What Does the Comey Firing Mean?

If you look at the various news aggregation sites, you’ll find any number of articles that explain how Trump’s firing of Comey will either:

  1. Cause the end of democracy in America, or
  2. Trigger Trump’s impeachment and guillotining

So, where does this leave us normal people? Well, as I usually exclaim in my magisterial fashion, “Damned if I know.”  Does Comey and Obama’s people have some kind of deep game that they are trying to play that will hobble or destroy Trump and his administration?  Maybe?  Is Trump counterattacking with the full force of the executive branch’s formidable resources?  Could be?  Or is this just Trump clearing the decks to get his own guys in there to move on to new business?  Sure, why not?

For even a staunch supporter of the “Troller-in-Chief”, such as myself, it sometimes seems like this administration punishes its supporters as much as its enemies. Honestly, on a daily basis I reach the giddy heights of schadenfreude with the release of the latest Hillary rant, followed by a plunge into the stygian depths of terror when a sophomoric presidential tweet erupts onto the media scene.  It’s exhausting.

But I’m in this thing for the long haul and Trump’s is the star that I’ve hitched my wagon to. I’m gonna give him as much slack as I have and let him get it done.  Firing Comey seems like exactly the opposite play from a JEB! or Romney move.  This tells me it’s probably smart (or at least brave).  Some people are saying that Trump’s motive is to get a team into the FBI to start pursuing Hillary and/or the leakers from Obama’s people.  These sound like high risk moves.  And that makes me think high risk/high reward.  It’s entirely possible we have someone with guts in the White House.  Good.

It should be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few days. Right now Schumer is calling for a special prosecutor.  Blumenthal is accusing the administration of treason.  I’m guessing if the democrats weren’t all atheists there would be charges of heresy.  What would be indicative of Trump effectiveness would be if the administration can start getting ahead of the democrats in the news cycle and produce indictments of someone on the other side.  I’d love to see some democrat operative testifying under immunity and naming names.  Can you just imagine the howls of pain if some of the actual villains were unmasked and the sausage making that went on in the White House last year came to light?  Who knows?  Maybe even Saint Barack might appear with his halo slipping down a little if enough prosecutorial pressure was applied to the right Obama flunky.  Admittedly that’s just my dream version of how the post-Obama landscape could play out.  More likely it would just tend to silence the press if they thought that pursuing the leaks would go away if they gave Trump some good press.  So let’s see who’s winning and who’s losing.  We should know soon.

You Mean the Sky is Not Falling?

Andrew Klavan has been making me laugh and think since I found him at PJ Media about a decade ago.  His “Klavan on the Culture” videos were hilarious and brilliant skewering of leftist thought and action that brightened up many a depressing day of the Bush and Obama presidencies.  He continues his video presence on the Daily Wire but he put up an article at PJ Media that was linked on Real Clear Politics     ( https://pjmedia.com/andrewklavan/2017/05/05/thanks-gop/  ) that I think addressed the endless negativity that not only defines the MSM but also infects right wing publications on a daily basis.  Klavan is far from a Trump cheerleader.  He’s a smart guy who sees the contradictions we are living with.  The alleged intellectual leaders of the republican party were complicit with the progressives in handing over the government (all three branches) to radicals who have basically dismantled our world and reassembled it into a grotesque parody that assaults our moral and physical senses with its depravity.  The spectacle of men masquerading as women in every corner of the public space is only the latest symptom of the systemic infection that has been allowed to overrun the normal outline of our world.  It’s a case of life outdoing art and so much so that a Fellini movie would now be considered a taming down of the real world.

So, the thesis of his article is that Trump and the Congress should be cut a little slack.  They have lately been making headway in reining in the excesses of the former administration and have even made some progress toward improving the situation.  One point that I thought was important, was that Trump took advantage of a rule (the Congressional Review Act) that allows any government regulation less than 60 days old to be deleted with almost no effort at all.  He set about the job of negating all the poison pill regulations that Obama enacted after finding out Trump had won the election.  Klavan noted that the New York Times (“a former newspaper” as he always adds) decried this Trump action, in a tear drenched article, as a part of the demolition of the Obama legacy.  This panic on the left hardly jibes with the non-stop lamentations that the right wing has been ululating for the last week or so.  So, what is going on then?  Who is right?

Isn’t it lucky for all of you that I’m here in all of my Olympian objectivity and divine wisdom to pronounce on who is right and who is wrong and the generic whichness of what?

