DP Review to Close on April 10th 2023

For photographers in the digital age DP Review was the 500 pound gorilla of on-line photo sites.  And after Amazon bought it many years back it was truly dominant.

Well, miracle of miracles, apparently Amazon doesn’t have all the money in the world.  It’s shutting the site down.  For those who had photos or posts up on their site and would like them back for whatever reason there is information at the link for recovering that data.

I wonder if the two Camera Store guys Chris Nichols and Jordan Drake are up the creek without a paddle.  They left their own gig to work with DP Review and now look what happened.

So if Amazon is tightening its belt what the hell should we be expecting in the coming days?  The only constant in this world is change.

So I’m officially designating OCF as the premiere photography site on the planet.

Take that Bezos!

21MAR2023 – Microscopic Images – Snail Munching

Many years ago I kept snails as pets.  I remember how creepy it was listening to them munching egg shells that I gave them to help grow their shells quicker.  They are weird and interesting critters.  I once started a science fiction story where a geneticist combined the brains and tentacles of a cephalopod with the body of a giant African snail to produce a sentient creature that survives a thermonuclear war and becomes a threat to the surviving humans.  But I got bored with the story and never finished it.