Republicans Showing Signs of Intelligent Life on the State Level

Two state legislatures showed themselves willing to step in to curtail practices that do not align with the beliefs of the state’s citizens.  These actions certainly increase my opinion of them as places to live.


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas General Assembly has voted to override Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s veto of a bill that would ban certain medical treatments for transgender youth.

The vote came one day after the announcement of Hutchinson’s veto of HB1570, called the “SAFE Act” by its sponsors.

The vote in the Senate followed a quick vote by the Arkansas House. Both chambers originally passed the measure by wide margins.

The bill is now set to become state law 90 days after the end of the legislative session, which is currently scheduled for April 30.

During his weekly COVID-19 address, which was happening at the same time the debate and votes on the veto override, Hutchinson said he fully expected the legislature to reverse his decision.


When a conservative state has a RINO or at least a timid moderate as its governor it is comforting to see a legislature that takes its duties serious enough to defy him and quickly restore necessary legislation to their state.



Boise, Idaho

…  Immediately after the initiative vote, the House took up SB 1179, the budget for the state’s four-year colleges and universities for next year, and in a highly unusual move, its sponsor, Rep. Paul Amador, R-Coeur d’Alene, urged House members to defeat it.

“Folks, this budget was drafted approximately six weeks ago,” Amador said, “what’s feeling right now an eternity ago. I think we all recognize that the grounds of the game have potentially changed.” Amador said he no longer believed the budget bill, which passed the Senate 27-6 on March 17, was the right budget to pass, and said JFAC will draft a new version.

Rep. Ron Nate, R-Rexburg, decried “social justice or critical race theory” being taught on campus. “It’s a systemic problem at our universities, it’s baked into the curriculum and the campus culture,” he said.

The proposed budget had cut $409,000 from Boise State University’s social justice programs; Nate said the cut should be more like “$4 million, for example.”

Rep. Dorothy Moon, R-Stanley, told the House, “We had the president of BSU come and talk to us about how wonderful things were going on campus, and we all knew different. … It is unbelievable what the students of Idaho have been going through, and they have been pleading with us.”


Here we see a legislature pass good legislation but because of changes to the federal funding to their state colleges they defeated the bill and plan to increase the budget cuts to punish these schools for their social justice curriculum and policies.  If more red states were as brave and intelligent as these examples we wouldn’t be as beleaguered as we currently find ourselves by the awful laws and institutions that assault us.

Buckaroo Biden and the White Supremacist Space Pirates – Chapter 3 – Biden Family Values

This week marked the resurfacing of Buckaroo’s sidekick, “The Parmesan Kid.”  Hunter has returned to the spotlight with new tales of his incomparable lust for life.  And it’s hard to imagine that anything he could say at this point could compare with his former exploits.  A man who captures video of himself having sex with underage girls surely has already hit bottom.  But for the sake of having something new with which to sell his new book, Hunter shares the trials and tribulations of his search for remnant crumbs of crack cocaine in his carpet.  Apparently, parmesan cheese and Cheetos dust resemble crack cocaine when you’re as strung out and stupid as the son of Dementia Joe.

Now we’ve had loser relatives of the president before.  Jimmy Carter had his brother “Billie Beer” Carter who would urinate on Air Force One’s tire on the tarmac when the urge hit him.  And Chelsea Clinton was guaranteed to embarrass the country if for no other reason than her parents are Bill and Hillary.  But Hunter is in a class of his own.  Here’s a guy who impregnates a stripper, refuses to pay child support but has to relent to avoid having his financial records inspected.  He’s kicked out of the Navy because he couldn’t pass a drug test.  He works one no-show job after another because of his father’s political clout and he launders all his father’s kickbacks.  But without a doubt the absolute bottom has to be bedding his dead brother’s widow.  You have to wonder whether he thinks he’s competing with Caligula or something.

But you have to know that Hunter is just the logical conclusion when someone like Joe Biden has a family.  How else can you end up when your crooked politician of a father makes you his bagman.  What could Joe possibly say to Hunter to dissuade him from doing any fool thing?  It’s wrong?  Please!  It’s dangerous?  How could anything be dangerous when the fixers in the FBI and the CIA have got your back?  It’ll look bad?  With the News agencies and Silicon Valley at your beck and call?  Why shouldn’t he become the Charlie Sheen of Washington?