Of course it is.

Well they’re both right (of course).  The right wing faithful are rightly aggrieved at the current state of affairs and the slowness of improvement.  With the Presidency, the Congress and the Supreme Court all nominally under right wing majority you would expect the guillotine working overtime piling up the severed heads of progressive malefactors at the base of Capitol Hill.  You would imagine Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and Barney Frank would be in the docket trying to plead for clemency while a special prosecutor was loading up a list of high crimes and misdemeanors long enough to reach the orbit of Mars.  Rats like Stephen Colbert, Lena Dunham and Al Gore would be reduced to pushing shopping carts around on the streets of Los Angeles hoping to score a cheese rind or grapefruit peel from the dumpster behind the local Trader Joe’s.

And the republicans in government are right to remember how the American people punished them for shutting down the government when Clinton rejected their budget balancing work in the 1990s.  That left a mark that they never forgot.  Careers were ended and democrats took seats in red states.  It’s pretty much a truism that people get the government that they deserve.

So I’m going to throw the tie to Trump on this one.  He’s making a dent.  And one other thing Klavan notes in his article, Trump’s continual trolling of the left is a gift that keeps on giving.  It enrages them and provokes them to ever higher heights of moonbattery (e.g. Colbert’s recent ravings).  These people have reached a frothing state that’s bound to take a toll on their public image.  Whereas Trump’s rating seems to be slightly rising.

So in conclusion, the sky is not falling and I’m not even close to being tired of winning.

Wherefore Art Thou Shmoe-meo?

The Last 1360 Days of the Trump Presidency


Lycra Spandexy (LS) – Oh Shmoe-meo, Shmoe-meo, wherefore art thou Shmoe-meo?

Morning Shmoe (MS) – I’m right here at the teleprompter and it’s 37 seconds past the quarter hour my dear Lycra.

LS – Oh, Shmoe-meo renounce thy father’s name, for I refuse to become Lycra Spandexy-Browfurrowed.  A girl can only endure so much.  You’re a modern metrosexual man.  Take Spandexy as your last name. Shmoe Spandexy has a kind of alliterative magic to it.

MS – Sure baby, a rose by any other name would blah, blah, blah.  Just as long as we tie the knot before Chris Cashews is on the show again.  He’s getting that tingle up his leg again and I don’t think either one of us is safe alone with him during commercial breaks.

LS – Wow, that’s grim.  Okay I am sold oh Shmoe-meo.  I’ll make the announcement on-air and the joyous huzzahs will resound around the set.

MS – Uh, yeah sure.  And three, two, one!

LS – And we’re back.  During the break, Morning Shmoe agreed to become my husband and equal partner for life.

MS – You said it toots.

LS – And since we’re both delirious with joy, we wanted our audience to be the first to know.

MS – And since this is the network that never stops pushing, we’re going to turn today’s show into a forum devoted to giving us the best advice for our life together.  Lycra, who do we have scheduled for the panel?

LS – First up is our very own Snarkful Sadclown.  And who better than an androgynous lesbian to help me pick out my wedding dress?

Snarkful Sadclown (SS) – Well, Lycra, if you really intend to degrade your body by becoming a walking biological function and a chattel handmaiden for the patriarchy, the least I can do is make sure you arrive in comfortable loafers and a sensible pantsuit from the Hillary Collection.

LS – But Mommy and Daddy said I’d look like a princess!

SS – This ain’t your Mommy’s network Princess.  And I’d recommend a number two buzzcut for the hairstyle.  That’s right, this is real, you aren’t dreaming, this your life.

LS – Why do you keep saying that?

SS – You-Tube said it gets clicks.

MS – Next up is noted gender studies authority and NY Times bestselling author of, “Painful Changes, Wardrobe Choices,” Dave-Sue Haddgonadds.  Good morning Dr. Haddgonadds.  Am I pronouncing that correctly?

Dave-Sue Haddgonadds (DSH) – The dees are silent, you silly man.

MS – My apologies.  Dr., what can I learn from you to make my marriage more fulfilling?

DSH – First of all, Shmoe, be aware that even contemplating yet another marriage between white, heterosexual, cis-gendered people is a crime against all LGBTQ and people of color.  You are transgressing against the gorgeous mosaic that is the American life of today.  It is vibrant, it is diverse and it will not be flouted by your retrogressive, hate-filled choices.

