24NOV2020 – OCF Update

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans out there.  I know we’re all living through the horrors that the Left has cooked up for us.  The lockdowns, the rampaging psychopaths and finally the fraudulent election plot.  It may seem insane to even talk about a happy anything but I refuse to let these horrible people rob me and my family of at least part of the joy that the holiday is supposed to provide.  My family gathering won’t be as large as some years but it will still be joyous and include children and grandchildren and a whole lot of turkey and other fattening food.  I hope to introduce my two year old granddaughter to the March of the Wooden Soldiers, Gulliver’s Travels and the art of getting the larger piece of the wishbone during the contest.  So please make sure to have some joy on Thursday even if it has to be by phone or video call.  After all generations of Americans have had to delay gatherings because of war and other emergencies.  We can hope that the present travesty will be ended some time in the near future if for no other reason than because a vaccine is imminent.

Secondly, I want to say that content may be a little sparse here because of all this merrymaking.  I intend to put out posts as often as possible but usually there is a lull in news and in web traffic during the holidays so the resource and the need may both lag to some degree.  But I intend to put up various reviews of movies, tv shows, books and other items that I think will be of general interest.  And I will continue to look for content from guest contributors.  So if you have something you’d like to contribute leave a note in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

Thirdly and lastly, I’d like to just address the election situation.  Many gloom and doomers seem extremely eager to throw in the towel.  They call me every day with some latest disaster that they hope will convince me that I must join them in the ranks of the defeated.  I’ve asked several of them whether they’ll get some kind of early bird special bonus for conceding now rather than wait for the actual resolution.  I have to say I really don’t understand why they’re in a hurry to concede the election to Joe Biden.  That seems like a situation that I would want to delay for as long as humanly possible.  But to each his own.  Anyway, I’ll allow President Trump and his legal team all the time they need to plead their case before the Supreme Court.  I think that anyone who claims to know in advance how that decision will be made is mistaken.  My opinion, and it is just that, my opinion, is that the odds are exactly 50/50.  So I’d prefer to enjoy Thanksgiving and let the process play out.  There’s plenty of time to react to the facts on the ground once they are.  So I’ll wait until there’s something interesting to discuss and then I will.

14NOV2020 – OCF Update

Pardon the dearth of posts in the last few days.  Like everyone else I have been pondering on the reality and circumstances of our troubled land.  I was contemplating waiting on the Supreme Court’s decisions on the election fraud appeals being submitted for their decisions.  But I think I will write a essay on the path forward without regard to whether the Supreme Court does its job or not.  I no longer think that further proof is needed to convince the reasonable men among the American people that there is no longer one law that applies to all Americans.  And what we have to decide is what we want to do about that.  That’s what I will be working on.

I also have some more movie reviews.  I have a book review of Jim Butcher’s latest addition to his Dresden Files’ series, “Peace Talks.”  I don’t think I have done reviews of this series before so maybe this will require a review of the series overall as a start.  And as the holidays near I think music and movie reviews for holiday themed works will be forthcoming.

I have been very negligent on the photography front.  I’m still posting photos of the day from back in the summer.  That is because photo work takes a bunch of time to prep.  I keep promising to put together some larger posts on technique and various subjects but I’ve been unable based on time.  I have promised myself I’ll have to do better.  And I will.

And as promised I’ll get guest contributors busy on some things outside of my areas of expertise.

So once again apologies for the drought but things will improve.

Barred Owl, Sony A7 III, Minolta 200mm f\4 Macro lens

10NOV2020 – OCF Update

As I mentioned recently I’m waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision on the President’s petitions to question the votes in the various states where fraud was most egregious.  I’m not questioning the status of honest government in the US.  That’s all settled in this banana republic of a country.  What I want to know first is whether there’s any hope of repairing some of the damage by legal means.  Once I know that I’ll be able to speak about what the paths forward look like for me.

I will say now that the idea that anyone thinks Joe Biden could be the president is an absurdity that is more damning than the fraud that his partisans were willing to commit with impunity.  Joe Biden is an abomination in more than one sense.  Not since Caligula elevated his horse to the rank of senator has a less qualified and more repugnant candidate been presented to the much suffering people of this planet.

