Disentanglement from the Matrix – Part 1 – The Ten Commandments

Everyone has heard someone use the red pill/blue pill imagery from the movie, “The Matrix” as an analogy for conservatives either waking up or remaining asleep to the reality of the Uniparty.  I don’t remember anyone extending the metaphor to identifying what the “Matrix” is in this analogy.  I suppose it could be the Uniparty along with the Globalist coalition of corporate, academic and media entities that have aligned to thwart our every attempt to live our lives the way we had for generations.  But extending the metaphor wasn’t something that cried out for doing.

But let’s look at that analogy again.  In geology a matrix is a layer of material in which some second material is embedded.  As an example, you can have fossils of sea shells embedded in sandstone.  They are completely encased by the sandstone but at the same time have a totally different nature.  In our case we are the fossils embedded in the matrix of the Post American culture.  I think it’s clear that this culture isn’t going to vanish anytime soon.  We will be surrounded by it for the foreseeable future.  Luckily, we don’t have to make it disappear in order to get on with living happy productive lives.  And the matrix isn’t nearly as all-encompassing as everyone thinks.  What we do need to do is work out a set of rules and practices for allowing us to pass through the matrix as if it weren’t there.

The Ten Commandments (Well, more like Guidelines) for Living Free Inside the Matrix

  • Probably the simplest rule is to live where you have the fewest members of the Leftist persuasion in your environment. Stay as far away from any of them as is humanly possible.  Don’t live in or near any of the megalopolises.  They are the most concentrated form of the poison, the quintessence of the contagion that is the Leftist culture.  This one precept alone will improve your life immeasurably.
  • Don’t send your children to schools that teach them to despise you and your way of life. What this means is that you will have to evaluate the schools in the place you want to live and ascertain that some school exists that doesn’t fall into the category mentioned above.  As a corollary you’ll have to make sure you can afford to send your children there.  So maybe this is a public school in a normal area or a religious school or a private school or even home school.  But protect your kids from the Leftists.
  • Work for the company or in the industry that is least dominated by Leftists. This is a more difficult task and is sure to involve compromises because almost all businesses are to one extent or another compromised by the presence in at least the human resources department and probably the executive suite, with people who are part of the Leftist collective.  Years of affirmative action legislation and Ivy League indoctrination have altered all of these companies such that social justice virtue signaling is a part of the daily routine.  As I said this is a difficult call.  If you want to work as a lawyer or a doctor or even to a certain extent as an engineer, architect or an accountant you will be sacrificing your right to say out loud what you really think about the leftist policies that your company espouses.  And if you hope to reach upper management you will have to burn incense to Caesar.  Maintaining your self-respect is the question here.  If you enjoy leading a double life while taking their coin then maybe you can make it work.  But that’s your call.  From a practical point of view having a trade that allows you to be an independent contractor or even a small business owner is probably your best bet for escaping the Leftist business world.
  • Before deciding where to live make a point of knowing who runs your town government, your school board, your police department, your county government, your county sheriff, your state representative, your state senator, your district attorney and your governor. If it turns out that most of these people are Leftists then maybe you are looking at living in the wrong place.
  • Become politically active in your local area. If you have the time and the talent run for local office and make things better.
  • If you’re a man find a good woman and marry her and support her so she can make a home and raise a family. If you’re a woman find a good man and marry him and make him support you while you raise a bunch of nice kids.  That’s the hardest and easiest job in the world.  It’s the easiest because it’s as natural as breathing.  It’s the hardest because the system that’s been built up over the last hundred years has stacked the deck against the normal one-income family.  Once again compromises will be needed unless you have supportive parents who can provide boosts as needed to get over the humps like buying a house and surviving economic downturns.
  • Tell your kids the truth about the world and the lies that have been built up by the Left. Tell them the truth about what they’ll have to do to thrive in the world they find themselves in.  Support them in getting started in the world.  They are your greatest possessions.
  • Locate other families who believe the things you believe in and spend your time in their company. Think of family activities that you can do on a regular basis.  Minor league ball games, bowling, movies, laser tag, paint ball, camping trips, bible study, museum trips, performances of Shakespeare (normal ones), rock climbing, tennis, whatever.  Just as long as it’s wholesome and you can do it as a family.  Form a community of people that support each other and believe in the same things.
  • Form a men’s club. The wives can have their own club where they play cards or talk about books, recipes, children’s problems or make fun of their husbands.  But the men need a club just for them where they can be men.  They can go somewhere and shoot guns and play poker and complain about their wives and their kids and everything that’s wrong with the world including the Leftists that we hate so much.
  • Take care of your own. That means till the day you die.  Kids, grandkids especially are your primary responsibilities.  You have to pass on to them the same help you hopefully received when you were young.  But parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and any other relatives that need your help are family too.  And believe me I know that there are exceptions that are just impossible.  I’ve met some of them, the ones that will steal the money out of your wallet to get a fix.  But most people are lucky enough not to have those exceptions in their family tree.  So, family first.