LS – Yes but we are white, heterosexual, cis-gendered people.

DSH – That’s no excuse.  Nowadays, options in transgender hormone therapy and transformative surgery allow any number of alternative body choices.  For instance, Shmoe, I envision you as a five foot three inch tall black woman with a penchant for shall we say alimentary amorous pursuits.

MS – Five foot three?

DSH – Yes Dr. Farber is a virtuoso with the bone saw.

MS – I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the idea of gender reassignment surgery.

DSH – No problem.  There’s no pressure whatsoever.  Our motto is “If you like your genitalia you can keep your genitalia.”

MS – Somehow, that’s less than totally reassuring.

DSH – And you, Lycra, would be just a stunning creature at 6’ 3’’with a Douglas Fairbanks Jr. mustache and a Heidelberg scar.

LS – But I want to be a princess!

DSH – Fine.  We’ll compromise You can be bi-sexual.  See I’m willing to meet you half way.

MS – Dr., I hope during the break we can find some common ground on our vision of married life but first let me introduce our next panelist.  He’s the greatest living authority on pre-nuptial agreements Tad Litigious.  Good morning Counselor, am I pronouncing that correctly?

Tad Litigious (TL) – No, Shmoe, the vee is silent.

MS – But there is no vee.

TL – That’s why it’s silent.

MS – Okay, Tad, what do I need to know about the legal aspects of marriage.

TL – Well, first off Shmoe, you’re gonna need an ironclad pre-nup before you sign up for this rodeo.

MS – Why?  Lycra and I are modern people with deep empathy for each other and compatible views on life and social responsibility.  I respect her as a strong independent woman and I embrace her life choices both personally and professionally.

TL – Sure you do Poindexter.  But listen to Uncle Tad for a minute and I’ll set you straight on a couple of items.  So, you two are on the same wavelength and believe in all the same touchy-feely talking points.  Super-duper.  But let’s look about five years down the road.  By then little blondie over there is just a skosh less perky here and there and your network will be replacing her with the twinkie du jure.  Now based on what I’ve heard from the two of you, Little Miss Muffet over there isn’t going to go into the baby raising business for you.  She’s gonna shop her act around the networks and she’ll end up parked on the Home Shopping Network with the rest of the over the hill bimbos and probably putting down about a pint of gin every a.m. before curtain.  My guess is you’re the kind of old boy who’ll find the twinkie du jure sort of interesting and with one thing following another, I’m guessing you’ll be calling me up and handing me a seven-figure retainer to help you switch around Mrs. Browfurroweds.  Now, if you don’t have a pre-nup in place, she’ll get 85% of your stuff.  If you have one she’ll get 55%.  So, it’s your call.  I get paid either way.

MS – Well Tad, that all seems very unlikely, (sotto voce) call me later.

LS – Hey I heard that!

MS – Well that’s all the time we have, but I just want all our guests to know that we valued their advice and with any luck at all we will have a full and happy life as man and wife.  Or as something and something and for some reasonable length of time.  But for me and Lycra…

LS – Up yours Shmoe!

MS – Here’s to a happy and progressive today.

The Last 1360 Days of the Trump Presidency

Morning Shmoe 2

(The set of the Morning Shmoe News Show)

Morning Schmoe (MS) – It’s sixty seven seconds past the quarter hour and we’re back at the Morning Schmoe Show.  I’m the eponymous Schmoe Browfurrowed and I’m joined by my lovely and enthusiastic co-host Lycra Spandexy.

Lycra Spandexy (LS) – I am lovely and enthusiastic, amn’t I?

MS – Yes you are Lycra and we wouldn’t have you any other way.  It’s actually in your contract.  And now here’s the rest of our panel.  First up, former disgraced journalist and now shameless democrat shill Mike Carbuncle.

Mike Carbuncle (MC) – I like to say semi-disgraced.

MS – Yes you do. Next up, my fellow network superstar host and advocate for comfortable women’s shoes Snarkful Sadclown.

Snarkful Sadclown (SS) – Everyone should wear them.

MS – Well almost everyone.  Not you Lycra.

LS – Oh thank God.  No offense Snarky.

SS – Almost none taken Lycra.

MS – And finally my other fellow network superstar host Chris Cashews.

Chris Cashews (CC) – Ooh, just hearing my name gives me that tingle up my leg.

SS – Please try to pace yourself Chris.  It’s a three-hour show.

