A White Cop in a Black City

That Atlanta cop who shot the black guy who shot at him with a taser is being charged with murder.  Think about what that job must be like nowadays.  The criminals and the low lives won’t allow themselves to be arrested anymore.  They’ll fight you, try to get your gun and if you do your job or defend yourself, you’ll be charged with murder if the perp dies.  You have to wear a camera all the time and any altercation that gets ugly leaves you liable to police brutality charges and disciplinary actions.  The brazenness of the criminals means you stand a good chance of being shot or stabbed or assaulted in some fashion and the black population hates and insults you at every turn.  Your food will be poisoned in fast food joints by the minimum wage employees from the neighborhood and your chain of command and the mayor will turn on you at the drop of a hat and feed you to the sharks.

So, you might ask yourself why would anyone want to be a white cop in a black city.  The short answer is it used not to be this bad.  And that has been true forever.  The cities have been getting progressively worse over the course of the last century but we have now reached the breaking point.  Places like Baltimore, St. Louis, Kansas City and Atlanta have finally reached the point where the cop’s job is untenable.

Why don’t they quit?  Well the pay is good; the benefits are very good and the retirement is excellent.  Some cops can retire at twenty years in.  That means you could be thirty-eight and retiring on full pay.  Plus, if you quit now what would you do?  Your family is local.  Your kids are in school in a suburb and you have roots in the community.  What job would pay anything close to what you currently make?  You want to stay.  But how to avoid ending up in jail?

What I expect to see from now on is cops ignoring all black crime.  I’m not even sure they’ll intervene in a gang shootout.  They’ll just wait for the two sides to run out of bullets and call the ambulances to collect the ones who didn’t avoid the flying lead.  And this probably will hold for black criminals in white neighborhoods.  And that will hasten the white flight that is already gripping the cities that recently went through the riots.  I’ve spoken to Manhattanites who tell me that the middle-class people are looking to get out.  The way it was explained to me the rich don’t care because they are completely insulated from the impact.  They have their own schools and security arrangements and if things get really bad, they’ll just stay out at their homes in the Hamptons until the violence blows over.  But the middle class have none of these buffers.  So, they’re leaving.  And when they do the city starts sinking.  The tax base will disappear and city services will suffer drastic cuts and then even the rich will leave.  And once that happens you get Detroit.

I only hope no more white guys become cops in black cities.  Let the guys in there get out as soon as they can and then let the jobs be filled by black city dwellers.  That will be the perfect solution.  I guarantee that the denizens won’t like it much.  The criminals won’t be able to yell racism and the black cops won’t worry about police brutality.  But the honest citizens will be the ones to pity.  The levels of corruption and incompetency in black run cities are usually impressive.  Baltimore is on their second mayor convicted of financial crimes associated with the office and I believe the next mayor will be one of those two coming back for another try.  Detroit politics are so laughably corrupt that Michigan had to step in and oversee much of their finances.  And the school systems are truly frightening in their dysfunction.

But the best outcome in Atlanta would be for the whole police force to resign en masse.  Within a month there wouldn’t be a single business unlooted in the whole city.  The murder rate would be so high that the people tallying it would give it up as unmanageable.  And Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms would beg the police on bended knee to come back.  She would somehow have the officer who was arrested for murder cleared of the charge and reinstated.

That would be the best outcome for Atlanta.  But it would not be the best outcome for those policemen.  Their jobs will never be anything but hellish.  They should get out and stay out.  These cities are unmanageable and will only get worse.  Let the people there manage themselves.  Let the Democrats rule all the Detroits they are making.  After all, White Lives Matter too.  At least to us they do.

What Are the Priorities for Us in the New America of Neil Gorsuch, BLM and Antifa?

So here we are, the newly minted super-conservative Justice Gorsuch finds transgender rights in the Constitution of the United States.  And under the reliably spineless leadership of John Roberts every major case from illegal immigrants to Second Amendment rights were dynamited against us.  And there was absolutely no fig leaf for any of these decisions.  The Supreme Court is a disaster.  I no longer expect any relief from that Court.

Add onto this problem that Antifa and BLM are now the official enforcement wing of the Democrat party.  In any jurisdiction federal, state or local where they have cover from Democrat elected officials, they are shown to be ready, willing and able to wage literal war up to and including murder and arson against their enemies.  Living in a blue state or even a blue city is tantamount to living in Mao’s Cultural Revolution.  At any time, you can be sucked into a purge or pogrom that really has no limits on what can happen.  Your rights in these jurisdictions do not exist as such.  They can be overridden with no notice and are subject to amendment whenever circumstances make the ruling coalition think they would benefit from it.

Those are the conditions on the ground.  Where does that leave us?