In less distressing news, I finally got a copy of Jim Butcher’s latest volume in the Dresden Files series, “Peace Talks.”  This is, I believe the sixteenth book in the series and it’s been six years since the fifteenth book came out.  It’s an urban fantasy series that highlights all types of supernatural creatures from three different types of vampire to several kinds of werewolves to almost godlike elemental forces.  All of these creatures seem to spend most of their time bothering Harry Dresden in his seedy Chicago office where he is the only practicing wizard that consults with the Chicago PD.  I’m really looking forward to Harry’s troubles.  No matter how much he is tortured by the baddies he always manages to get a joke into the dialog.  That’s the spirit I admire.  Plus I believe volume seventeen is the end so I’m looking forward to the payoff.

Things have gotten more and more bizarre in the political world but I do want to say that I admire President Trump for showing the stamina and guts to push forward and challenge the crooks who are actively working to steal the presidency of this country.  I also want to say that other than a few good people like Tucker Carlson Fox News is as dishonest as CNN and MSNBC.

So hang in there all you folks in the real world.  We will have a path forward soon and it will be a path to better things and better days.

The Question Has Been Answered

For a long time I have been trying to decide if there was a way to get back to where we were even sixteen years ago when even a country divided by war and partisan allegiance could rally around the institutions of the American government and respect the processes and practices that allowed us to work through our differences in a peaceful and reasonable way.

Even after the lunacy that the Left unleashed in their cities during the BLM riots I thought that a presidential election could allow us to find a way forward based on the will of the majority.  Well, that’s been shown to be an illusion.  Based on the way the election was run in the Democrat cities in the swing states it’s crystal clear to me that there is no way forward for the United States as one nation.  Even if the Supreme Court does their duty and negates all the fraudulent votes and awards the win to President Trump there is no longer any credibility to the idea that the Left will deal with us as countrymen.  They have shown us that we are their enemies and at this point we have no choice but to reciprocate that.

I do not know how this will play out.  There are so many options that run the gamut from polite dissolution of the union to full blown civil war that I won’t even attempt to figure out how this will go.  But what it does mean is that we need to start looking at the facts on the ground and come up with strategies and tactics to start moving forward to a resolution of our status.  For those who live in occupied territory (blue states) you may want to figure out how to move to a relatively free area (red states).  You may want to start to start getting involved in the political process to try and steer the changes that will start to occur.  There will be all kinds of things we’ll have to start thinking about and doing but the first thing is to get it into your head that this isn’t going to go away.  You’re going to have to pick a side.  Even if President Trump is awarded the election win by the Supreme Court that will only provide a short respite during which you can get your affairs in order.

If Biden is allowed to steal the election then expect things to get a lot worse very quickly.  Changes in the law will curtail your freedom of speech and religion and maybe even your right to own a gun.  This site may be shut down due to government censorship.  But whatever happens try to act logically and work toward goals that minimize the impact of government control on your ability to live your life the way you want.  Look for like minded people to form a network with.  Use this network to develop a social group that can provide a community that reinforces the things you believe in and protects you and your family from the controlled external environment that surrounds us.

So, if you consider yourself on the right of the left/right divide then know that we aren’t going back to a better time when there was one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  There are two nations and only our nation cares about the rest of those things.  Be alert and be careful.  These are going to be very challenging times.

Camaraderie is Key

I mentioned during my post-election-night post, that after 9pm I was on a zoom video conference with eight conservative friends and friends of friends.  And I’ve got to say that was more fun than I’ve had in a good long while.  It was energizing and enjoyable and interesting.  And I think it makes sense to tap into that idea going forward.  Sure, it’s great to reach out to folks all over the country and that is what I do with this website but it makes sense to combine that with local networks of people.

I haven’t figured out how to grow that idea.  Maybe I can come up with some kind of template to help people recruit their friends and associates.  I’ve been thinking about having a get together of my local group.  Problems with the COVID panic here in New England makes it difficult.  All kinds of difficulties exist that restrict what people can do but it occurred to me that a zoom party might be something easy.  And I’d like to start by just throwing it out there that if you haven’t thought of having a get together by computer it might turn out to be a lot of fun for you and your friends too.

What makes sense is to start with some kind of basis for the get together.  It doesn’t have to be anything really important or even political.  In fact, if it’s something trivial that might be all the better but I think you should have at least some kind of excuse.  I always try to coordinate food and drink to add that aspect to the event and make it feel a little more like an actual get together.  As far as the duration I would say make it open ended but if things are running out of steam then call an end.  And you may find that a few people have to leave but others want to keep going.  That’s fine too.