MS – Well gang, let’s get right down to it.  Fraudulent and illegal President Trump has just passed the 100-day mark of his fraudulent and illegal presidency.

LS – He’s so not good!  If I was allowed to hate people I’d hate him.  And I’d hate his wife who is older than me and not young like I am.  I’m not old yet you know.

MC – That was very well put Lycra.  You are very young.  And your platinum blonde hair reminds me of the time I interviewed beautiful Hollywood blonde bombshell Jean Harlow right after she starred with Clark Gable in 1933’s Red Dust.

SS – But you would have been four years old in 1933.

MC – Yes, I was quite precocious.

MS – Getting back on track.  We are here to look objectively at the events of the last 100 days and without bias decide exactly where it became a failed presidency.

CC – That won’t be too hard at all.  Back when I was working for storied Speaker of the House, Slip  O’Peel, we had a saying, “The buck stops here.”

SS – Didn’t well-known racist and US President Harry S. Truman say that?

CC – Oh, he said it too but he stole it from us.

SS – But O’Peel would have only been 13 when Truman was quoted as saying it.

CC – Yes, he was precocious.  Anyway, my point is that obviously, Trump’s presidency became a failed one on Inauguration Day when he failed to use his entire speech as a hymn of praise to Barack Hussein Obama, the most gifted and beloved person ever to occupy the Oval Office.  Did I ever tell you the time I got this tingle up my leg during one of his speeches?

MS – Yes, Chris you have.  But we’ve really got to move on now.  Well, folks, Chris says Inauguration Day.  Any other opinions?

LS – Yes Shmoe.  I think it happened later.  I think it happened when he was mean to those reporters on TV.  Reporters (and TV people in general) are the best and nicest people in the world.  Being mean to them is like really not good.  That is when I feel his presidency failed.

SS – Wow Lycra, compared to Chris and Mike your thesis was surprisingly free of anachronisms.

LS – Thanks Snarky I can see that you respect my intellect.

SS – Sure.

LS – By the way what’s an actronism?

SS – Never mind.

MS – Okay Mike care to share your opinion?

MC – Certainly Shmoe.  This presidency officially ended when Trump nominated Gorsuch.  When Trump told the country that Gorsuch represented the highest standards of judicial competency he overplayed his hand.  To quote from my highly popular and respected blog post of that day, I extemporized, “Mr President, you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”  Man was I on fire in that post!

SS – Wait, Abraham Lincoln said that!

MC – He stole it from me.

SS – But that would make you two hundred years old!

MC – I don’t think it’s polite to discuss people’s age.  Even if they aren’t nominally women.

LS – Yes, Snarky.  That’s wrong and hurtful.

SS – Oh good grief.  This is almost as bad as election night.  This is not a dream and this is really happening.  Maybe I should cut a deal with Fox.

MS – Mike, Lycra that’s enough.  We can’t work out the chronological details of all these people right here and now.  Let’s just agree that the Trump administration is already over.

All Participants – Oh yeah;…  That’s for sure;…  Damn straight;…  I’ll say.

MS – So the question that has to be answered is what exactly is going to be going on for the next 1,360 days?

LS – Well Shmoe, don’t you think that evil Trump and his evil people will see that they’re beaten and run away?

MS – Well Lycra, you might think so but it’s a funny thing.  Not everyone is as reasonable as we are.  I’m afraid Trump thinks that elections have consequences.

MC – Hey he can’t use that line, it’s an Obama copyright.

MS – Something ironic about that.

MC – What do you mean?

MS – Oh forget it.  Well anyway, let’s just say that if we just keep saying that this is a failed presidency long enough and often enough the public will believe it.

SS – I’m not so sure.  Have you noticed that the last few surveys say the public trusts us less than Trump?

MS – Yeah but once we tell them that Trump is a greedy billionaire and we’re honest friends of the common man they’ll believe all the crap we tell them, right?

SS – But that’s what I’m trying to tell you.  They don’t believe that anymore.

MS – But why?

MC – Maybe because we backed the BLM movement and the Antifa and the White Privilege whiners and the Transgender bathroom crowd and the illegal rights groups and …

SS – Hey, those are my viewers!

MS – Yeah but look at our ratings.  They’re not that much right?  Looks like we may be outnumbered in this thing.

LS – But Shmoe, we won, didn’t we?  We’ll be all right now and Hillary will be President and we’ll live happily ever after.  Won’t we?

MS – I wish I knew Lycra, I wish I knew.