From my point of view that precludes certain strategies.  With the clarification of the role of the Supreme Court I would say any idea that unconstitutional actions will be struck down nationally and thereby benefit people living in blue states is sheer fantasy.  Nothing will be done to restrain places like California, New England, or New York.  They will just make things continually worse until you knuckle under and learn to love Big Brother or leave.

I suppose there are strategies to hide in plain sight in places like these.  I know people who say they can avoid the consequences of living under these regimes and still enjoy life.  I confess I do not possess the coping skills that must be needed to hide your feelings when living in the belly of the beast.  My daily interactions here in New England with the true believers involve mind boggling levels of cognitive dissonance.  It takes every ounce of self-control not to laugh in their faces or explain why the things being claimed are patently absurd.

The alternative then is to revolt against these laws.  Ignoring them or avoiding them by stealth is becoming harder and harder in these places.  Ultimately control over all aspects of life is becoming more stringent everywhere but especially in these blue states.  To the extent that it can be done I suppose that will be the strategy for conservatives living in these areas.  You will have to go underground.  And this means as far as raising children you’ll have to figure out how to work around the indoctrination of the schools and other social settings that the Left has taken over.  This is the Benedict Option that Rod Dreher has talked about.  Ultimately, it’s a temporary measure because eventually they will eliminate freedom of religion entirely.

But from my point of view, the best idea is to live in a deep red state where the political leaders have the means to craft laws that protect their citizens from the unconstitutional consequences of the Supreme Court.  They can make a law upholding the freedom of religion in the Bill of Rights and when the Supreme Court strikes it down the Governor can defy the Supreme Court and say he will protect any of his citizens from federal prosecution.  I could see blanket pardons being handed out on a rolling basis and the bureaucrats in Washington spinning out of control as the President refuses to step in.

A number of states following a plan like this would eventually produce a situation on the ground where essentially you would have two legal entities hidden within one name.  This is sort of like the situation we currently have with marijuana use.  At the federal level and in half of the states it is illegal but in states like California and Colorado it is big business.  The same thing should be pushed as hard as possible for as many different parts of the law as possible.  Just as things like sanctuary cities and legalization of drugs have been dispiriting for our side, freedom of religion would be very dispiriting for them.  It would even have an impact on migration of leftists into red states.  If there weren’t the lifestyle protections available to them, they would be much less likely to inhabit these areas.

So essentially what I am saying is that the deep red states are the only remaining points of resistance to the encroachment of Leftist control.  Everything else has already been conquered.  They will need to be the catalyst for change and that can only happen in conjunction with the four-year protection provided by the beginning of a conservative President’s term.

Hopefully a revolt at the state level will begin and President Trump’s second term will provide that needed protection.

16JUN2020 – OCF Update

You folks will have to forgive me for my lack of output today.  The SCOTUS decisions have put me in a despondent mood.  Neil Gorsuch is the biggest disaster since George W Bush.  Handing the Left such a victory is stomach churning.  I’ll have more to say on that but I don’t want it to engulf the world right now.

On a positive note, yesterday the Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS Lens showed up on my doorstep and I have been playing around with it.  I guarantee that everyone will be heartily sick of hearing about this lens and equally sick of the images of birds and beasts that wander into my field of vision in the coming days, weeks and months to come.

I’m currently expecting the next installment of the Galaxy’s Edge saga to show up.  This the first volume of “Season 2.”  I’m interested to see what direction they go in this season.  This is my first foray into one of these endless series.  I had my doubts about how it would maintain quality but I have been very happy with the consistency of the story telling so far.

I am also starting on one of Larry Correia’s other series (in other words, outside of the Monster Hunter universe).  Hard Magic: Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles is arriving soon.  That should help to keep my mind off Neil Gorsuch’s epic betrayal.

So as I said, apologies for my silence but I am only human.  I drowned my sorrow in a viewing of W.C. Field’s “The Man on the Flying Trapeze.”  In the words of the great man, “I’ll knock’em for a row of lib-labs.”

Politico Is Getting Nervous Again Already

I love it when all the fake polls have Creepy Uncle Joe up by a million points and yet they get upset when all the Republicans don’t seem phased at all.  Politico goes around and asks all the Republicans in the country if they are ready to concede and they answer with the phrase Trump Landslide.  Looks like I might be right about how soccer moms react when Antifa and BLM heads into the suburbs.  They look for someone who will hold them off.

But, but terrible poll results!  Fake.  COVID-19 resurgence!  Nope.  Cities burning!  Your cities.  It’s the economy stupid!  It’s improving by the day.

What’s next?  Flaming hail from the sky?  Well fireworks are always nice around the 4th of July.

Have They Had Enough Yet?

Now that most of arson fires have gone out and Antifa is back in its parents’ basements, I’ve started to think about how the President’s campaign should address the riots.  Naturally there will be the usual lip service to the need to correct problems with police practices and ways of identifying rogue officers, etc., etc., etc.