Well, that’s a start.  Next time I’ll work on one point in more depth but I like to outline things first.  I write this stuff out to help me arrange things in my own head because heaven knows I’ve broken most of these commandments along the way.  But since I’ve taken the red pill, I’ve done a lot better.  The biggest goal is escaping New England but that is going to take the equivalent of Moses leading the Israelites across the desert to Canaan.  I’m going to have to get the grandchildren to come with me to pry Camera Girl away from here.  But greater miracles have happened so I have hope.


06AUG2020 – I have very limited wifi access for the next day or two due to the storm damage in New England.  I will answer comments in a slower than usual manner.  Sorry.

05AUG2020 OCF Update – Marooned in the Dead Zone

Tropical Storm “Whatever the Hell it Was Called” blew through here yesterday and I’ve been without power, phone, cable and internet for about thirty hours.  One point of clarification, Camera Girl and I only have a land line.  I am the last adult male in North America without any sort of cellular phone.  Because of this I haven’t seen news, read a blog or even been able to get on OCS since early afternoon on Tuesday.  I took a car ride to visit family today and had to make four detours to get through all the downed power lines in my heavily wooded part of the country.  But my visit was practical.  I wanted to make sure they had running water in the house and were able to keep their refrigerated food cold.  I didn’t ask them whether the country was still called America or whether the White House had been repainted black to show sensitivity for hurt feelings.  I wasn’t even sure exactly how many people in the Northeast were without power.  I knew there were a lot locally but how far it extended was completely unknown to me.

It’s kind of a weird feeling.  I couldn’t even get on line to do my day job.  Luckily the dvd player doesn’t require the internet and so I was able to watch the next episode of Star Trek tonight.  It’s the one where Kirk, Spock, Scotty and McCoy go down to a planet and then start aging 30 years per day and Spock convenes a competency hearing and has Kirk declared too senile to captain the Enterprise.  It’s wonderful.  I’ll write it up soon but what struck me was that I was so grateful for a diversion from the quiet.  Well, not exactly quiet.  If the air conditioner is off, I can hear the generator cranking away.  It’s about as loud as a lawn tractor but hour after hour it really begins to get annoying as a background sound.  And it’s not exactly cabin fever.  After all the car still runs.  I mean, it’s not as if I’m going all Jack Torrance or anything but if Camera Girl starts pulling a Shelley Duvall act around here it won’t be good.  In a lot of ways, I’ve always been the caretaker here and nobody better forget it.

Well anyway, I’ve been thinking about all the bizarre things that have happened in the last six months and I’ve decided we have officially entered into a permanent state of madness.  Basically nothing is unthinkable and the odds of the whole human race descending into an irrevocable death spiral seems just as likely as not.  And at this point I think I might be willing to take my chances in the new setup.  With enough ammunition and gasoline, I could see myself as the next Lord Humungous.  I’ve always wanted to be able to threaten to unleash my dogs of war.  The only thing is I’ll have to lose some weight. Humungous was pretty fit.