Wherefore Art Thou Shmoe-meo?

Morning Shmoe 2 – Trump Hates Bannon!!!  Just Saying.

Chris Buskirk over at American Greatness is fast becoming one of my favorite reads.  He had a great article ( https://amgreatness.com/2017/04/15/foolish-choose-morning-joe-crowd-bannon-voters/ ) that has once again inspired me to revisit our friends at Morning Shmoe.


Scene: Studio Set at Morning Shmoe

Shmoe Browfurrowed (AKA Morning Shmoe) (MS) – It’s three and a half minutes before the quarter hour and we’re back.  Lycra have you heard the latest evidence about how Trump has already eliminated Steve Bannon and is about to replace him with Barney Frank.

Lycra Spandexy (LS) – No Shmoe, tell me all about it.

MS – Well it’s obvious to anyone paying attention.  Trump is wearing ties.  And as you all know Bannon doesn’t wear a tie.  You do the math!

LS – That’s so true!  Well now that Barney Frank is the virtual president what wonderful changes do you forsee?

MS – As first order of business, Melania will be eliminated as First Lady, either by divorce or deportation and Caitlyn Jenner installed in that position.  Next Ivanka will begin the slow, deliberate process of becoming Ivanko.  After that Trump will begin his transition which will culminate in him grabbing herself.

LS – It just writes itself, doesn’t it Shmoe?

MS – Yeah, sort of.

LS – Shmoe, what do you think caused the original loss of trust between Trump and Bannon.

MS – Well Lycra, we may never truly know but we can speculate.

LS – Can we?

MS – Oh, not only can we but we will.  We’ve still got several hundred words to add before this post is full.

LS – Post?

MS – Nothing, nothing.  Anyway, if you remember during the election it was rumored that Donald Trump had become a werewolf or possibly a loup garou.

LS – Yes, that was definitely a theory that swirled around the press corp.

MS – Well, I recently heard from someone (or possibly from a voice inside my head) that Bannon had become a vampire or some other type of undead.

LS – Well, that would explain a lot of things.

MS – Yes it would Lycra, yes it would.  After all, if Underworld has taught us anything it’s that lycanthropes and vampires are always enemies.  Also, we haven’t seen Bannon during the day recently.  And he is obviously suffering from a skin condition brought on by his vampiric aversion to sunlight.

LS – Of course, why didn’t I realize this before?

MS – Because it’s only obvious after a great mind points it out.

LS – Oh Shmoe, you are wise.  But where do we go from here.  Now that progressives are firmly in charge of the US executive branch again what is the next order of business?

MS – There are so many Obama initiatives that are languishing and that need a few trillions of taxpayer dollars to really perk up.  I would say that a new cabinet level department is the first order of business.  The Department of Black Lives Matter is the unofficial name I heard mentioned (by a voice in my head) but the name is secondary.  The important thing is eliminating this whole law enforcement and justice concept that has somehow infected our government for too long.

LS – Shmoe, that’s marvelous.  And to think, the Trump administration hasn’t even acknowledged Bannon’s departure yet.  What are they waiting for?

MS – I would guess it has to do with the cycles of the moon.  Lycanthrope/vampire interactions are far from an exact science.  My guess is the announcement will occur at the new moon.  That’s April 26th to you normals.

LS – Shmoe, isn’t it great to be living in this best of all possible worlds?

MS – Yes it is Lycra, Yes it is.


The Last 1360 Days of the Trump Presidency

Morning Shmoe

I read the following article this morning ( https://amgreatness.com/2017/04/12/dont-fall-morning-joes-propaganda-bannon/ ).  It inspired the following parody.


Location: Morning Shmoe TV Studio

Morning Shmoe (MS) – Welcome back.  It’s twenty minutes past the hour and I’ve got to say I’ve never been more pessimistic about the future of this country, this planet or this universe.  I believe, based on the universally applicable experience I gained by being a republican congressman twenty years ago, that the Trump administration is not only doomed but that putting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court will end life as we know it on planet earth and quite probably will cause the complete collapse of the universe into a singularity or as the unscientific people would say, a black hole.

Lycra Spandexy (LS) – Wow, Shmoe.  That sounds really bad.

MS – It is Lycra, it is.

LS – But Shmoe, can we say black hole?  Wouldn’t that be cultural appropriation or white privilege?

MS – No Lycra.  It’s science.  And science is settled.