No, no, no.  Hunter is not the villain, he’s the result of someone as corrupt as Joe Biden being elevated to the highest power in the land.  In a way Hunter almost seems moderate.  As far as I know he’s never been accused of cannibalism or necrophilia.  But we’re still pretty early in his career.  I have to assume that sometime after Kamala’s third term Michelle Obama is going to need a running mate and then who knows, when Hunter is close to eighty maybe it’ll be his turn in the White House.

Of course, by then it’s hard to imagine there’ll still be much of a country left for Hunter to pillage.  But that’s where his experience picking crumbs out the carpet will really come in handy.  There should be just enough left for him to keep the orgy going right to the end.  If not, he’ll have to get the stripper’s kid up to speed on shaking down foreigners.  Maybe he can impress the Zimbabweans.

Buckaroo Biden and the White Supremacist Space Pirates – Chapter 1 – The Haunted Staircase

Buckaroo Biden and the White Supremacist Space Pirates – Chapter 2 – Hidin’ Biden Jibber Jabber

What is the Next Big Surprise?

In corporate engineering one of the big buzzwords is risk management.  We’re supposed to evaluate all the possible risks and rate them according to probability and severity.  This allows you to plan a remediation or prevention action for each possible risk.  This allows us to kid ourselves into thinking we are in control of what will happen to us in the future.

But in reality, there is always an X factor, the unknown unknown, the thing that we don’t know that we don’t know.  And there is Murphy’s Law that says that the worst thing possible always happens at the worst possible time.  What that means is that when a system is already stressed the chances that something bad will become something terrible becomes almost inevitable.

Regardless of ideology, both the Left and the Right will admit that when the United States was the sole superpower in the 1990s foreign policy was more predictable.  No one messed with the big dog.  Not the Russians, not the Chinese or any of the regional powers like Iran or India or Pakistan.  Sure, they could pull some proxy mischief in Lebanon or Somalia or some other rat hole but nobody would go toe to toe with us back then.  And that made it a lot easier for us to make policy.  We moved carefully and slowly.  But we could be sure that as long as we took it nice and easy and actually knew what would be the outcome of our actions that no one would gainsay it.  The Europeans would gripe but accommodate us.  The Arabs would threaten and then do nothing.  The Russians and the Chinese would condemn and posture and then do nothing.  And all the small countries would go to the United Nations and draft a resolution condemning us which we would veto when it got to the Security Council.

But those days are long gone.  Since then, we have frittered away our superpower status chasing Al Qaeda and ISIS psychopaths from Pakistan to Morocco.  We disillusioned a generation of American warriors in the sands of Iraq and we have handed over our industrial wealth to the Chinese.  Our military has become a political football to be kicked around over transgender and feminist talking points.  And now witch hunts to uncover white supremacists in the rank and file has taken unit cohesion to an all-time low.  No one thinks we are in charge anymore.

Imagine if you can the chances that China, Vietnam, Japan, North and South Korea, Myanmar, Russia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and Libya will between themselves figure out an equitable arrangement that will satisfy them all.  When we were calling the shots, we could make the bigger, stronger countries toe the line and only the rat holes were given a pass.  The outlaws like North Korea or Iran were isolated commercially and socially.  But now the Chinese are openly mocking us when we condemn their brutal tactics against the Uighurs.  They only have to point to our cities burning during the BLM riots and both our weakness and moral confusion are self-documented.

China is now openly pursuing its own interests everywhere from Equatorial Africa to Latin America and Russia is involved militarily and commercially in the Middle East in Iran, Turkey and Syria.  Russia’s saber rattling in the Ukraine and other parts of its former domain in Eastern Europe highlight that NATO isn’t what it once was.  And speaking of Europe, it is in upheaval.  The madness that has infected the United States is just as virulent there.  The EU is in total disarray and nationalist movements are springing up all over threatening the very existence of the EU.

So, what’s my point?  Alright, when 9/11/2001 happened we were no longer the world military hegemon we had once been.  We were already starting down the road of de-industrializing our country in favor of Chinese outsourcing but we still had a very, very potent military and we were still for the most part a unified country with a deep streak of patriotism.  We could rally the whole country, Democrats and Republicans and put together a war effort that would up-end a country like Afghanistan in weeks.  We could hammer a medium sized country like Iraq in a few weeks too.