So that’s where we are.  Forced to huddle in our homes afraid to go to the grocery store without a mask because the thought police will turn me in.  Working from home because our corporate masters are afraid of being sued for killing us with COVID and now we don’t have electricity, running water, refrigeration or access to mass communication.  At this rate pretty soon we’ll be envying the peasants during the black plague because at least they had that guy with the cart collecting the dead.  We’ll probably be forced to stockpile our dead until someone figures out a safe way for the garbagemen to collect them.


Update: 6AUG2020 I travelled to a wifi area to post this.  I’m not sure when my access will be restored so bear with my sparse commenting for the next day or so.

An Open Letter of Thanks from a Deplorable to Antifa and BLM

I don’t typically give the devil his due but these are not normal circumstances and I think I must.

In our hyperpolarized 50/50 America the economic and social disruption caused by the Wuhan flu should have been a very serious obstacle to an incumbent president’s re-election prospects.  Not that it would have made it impossible for the incumbent but rather that it would have given the challenger a great point of attack.  The loss of many jobs and businesses can easily be politicized during a campaign to the challenger’s advantage.  And that is why the President was so invested in restarting the economy as soon as possible.  This would allow enough time for the economic picture to be on the rebound by the November election.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the campaign.  When it became apparent that Bernie Sanders was not going to be the Democrat candidate for president, his most radical followers seemed to have pulled out Plan B.  And based on actual circumstances Plan B seems to have been a race war.  Unfortunately for their plans, the blue states, instead of quelling the riots, have instead embraced the radical racialist philosophy of BLM and have begun the process of demonizing the white population, dismantling their police departments and eventually setting up a network of warlord drug fiefdoms where their inner-city ghettos are currently situated.  Once these free-fire zones have been in place for a few years all the honest people will be forced to flee the cities and these former metropolises will join Detroit and Baltimore as third world hellholes and cautionary tales for Democrats who think they know how not to waste a crisis.

The upshot of all this is that the Bernie Bros have managed to unleash a Democrat mediated nightmare that almost certainly assures not only the President’s re-election but provides a scenario where down ticket Republicans get a serious boost in their election prospects too.  That is if they are smart enough to take advantage of it.  And being Republicans that is a big if.

But how did this happen?  If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d hypothesize that false flag agents of the far right infiltrated Antifa and instigated the George Floyd rebellion in Minneapolis and then helped set up separate franchises in all the other blue cities.  It’s of course a ridiculous idea, but the outcome of the rioting is almost ideal as an object lesson for suburbanites who want to see what it would be like if Democrats are allowed to set racial policy across the country.  Not only do they now have to avoid the no-man’s land in their own city but they have to endure corporate training about their white privilege and unconscious bias.  Their kids will be endlessly propagandized at school and encouraged to denigrate their parents, heritage and history.

However, it happened, it truly is a miracle of biblical proportion.  It’s like that scene in the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” where the angel gives George Bailey a chance to see what life would be like if he had never been born.  Instead what has happened is the country has been given the chance to see what the Democrat’s 1619 policy will look like ahead of time.  Under their leadership rioting, looting and arson are now spectator sports for Antifa, BLM and the thugs who follow them around.  The protection that you have come to expect from the police will be gone and guns will be plentiful for criminals but still forbidden for you.  Economic growth will disappear for you, but slavery reparations will still have to be paid for, so expect your paycheck to get a lot smaller.  All in all, you’ll be reminded that you really did have a pretty wonderful life last year before the Wuhan flu and BLM took it all away.  And you’ll have a chance in November to put the Democrats in charge and make this nightmare a permanent situation or re-elect President Trump and let him end their reign of terror.  Tough choice.

So, thanks again Antifa, thanks BLM and thanks to all the Democrat mayors and governors who stood idly by while the mob looted, burned, beat and murdered everything in their path.  You’ve done in real life what a thousand commercials could not have done.  You have shown America the future.  Anyone with an IQ higher than the outside temperature in Minneapolis in January should now know exactly what to expect under a Democrat regime, an Orwellian dystopia involving racial violence, the end of free speech and economic serfdom.  Well done.

