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    I have been using Lightroom for my raw photo cataloging and adjustment for a number of years.  The good people at Adobe in their infinite wisdom have decided that Lightroom needs to be a cloud based, subscription only software product.  Very good then.  I am not a cloud based kinda guy.  So, I’m looking for an alternative.  An initial search has identified the following products:

    • Alien Skin Exposure X2
    • Phase One’s Capture One Pro
    • Corel AfterShot Pro 3

    I’m currently leaning toward Phase One’s Capture One Pro but would very much like to get some feedback from people who have experience with these products (especially as they compare to Lightroom).  So, here’s your chance to speak your mind.  I’m all ears.

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    I never have figured out how to consistently post pictures here. Okay to experiment here?


    alt=”test” />

    [url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Statue behind St Mary's in Milton[/url] by [url=]Tom[/url], on Flickr

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    Hummmm, none of those methods worked. All were attempts to link from flickr.

    About you original topic: I’d be just fine with staying with my wholly owned copy of CS6 for the forseeable future except—— I shoot RAW format, exclusively, and the one truely indispensable Adobe tool is Adobe Camera RAW. And Adobe has this “precious little trait” of not updating Camera Raw to include new cameras as a method of forcing people to buy product updates.

    An aside: Years ago I setteled on Faststone, a freeware image viewer with light editing capabilities, as my image viewing program. Faststone has no problems on reading RAW files from any camera of ant age.

    I’ve used Lightroom and if that were my go to program, I doubt I’d have much trouble replacing it. But, to the best of my knowledge, there is no replacement for Photoshop.

    My images come from the camera in RAW. If I elect to keep an image, put it on flickr, print it, anything, it gets run through PS and a copy saved as a jpeg but the original raw gets saved in a folder titled with the date of the photo. That way, I can always find it again.

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    I currently do almost my post work in lightroom but don’t like the idea of a cloud only solution. Paying those jokers by the month seems a bit much. I’ll check out that Faststone item.

    I’ll go back and find the format for embedding photos in this forum. Feel free to start any threads here you want to. I installed it for the photo readers but it hasn’t gotten any traffic yet. Interestingly, I’ve gotten in touch with a marketing group that wants me to link up with some other conservative sites. If the conditions aren’t problematic it should allow me to expand the user base quite a bit. I do want more give and take. It makes the place more interesting.

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    Statue behind St Mary's in Milton

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    According to the stuff I found put just the URL address on a separate line.

    Here’s the link where the info is.

    Displaying photos in a forum post

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    You had these in the comments for the wide angle post. I reposted them here in the forum thread because it illustrates how flickr links will open the image in the post in the forums (different from the comments).

    Dauntless Diver Bomber

    Back to the Museum

    Blue Angels

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