16FEB2019 – OCF Update

This has been a pretty eventful week compared to the preceding few.  William Barr was approved as the new Attorney General.  The President has declared a National Emergency on the southern border and expressed his intention to use that declaration to build a wall on the border.  The useless Congress has produced a bloated awful budget document.  The President continues to chip away at the Obama legacy such as the “disparate impact” criterion by which even good legislation is made worse.  Amazon has reneged on their decision to put a headquarters in New York City, much to the sorrow of Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo (they really need the tax dollars) but much to the delight of that dingbat Ocasio-Cortez.  Even the Chicago Police Department couldn’t acquiesce in Jussie Smollett’s lies about being attacked by MAGA quoting noose brandishing hooligans and seem to have identified the alleged attackers as a Nigerian actor on the show Empire and his brother.  Another four or five Democrats have declared their 2020 Presidential race aspirations.  One of them, Elizabeth Warren was mocked mercilessly by Howie Carr in the Boston Herald because of her ongoing exposure as a lying hypocrite who used her fake native American ethnicity as a ticket to the Harvard Law School faculty and thereby fame, fortune and a senate seat.

I have some more winter photos and I’m embarking on a project in astrophotography.  And because this is Orion’s Cold Fire my first subject will be in the constellation of Orion and I’ll use the Orion 10010 Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount to track with.  I’m very excited but full of trepidation over the time needed to master the equipment side of it.

On the review side I’ll continue to plow through the Twilight Zone and I’m a third of the way through the latest Galaxy’s Edge volume (Retribution) and will review it when completed.

Now I’m off to my grandson’s basketball game.  Have a nice Saturday everybody.

President Trump is Looking to End Disparate Impact as an Affirmative Action Tool

In addition to the other benefits we get from a Trump presidency he is working to defang all of the regulatory tools that Obama inflicted on us during his regime. Among those disparate impact is one of the most noxious.


Good read.

13FEB2019 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Conrad Black’s The Democrats’ French Dilemma

Conrad Black is a good friend of President Trump.  And he is a very upbeat prognosticator of of our troubled times. But this little historical expedition to the French Revolution and de Gaulle’s 1968 power play are amusing and give an interesting comparison to the madness of the lunatic fringe of the Democrat party.  Of course that fringe now encompasses the whole party so it’s an unusual situation.  Fun to read.

The Democrats’ French Dilemma

Vox Day Has a Comment on the SOTU

Now Vox is a big Trump supporter but in his opinion the civic nationalism from someone like Trump won’t be enough to save the United States.  But he acknowledges the effectiveness of what Trump did last night to consolidate the Republican base and kick the stool out from under the NeverTrumpers.  I get bored by rhetoric so I shut it off after about fifteen minutes.  But I acknowledge the necessity of talking to the whole country.  I just hope he takes concrete action soon to get his agenda going in the face of total opposition from the the Dems.


04FEB2019 – OCF Update

It’s been pretty quiet on the political side.  From my point of view anyway.  The Virginia Governor outrage doesn’t interest me because either way Virginia is run by a Democrat.  Everything else is just us waiting for President Trump to get tired of waiting for Congress to not do anything and do something on his own.  This week is the SOTU address.  Probably nothing much there.  Thursday the Senate subcommittee votes on Barr for AG.  That’s big.  The military situations in the Middle East and Venezuela are important but it looks like nothing substantive will happen anytime soon.  For me Barr is the big news and that’s four days from now.

Here in New England it’s Super Bowl rehash.  Blah, blah, blah.  Honestly I’ve skipped the whole NFL season for the second year in a row and it’s now standard operating procedure.  Same as the Oscars, same as the Hugos. No different.

I’ll start to dig out some interesting stuff on the edges.  I think the de-platforming stuff is going to be more in the news now that some legal push-back is occurring.  And I’ve found some winter woodland photo opportunities so I’ll be putting up some different stuff up soon.  The Twilight Zone has been fun so far so I’ll keep churning it out and we’ll see what other reviews I can find.

