American Greatness – Pick of the Day – VDH’s – Will Unfinished Train Overpasses Become California’s Stonehenge?

If you need a good shot of shadenfreude read this article by Victor Davis Hanson.  Seriously, the loons in California are about to hit a very hard wall.  With any luck Trump can put a stake through the heart of their dreams by refusing to fund these monstrosities.

Will Unfinished Train Overpasses Become California’s Stonehenge?

American Greatness Pick of the Day – Angelo Codevilla’s “CAn the First Amendment Protect Us from the Ruling Class?

Well written analysis of how the First Amendment is being attacked and why.  His discussion of social media is good but I want to go a step farther.  If Google and Facebook are already in bed with the FBI and the CIA then they are already a utility and need to be held to the same First Amendment requirements government is constrained by.

Can the First Amendment Protect Us from the Ruling Class?

American Greatness Post of the Day -Boychuk and Hayward Celebrate a Year of American Greatness

Post of the day is actually a misnomer.  It’s a podcast from PowerLine where Steven Hayward interviews Ben Boychuk about the initial year of the American Greatness website.  I’ve been following them from the beginning but I learned a couple of things about them.  More importantly, I enjoyed their take on the Trumpocalypse and its current aftershocks.  Good listen.

Boychuk and Hayward Celebrate a Year of American Greatness

I Object – A Dissenting Opinion on an American Greatness Post

Linking to American Greatness is usually easy for me.  I’ve found many articles that I’m proud to link to.  And the occasional article I don’t agree with I just chalk up to “nothing’s 100%.”  But today I read Henry Olsen’s “Four New Year’s Resolutions for Making America Great.”  The first three resolutions were unproblematic.

The fourth was tolerance.  Now he couched tolerance in terms of Christian patience as demonstrated by the early martyrs.  Basically what he is advocating is more losing.  Lose but be a good sport about it.  Turn the other cheek.  Call those who hate you friends and maybe they’ll let you be a slave after the last of your freedoms are stamped out.  I’m sorry, this won’t wash.  This was tried by George W. Bush.  He was demonized, pilloried and mocked for eight years by these friends.  Now that they’ve found a greater satan he’s become the beloved clown that they can point to as the exemplar for “good republican” behavior, a loser.

In the words of Cyrano “No, thank you. No! I thank you and again I thank you!”

I’m sure Mr. Olsen is a well meaning fellow but this is a war.  After the enemy is defeated we can talk about the surrender conditions.  Until then it’s us versus them.

Four New Year’s Resolutions for Making Americans Great

Daily Pick from American Greatness – Deion Kathawa’s “Boot Licking the Left”

Back during the Iraq War Max Boot was one of the war’s biggest boosters.  When I still thought W was on my side I would read Boot’s articles to understand what strategy was needed to win the war and allow us to get back to being alive.  It didn’t dawn on me that ending the war wasn’t part of the agenda that Boot and the rest of the neo-cons had in store for us.  These were people who would gladly spill every last drop of American blood in order to advance a global project that none of those Americans wanted.

Well, the mask is off.  Trump isn’t Bush.  So Boot isn’t a conservative anymore.  He’s embracing the left with both arms.  Good.  Now he’s home.  Good riddance.

The narrative would be comical if it wasn’t so repellent.  It seems that most of these so called pundits just want a paying gig, regardless of who is paying the check.  Enjoy?

Boot Licking the Left

American Greatness Pick of the Day: “A Tale of Two Presidents and One Newspaper” by Michael Walsh

I know that I shamelessly link to articles over at American Greatness but they have several writers that produce excellent articles on a regular basis.  Of course the posts by that guy photog ( here and here ) are a bit weird but what can you do?  No publication can be 100%.  What I like about this present post by Walsh is the quotes from the Reagan era that could have been lifted verbatim from a Times hit piece last week.  That’s doing your homework.  I absolutely refuse to open any link to the Times or Post even if it’s just a baseball box score.  Providing them with revenue would feel like subsidizing tuberculosis.  Hardly a palatable choice.  So it’s nice to have someone else do the dirty work of dissecting their pathology for me.



My Pick of the Day from American Greatness, Julie Kelly’s “A Great Week For The President And A NeverTrump Crack-Up”

Julie Kelly has a very entertaining article about the NeverTrumpers starting to call each other out.  Some of them are waking up and recognizing the dishonesty of the real fanatics.  Or maybe instead of being fanatics, they’re just enjoying the face time and cash over at MSNBC and CNN.  Go over and enjoy the fun in this one.  One gem, David Frum claims Joe Scarborough is “center-right.”  Oh, the humanity!

A Great Week for the President and a NeverTrump Crack-up