LS – Well I hope all you Trump voters are satisfied.  You’ve ruined the universe.  And it was a really good universe too.  There were stars and planets and dolphins and Al Gore.

MS – That’s right Lycra.  There were many wonderful things.  But that’s all over now.  By my calculations, the whole universe will end on April 16th at 11:47 AM, Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  This final collapse will be triggered by the complete loss of credibility of the Trump Administration when everyone realizes that the Easter Bunny is a fraud and that the winner of the White House Easter Egg Hunt is fake news.

LS – Well I guess I better skip getting my hair and nails done for Easter.

MS – That’s right Lycra.  There’s no reason to do anything anymore.

LS – Thanks a lot Trump voters.  You all really stink.

MS – Yes they do Lycra, yes they do.  But I just want to throw out one small hope.  If all the Trump voters repent of their sins and demand that Trump be impeached and expelled from the White House and Hillary is allowed to ascend to the presidency and Gorsuch is replaced with a liberal and all the senators and congress persons are magically replaced with Bernie Sanders clones, then maybe, just maybe, the universe will be spared.

LS – Oh, that would be so great.  Hillary must be president.  And she’s got that great new hair-cut and those great new shoes that look so good with her white pants suit.  Oh Shmoe, make this happen.  Make the Trump voters do this.  Make them do it now.  Then I’ll know not to cancel my hair and nails appointment.  Make them do it now.

MS – I’m sorry Lycra.  But I can’t make them obey.  They are the selfish deplorables.  They hate everything good like Amtrak, tote-bags and polar bears.  They are monsters.

LS – Oh Shmoe, why is this happening?  Why aren’t the good people winning?  We’re so much smarter and prettier than these deplorables, except for Ivanka who is really very pretty and don’t you think that is wrong.  I mean, shouldn’t she be really ugly and fat and not have her own perfume?  Shouldn’t I have her perfume instead and also her daddy’s money too?

MS – Yes Lycra you should.  And that is how we know that there is no god.  If She existed She would give you all of Ivanka’s things and she would have to toil away on this stupid show instead.

LS – Oh Shmoe, you are so wise.

MS – Yes Lycra, yes I am.

Morning Shmoe 2

Trump vs Inertia

White House West Wing –

President Trump (PT) – Bannon, Bannon, Steve! Get in here willya?

Steve Bannon (SB) – Right here Mr. President. How can I help you?

PT – I see a lot of headlines saying my popularity is in the 30s. Is that true?

SB – Probably more like low 40s but it has dropped a little since the Obamacare debacle. I’d say there’s nothing to worry about.  The Gorsuch approval will give you a nice bump and the Rice Spying reveal should also get you some points.

PT – Well, I guess that’s all true but I want to get things moving again. We need to produce some excitement around here.  People want to see action.

SB – Okay, do you have anything particular in mind?

PT – Yes, I do. You know how we have been touting all these jobs that Ford and Carrier and Walmart are opening up?  Well, it’s time to roll out a program to get existing small businesses to expand.  We need to put something in place to bust us out of the doldrums.

SB – Well, we’re already working on fixing the tax code to eliminate the problems slowing down small business growth.

PT – That’s slow motion progress. I need an explosion of growth.  We need something to start a fire.  What about a tax holiday for any business with sales less than hundred million dollars?  Let’s say for the next four years.

SB – That should make you real popular around the next election.

PT – Yeah sure, but more important, it will get things moving. It’ll get people working.  And it’ll benefit regular people instead of those global corporations that don’t actually like this country.  Any time I can give those bums a thumb in the eye I will.

SB – Hmm. That’s pretty good. But what happens when this holiday ends?  Won’t they shed those jobs?

PT – Not likely. They’ll be making money and they will want to make more.  Plus by then you slow pokes will have jiggered the tax code to make business more fair to the little guys right?

SB – Absolutely Mr. President.. Mike Pence is working with Ryan and McConnell to push it through.

PT – Oh Good Lord! We better get this tax holiday pushed through as soon as possible.  The way those guys get things done, my job rating will be a negative number before they start the reconciliation.

SB – I’ll put a team together to get it going. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you were the salesman behind this idea?  You can be quite persuasive.

PT – Sure I’ll start the ball rolling but my idea is that we find about a hundred small companies that are ready to expand if the right business climate existed. We showcase these American businesses and point to the areas around them that would benefit from these new jobs.  If you can find stuff in the Rust Belt and the inner cities, so much the better.