9/11 was our last big surprise and we had the wherewithal to answer the challenge.  But what about the next big surprise?

What about now?  If we were attacked by Iran or if the Taliban staged a major attack in Afghanistan would Americans come rallying around and enlist to do their part.  I don’t think they would.  The feminized millennial males would just mumble something about Gaia under their breath and go back to drinking their soy lattes.  If Joe Biden got on tv and begged the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to support him in a new emergency I think they’d throw a lamp through the screen.   This government and the media have vilified the flag and the national anthem and the soldiers they stand for.  They’ve told us that what we stand for is racism and hate.  Well, then let Joe Biden get Antifa and BLM to fight his wars.  The rest of us should take a knee.

I’m not sure that the next big surprise will be a terrorist or military attack.  It could be a fuel shortage or an agricultural blight or even another bio-attack.  The point is there isn’t any good will left in the country.  Nobody will be rallying around anything.  If the BLM riots get out of control and one of the big cities in the blue states burns down, I don’t think any of the red staters will care in the least.  They’ll probably cheer.  In fact, I’m hoping Derek Chauvin is acquitted of all charges and Minneapolis is burned to the ground from end to end by the mostly peaceful Antifa and BLM thugs.  I think it would be the best possible outcome.  Minnesota would reap what they sowed.  It would be what Obama was so fond of calling a teachable moment.

When the next big surprise happens, it will end the illusion that this is one country.  And that will be a very good thing.

Thoughts About the Conversation Between Michael Anton and Curtis Yarvin

Recently I watched a discussion on the Jack Murphy Live show that featured Michael Anton and Curtis Yarvin.  If you are unfamiliar with either one of them, I’ll say a few words about them.

Michael Anton was a former senior national security official in the Trump administration but is best known for writing the “The Flight 93 Election” back in March 2016 under the pseudonym Publius Decius Mus.  He received graduate education at Claremont Graduate University where he learned from faculty that followed in the tradition of noted academic Leo Strauss.  Anton is a social conservative and a pretty pessimistic critic of the current state of American politics.  With the failure of the 2020 election Anton does not believe the Republicans will ever win the presidency again.

Curtis Yarvin is a computer scientist who also has become known for his political beliefs which some have called “neo-reactionary.”  Yarvin believes that government should be almost like the management of a publicly owned corporation with the CEO taking the place of the “king” and the citizens as stockholders.  He also had a pseudonym under which he wrote his thoughts, Mencius Moldbug.  Yarvin is extremely unenthusiastic about democracy in general and doesn’t hold out much hope for the American form at this point in its evolution.

Anton and Yarvin are both very smart guys.  They’re both academics in a sense.  Both of them would be part of the elite if they happened to follow left-wing ideologies.  Because of what they do believe they are pariahs in our present political climate.  I think listening to them in the discussion both of them are extremely pessimistic about the United States escaping from the control of the progressive corporate, bureaucratic, academic complex.

So why listen to these guys talk?  Well, that’s a good question.  Neither of them has an action plan to reverse the damage and move things back to a normal country.  There isn’t a website where I can join the underground and fight for the day when we take back the country.  I think I read them so I can feel like I shouldn’t just give up.  As long as I know that there are other intelligent people who don’t accept the idea that there is no use resisting the woke state, I feel like I can figure out a way to hold onto the good things that used to be the basis of our way of life.

I can think of one line that Yarvin made pretty close to the end of the video.  When asked what he thought people should do he said no one should try to use force to stand up to the feds alone.  That would be suicide and it would accomplish the opposite of what you intended.  That would be sort of what happened on January 6th.  The government would destroy you and use it as a propaganda argument for destroying everyone else they didn’t like.  Instead, he said we need to say no! 

In other words, we have to figure out a way to reject their program.  We need to build up organizations, businesses, groups that don’t depend on their approval.  There’s nothing new about that message.  That’s the old “build your own platforms” line.  But what he is saying is that it’s the only way.  And we need everyone on our side, all 70 or 100 million of us to form a single organization to say no to what is going on.  And that’s the only encouragement I take from all this.  If two guys like Anton and Yarvin sort of agree about where we are and what we must do then basically the whole gamut of people who aren’t leftists agree.  We have to stop trying to do everything at once and take concrete steps one at a time.  First order of business, we pool our resources and identify one important thing we can get done and do it.  Maybe we decide that the most important possible thing is crushing Amazon.  And maybe we buy the votes of Democrat senators and congressmen to make it happen.  But we move heaven and earth and we get it done.  That alone would be an enormous shot in the arm for our country.  Suddenly a million small stores all over the country would find business that had been strangled out of existence by Jeff Bezos.

