Disentanglement from the Matrix – Part 1 – The Ten Commandments

Everyone has heard someone use the red pill/blue pill imagery from the movie, “The Matrix” as an analogy for conservatives either waking up or remaining asleep to the reality of the Uniparty.  I don’t remember anyone extending the metaphor to identifying what the “Matrix” is in this analogy.  I suppose it could be the Uniparty along with the Globalist coalition of corporate, academic and media entities that have aligned to thwart our every attempt to live our lives the way we had for generations.  But extending the metaphor wasn’t something that cried out for doing.

But let’s look at that analogy again.  In geology a matrix is a layer of material in which some second material is embedded.  As an example, you can have fossils of sea shells embedded in sandstone.  They are completely encased by the sandstone but at the same time have a totally different nature.  In our case we are the fossils embedded in the matrix of the Post American culture.  I think it’s clear that this culture isn’t going to vanish anytime soon.  We will be surrounded by it for the foreseeable future.  Luckily, we don’t have to make it disappear in order to get on with living happy productive lives.  And the matrix isn’t nearly as all-encompassing as everyone thinks.  What we do need to do is work out a set of rules and practices for allowing us to pass through the matrix as if it weren’t there.

The Ten Commandments (Well, more like Guidelines) for Living Free Inside the Matrix

  • Probably the simplest rule is to live where you have the fewest members of the Leftist persuasion in your environment. Stay as far away from any of them as is humanly possible.  Don’t live in or near any of the megalopolises.  They are the most concentrated form of the poison, the quintessence of the contagion that is the Leftist culture.  This one precept alone will improve your life immeasurably.
  • Don’t send your children to schools that teach them to despise you and your way of life. What this means is that you will have to evaluate the schools in the place you want to live and ascertain that some school exists that doesn’t fall into the category mentioned above.  As a corollary you’ll have to make sure you can afford to send your children there.  So maybe this is a public school in a normal area or a religious school or a private school or even home school.  But protect your kids from the Leftists.
  • Work for the company or in the industry that is least dominated by Leftists. This is a more difficult task and is sure to involve compromises because almost all businesses are to one extent or another compromised by the presence in at least the human resources department and probably the executive suite, with people who are part of the Leftist collective.  Years of affirmative action legislation and Ivy League indoctrination have altered all of these companies such that social justice virtue signaling is a part of the daily routine.  As I said this is a difficult call.  If you want to work as a lawyer or a doctor or even to a certain extent as an engineer, architect or an accountant you will be sacrificing your right to say out loud what you really think about the leftist policies that your company espouses.  And if you hope to reach upper management you will have to burn incense to Caesar.  Maintaining your self-respect is the question here.  If you enjoy leading a double life while taking their coin then maybe you can make it work.  But that’s your call.  From a practical point of view having a trade that allows you to be an independent contractor or even a small business owner is probably your best bet for escaping the Leftist business world.
  • Before deciding where to live make a point of knowing who runs your town government, your school board, your police department, your county government, your county sheriff, your state representative, your state senator, your district attorney and your governor. If it turns out that most of these people are Leftists then maybe you are looking at living in the wrong place.
  • Become politically active in your local area. If you have the time and the talent run for local office and make things better.
  • If you’re a man find a good woman and marry her and support her so she can make a home and raise a family. If you’re a woman find a good man and marry him and make him support you while you raise a bunch of nice kids.  That’s the hardest and easiest job in the world.  It’s the easiest because it’s as natural as breathing.  It’s the hardest because the system that’s been built up over the last hundred years has stacked the deck against the normal one-income family.  Once again compromises will be needed unless you have supportive parents who can provide boosts as needed to get over the humps like buying a house and surviving economic downturns.
  • Tell your kids the truth about the world and the lies that have been built up by the Left. Tell them the truth about what they’ll have to do to thrive in the world they find themselves in.  Support them in getting started in the world.  They are your greatest possessions.
  • Locate other families who believe the things you believe in and spend your time in their company. Think of family activities that you can do on a regular basis.  Minor league ball games, bowling, movies, laser tag, paint ball, camping trips, bible study, museum trips, performances of Shakespeare (normal ones), rock climbing, tennis, whatever.  Just as long as it’s wholesome and you can do it as a family.  Form a community of people that support each other and believe in the same things.
  • Form a men’s club. The wives can have their own club where they play cards or talk about books, recipes, children’s problems or make fun of their husbands.  But the men need a club just for them where they can be men.  They can go somewhere and shoot guns and play poker and complain about their wives and their kids and everything that’s wrong with the world including the Leftists that we hate so much.
  • Take care of your own. That means till the day you die.  Kids, grandkids especially are your primary responsibilities.  You have to pass on to them the same help you hopefully received when you were young.  But parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and any other relatives that need your help are family too.  And believe me I know that there are exceptions that are just impossible.  I’ve met some of them, the ones that will steal the money out of your wallet to get a fix.  But most people are lucky enough not to have those exceptions in their family tree.  So, family first.