SB – That’s pretty good.

PT – Yeah well we’ve got an advantage we aren’t from DC so we still know where money actually comes from. And I don’t mean the Treasury.

Fake News for April Fools

Back when George W was still president I discovered Real Clear Politics (RCP) as a site that included at least a few of the not so-left-leaning news sources and polls during elections.  It became one of the easiest links to finding conservative information and opinion.  I guess, it still is.  At least I still visit it for news.  But, my God, what a mess.  Listen to these headlines:

Trump’s Chumps

The Landmines that Could Kill Trump’s Tax Cuts

WH Struggles to Get Out from Under Russia Controversy

Are the Brits Bonkers to Brexit?

Walking Away from the ACA Not an Option for GOP

Nunes Was Supposed to Probe Collusion, Not Commit It

How Do Men Like Trump Win?  Let My Fictional Panel Explain

And even from supposedly friendly sources, the best we get is:

Mistakes, He’s Made A Few Too Many

I mean, honestly, WTF.  And if you keep score of the articles written specifically by the staff of RCP you’ll quickly see that they’re no better than the Washington Post or the New York Times.  Now, of course, the Post and the Times (and the rest of the Old Guard) are obviously performing the same services for the Democrats as they did back when W was in office.  The calculation is that a constant drum beat of gloom, doom and slander will eventually damage President Trump enough to stop his agenda and turn the nation against him.  With W it worked.  Once the war turned sour he was slowly ground down by the press.  Of course, Trump isn’t W.  He attacks the press instinctively, successfully and with relish.  And his agenda will be for the most part popular with every day Americans.  So, I’m willing to let him do his thing for at least a few weeks at a time without panicking at the sight of unfriendly headlines.  After all, it’s currently the democrats who seem to be whistling past the graveyard with these headlines.  Next week the Senate may already have Gorsuch seated on the Supreme Court.  And even the knuckleheads in Congress seem to be trying to get their act together.  I’m of the opinion that all the headlines about poll numbers plunging and panicking republicans are pure spin.  So, what’s this post about?  I’m just complaining.  I’m pretty sick and tired of not having a reliable go-to site with the content I want.  But with a little fishing around I can generally see news and opinion that I want.  Here’s where I go:

http://www.realclearpolitics.com/  Yeah, I still go there first (groan).

http://drudgereport.com/  Well, of course, you’ve gotta (and it can be hilarious).

https://amgreatness.com/  This where Publius Decius Mus used to write.  I like a lot of the opinion pieces they write.  And they don’t have any obvious NeverTrumpers on staff.

And there are other more radical sites but I’ll leave them for another day.

So that is currently where I gather my information.  RCP and Drudge are news aggregators so effectively this allows me to cherry pick the best of what’s out there.  But that means there is a lot of dross there too.  American Greatness only gives opinion.  Between these sites I get most of what I want.  And of course for all of the rest of the world there is the most important opinion site of all Orion’s Cold Fire (OCF)!  I mean, come on, of course it is!  But modesty forbids me to elaborate on the obvious.  So enjoy April Fool’s Day (naturally, it’s snowing here today) but don’t be fooled by the foolish headlines.  All’s right in this best of all possible worlds.  I guess?

31MAR2016 Roundup

Interesting week. After the Obamacare train wreck, the Trump Administration seems to be moving along on all its initiatives.  Trump put out an executive order dismantling the Obama war on coal and fossil fuels.  The EPA reiterated that climate change policy is no longer being pursued.  Senate Majority Leader McConnell has said that a vote on Gorsuch will happen by April 10th.

The Gorsuch vote should be informative. Senate Minority Leader Chuck (The Schmuck) Schumer has declared that he will force a filibuster.  But there are a number of senators in red states up for re-election in 2018.  Several of them have already declared that they will not block cloture.  In addition, some dem strategists have stated that forcing the republicans to use the “nuclear option” (eliminating the filibuster for supreme court approvals) at this point will make it easier for the republicans to get the next SCOTUS appointee in when it will be a true change in the status quo.  If either a democratic appointee or Justice Kennedy is the next justice to be replaced with a truly conservative choice it will fundamentally change the complexion of the court.  So it’s even possible that Schumer knows that the filibuster won’t happen and he’s just posturing.

The North Carolina legislature predictably caved on fake women using the lady’s room. Interestingly, Texas seems to have a little more backbone when it comes to standing up to corporate pressure tactics.  We’ll have to see where the country moves on these battles now that Obama’s not there to use strong arm tactics for the liberal agenda.