But whatever it is we decide to do; rein in the social media companies or re-establish freedom of religion or outlaw child transgender mutilation; we need to win a battle and win it decisively.  Donald Trump and Peter Thiel are renegade members of the elite.  They are the ones with the resources to organize new platforms.  Anton and Yarvin are members of the intellectual class who would disseminate the ideas and help implement the actions we want to see happen.  We are to some extent their customers.

We want to hear more and soon about any real plan to get something new started.  Anyone who has the ambition to lead a movement has a once in a lifetime opportunity right now.  We’re ready to be led.  There is a nation looking for a savior.  We could make this a great country again.  If that doesn’t happen soon then we need to leave.

Why Aren’t Woke Billionaires Giving All Their Money to the Black Poor?

I’ve been thinking about the Rich Woke.  These are the people who tell us how evil all white people are for using their white privilege to live better than their fellow citizens who live in poverty because of the structural racism all around.  Isn’t it inescapable that they need to give away everything they have to the victims of white oppression?  And not just give away a tithe.  They should give away everything that they have that’s more than what these oppressed people have.  Jeff Bezos and the founders of Google and Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg need to give away all their money and sell all their stock and give it to the oppressed poor.

In fact, if they really want to show the solidarity that they claim they feel they should open up their homes to the oppressed poor.  They should fill all twenty bedrooms of their mansions with homeless people and other indigent people of color.  If they don’t do these things then they’re just mouthing platitudes.  And while they’re at it they need to send their kids to the same schools that these poor people send their kids to.  That’s the only way we’ll know for sure that they really mean all those things they say about equity and social justice.

Because it‘s easy to tell someone else what they have to do to atone for the sins of the past.  But when you have to take that step personally that’s the acid test of what you really believe.  Would Jack Dorsey bring his family to live next door to the people that he has been inciting to riot against their fellow citizens?  If he didn’t have walls and armed guards and a private jet in case things really go sideways would he really say all those things about the guilt of people that look just like him?  Because they don’t have all the money in the world to insulate them from the hate and anger that he is stoking.  They have to live with the anger and the hatred and the damage it does to their kids and communities.

And how about all those people who work for the Dorseys and Zuckerbergs and even the regular corporations that have adopted the woke blueprint.  All the CEO’s and vice presidents and directors who spout all this jazz at their employees and to the press and to the world.  Would they be willing to move into the ‘hood?  Are they going to leave their gated communities and move into the war zones with their kids and let them get the worst most dangerous education in the country?

And how about the politicos and the Deep State that live right there around Washington, one of the worst hell-holes in the country?  Will they leave their manicured suburbs surrounded by fences and patrolled by the best surveillance government money can buy and go live in the squalor that they want to make the 51st state?

You can bet your bottom dollar they won’t.  They want the ghetto to come to your suburb but they want no part of the leveling down of America.  That’s for the working class and the other losers who don’t play golf with them.

Billionaires and Bidens tell us that we’re evil and we deserve to be trampled into the ground to atone for the sins of ancient people that have nothing to do with us.  Hunter Biden and his demented father cut deals with the Chinese for billions while Antifa and BLM storyboard the communities they will terrorize and destroy this summer.  And none of the Democrats running the cities filled with these aggrieved people of color do anything of substance to provide jobs and opportunities for these urban poor.  All they do is stoke hatred and boost the body count as the mentally ill in those areas look for white and Asian people to assault and sometimes kill.

Getting back to my original question, why aren’t the billionaires walking the walk?  Because it’s all just talk.  But what you have to understand is that if they control the government, if the Democrats call the shots, we will be fed into the meat grinder to act as a side show to take attention off of their grift.  They build the global machine that makes them billionaires while we pay the bill as it grinds this nation down to dust.

Maybe it would be fun to start an on-line campaign to shame the woke billionaires into moving into the ‘hood and giving away all their money to the poor.  Maybe it would register with some of the millennials, maybe not.

