We’ve Lost Spartacus

He’s gone.  The dream is over.  Spartacus is now hanging from a cross along the Appian Way waiting for Varinia and Batiatus to show him baby Spartacus Junior as they head off to freedom while he dies horribly and painfully.  Okay, it’s not exactly like that but I do enjoy making fun of Booker.

We still have Bernie and Creepy Uncle Joe and Fauxcahantas but it’s just not the same.  Booker was the whole package.  He was sexually ambivalent, unauthentically black, delusional about what America wanted, he had bug eyes and a funny voice.  He had so much to give.

We’ll muddle through without him.  We’ll remember all the great moments during the debates when he told us all about slavery reparations and green new deals and billions and trillions and maybe someday quadrillions of dollars that the government would shower on people who didn’t want to work.  We’ll go on, but we’ll never be that young again.

But I’m really still in denial.  I keep thinking maybe he’ll come back as a running mate or maybe he could become an announcer for the WWE or maybe he could replace Jussie Smollett on Empire.  But no it will not be.  He’s gone.  I’ve reached the final stage, acceptance.

Okay, I’m good.  Now let me listen to how Iran is self-destructing after President Trump delivered a haymaker to their regime’s credibility.

No Predictions for 2020, Just Some Thoughts

2019 was a momentous year.  We saw the Mueller investigation fizzle out hilariously.  All the progs were so mournful and confused.  Where was their Russian collusion?  Where was the smoking gun?  Ah, so sad.

We saw a new Attorney General state on the record that the Trump campaign was spied on.  And we saw him assign a special prosecutor to find out whether criminality was involved.  And now that prosecutor, John Durham, has answered that question, a criminal investigation is in process.  The Coup is upset that Durham hasn’t toed the line that Inspector General Horowitz followed when he said mistakes were made but he couldn’t prove criminality.  Durham has followed a bunch of threads back to the guilty and their bosses and it looks like we’ll see some indictments soon.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that Kevin Clinesmith will either turn state’s evidence or be indicted very soon.  If he turns, then we should hear about an indictment of some of the bigger fish within a month or two.  So, either way at least one indictment by March 1st.

We’ve had a chance to get to know the Democrat Presidential Candidates both the minor players and the bigger names.  It is truly a remarkable collection.  And it’s not clear whether the most notable fact is the mediocrity of their intellects or the lunacy of their platforms.  Can you imagine Joe Biden or Kamala Harris on the same stage with Jack Kennedy and Richard Nixon?  Can you imagine Dwight Eisenhower debating foreign and domestic policy with Fauxcahantas and Butt Pete?  Even FDR, the man who introduced social security would laugh Bernie Sanders off the stage.

Initially I was sure that Creepy Uncle Joe Biden would be the nominee.  But when he was slapped around by Harris and eclipsed by Warren in the early state polls and after the Ukraine stuff started coming out, I figured his goose was cooked.  Well months have gone by and even though he’s trailing in Iowa and New Hampshire he still leads in the Super Tuesday races and in the national poll so at this point I won’t say who will emerge from the clown car as victor.  But it truly has been a wonderful experience to see just how awful the Dem candidates truly are.  Sure, they reflect the values and priorities of the far-left vanguard of their party but even the moderates are so out of step with the mainstream that even the center left independents will be horrified at what will be their alternative to President Trump.  And forget about the Rust Belt.  That will be ours.  So, I look forward to continued comedy and optimism watching the Democrat train wreck.

And even the Pelosi Impeachment has been an encouraging sight.  The Rust Belt has shrugged it off or even used it as a justification for voting for the President.  The rest of the country basically is where it always has been.  Our voters are unimpressed with the spectacle Crazy Nancy has created and in fact it looks like the thirty House seats with Democrat incumbents in districts that voted for President Trump are in a lot of trouble.  The potential to flip the House is real.  That is something to consider.