And if between now and November you get bored, feel free to burn down the cities again just for old times sake and to keep in practice.  If I might offer a suggestion, this time burn down the universities.  Start with Harvard.  I hear they have plenty of statues that need toppling.

How Big is the Post America Contingent?

The present civil war pits all the groups that think America is evil against all the normal Americans who believe in the country that saved the world from all the insanities that raged against humanity in the twentieth century.  It defeated fascism, Nazism, socialism, bolshevism, Maoism and all the other isms that attempted to enslave mankind.  Now the stupidest version of communism, Bernie Bro-ism, is being used as a club by the Clinton-Bush-Obama gang to destroy the country in an orgy of imbecility.

But it has to be admitted that the millennials are willing dupes, the most useful of idiots, swallowing the lies that the intersectional politburo has cobbled together and enthusiastically supporting if not actually leading the charge in the street theater that currently afflicts the urban centers of almost every American city.  These are the children of the Baby Boomers.  They were foolishly but mostly innocently handed over to the ministrations of the America-hating teachers, professors, college resident advisors and human resource assistants who have filled their heads with self-hatred and contempt for the greatest nation that has ever arisen on this planet.

How big is this contingent?  I’ll say that it is the majority of that generation.  In addition to this cohort we can add in all the grievance groups.  This includes feminists of all stripes, all of the LGBTQ, 85% to 90% of the black population, a majority of the Hispanic population, and a good chunk of the rest of the minority groups currently found in the country.  Interestingly, a proportion of that Hispanic population seems to be up for grabs.  The more prosperous and the socially conservative members of the group don’t really feel comfortable with the radical ideology of the far left and rightly believe that tearing down the country is not in their children’s best interests.  I would also include in this category the Indian and Chinese and other Asian groups that came to America to partake in the prosperity and stability of the American system.  Many of these people have seen the rioters destroying the lives of small business owners and they have seen the school systems of these cities destroyed by eliminating the recognition of excellence.  It is possible over the course of a decade or two that these will be the new cohort of the right but it will require a different type of Republican to make that case convincingly and not the spineless open borders fools who play right into the hands of the Amerca-haters.

And the final portion of the Post Americans are the Cloud People and their minions in corporate America.  The very rich and the managerial class have made common cause with the woke Post Americans and pay obeisance to the rioters and use their allies in the media to try to convince everyone else that resistance is futile.

So does this equal 270 electoral votes worth of Post Americans?  Interestingly, probably not!  As much as the Left has been trumpeting their demographics is destiny jazz for thirty years it seems that they haven’t quite dragged themselves over the finish line just yet.  What will be especially interesting to see is whether their share of the millennial vote actually sinks below what they got in 2016.  After all, I have to imagine even the brain-dead millennials have to be disturbed by an actual insurrection being played out in real time in their neighborhoods while the city governments sit back and let it happen.  This is not to say that it will stop most of them from backing it but just maybe the smarter ones will see through the doublespeak.

In places like New York, California and Illinois it should be an ironclad policy of the federal government to withhold any funding to pay for the repair of the damage that the local governments allowed in their urban centers.  This along with the destruction of the small and not so small businesses that were pushed over the edge to bankruptcy by the rioting and the COVID shutdowns should be the price these states should be forced to pay.  That type of reality check will give their voters something to think about.  Because going forward it is important to remember that if the Left is shown by the results of the election to have overplayed their hand then consolidating the votes of those who swing back to our side is the first order of business.  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota are ground zero for recapturing America.  And not just for the presidential election.  Taking senate seats, house seats and governorships are part of what it will take to begin changing the way Americans think about their country.  They have to be made to understand that in a real way we are in a war.  And the violence and chaos they have seen on the streets will reinforce that understanding and only when they elect men who will protect them from violence and intimidation will they get back the sense of stability and safety that was the norm in America for over a hundred years.

So, the answer to the title question is that the Post America contingent is pretty damn big but not quite big enough to take over if we stand up and stop them.  Don’t forget to vote this November and bring your conservative friends along if they need a ride.