If we can’t take control of some area of the country where we are protected from these people then I believe it’s better to get out and find a better place to live.  America used to be the freest and richest place on earth.  Maybe it’s still one of the richest but it’s certainly not free and it’s becoming very unhealthy for people who happen to be white or even Asian.  Soon even the Hispanics may think there are better alternatives.  At some point I may decide to leave this place to the Dorseys and the Bidens.  My only hope is that some day the monster they’ve created finds them.

The Singapore Model (or Lee Kuan Yew for Dictator for Life!)

If we’re really this multi-ethnic post-white country then I propose off-shoring our government to Singapore.  Lee Kuan Yew makes Joe Biden look like the road-kill that he is by comparison.  This guy knows how to keep the peace between ethnicities that don’t like each other and he sure as hell would cut out the deadwood in the Deep State.  Of course we’d have to get rid of freedom of the press but would you really miss it at this point?

My Office of Conformity, Exclusion and Difference

Corporations throughout the United States and probably the rest of the developed world have codified the madness of the last year in a new and improved version of the Human Resources mantra of diversity.  Now they have installed a whole “office” of its own called Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.  And what do those things mean?  Apparently, whatever they need them to mean this week.  How exactly can diversity which means incorporating many different things increase equity which means making things the same?  And how can you say something is inclusive when the specific and overarching intent of the whole endeavor is to exclude a major component of the population, namely white people.

I said white people.  And in a general way that is the case.  You could say that in the past white women and white homosexual men were excused from the exclusion group but lately their special status has begun to erode.  And I have to admit it’s quite gratifying.  It’s nice when others find out what it’s like in the barrel.  In fact, I notice lately that now Asians and Hispanics are beginning to show signs of being thrown under the bus and sometimes, if they really offend, of being given honorary “white man” status to allow them to receive the full-on hate that is usually reserved for “white supremacist” monsters only.  And, wonder of wonders, even some of the LGBTQ community, in fact the “L” at the front is being attacked for being trans-exclusionary (there is such a thing!).  Lesbians who rebel at the idea that men in dresses must be allowed to have sex with them are being branded as TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists).  I probably don’t have to tell you how hilarious I find that one.  It reminds me of a joke this old guy that I used to work with twenty years ago used to say.  Whenever a woman would catch him ogling her, he would defend himself by saying he was a lesbian trapped in a man’s body looking for sisterly solidarity.  Well now he could buy a purse and a wig and ogle to his heart’s content.  If any woman balked, he would shriek TERF! and automatically the woman would be forced to, at the very least, endure his leering.  If not, she would risk being fired for sins against diversity and inclusion.

Anyway, all this gibberish is just how the Left is punishing white people.  Everyone working for a large corporation is paying the price.  I’ve spoken to people who say that managers use the concept of diversity to game the performance process used to make promotion and firing decisions.  In a specific case a diversity hire was given the highest grade when she didn’t even have enough training in her job position to allow her to do a single project in the work year.  So, for no work she was rewarded with a big raise and then a promotion!  And these performance evaluations are a zero-sum game.  If someone gets the highest rating then someone else will get the lowest.  Guess who that will be?  That’s right, the old white guy who is doing all the work in the department.  And that will soon get him fired.  But there are laughs to go around.  Once the department gets too top heavy with diversity there really isn’t anyone left to do the work.  At that point the real work is farmed out to contractors who are allowed to be white guys and everyone wins!  Well, except for the company that has to pay for redundant workers to make up for diversity.  Eventually the real winners will be the Chinese who compete against these woke corporations and don’t have the dead wood.

But I’ve taken a page out of the woke book.  I’ve opened up my own Office of Conformity, Exclusivity and Difference.  In my organization you have to conform to my standards of normalcy to get me to give a damn about you.  I strictly exclude anyone who believes in white privilege, gay marriage, intersectionality, critical race theory, hate crime, physician-assisted sexual mutilation of children or any other insanities they invent next.  I exclude them from my circle of acquaintances or compassion.  And I celebrate the differences that exist all around us.  There are smart people and dumb people and men and women and graceful people and clumsy people and people who like art or literature or sports and those that dislike one or the other or all of these things.  There are losers and winners in every size and color.  And I think that’s great.  A black basketball player can make fifty million dollars a year because he can dunk a basket and that’s great.  And there is a white guy who can make a billion dollars a year because he invented PayPal and that’s great.  And I can’t do either of those things and that’s great too.  I believe myself to be much more important to me than either of those guys.  I’d love to have their money but I’d still rather be me than either one of those jokers.