Jeff Sessions said that convictions will be necessary to deal with the leaks coming out of the intelligence agencies. And his Justice Department is going after sanctuary cities, threatening to cut off law enforcement funds to cities that refuse to cooperate with ICE agents taking illegals into custody after they’ve been arrested for other crimes.  And once again Texas takes a conservative initiative.  Governor Abbott is introducing legislation holding Texas sheriffs accountable if they cooperate with Sanctuary City efforts to shield illegals from ICE agents.  Pretty smart.

Once Gorsuch is seated, I expect the Supreme Court will be asked to rule on the bogus lower court interference with President Trump’s immigration executive orders. Vice President Pence voted to break a tie to approve a bill to allow states to defund Planned Parenthood if they choose.  And finally, bids are being requested for contracts to build the border wall.   Some Mexican companies have been branded traitors for their interest in the contracts.

So, all in all Trump and company have been fairly busy after their “crushing defeat” last week. I want to once again go on the record to state unequivocally that I am still not tired of winning.  In fact, I think I am now officially addicted to winning.  So much so, that I need my fix more often and in bigger doses.  I hereby put President Trump on notice that he’s gonna havta up my dosage.  Speed up the winning treadmill.  That’s an order.

We Interrupt This MSM Funk to Provide a Message of Fun

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m heading out soon for a get together with some family.  I have tomorrow to put together a post or two but I think maybe I should do some work for OCF today.  But what?  What does a man do to top my previous output this week?  After all I trashed Isaac Asimov in not one but two posts and then I had Melania Trump complete the agenda of the Trump Administration between her morning nail appointment and cooking dinner for the Donald and Barron.  I mean come on, I might as well just drop the mic and rest like the Lord did after creating the Magellanic Clouds.

But no, the faithful readers deserve something for the weekend and only a lazy creator kicks back every time he gets going.

So, what to discuss?  Logically, I should address the Obamacare repeal fiasco.  It’s been all over the MSM and they’re all swooning over the “impact.”  I should be eloquent about how it was a good thing that we didn’t pass a bill that was just more of the same and how we’ll get it right later, blah, blah, blah.  But honest, I just don’t feel any energy about writing it and it would show.  I’ll let Trump and those clowns in Congress tackle this one themselves.  I want something fun today.  We deserve it.

I want to talk about how the right wing needs to look at the opportunities we have in front of us in the next few years.  From my point of view, what’s important is to build up any alternative structures that can start replacing the compromised ones we have around us now.  Now, obviously, some of these existing structures are practically unavoidable.  If you’re a self-published author then Amazon is practically the only game in town and if you have an internet business I imagine it’s pretty hard to avoid Google in some form.  But even taking that into account, there are plenty of things you can do to help build up the other parts of the community that are out there.  For instance, Vox Day has publicized that Gab has become an alternative for Twitter, Infogalactic is providing an alternative to Wikipedia.  And even if you’re not a fan of the Alt-Right there are plenty of opportunities to help the right.  When you see a business on the right, support it (buy something from it).  If what you get is good, then go back next time you need something and tell friends about it.  It’s easy and it will make it a harder network for the SJW’s to crash.

And it’s time to build positive things.  Always fighting against something is exhausting (except to the warrior class).  It’s good to have something positive to talk about.  Of course, Trump is the elephant in the room.  His win has energized the whole right wing with positive energy that’s almost impossible to exaggerate.  But we need to look around us and celebrate the good things that still exist.  Find some old classic movie to watch with friends.  Buy some good music that doesn’t reference alternative gender sensibilities.  Pass along a book recommendation (either old or new) that has brightened your day.

And for pity’s sake, remember.  It’s spring!  Well not here in the horror that is March in New England.  But in the real world outside this Cthulhu infested hell-hole, flowers are growing birds are singing and kids are playing baseball.  Get out there and have some fun!  Take your best girl out for a ride and lunch and get some damn fresh air!

And don’t worry too much about Washington.  Trump’s got our backs and he’ll do what is necessary to keep those losers in Congress from thinking they’re actually human beings.  Next week those losers in the Senate will be forced to nuke the filibuster and get Gorsuch into the SCOTUS.  After that we’ll see some progress on the immigration and other fronts that renegade judges like to screw with.

So smile.  Life is pretty good.