27JUL2020 – OCF Update

Over the weekend I got in touch with some friends of mine that I knew had expertise that I was interested in having showcased on the site.  One fellow is a gun guy and by this I mean that he is both a gun enthusiast and also a staunch Second Amendment partisan.  I told him I’m interested in articles on both topics.  I think there’s broad interest for these kind of articles.  So hopefully he’ll have the time to contribute a post or two on these subjects.

The other guy, among many other interests, is a student of the theory of technological innovation.  He’s interested in what kinds of corporate enterprises produce value like replacing a typewriter with a word processor and what kinds merely suck the life out of an industry like when Hollywood rolls out “Star Wars MCMXXXIX – The Search for Transgender Ewok Wokeness.”  He has very definite opinions and some of them seem counter intuitive to me but I find this stuff useful when I try to imagine how I would want to see the US government incentivize the re-industrialization  of America.

So these two guys will write the stuff they know about and since these aren’t my strong suits it will add more breadth to the site.

And by the same token if any of you folks out there are interested in contributing to the site either on a one off basis or more regularly then just let me know either in a comment or by e-mail to orionscoldfire(at)charter(dot)net and I’d love to hear your ideas and what you want to share.

As we head for August and inch closer to the fall campaign season we will all be bombarded with propaganda by both sides.  But I expect the Dems to reach ludicrous levels of untruth.  I fully expect to see a commercial claiming that President Trump is a space alien and that he eats puppies for breakfast.  I fully intend to intend to revel in their mendacity and am toying with the idea of having “Stupid Democrat Ad of the Week” or something like that.  But what is more important, I’m hoping to see the President’s campaign focus on the rioting and associated chaos and relentlessly paint the Democrats and Joe Biden with the guilt for what they have tolerated and even sponsored.  It seems to me that hammering that home should be all that is needed to give the sane fraction of the voting public what it needs to disqualify the Dems from running this country.  Whether that sane fraction has the votes or not to put us over the top is the question of the hour.

So stay tuned.  There should be lots of good stuff, political and cultural, coming down the pike.

The ZMan Speculates on Where We Are With This Election

The ZMan is not a Trump fan.  But he is interested in how the American electorate’s understanding of Left/Right politics is adapting to the new landscape we now live in.  And because he’s not a Trump partisan I find it especially confirmatory of my opinion that he also sees that the media are using exactly the same inflated numbers for Biden that they used for Hillary back in 2016.  It’s wonderful how today Biden is up by 7 points in Florida.  I remember back in 2016 there was such excitement because Florida had Hillary ahead early and everyone on the Left was haling it as the demographic inevitability that they’d been heralding for a decade.  And then they lost.  I guess the idea is to discourage voters by telling them their votes won’t matter.

The ZMan also notes that the rioting isn’t very popular with white voters almost everywhere.  Who knows maybe even Oregon and Washington voters may be fed up enough to send a message to their representatives on election day.  Maybe a representative or two get’s bounced in favor of a Republican here and there.  Wouldn’t that be something.  So anyway, it’s good to see the ZMan is seeing a lot of the same things I am.  It doesn’t hurt to have a neutral party confirm your opinion once in a while.


The Media Revolution


Thriving in the Era of the Woke Revolt

Several voices on the Right have raised the analogy of what is going on in the West and in America particularly as akin to how the European civilization in the Iberian Peninsula (current day Spain and Portugal) had to survive the Moorish conquest and then reconquer their homeland back.  Now the fact that the Moors occupied it for almost eight hundred years (711 A.D. to 1492 A.D.) does put a bit of a damper on the party if you try to draw too strict a comparison between the two things.  I don’t think anyone would want to hear that twenty-five generations of Americans would have to endure being lectured on how many genders there are and which pronouns you are allowed to use for the man in the sundress.  Far from it.  I have no doubt that the insanity that is currently taking place will bring about its own correction.  The levels of insanity on display will complete the polarization of our population into the sane and the insane.