So, there are the limits of my selection process for acceptance in my organization.  It’s wonderful to have such power, playing godling with other people.  But at least my office is based on real value.  And in the long run I bet I have a better result and a much nicer group of people.  Sure, I’d miss out on getting to know the guy in the wig and the sundress from the Biden administration and the Antifa guy who practices bestiality and all of the people with BLM signs on their cars and yards.  But somehow, I’m willing to take that chance.

The ZMan’s Article “Rise of the Absurd” Explains Why Madness Works for the Left

If you’re interested why the Left not only tolerates obviously insane ideas and movements but actually brings them front and center the ZMan will explain it to you.  He quotes Voltaire who said “Whoever can make you accept absurdity can make you commit injustice.”  Allowing parents to sexually mutilate their children to prove we believe in transgenderism is the clearest example of this.  We have reached the point where utter madness is presented as merciful kindness to the afflicted.  1984 had the scene where the torturer in chief is presented as a priestly, kindly figure inflicting horrific punishment for the heretic’s own good.  We are there.


Over the River and through the Woods, to Grandma’s House We Go

Finally, life is returning to normal.  But today I’ll skip the rants about why it isn’t.  I’ll celebrate life instead.  Camera Girl is cooking a spoon roast and humming and even singing slightly as she goes through the rituals that precede the magical food that will appear on time on the dining room table today.  There are potatoes and asparagus and corn and mushrooms and gravy and buttered rolls and of course the roast.  And pies and cakes have been baked and I know there will be ice cream to go along with that pie.  And of course there will be chocolate for the little girl who will be old enough this year to really know what’s going on.

And today is sunny and it will be warm enough to go outside and walk around and look for bugs and flowers and birds and look at the trees and the sky and play catch with a ball and pet the rabbit (alias bunny-hop-hop or Petey).  And we can sit around and talk about the barbecue that will be happening in May once it’s warm enough for the tables to be outside and the pool will be opened and we can have the rest of the family with us too.  That will be another milestone.

But today is for enjoying today.  New England forgot to provide one last, end of March, nor’easter snowstorm so the ground is pretty dry now and fit for walking and running and having a catch so today is a wonderful opportunity to declare the world is open for living again.

And as Kazantzakis said through his character Zorba this Easter dinner can’t be wasted,

“We ate and drank for some time in silence. The wind carried up to us, like the droning of bees, the distant, passionate notes of the lyre. Christ was being reborn again on the village terraces. The paschal lamb and the Easter cakes were being transformed into love-songs.

When Zorba had eaten and drunk quite copiously, he put his hand to his big hairy ear. “The lyre … ‘he murmured. “They’re dancing in the village.’ He stood up suddenly. The wine had gone to his head.

‘What ever are we doing here, all alone, like a pair of cuckoos? Let’s go and dance! Aren’t you sorry for the lamb we’ve been eating? Are you going to let it fizzle out into nothing, like that? Come on! Turn it into song and dance! Zorba is reborn!’ ‘Wait a minute, Zorba, you idiot, are you crazy?’

‘Honestly, boss, I don’t care! But I’m sorry for the lamb, and I’m sorry for the red eggs, the Easter cakes and the cream cheese! If I’d just scoffed a few bits of bread and some olives, I’d say: “Oh, let’s go to sleep; I don’t need to go celebrating!” Olives and bread are nothing, are they? What can you expect from them? But, let me tell you, it’s a sin to waste food like that! Come on, let’s celebrate the Resurrection, boss!’ ‘I don’t feel like it today. You go – you can dance for me as well.’ Zorba took my arm and pulled me up.

‘Christ is reborn, my friend! Ah! if only I was as young as you! I’d throw myself headlong into everything! Headlong into work, wine, love – everything, and I’d fear neither God nor devil! That’s youth for you!’

‘It’s the lamb talking, Zorba! It’s turned wild inside you, changed into a wolf!’

“The lamb’s changed into Zorba, that’s all, and Zorba’s talking to you!”


So I’ll take Zorba’s advice and put the Easter feast to good use.  I’ll celebrate the Resurrection and spring and new life and old life and I’ll put off Biden and woke ignoramuses and even the dissident right for another day.

Happy Easter.