably paying for the upgrades out of his meager funds.  But it is a positive thing.  And who knows maybe a bunch of people will plunk down the pittance it takes to become pro-members and start making Gab a viable business.  Either way it’s a positive story to let people know it’s not all gloom and doom.  If you liked Twitter or Parler, then maybe you should check out Gab.  Don’t go today or even this week.  As I said it is struggling mightily because of growing pains and massive attacks by the Left.  But make a point of checking it out when it’s calmed down.

As another example of something getting done look at how Project Veritas and the state government of Texas have worked together to identify and prosecute the fraudulent vote harvesting scammers who showed up during the November election.  Here are two kinds of people getting something done.  A red state government trying to stop fraud.  And Project Veritas exposes illegality and bias everywhere they can get a hidden camera.  Maybe that is something you can support by giving them some money.  That’s a lot more valuable than Mitch McConnell or one of the other Republican suits asking for our support while they sit on their hands and get pummeled by the Left.

So, if you look around you can find some people doing something positive instead of running in circles telling us that the sky is still falling today.

Which Republicans Don’t Deserve to Be Primaried?

I was going to list the ones that should be primaried and then I realized I could save an enormous amount of time by listing the ones that shouldn’t.

For senators I think Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are currently the only ones I know of who are definitely worth saving.  But Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment farce will be the way to get a definitive list.  In both the House and the Senate, we can see who votes for or against President Trump.  Voting against impeachment would be enough for now to show they’re not cowardly traitors.  Any that do vote for it deserve to be primaried or recalled immediately.

All of these traitors should be primaried by someone that we know is on our side.  And if the RINO prevails in the primary it should be a sacred duty of our side to vote against him in the general election.  And there, the play is voting for the Democrat.  It’s not enough to abstain from voting or even voting for a third-party candidate.  In a red state the RINO might squeak by because of an uninformed electorate.  The idea is to punish the RINO.  Since a RINO and a Democrat are essentially the same thing, eliminate the RINO and maybe someday we’ll have a good candidate to vote for instead.

Think about one of these grifters who lives in his prestigious town in a gated community.  He went to an Ivy League schools for his law degree and saw that he had a better chance to be a make-believe conservative in a red state than trying to get a spot in a blue state.  The GOP establishment has invested millions of dollars of campaign money to move him up the ladder from state rep to Congressman and now he’s a senator making good money and accepting graft from the lobbyists for doing what he’s told.  Some day he could be committee chairman and make really big money from the PACs.

And then all of a sudden, some uncouth deplorables decide to wreck his career.  They vote a Democrat in and all that graft can’t be collected.  The poor bastard is going to have to scrape by on what he’s accumulated in his campaign fund.  And he’s wasted millions on his unsuccessful general election effort.  And, unthinkably, he might have to consider getting a job!

So, you can see why this would be such a good idea.  Word might get out to other potential grifters that our side has woke up and no longer want to be treated as idiots.  If a representative doesn’t represent the things you elected him for then the best thing to do is un-elect him.

What would be another great idea is for all the states we control to put in recall laws for their elected officials, especially the federal office-holders.  What wouldn’t I give to see Mittens Romney recalled?  I know that a lot of Californians have moved to Utah but there must be enough normal people there to eject that clown from the Senate.

In order for this idea to become a reality a new party or political organization needs to be founded with the purpose of providing reliable conservative representation for the non-progressives in this country.  The Republicans have demonstrated they are not up to the job.  They must be removed and primarying them is the way forward.