Several big court cases are in front of the SCOTUS.  It should be instructive to see if Roberts really is an honest constitutionalist or a ringer for the left.  We’ll probably find that out pretty soon.  Also going on in the Supreme Court is the status of Justice Ginsburg.  She is presently suffering from metastatic cancer.  She has had cancerous tumors removed from her colon, lungs and twice from her pancreas.  It doesn’t mean she will succumb from this condition any time in the next few years but it is extremely debilitating for even a young person to stand up under the side effects of the treatments these conditions require.  It would not be surprising for her to step down very soon to spend her remaining time with her loved ones.  In that event, a replacement of Justice Ginsburg by President Trump would definitively put the Supreme Court beyond even Roberts’ ability to swing left.  That would be worth seeing.

We will be able to follow the Brexit process and I fully expect that Boris Johnson will cut a desirable deal with the EU that frees Britain from the irksome legislative control of Brussels and puts immigration control back in Parliament’s hands.  I fully expect Johnson and Trump will find plenty of common ground in a trade deal between their two countries.

And finally, we will have the spectacle of the Presidential General Election.  I expect that President Trump will demand a better debate landscape than his predecessors agreed to.  He should refuse to allow only the usual leftists to ask the questions?  Wouldn’t it be a hoot if some of the good guys were given a spot on the panel.  How about Tucker Carlson and Michael Anton?  Honestly, I expect the President to win with a larger electoral vote count than in 2016.  I think he’ll add Minnesota to his tally and maybe even Nevada.

So, you can see 2020 will be a chock full of drama, comedy and consequence.  Stay tuned.

The Silver Lining of the Impeachment Cloud

Now that the hens in the House have clucked up their impeachment chicken feed it’s time to see what good can be had from this travesty.  The latest polls show that the impeachment is under water from the public’s point of view, a majority is against it.  And that’s for the whole country.  Among Republican voters it’s closer to 100%.  So you would have to imagine that anywhere Republican voters are in the majority that a Democrat congressman who voted for impeachment would be in a lot of trouble.

Here is the list of the 31 Democrat congress-critters that represent districts that President Trump took in his 2016 election along with the President’s winning percentage.

To my way of thinking, any district that the President won by five or more points is very likely to go for a Republican in 2020.  And because of the presidential race and also because of the backlash that the impeachment vote in the House will engender I would not be surprised if everything won by three or more percentage points in 2016 doesn’t go to a Republican.  That is twenty-one seats.  That is a couple of seats more than is needed to flip the House back to the Republicans.  And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that number goes even higher.  The President is much more popular than he was in 2016 or even 2018.  So much so that I wouldn’t doubt that in 2020 he’s going to win districts and even states that he didn’t take in 2016.  For that reason I think it’s highly likely that the House will switch hands again in 2020 and President Trump will have a usable Republican congress with which to pass important legislation.  So to the extent that Nancy Pelosi facilitated this with her ridiculous impeachment charade, then I say thank you Crypt Keeper, good work.  Now go off and haunt some other House.


Democrat 2020 Race – 04DEC2019 Update

Well here we are in December and Kamala Harris even ending her campaign is so boring I can barely bother to fake interest in watching her rip-cord speech.  And I shouldn’t have bothered.  She didn’t even cry or anything.  Sure, her face looked kind of spastic at points but that’s just her face.  Of course, she gave us the blather about fighting on and on for women and persons of color and colorful personal women but it looked like she was really connecting the dots hoping she can be Butt Pete’s running mate.  There just wasn’t any fun in the whole thing.

So, the highlights of the race in the last few weeks were:

  • Joe Biden and the details of the Corn Pop speech with his blond leg hair and kids playing with it in the pool.
  • Joe Biden’s No Malarkey Barnstorming Iowa Magical Mystery Tour Bus
  • Joe Biden tries to amputate his wife’s forefinger with his new shiny white dentures
  • Eric Swalwell farts on the Chris Matthews Show.

Well all right, that last one doesn’t count because Swalwell resigned a while ago.  But it actually was the funniest thing in the list.  Honestly, it’s starting to seem like even the Democrats know that they will lose in 2020 but feel like they have to hang in there just in case famine or pestilence breaks out to save them.  Unfortunately, they’re atheists and divine intervention wouldn’t take their side.