But what is true is that there will be large areas where the insane will run things.  Look at Seattle and Portland as examples of what it looks like when the lunatics get control of the asylum.  And those are just the most egregious examples.  Most of the large urban centers in this country have devolved into a hostage standoff where the urban poor and their woke co-conspirators are in constant negotiation for whatever ransom they can extort against the lives and livelihood of the middle class who are trying to exist in the constantly deteriorating conditions of these cities.

That will go on for a very long time.  The good news is that you don’t have to be a part of that.  In the future you will learn to navigate around the crazy people and the places they rule.  And that includes the companies they run.  Sometimes that means you will avoid working for or with the truly insane.  Maybe instead of working for Google you will find an IT department that’s more interested in your skills than your politics.  Or maybe you will decide to work in the “belly of the beast” anyway despite the oppressive environment and survive by living clandestinely.  Either way you will hone your skills as an inhabitant of the checkerboard landscape that is present day America.

The first thing to do is stop denying that it exists.  No one is going to snap his fingers and bring us back to fifty or a hundred years ago.  The crazies and the elites have struck a bargain and the crazies were given ownership of the schools, colleges, churches, courts and the HR departments of all the major corporations.  In exchange, the elites were allowed to offshore all their industries and import enough cheap labor to take care of whatever jobs were left.

Once you acknowledge where we currently are, you can begin to adapt to your environment and then thrive in it.  Situational awareness is very important.  Never play to their strengths.  Unless you have an armed bodyguard of special forces men you probably shouldn’t show up at an antifa rally in Portland, Oregon and declare your political beliefs.  If you want to start a fraternal society then make it a religious society that has protected status that can’t be shanghaied by social justice warriors and turned into the next Boy Scouts.  But be sure not to do it in a blue state.  In those areas everything will have to be on a clandestine personal basis.  And a personal basis is the best way to live your personal life anyway.  Know your friends and spend your time with them.  And it doesn’t even have to be your next-door neighbors.  You can make friends on-line and enjoy that experience too.  A shared point of view makes a good basis for association.  Nowadays free association only exists on a personal basis but you can make that work very well for many of the interactions you can choose to have.  This website is a perfect example of free association.  It’s very unlikely that Leftists would want to spend much time here since they’re not interested in the things I like and disagree with more or less 100% of what I believe.  Whereas people who hold similar beliefs with me will feel as though they belong here.  By congregating here we get to spend time with like minded individuals and also pass information back and forth.  Some of it is trivial like a book or a movie that’s interesting.  But maybe one day you hear about a job opportunity or a place to live or a politician that’s helping our side.

And then there are business opportunities.  Think about it.  Opportunities abound to provide cultural and entertainment choices that currently don’t exist for normal people.  A world that’s growing tired of woke comedies that aren’t funny and strident feminist superheroes that aren’t exciting might be a good market for someone repackaging (or curating as the hipsters now say) old books and movies for young and old alike.  Vox Day is doing that with his book and comic book publishing business.  And several other writers are separating themselves from the hyper-liberal publishing companies and producing normal reading material.  And with the technology changes happening in video it might even be possible for movies to be produced outside of the Hollywood studio system.  With on-line businesses becoming so dominant a network of right-wing people might open up business niches that are currently going unfulfilled.

So what have I been trying to say?  Basically I’m saying we’re living in a complicated world that has some very dangerous and dysfunctional areas and people in it that will be there for the foreseeable future but that with the right strategy they can be effectively bypassed to allow you and your friends to live your lives the way you want.  That’s pretty good news.

Long live the Reconquista!

21JUL2020 – OCF Update

I saw Vox Day had a link to an article and an excerpt about Red Bull firing their North American Chief Executive and Chief Marketing Officer because they were pushing a BLM diversity and inclusion racket at the company.  Apparently Red Bull is run by a billionaire CEO Dietrich Mateschitz in Austria and he’s old school.  He even likes Donald Trump.  Apparently these two were leading a social justice crusade.  They leaked a letter to the press where 300 employees complained about Red Bull’s lack of wokeness.  I’m guessing those 300 whiners may be joining the ranks of the unemployed woke very soon.  I’m not the kind to drink energy drinks but I’ll have to see how to give a boost to a company that has its head screwed on right like they do.