Well, that’s a start.  Next time I’ll work on one point in more depth but I like to outline things first.  I write this stuff out to help me arrange things in my own head because heaven knows I’ve broken most of these commandments along the way.  But since I’ve taken the red pill, I’ve done a lot better.  The biggest goal is escaping New England but that is going to take the equivalent of Moses leading the Israelites across the desert to Canaan.  I’m going to have to get the grandchildren to come with me to pry Camera Girl away from here.  But greater miracles have happened so I have hope.


06AUG2020 – I have very limited wifi access for the next day or two due to the storm damage in New England.  I will answer comments in a slower than usual manner.  Sorry.

05AUG2020 OCF Update – Marooned in the Dead Zone

Tropical Storm “Whatever the Hell it Was Called” blew through here yesterday and I’ve been without power, phone, cable and internet for about thirty hours.  One point of clarification, Camera Girl and I only have a land line.  I am the last adult male in North America without any sort of cellular phone.  Because of this I haven’t seen news, read a blog or even been able to get on OCS since early afternoon on Tuesday.  I took a car ride to visit family today and had to make four detours to get through all the downed power lines in my heavily wooded part of the country.  But my visit was practical.  I wanted to make sure they had running water in the house and were able to keep their refrigerated food cold.  I didn’t ask them whether the country was still called America or whether the White House had been repainted black to show sensitivity for hurt feelings.  I wasn’t even sure exactly how many people in the Northeast were without power.  I knew there were a lot locally but how far it extended was completely unknown to me.

It’s kind of a weird feeling.  I couldn’t even get on line to do my day job.  Luckily the dvd player doesn’t require the internet and so I was able to watch the next episode of Star Trek tonight.  It’s the one where Kirk, Spock, Scotty and McCoy go down to a planet and then start aging 30 years per day and Spock convenes a competency hearing and has Kirk declared too senile to captain the Enterprise.  It’s wonderful.  I’ll write it up soon but what struck me was that I was so grateful for a diversion from the quiet.  Well, not exactly quiet.  If the air conditioner is off, I can hear the generator cranking away.  It’s about as loud as a lawn tractor but hour after hour it really begins to get annoying as a background sound.  And it’s not exactly cabin fever.  After all the car still runs.  I mean, it’s not as if I’m going all Jack Torrance or anything but if Camera Girl starts pulling a Shelley Duvall act around here it won’t be good.  In a lot of ways, I’ve always been the caretaker here and nobody better forget it.

Well anyway, I’ve been thinking about all the bizarre things that have happened in the last six months and I’ve decided we have officially entered into a permanent state of madness.  Basically nothing is unthinkable and the odds of the whole human race descending into an irrevocable death spiral seems just as likely as not.  And at this point I think I might be willing to take my chances in the new setup.  With enough ammunition and gasoline, I could see myself as the next Lord Humungous.  I’ve always wanted to be able to threaten to unleash my dogs of war.  The only thing is I’ll have to lose some weight. Humungous was pretty fit.

So that’s where we are.  Forced to huddle in our homes afraid to go to the grocery store without a mask because the thought police will turn me in.  Working from home because our corporate masters are afraid of being sued for killing us with COVID and now we don’t have electricity, running water, refrigeration or access to mass communication.  At this rate pretty soon we’ll be envying the peasants during the black plague because at least they had that guy with the cart collecting the dead.  We’ll probably be forced to stockpile our dead until someone figures out a safe way for the garbagemen to collect them.


Update: 6AUG2020 I travelled to a wifi area to post this.  I’m not sure when my access will be restored so bear with my sparse commenting for the next day or so.