The other hope they hold is the Impeachment Show.  But it seemed to run out of gas and viewers last week and turning it over to Nadler doesn’t promise to improve things.  No, they’re going to have to try to hold the public’s interest on their own with debates and commercials and PBS and CBS specials.  But it’s hopeless.  The only non-boring actors, Biden and Sanders, are certifiable loons.  Creepy Uncle Joe gets weirder every time he opens his mouth and it can’t be long before he starts undressing on stage and challenges the audience to a wrestling match.  Bernie, on the other hand, will eventually slip up and reveal his deep longing for the return of Stalinist Russia and the good old days.

A month or two ago I threw in the towel on Joe being the candidate and assumed Liarwatha was the front runner.  But supposedly she imploded when people figured out the Green New Deal and Medicaid for All would actually mean the new tax rate would be 150% of total salary.  So now Butt Pete is “The Man,” sort of.  But let’s face it, none of them can win or even look like a realistic candidate for President of the United States.  And admittedly Donald Trump wouldn’t have seemed like a likely candidate for president a generation ago.  But the gap between President Trump and this Field of Losers from the Island of Broken Toys is disturbing.  I can only assume they’re saving the normal candidates for 2024.

All right, so that’s where we are.  Bloomfield and Patrick have joined the circus but more clowns are not going to change the equation.  I still hold out great hope that the Presidential Debates between the President and whichever midget is nominated will be a laugh riot.  But until then I’ll have to subsist on Biden gaffes and Swalwell gas.


30NOV2019 – OCF Update

So we’ve survived Thanksgiving and have today and tomorrow to recover sufficiently to stagger back into work on Monday.  Bravo, congratulations!

Looking ahead, The British General Election is a week from Thursday (December 12th) and by all accounts Boris Johnson will get his majority and the Brexit that it’s based on.  Supposedly he has all the Tory candidates sworn to a blood oath to vote for Brexit when they are elected.  As always, wait for the outcome but there may be some very good news for the English people by Christmas.

My article  “Reclaiming the Family – Part 3 – Recruit Grandma and Grandpa” seems to have been well received when I posted it on Tuesday.  I take particular pleasure in this because, from my point of view, advocating for practical and constructive action is greatly preferable to just spouting anger and predicting gloom and doom.  Not that there isn’t plenty to be angry and worried about but if you’re not going to do anything about it then just dig a hole and jump in.  I’ll try to expand the series when I have something useful to add.

Like everyone else I’m waiting impatiently for Durham to show some progress on his investigation.  Your guess is as good as mine on this whole thing.  We’ll just have to wait.

On the 2020 election things seem to be moving in the right direction.  The House is stuck with their impeachment fiasco.  Even the MSM has sort of gotten bored and wandered away from their freak show.  I don’t want to get too positive but it’s starting to look like the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate field is barren.  Even if Mrs. Clinton or Mrs. Obama “surprises” us by joining the race I don’t think that it will move the needle much at all.

So between now and Christmas there may be several very interesting stories developing.  Once I recover fully from the several hundred thousand calories I ingested this week I’ll diligently report on and bloviate about what I think they mean.

And of course I’ll faithfully update my Star Trek series.  The schlock shall not dry up.

Stay tuned.

Electoral College Calculus – November 2019 Installment

Trying to handicap a presidential election is far from an exact science.  So, let’s have some fun.

Here is a map of the 2016 presidential results in terms of the electoral college votes.  Trump won by 77 electoral votes, 304 to 227.