But if I were framing the argument, I’d put it to the voters like this.  Even knowing that there are dishonest and even criminal police officers out there, would you rather live in a place policed by the current police force or by some combination of BLM and Antifa?

In places like Seattle, San Francisco, Portland and Minneapolis they might vote for BLM and Antifa.  But they won’t in Michigan or Pennsylvania or even Wisconsin.  Hell, even most of the people in Minnesota outside of Minneapolis must be appalled.  The people in those states watched as the mayors of blue cities in their states capitulated to the rioters and let them loot stores and burn them down.  Even the governors treated the rioters with kid gloves hesitating to let the National Guard subdue the protests and arrest the perpetrators.  In these places I’m guessing that the dominant sentiment is how do we get new governors who will protect us from the monster that the progressive cities have created.  They’ve seen that the next place the rioters want to go is into the suburbs and countryside to terrorize the non-urban populations surrounding their hellhole homes.

I’d have a commercial that features Minneapolis and New York City in flames and police chiefs, mayors, governors and Joe Biden on their knees.  I’d show that Minneapolis police precinct being abandoned and then that idiot Mayor Frey running away from a crowd of BLM and Antifa followers.

And as valuable as this will be in the Presidential campaign, I think it will also be effective for the rest of the ticket.  Races for mayor and governor of several cities and states should be affected by the actions that several of the incumbents took during the riots.  And even office holders who aren’t up for re-election soon should worry that recall votes may be started against them.  As for congressional and senate seats, the same kind of commercials showing Pelosi and Schumer on their knees wearing their matching colorful prayer shawls should be highly effective.

And I’d make sure that the film clips showed all the gory details.  Show the picture of the white Antifa guys taking a sledge hammer to the security gates to let the looters into a store.  And the Antifa guys with the rock hammers tearing up curbstones to assault the police with.  Show that shop owner in Dallas crumpled on the sidewalk like a dead animal.  Show the old woman in Buffalo being beaten with a two by four by thugs.  Show the woman in Minneapolis in a wheelchair being tormented by a mob and doused with a fire extinguisher.  Show the footage of the retired police captain from St. Louis being gunned down trying to protect his friend’s store.  This one should be especially poignant considering that the officer is black.

Show a couple of the interviews with the sick old ladies living in the inner city neighborhoods that have just been looted and burned and listen to them cry because now their grocery store and their drug store are gone and they have to travel an hour by bus to get to a place that isn’t burned out.

Play the interview with the black businessman in Minneapolis whose sports bar was gutted and torched, whose life savings are now gone.

I’ve even got the tag line to end each of these commercials:

“Had enough?  Vote Republican and stop the madness.”

And all this has the added benefit that it’s actually 100% true.  Even in blue states the majority of the voters aren’t inner city denizens.  Most of the voters are middle- and working-class people.  When they finally have had enough of the madness, they will vote for someone who will stop it.  So, the only question is, have they had enough yet?


I held this up last night to see how the fallout from the Atlanta police arrest killing would play out.  This situation is going to repeat indefinitely.  Apparently, the new dynamic for black criminals is to resist arrest by any and all means.  Apparently suicide by cop is the new normal and considering the lives some of these folks live it probably doesn’t seem like a bad option.  That is going to make the BLM crowd shout twice as loud.  But it still leaves the same choice for the voters.  If you’re a middle-class American living in the suburbs are you happier with the police trying to maintain some semblance of order in the dangerous Democrat cities or would you like there to be warlords and thug armies in charge like in Mexico and other failed states.  Seems a pretty easy answer but maybe knuckling under is the new American way.  Time will tell.

14JUN2020 – OCF Update – Things Seem to be Accelerating

So today is the President’s birthday.  I wish it would be a more peaceful time for him but that is not in the cards.  But I wish for him the strength he’ll need to deal with the madness that is engulfing our world.

I have a post I wrote yesterday but it already is somewhat overtaken by events.  I may strengthen it or just skip it.  Things are accelerating and we may see resolution of some things and new priorities emerging.  But certain things still hold.  Ground yourself in reality and focus on the things that will be important to you regardless of the outcome of political and cultural events.

We’re getting into unknown territory.  Some of the rules we thought were laws of nature are starting to break down.  Don’t take too much for granted.  Situational awareness could be very important.  If you live in or adjacent to unstable areas be especially careful until things settle down.  Keep in touch with family members and be ready to lend support if the need arises.

So as Sgt. Phil Esterhaus used to say on Hill Street Blues, “let’s be careful out there.”

How Stupid Do You Have to Be?

On both sides of the racial divide there are reactions to the George Floyd killing that cannot be called just, proportionate or even, in some cases, rational.  If one white policeman kills one black crime suspect then multiple cities should be looted and burned and fifteen people should lose their lives?  And alternatively, when a mob robs and loots your city should you kneel down to them, beg their forgiveness and wash their feet?