Stay tuned.

The Worriers Are Worried

One of the guys in the office is agitated.  He thinks Trump has collapsed and the world is coming to an end.  There are articles this guy read that say that Trump is caving on judicial appointments to some of the Circuit Courts.  And also, he’s worried about the Wall not getting built.

So, what do I think about all this?  My bottom line is Barr must get approved soon.  I saw that Graham gave the Dems an extra week before the committee vote takes place.  I read that this timing will give Mueller the opportunity to damage the President during some announcement he is working on.  Fine, Graham is useless, I know that.  My read on this is that Barr should be approved by February 15th.  If by March he isn’t approved then I’ll start to think that Trump is trapped.  Getting control of the Justice Department is the most important objective Trump needs to get done right now.  If he lets that slide then there is little hope of reining in the Deep State that is running amok arresting his friends and associates at will.  So that is what I tell those panicking.  If we reach March and Barr isn’t Attorney General then I’ll admit Trump has been boxed in and won’t be able to clean out the Justice Department.

But getting agitated does nothing.  Start taking concrete steps in your own life to protect yourself and your family from the terrible people and things that are going on all around you.  Form alliances and relationships with people who have shown themselves to be reliable and you can trust.  Support people who are brave enough to identify themselves as supporting the truth about what’s going on.  Ignore the liars and cowards of the establishment republican slate.  Don’t support them and don’t give them a penny.  If the Democrats take the Presidency then we are the real resistance.  They will dismantle this country.  They showed us that under Obama.  Then we have to decide how we respond to that.  Make a stand or leave or become slaves.  Those seem to be the choices.

24JAN2019 – Thoughts on Covington

The biggest story this week was the story and then the story about the story of the Covington students.  I waited a few days to let most of the big names have their say.  Now that they have, I figured I’d say my piece about it and make any overarching observations about what the event says about where we are.

Based on the information available, it looks like the Leftists coordinated to attack soft targets on their turf in D.C.  They taunted the kids but didn’t get any violence that way so they sent the Indian to manufacture outrage based on the optics they created by having him stand in front of the kids and yell in that poor kid’s face.  So they put this together and alerted their ally in the Media and of course all the other outlets piled on and then the squishy right virtue-signaled their horror at the make believe MAGA hat madness.

So far, this follows the same pattern as the past show pieces.  They get in front of the truth surfacing and then walk away once the truth does break through and move onto the next outrage.  But something went wrong.  The real video clip surfaced too quickly and everyone could see that it was a con-job.  Even the Left had to grudgingly admit it was a fake.  And the squishy right were exposed for the cowards they really are.

Worse still, the kids have a lawyer who is threatening to sue some of these people for libel and other things like incitement and threats.  Now, it’s possible this doesn’t move forward and every one backs away from this.  But maybe it does.  And it may even start dawning on the networks that there are repercussions when you take character assassination as standard operating procedure.  Peter Thiel showed that you can fight back against these people if you have money and some smart lawyers.  Maybe it wouldn’t take too much effort to get some hungry lawyers excited about monetizing the abusive behavior of the Main Stream Media.  After all, CNN and MSNBC have plenty of cash (or at least their parent corporations have) that could be turned into legal awards and the concomitant legal fees that these lawyers prize so highly.  What would stop these smart young lawyers from representing individuals slandered by these media outlets and either forcing them to settle cases out of court or bringing them to court to defend their behavior?  Seems like a winning strategy to me.  And I’m sure the Justice Department, if headed up by non-leftists could lend their prestige to a class action suit if it looked like some kind of collusion occurred between the Media and the characters inciting them.  After all Fake news has become a rallying cry and RICO legislation is loose enough to cover conspiracy in most industries to commit crime.

Will it happen?  Who knows.  Should it?  I think definitely.  The time seems right to start pushing back and changing the way the Media abuses private individuals.  Hopefully this is the beginning of something positive.