As far as number of people I’m guessing that between five and fifteen might be a good guess as to practical range.  Fewer than that is more of a private conversation and more than that might get unmanageable as far as people talking over each other.  But these are only guesses on my part based on what I saw with eight.

As far as frequency, I’d go with the P. T. Barnum adage, “Always leave them wanting more.”  Too frequent occurrences will exhaust the topics of conversation and the appetite for this sort of thing.  There should be enthusiasm for the event or there’s no reason to have it.  But I think the revelation that a get together, even a virtual get together, is fun will spark interest in continuing the practice and hopefully when the lockdowns end will move on to real occasions where people on our side gather and socialize.

I haven’t determined whether the He Man Woman Hater’s Club is still a copyrighted phrase.  If not, I think it would capture the spirit if not the substance of what I would want my organization to be about.  But that is a minor point.  The main thing is to get people talking and enjoying life in these troubled times.

04NOV2020 – Post-Election Day Thoughts

Groggily crawling into the light this morning required that I re-orient myself in the aftermath of the surreal experience that was Election Night 2020.  I spent from 9pm to 1am on a zoom with a great bunch of people on our side of the political divide.  I’ll gladly admit that was a whole lot of fun.  I much preferred discussing the incoming results with them than listening to the talking heads on the networks blather on about their demented opinions.

I’m very disappointed that we didn’t have a definitive result last night.  Taking that out of the equation makes election night kind of a phony description.  It would be more accurate to call it the beginning of the ballot counting.  Well, what can you do?  Progressives can’t help but ruin anything they touch.  But what was very clear last night was that any state that is controlled by the Democrats like Virginia and Pennsylvania made sure to stop the vote counting if it looked like President Trump was about to win the state.  The obvious conclusion is that they are using the delay to rig the results.  So that means four very key states, PA, VA, MI and WI will attempt to use manufactured Democrat voting ballots to fraudulently win those states for Biden.

It will be very interesting for me to see if President Trump has the wherewithal to block this fraud.  I have no idea if he can.  I sincerely hope he is successful.  That would be the best outcome for the current situation.  If he fails Joe Biden and ultimately, Kamala Harris will end up as President.

And so, let me get to the crux of this essay.  If President Trump prevails then we know what he has to do to begin repairing the damage already done to our country.  I and every other writer on the Right has been expounding on that for the last four years.  What needs to be determined is what are we going to do if he is unsuccessful?

And the answer is to cultivate our own gardens.  We are going to have to woke-proof our lives.  We will be forced to come up with work arounds and local solutions to all the problems associated with living in the cultural Marxist state that a Biden administration will entail.  And don’t think it won’t be extreme.  Look how repressive the social media and other Silicon Valley companies have been under the Trump administration.  I can only imagine that the deplatforming will become even more pervasive.  And the laws that the Left will try to get through Congress and the courts will be pretty bad.  First and Second amendment attacks are going to be horrendous.  Theoretically the Supreme Court should be there to prevent that from taking place but John Roberts is an awful man and a real enemy to the conservative side.  We are going to see some gut-wrenching defeats under his tenure on the Supreme Court.

And for all those reasons I think it’s more important than ever to have places we can go to talk and trade notes on what helps and what doesn’t.  Our voices will disappear on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all the other hostile platforms.  We’ll need our own spaces to get any news out and lend moral and other support to our side.  I’ve painted a pretty bleak picture of what will happen if Biden wins.  But really you should remember that this isn’t something that should make brave people quail.  Think of what the Poles endured under the Soviets.  Freedom is a quality of the mind not the local laws.  If we have to go underground then that’s what we do.  And then we find out who the free and the brave really are.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;”

I say it’s us.  What do you think?

Pre-Game Jitters and An Election Day Open Post

Note:Updates are added at the bottom of the post over the course of the day.  

Well here we go.  No matter how confident you may feel about the results of the upcoming elections you’re probably a little nervous about what will be going on for the next week or more.  And so am I.  I’m fairly certain the President will be re-elected relatively easily but fairly certain and sure are not the same thing.  Also, based on the actions of the woke lunatics infesting the cities around the country I’m pretty sure there will be at least a certain amount of bedlam and violence happening, especially if the polls show Trump winning.  As soon as that happens these creeps will go ballistic, especially in their strongholds like Portland and Seattle.  I expect there will be a certain number of murders and lots of arson and looting for sure.  And the Democrats and their army of crooked lawyers and judges will sow confusion and attempt to outright steal any states that aren’t strong enough to defend themselves.  And the Supreme Court will be the epicenter of the battle and John Roberts is a spineless loser who will do his damnedest to hurt our side.