A few things come to mind.  That 77 electoral college vote lead in 2016 translates into a lot of flexibility in 2020.  The three big surprises in 2016 were Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.  Well a 77 electoral college vote lead means you can lose additional states with up to an additional 38 electoral votes and still win the election.  For instance, Pennsylvania and Michigan have big cities like Detroit and Philadelphia where voter fraud is almost the rule.  Together those two states have 36 electoral votes.  If President Trump won all the states he won before except for Pennsylvania and Michigan, he’d still win.  That’s pretty good.  It would be very close but he’d still win.  But you might say what about Wisconsin and its 10 votes?  Well, the folks in Minnesota and Wisconsin are still relatively honest and in fact the blue-collar workers up there have actually increased their support for President Trump over the last several years.  I’ll say that it is possible that Wisconsin could go too but let’s look at those two states together.

Now look at some of the “close” states he lost.

Notice in each case that a third-party candidate (either Libertarian or Never-Trump or both) represented more than enough votes to turn the race around if shifted to the Republicans.

The first item up is Minnesota.  Trump lost by less than 45,000 votes.  McMullin who was a Never-Trumper protest candidate took over 53,000 votes.  That tells you there were over 53,000 extra republican voters available in 2016.  Well in 2020 McMullin won’t be running or if he is only Bill Kristol will be voting for him.  But most of those 53,000 Republicans will be voting.  Not to mention all the other blue-collar Democrats who now know that President Trump is pro-worker.  My strong opinion is that President Trump will pick up Minnesota’s 10 electoral votes in 2020.  So, going back to an earlier scenario, let’s say that Wisconsin flips, well it’s just as likely that we’ll snag Minnesota this time instead.  That’s pretty good.

The other states are a lot harder to handicap until we know who the Democrat candidate will be.  If Bernie or Liarwatha is the Democrat candidate then either one of their socialist platforms will be a big problem for the libertarians.  And if that’s the case then Gary Johnson’s pot head voters might vote their pocketbooks and in Minnesota, New Mexico, Nevada, Maine and Colorado that should be more than enough to tilt all those states to President Trump.

In theory that would change the Electoral College scores (all other things being equal) to 337 to 194.  Of course, this assumes that the Democrats would allow their daft electorate to choose their own candidate.  In actuality the politburo wants Creepy Uncle Joe or Bloomberg or Deval Patrick to be the candidate.  And that’s the big question mark.  Can they make the switch at the convention?  The way things are going Biden may not make it to the convention.  He may be an indicted co-conspirator along with his nincompoop son Hunter for the Ukraine mess.  So that would require either Bloomberg or Obama’s mini-me shadow Patrick to play candidate.  Neither is really the perfect candidate.  Bloomberg is an insufferable rich guy trying to get the votes of the urban poor that he subjected to the stop and frisk program in New York City which in Progressive circles is considered an abomination.  Patrick is a short squeaky voiced doofus that will be less than inspiring to the same urban crowd.  I’m guessing neither of them will bring out the Obama sized voting crowd.

But let’s say it is Bloomberg or Patrick.  That will cut into the Gary Johnson vote for sure.  But does it really change the overall situation on the ground?  In either of those scenarios I see Minnesota and the states he won in 2016 still going to President Trump and the rest of those states above toss-ups that, let’s say, go to the Dems.  Final Electoral College total 314 to 217.  That’s almost a hundred-point difference.  That means President trump has a pad of 46 points that can go against him and still win.  That’s more electoral votes than in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan combined.  That’s as much as Texas and Wisconsin combined.

So those are the rosiest projections.  Between now and Election Day a lot of bad things can happen.  But you would have to borrow a lot of trouble to assume at this point that the odds are against us.  The economy, the stupidity of the Democrats, the obvious falseness of all the Deep State machinations against the President’s administration all add up to an advantage at the polls.  The items like voter fraud and changing demographics all existed almost identically in 2016.  Plus, the president has energized his base and they are behind him 100%.  Even the independents are starting to break his way.  A lot can go wrong but right now is not the time for fretting.  The wind is at our backs and the prospects for even better things seem to be there.


The Rust Belt Stands Pat

Back in May I read Salena Zito’s book “The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics,” in which she interviewed a varied sample of Trump voters in the rust belt and identified why they abandoned the Democrat Party.