I’ve started reading Stanislaus Lem’s “Cyberiad.”  War Pig had mentioned it and I remember I was interested in reading some more of his stuff way back when.  It’s off-beat and very humorous and that’s something you don’t get in sf&f very often so I’m thinking this will be good.

I’m looking for someone who has a background in guns to write some articles on classic and state of the art handguns.  I’ve always thought those kind of articles will be popular and useful for the readers here.  If anyone is interested leave a comment or e-mail.

I’ll put up a review of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”  It’s not my usual movie but it was recommended and it has some interesting points.  But it is a Quentin Tarantino film and he is a strange dude.

I’ve gotten some more of Olivier’s Shakespeare movies.  I’ll throw those on the pile and watch them soon.  I’m thinking I need to do a series on classic westerns.  I should make a point of buying the dvds before the studios decide to destroy them out of woke spite.

And finally I made a point of buying a Columbus biography written before the revisionists blackened his name.  It should be just the thing for ammunition against the brainless when they screech against him.


Lend Me Your Ears

“Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears.”   Shakespeare surely could craft a line.  A few weeks ago, I was watching Brando’s take on Mark Antony in Julius Caesar.  He gave the line a different emphasis.  Instead of declaiming it as a sonorous prologue to his eulogy of Caesar he barked it out as a command for silence from an unruly crowd.  It came off odd, almost jarring.  It wasn’t what I expected.  But it could work dramatically and it went along with Brando’s portrayal of Antony.

And it occurred to me that here was a man standing in the center of the Roman Republic surrounded by the common people and willing to stir them up while his murderous enemies were just down the street.  He took his chance to wake up the people, to stir them to life.  Rome in 44 B.C. was already in the midst of a long series of upheavals as the extreme wealth made possible by the army’s conquests fueled the oligarchs in their systematic destruction of republican life which guaranteed the eventual rise of Augustus and the Empire.

So, Shakespeare read Plutarch and imagined a late republic demagogue haranguing the Roman street to incite them to mutiny against the Senate in favor of the party and friends of the murdered populist dictator of Rome.  And he throws around the words ambitious and honorable and can make the first seem like a lie and the second sound like an epithet.

It’s very unlikely that what Marcus Antonius actually said to the Roman crowd could be translated into anything like what Shakespeare had him utter but the spirit of the conflict is there.  The Roman people were being dispossessed by their ruling class.  Citizenship was being diluted by extension to the provinces and the government was ruled exclusively by and for the rich.  Staggering number of farm slaves made it impossible for the small citizen farmer to compete with the enormous plantations that the rich senators ran.  Army service became an endless and prison-like sentence.  Rome was becoming just like any eastern despotism that had preceded it.  The only thing lacking was the title of king.

A careful scholar of Roman and American history would surely tell you that history never repeats itself but merely echoes universal human themes in every age and place.  But to be totally honest, it’s close enough for me.  We’re watching free men turning into serfs before our eyes.  Just as the Roman republic was rotted out by the power of the wealthy to outmaneuver and finally enslave the plebeians, just so, we are being manipulated and disenfranchised by the elites and their globalist minions.  We are being propagandized and gaslit and being stripped of our heroes and our history.  We are being displaced and disposed of.

Well, let me try it on for size.  My platform isn’t the Roman Forum after the death of Caesar but it’ll have to do.  I’m not eulogizing an assassinated leader I’m mourning for the murdered American Dream.

Friends, Americans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears.

What is going on now is not America.  Even during the Civil War, we had recognizable Americans on both sides fighting over issues of freedom and independence but both sides considered themselves Americans down to their toes.  Now we live in a country where almost half of the people living here hate America and all it stands for.  All they like about it is its wealth and they are quickly arranging for that to be swallowed up in a paroxysm of violence and destruction.  This is not a civil war; this is an invasion.  An alien ideology is being fostered and spread by these anti-Americans and the elites are supporting this invasion because they no longer think of themselves as Americans but as citizens of the world, or better, as the rulers of the world.