But what I think is good advice is to try to keep the excitement level a couple of notches below maximum, so instead of eleven dial it back to seven.  It will be a long night for sure and it might even be a very long week of distressing news regardless of how well the election goes.  The world is full of very bad people and they will be looking to rattle our side as hard as they can.  And of course, the media is going to spin everything they can as negatively as they can for as long as they can.

I’m off this week and so as a way to keep morale up I intend to keep this as an open post going all the way through election day and even beyond if it is warranted.  I’ll try to combine election results, links to important or entertaining news along with my always witty and penetrating insights.  Anyone who has comments is, as usual, welcome to chime in with relevant or entertaining discussion.  I’m especially interested to hear about local conditions where you are.  Anything you find interesting about things going on during the election is exactly what I’m looking for.

So, let’s hope it ends like it did in 2016 with a river of progressive tears washing away the mounds of inaccurate polls and their howls drowning out the words of the talking heads trying to explain how they got it so wrong.  But even if it is a long confusing time of disputed election results and screeching progressives threatening to summon the military if their claims about disputed results aren’t honored immediately and unconditionally, remember to keep calm and look at the big picture.  There is no guarantee that elections will work in our favor every time or even at all.  The important thing is to be looking at how to prevent the Left from impacting you, your family and friends.  That’s something you can work on when we’re winning or losing.  And be willing to share a laugh or a kind word with anyone on our side that you meet here or elsewhere.

Best of luck to President Trump and the other folks on our side who are about to get on the roller coaster that is Election Day 2020.  And best wishes to all of us.  And as an old tv show used to say, “be careful out there.”


11:30 A.M. Update – Just got back from voting.  My little town turned out in phenomenal numbers.  The lines were epic.  But it was truly fun getting out and doing something useful.  One amusing event happened in line.  About two people behind me in line was this twenty something kid with a sort of goth persona; dyed black hair, black clothes, and the palest skin I’ve seen in years.  As we got close to the front of the line a middle aged woman comes out of the exit door and the young guy yells out have you voted for Joe Biden today.  She made a face like he had said something vile and exclaimed “Hell no!”  I almost burst out laughing but just chuckled a little instead.  I’ll have to say that restored my faith in humanity.  Even here in the belly of the beast, New England, there are plenty of good people left.

12:54 P.M. Note:  I’ve been sent an invite for a 9 pm zoom to serve as a remote election party.  Camera Girl has agreed to bake some pizza pies for me so I can have a reheat-able food available as the long night wears on.  She also plans to studiously ignore the goings on.  She is one of those benighted people who takes no interest in politics.  She claims I am responsible for taking care of that.  Ah well, she is making the pizza after all.  What social provisions is everyone else doing for this  momentous event?  Is it mostly a solitary one for you? 

3:22 P.M. – News Headline – Pelosi Calls Amy Coney Barrett an ‘Illegitimate Supreme Court Justice”

Can you imagine any normal person being called illegitimate by Nancy Pelosi.  At this point I don’t think Pelosi even qualifies as a living human.  As far as I can tell she’s now one of the undead.  The only question is whether she can qualify as a vampire if her sustenance is gin instead of blood.  Please Nancy stay in your  crypt, your scaring the children and Halloween is officially over.

7:03 P.M. – Trump wins Kentucky.  No surprise there.

7:33 P.M. – So far all the numbers are what you’d expect.  Some networks have already called VA for Biden with 0% counted.  But that’s probably a safe state to call for the Dems.  The interesting ones for us will be the Carolinas and Georgia.  If those go well it will bode well for the rest of the night.

7:55 P.M. – I was listening to Fox News but there are just too many progs there to make it enjoyable.  If anyone knows of a better live discussion let me know.

8:02 P.M. – SC was called for Trump.  Not a big surprise, but encouraging.

8:09 P.M. – Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois and Massachusetts just got called for Biden with the usual 0%.  No surprises.

8:18 P.M. – Fox is saying that Trump looks like he is winning in Florida in unexpected places (Miami/Dade).

8:40 P.M. – Florida seems like it may be an easy win for Trump.