The title of the post reflects one possible reason for these two extreme reactions.  It is possible that there are white and black people so stupid that they believe both of these reactions are reasonable and even just.  In fact, I’ll grant that there is certainly a percentage of the human race so dim that they can be persuaded by media false equivalence and just plain ignorance that these courses of action are reasonable and correct.  But at the same time, I know these numbers are low.  Call these people the core of the problem.

Then there are people for whom these terrible actions are within their conscienceless self-interest.  On the rioting side you have criminal looters and Antifa anarchists who are gaining from the rioting.  The looters have material gain in the form of stolen property.  The Antifa lunatics are gaining political power and street credibility.  On the national front of the groveling side we have politicians and the media who hope to use the riots as a political wedge to drive the black vote and the suburban woman vote to the Democrat side.  On the local level you have blue city mayors pandering to their black voting base.  They seem to have finally chosen between maintaining a semblance of law and order in their crime ridden cities and kowtowing to inner-city lunacy.  Let’s call this the primary cause of the actions in question.  Without a doubt, these are the catalysts without which, the riots wouldn’t occur.

But then there is a third component.  These are the people just going along with their team.  Here we have all the people who should know better and should act as a brake on these things but are so conditioned to follow the narrative that it’s reflexive.  They’ll parrot the media’s talking points and justify even the most insane behavior on the basis of their team color.  And you get the impression that no matter what lengths the madness goes they would excuse it as reasonable.

So that’s my point.  You have to be mighty stupid to believe that these actions are reasonable, fair or even sane.  But you don’t have to be stupid to make believe that you believe in it.  You just have to be dishonest.

In an ethics class you might make a distinction between these groups of people.  You wouldn’t hold the dim-witted responsible for their actions and would attempt to educate them.  The other groups would be culpable because they should know better but choose to do wrong.

In real life you can’t make any distinction.  They are all the enemy.  Their actions are inimical to your physical and mental well-being.  Trying to convince them of your side of things will not succeed.  In fact, after a certain point wasting effort trying to convince them of their error is more a sign of stupidity or insanity on your part.


The only people left who should be considered are honest people with at least normal intelligence.  And it won’t take more than minimal effort to present the information in a form that shows which side they should be on.  You could put the timeline on the back of a 5 X 7 index card.

  • Derek Chauvin kills George Floyd.
  • Minneapolis fires Chauvin.
  • Minneapolis arrests Chauvin for murder.
  • Antifa and black looters burn chunks of Minneapolis.
  • Mayor Frey abandons police precinct to the mob.
  • Mob burns more of Minneapolis and moves into the suburbs.
  • Mobs burn a number of Democrat run cities, billions in damage, 15 dead.
  • Democrat mayors grovel to the mobs.

I think that about sums it up.  Anyone who knows this much about what happened and still sides with the mob is beyond any hope of convincing.  You would be wasting your time and actually making yourself stupider just by the effort.

What is sensible to do is to figure out how you can minimize the chance that you or one of your loved ones will ever be in the path of one of these pitiless mobs.  Losing your home or business is bad enough.  But to be battered and possibly killed by this inhuman buzz saw is something that should not be left to chance.

Make sure you live where the government has more concern for law-abiding citizens than for the mob.  If it doesn’t, then move to where it does.  Vote for President Trump in November.  Make sure your friends go out and vote for him too.  If you are able, donate to President Trump’s re-election committee.  If you are able, donate to the election funds of any Republicans that you know to be reliable.

Lots of people say boycott those who support our enemies.  I guess I agree with that .  But more importantly support the businesses and interests of people on our side, especially on the local level.  Find like minded people where you live and spend time around them.  It’s good for morale and gives opportunities for local actions that wouldn’t seem possible for you alone.  Start up a social club or activity with people from our side and grow it.

And while you’re at it, leave a comment on this post.  It can be approving or disapproving.  Feedback is welcome.  Constructive criticism is especially welcome.  If you like what I write tell a friend.  If you especially like an article put up a link to it on your webpage or blog.

There’s plenty we can all do and all of it has a positive effect.  Okay, that’s enough cheerleading.  Enjoy the weekend.

10JUN2020 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Paul Bradford Sees a Future National Leader

I haven’t had a lot of American Greatness posts lately.  Nothing recently has really grabbed me.  But I have been talking for a while about who will be our leader in another five years.  Paul Bradford throws a name up there and gives his reasons for thinking it.  Senator Cotton deserves credit for not mincing words over how you stop a riot.  That kind of honesty is more not just necessary.  It’s a matter of national life and death.  What was it Lincoln said?  A House divided against itself cannot stand.

Riots Expose Important Divide Among Potential Trump Successors