Well, in this article she went and checked back with these same voters to see if they had changed their minds.  Apparently their resolve is even stronger than in 2016 that Trump is their man.  And this jibes with the polls taken in these vitally important states.  Formerly, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin were part of the Great Lakes Blue Wall that would prevent any Republican from ever entering the White House again.  But instead of adding Ohio to that Blue Wall it looks like Minnesota may be turning red instead.That would complete the Red Wall from Lake Erie to Lake Superior.  Or let us say from the Atlantic Ocean in Philadelphia to the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca in Minnesota.  Apparently the demographic future we’ve all heard so much about isn’t quite there yet.

Zito is a personal writer.  Her story isn’t about statistics.  It’s about individual people.  It’s like the Trump rallies.  There’s a personal connection.


Rudy Giuliani Want the Senate to Investigate Biden

Rudy Giuliani is a pitbull when he talks to the press.  He won’t let them buffalo him and he always has the right answers.  Listen to him here refuting the official narrative and getting his story out.  He says he has the goods on Biden and Son in the Ukraine.  Testimony like this would be amazing.  Let’s hope the Senate doesn’t weasel out of it.




The Pollsters Admit Trump Will Win With the Same Coalition

You can actually hear the pain in the author’s voice when he writes that the Midwest voters today are still the ones who elected President Trump in 2016 and they will elect him again in 2020.


Sucks being a Dem presidential candidate or pollster this year too.

The Democrat Donors are Starting to Panic Over the 2020 Field of Candidates

The Big Money donors are a powerful force in Democrat politics and lately when they get together they can be heard saying, “isn’t there anyone better than this to bring into the race?”  Apparently the top three candidates, Biden, Warren and Sanders don’t inspire much confidence in the bag men.

And who can blame them?  Warren and Sanders are communists who, among other things, have signed onto healthcare proposals that promise to eliminate all private health insurance.  After the debacle of Obamacare even lefties know that the majority of Americans will view this as a deal breaker.  In addition, several of these donors represent the Tech Giants and Warren has been vowing to break up Google and Facebook so you can imagine they’re not thrilled with the prospect of paying through the nose for someone who wants to put them out of business.

And then there’s Creepy Uncle Joe.  Even if you refuse to believe that his crooked son was obviously cashing in on his father’s influence as Vice President during the Ukraine debacle it would be impossible to miss the fact that Joe is working with less than a full deck of cards at this point.  The money men are probably dreading the prospect of a general election debate between Joe the Human Gaffe Machine and the Trump Buzzsaw.

As for the rest of the field of midgets, none of them are polling above three percent in the polls.  And the ones that are even slightly less crazy than the front-runners are even lower down than three percent.  They’re in the fractional percentage range.

This has spawned panicky calls to draft Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, John Kerry or even Oprah Winfrey.

I fully expect that during this holiday season a call will go out to draft Santa Claus if he can be convinced to renounce Christianity.

This is a delicious moment.  With Hillary Clinton denouncing one of the candidates, Tulsi Gabbard, as a Russian agent I can imagine a scenario where the Trump campaign donates money to a Draft Hillary PAC to ensure she gets her chance to do the maximum damage to the whole Democrat establishment.

Seriously, many people thought that the 2020 Democrat field was a sacrificial offering intended to eliminate the old and insane to clear the decks for 2024.  If that is the case, mission accomplished.  If the general election turns out to be the debacle it’s shaping up to become, the Dems may rethink the whole resistance thing and put a brave face on a “loyal opposition” con.

But what isn’t clear is how much of a coattail effect President Trump can have in the House and Senate.  The Republican boobs in those two august bodies have proven themselves almost superhumanly capable of screwing up all of the opportunities that President Trump has presented them with over the course of his term.  I only hope that some much less-stupid people step forward and present themselves as allies of the President and thereby benefit from his popularity with real people.  Anyway, that’s what I hope.  But my fondest wish is that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan go over to the Democrat side and help them with all the special skills they possess.  That should be enough to give us a supermajority in both houses of Congress.