9:40 P.M. – The betting odds have now shifted to Trump.

10:10 P.M. – Everything seems to be going our way.  Fingers crossed.

10:51 P.M. – It looks like PA is shutting down the counting probably because Trump is so far ahead.

1:33 A.M. – So the crooked state officials are withholding the totals in PA and several other locales.  We’ll have to wait until the daylight to see how these criminals try to steal the election.  To be continued.

9:55 A.M. – Shennanigans seemed to have ensued.  Lawyers will have to sort this out.  But without a doubt MI looks like it will be needed.

31OCT2020 – OCF Update – Happy Halloween

As is always the case in New England, the weather here is almost always annoying and always bizarre.  Halloween makes me think about trees full of yellow and red leaves and pumpkins in the garden and kids running from house to house getting candy.  Instead here we get 4 inches of snow and trees full of leaves get weighed down by all the snow those leaves will hold.  And when those overloaded branches crack some of them take the power lines.  So that’s what trick or treat looks like around here.  But I do enjoy complaining about New England weather so I guess there is a bright side to it.

I’ve been trying to be cautious about my optimism on the election but it’s getting more difficult.  The tenor of news coming from the official organs of the Democrat establishment, (CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WP, and the tv networks) really doesn’t sound very hopeful for Creepy Uncle Joe.  Even the “good” news sounds like them whistling past the graveyard.  Now maybe 2016 has permanently traumatized them and provided some much needed hesitance to embrace polls that have been shown consistently biased in only one direction.  But I’ve got to tell you that when the black celebrities start flirting with endorsing Trump and Hispanic polls start veering dangerously high for the President it gets harder and harder to see Joe winning.  I and my cronies will spend Election Night overeating and discussing the results as they come in.  I’ll open up a post for comments and will update the post with thoughts, snide comments and hopefully links to video of suicidal leftists.

Happy Halloween.  I’ll continue to review horror and sf&f movies right through the holiday and beyond.  I always enjoy the fun of seeing old movies I haven’t seen in decades and praising them or mocking them (or both).  I still haven’t gotten the resources together to review the movies and books of the Thomas Harris (Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, etc.) series completely.  Some of the books are no longer around the house (you have to get rids of some things) and I haven’t seen some of the movies in years.  But that’s still on the radar.  Because of the movie reviews and the election I have been a little remiss on my Star Trek reviews but that will be fixed soon.

And finally, I have been talking about how I think the COVID crisis will be allowed to peter out once the election is over.  Currently New England is in full blown panic because testing is showing a spike in new cases.  If my theory is correct, the state governments and media will discover that COVID has suddenly become much less dangerous.  I’m dying for that to be so because I would love to salvage at least Christmas this year.  Let’s see.

So, my good friends out in the real America, stay tuned and and stay well.  The best is yet to come.


21OCT2020 – OCF Update

The last week or so has been fun for me because I’ve had some time off to keep up with posting on the site and reading around the web on what’s going on.  And not just the election.  We really are living in interesting times.  And not just for the worse.  All kinds of opportunities are out there if you have the time and energy to dig into them.

I’ve been very encouraged by the quality of the posts that the guest contributors have provided.  Of course War Pig is always interesting but Tyler, Jason, Tom, Charlemagne Really and the Fat Man have each provided something interesting to add value to the site.  And I want to encourage others readers to think about submitting something.  If you’ve always wanted to have your say then leave a comment here or send an e-mail to orionscoldfire (at) charter.net and get in touch with me.  I don’t just need political posts.  Any kind of general interest stuff will be considered.

And I like that the commenting is picking up.  I need the feedback even if it’s disagreement.  There are going to be a lot of challenging times ahead and getting multiple points of view will be valuable.  And by the same token readers should be willing to consider that we don’t have all the answers.

Well, onward and upward.  Here comes the future, ready or not.


CrissCross – A Portly Politico/OCF Cultural Exchange

To put the lie to all this talk of inter-generational warfare my friend at The Portly Politico, Tyler and I have decided to reach across the generational abyss and sponsor an exchange of posts.  He has posted an essay here at OCF and I have posted one of my reviews at his site (see link below).

Guest Contributor – photog – “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms” – A Science Fiction Movie Review

Seriously we thought it would be fun for his readers and mine to get some slightly different material for a change.  I think injecting some other points of view on the site is a big plus.