So, this harangue is for my countrymen, for those who are proud of America, not for the anti-Americans.  They can go to hell.  Think of this as an occupation.  Many occupied countries have survived and finally thrown off their conquerors.  Think of the Russians and the Mongols.  What is important is to find a way to protect you and yours from the effects of the occupation.  You have to protect your way of life and the things that make life worth living.  Take pride in your heritage and history and find others that do too and form a community with them.

And work to overthrow the invaders.  Never cooperate with their anti-American programs.  Never support their businesses or leaders.  Support anyone who shows pride in America and refuses to knuckle under to their propaganda.  Support them financially, politically and personally.

Pass along traditional values to the next generation.  Teach them the true history of the United States and tell it honestly with all the bad along with the good.  Let them know that America wasn’t a land of saints.  It was a land of free and courageous people that fought and competed in a tough world where there were winners and losers and that they created the greatest country ever seen on God’s green earth.  Tell them the truth about the subversion of this country and how it works.  Protect them from the degenerate and dishonest forces that exist to corrupt the young.  Explain to them the dangers of the world around them and how to find the good things in life that have real meaning and then support them in their journey through a world that is difficult for the young.

And enjoy life.  Find good people who believe in the things you believe in and spend as much time as possible with them.  Do all the things you enjoy and do it apart from the evil and the stupid.  There is no joy in their company only anger and disgust.  Let them spend their time among their depraved and insane allies.  They hate us but they have no love for each other.  Let them consume each other in their rage filled game of intersectional virtue signaling.  Depriving them of access to normal people is one of the best punishments you can bestow on them.

And beware of the moderates.  If they claim to be able to see the point of view of both sides of this war as equally valid then keep them out of any community of Americans you want to build.  They’re useless and worse than useless.  They will turn on you when things get tough to garner favor with their friends on the Left.  They will destroy any organization they find.  Stick with people that believe what you believe.

And most importantly don’t despair.  The ranks of our enemies are full of the weak and the stupid who have allowed themselves to be hypnotized by awful people who only want to destroy the things that they themselves cannot enjoy.  We will win if we show determination.  These people will have no legacy.  Their values do not support life.  They destroy it.  We can prosper and grow but they can only blight and wither everything they touch including themselves.  So, chin up.  You’re part of a nation of millions of people who believe what you believe and love the same good things you do.  And they’re too smart and courageous to be kept down forever.  We’ll find a way and we’ll get our country back.

Defund the Police Looks Like a Winner … for President Trump and the Republicans

Over at the Federalist a Chinese immigrant relates how her Trump hating democrat friends have had enough of the looting and will take Trump if it saves them from the mob.


The “Defund the Police” movement has not only turned more Americans into gun owners and supporters for the Second Amendment, but may prove to be a boon for President Trump’s reelection campaign. Since downtown Oakland saw some of the worst riots and looting in the nation, I recently checked in with a friend who lives there to make sure she and her family are safe.

Like me, she’s an immigrant from China and experienced Chairman Mao Zedong’s “Cultural Revolution” when growing up. Unlike me, she has supported Democrats for years. She loathes everything Trump stands for, from his immigration rhetoric to positions on foreign policy. For the sake of our friendship, we typically avoid discussing domestic politics as well.

This time, however, she went straight to domestic politics. She told me she and her family were safe but the riots and looting in downtown Oakland were terrifying. She was heartbroken to see so many immigrant-owned “mom and pop” stores ransacked or even burned to the ground.

She conveyed that while she wanted to see justice for Floyd, night after night of destruction and lawlessness were just “too much.” They reminded her of China’s “Cultural Revolution” from 1966-1976. She told me: “I didn’t come all this way to America to re-live a ‘Cultural Revolution’ in 2020.” Then she said something I would never have thought she’d say before: “Trump is right. We need law and order.”

What can you say?  Stupid Democrats, sure, but even they can see reality when it burns their neighborhood out.