The Twilight Zone – Complete Series Review – Season 3 Episode 22 – A Piano in the House

Jerry Fortune is a theater critic who doesn’t like anyone.  He is buying his much younger wife Esther a player piano because she wants to learn to play and he thinks it will be a cruel insult to taunt her with.  Jerry discovers that when this piano plays a song that is resonant with some hidden emotion in a listener then that person uncontrollably reveals the feeling to those present.  First the solemn faced butler reveals that he actually finds Mr. Fortune’s little cruelties quite funny.  Jerry decides to use the piano to reveal everyone’s secret feelings at Esther’s birthday party that night.

Esther reveals that she despises Jerry and wants to leave him.  Next, we find out that playwright Greg Walker is secretly in love with Esther and wants her to run away with him.  Then a very overweight “friend” Marge is humiliated by revealing her inner desire to be a dancer.  But before Jerry can continue the reign of terror Esther replaces the music spool with one that makes Jerry reveal that he is an insecure child that attacks everyone around him because inside he fears them.  When he admits his inadequacy Esther and Greg leave together, apparently to be together permanently and all the other guests leave as Jerry throws a childish tantrum.  When the butler returns Jerry asks him if he is going to laugh at him but the butler says, “You’re not funny anymore.”

This episode is pretty thin stuff.  I don’t even particularly dislike it.  It’s pretty forgettable.  C-.