How Big is the Post America Contingent?

The present civil war pits all the groups that think America is evil against all the normal Americans who believe in the country that saved the world from all the insanities that raged against humanity in the twentieth century.  It defeated fascism, Nazism, socialism, bolshevism, Maoism and all the other isms that attempted to enslave mankind.  Now the stupidest version of communism, Bernie Bro-ism, is being used as a club by the Clinton-Bush-Obama gang to destroy the country in an orgy of imbecility.

But it has to be admitted that the millennials are willing dupes, the most useful of idiots, swallowing the lies that the intersectional politburo has cobbled together and enthusiastically supporting if not actually leading the charge in the street theater that currently afflicts the urban centers of almost every American city.  These are the children of the Baby Boomers.  They were foolishly but mostly innocently handed over to the ministrations of the America-hating teachers, professors, college resident advisors and human resource assistants who have filled their heads with self-hatred and contempt for the greatest nation that has ever arisen on this planet.

How big is this contingent?  I’ll say that it is the majority of that generation.  In addition to this cohort we can add in all the grievance groups.  This includes feminists of all stripes, all of the LGBTQ, 85% to 90% of the black population, a majority of the Hispanic population, and a good chunk of the rest of the minority groups currently found in the country.  Interestingly, a proportion of that Hispanic population seems to be up for grabs.  The more prosperous and the socially conservative members of the group don’t really feel comfortable with the radical ideology of the far left and rightly believe that tearing down the country is not in their children’s best interests.  I would also include in this category the Indian and Chinese and other Asian groups that came to America to partake in the prosperity and stability of the American system.  Many of these people have seen the rioters destroying the lives of small business owners and they have seen the school systems of these cities destroyed by eliminating the recognition of excellence.  It is possible over the course of a decade or two that these will be the new cohort of the right but it will require a different type of Republican to make that case convincingly and not the spineless open borders fools who play right into the hands of the Amerca-haters.

And the final portion of the Post Americans are the Cloud People and their minions in corporate America.  The very rich and the managerial class have made common cause with the woke Post Americans and pay obeisance to the rioters and use their allies in the media to try to convince everyone else that resistance is futile.

So does this equal 270 electoral votes worth of Post Americans?  Interestingly, probably not!  As much as the Left has been trumpeting their demographics is destiny jazz for thirty years it seems that they haven’t quite dragged themselves over the finish line just yet.  What will be especially interesting to see is whether their share of the millennial vote actually sinks below what they got in 2016.  After all, I have to imagine even the brain-dead millennials have to be disturbed by an actual insurrection being played out in real time in their neighborhoods while the city governments sit back and let it happen.  This is not to say that it will stop most of them from backing it but just maybe the smarter ones will see through the doublespeak.

In places like New York, California and Illinois it should be an ironclad policy of the federal government to withhold any funding to pay for the repair of the damage that the local governments allowed in their urban centers.  This along with the destruction of the small and not so small businesses that were pushed over the edge to bankruptcy by the rioting and the COVID shutdowns should be the price these states should be forced to pay.  That type of reality check will give their voters something to think about.  Because going forward it is important to remember that if the Left is shown by the results of the election to have overplayed their hand then consolidating the votes of those who swing back to our side is the first order of business.  Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota are ground zero for recapturing America.  And not just for the presidential election.  Taking senate seats, house seats and governorships are part of what it will take to begin changing the way Americans think about their country.  They have to be made to understand that in a real way we are in a war.  And the violence and chaos they have seen on the streets will reinforce that understanding and only when they elect men who will protect them from violence and intimidation will they get back the sense of stability and safety that was the norm in America for over a hundred years.

So, the answer to the title question is that the Post America contingent is pretty damn big but not quite big enough to take over if we stand up and stop them.  Don’t forget to vote this November and bring your conservative friends along if they need a ride.

Defund the Police Looks Like a Winner … for President Trump and the Republicans

Over at the Federalist a Chinese immigrant relates how her Trump hating democrat friends have had enough of the looting and will take Trump if it saves them from the mob.


The “Defund the Police” movement has not only turned more Americans into gun owners and supporters for the Second Amendment, but may prove to be a boon for President Trump’s reelection campaign. Since downtown Oakland saw some of the worst riots and looting in the nation, I recently checked in with a friend who lives there to make sure she and her family are safe.

Like me, she’s an immigrant from China and experienced Chairman Mao Zedong’s “Cultural Revolution” when growing up. Unlike me, she has supported Democrats for years. She loathes everything Trump stands for, from his immigration rhetoric to positions on foreign policy. For the sake of our friendship, we typically avoid discussing domestic politics as well.

This time, however, she went straight to domestic politics. She told me she and her family were safe but the riots and looting in downtown Oakland were terrifying. She was heartbroken to see so many immigrant-owned “mom and pop” stores ransacked or even burned to the ground.

She conveyed that while she wanted to see justice for Floyd, night after night of destruction and lawlessness were just “too much.” They reminded her of China’s “Cultural Revolution” from 1966-1976. She told me: “I didn’t come all this way to America to re-live a ‘Cultural Revolution’ in 2020.” Then she said something I would never have thought she’d say before: “Trump is right. We need law and order.”

What can you say?  Stupid Democrats, sure, but even they can see reality when it burns their neighborhood out.


Never Let Your Enemy’s Stupidity Go to Waste

Maybe it’s because it’s July, my favorite time of the year.  And because I’m on vacation this week, which removes a very serious irritant in the way of my annoying boss.  But whatever the reason, I’m just not able to feel gloomy this week.  I’ve decided that I will look at the flip-side of all the horror going on and paint a rosy picture of the time ahead.

First of all, I read that the Federal government has declined to grant Minnesota a declaration of national emergency to allow them to receive federal funds to help them repair the estimated $500 million worth of damage done by Mayor Frey’s city sponsored arson/looting riot.  Putting that on top of the cost of all the police overtime needed to try to quell the ongoing gang wars currently depopulating the more toxic neighborhoods of Minneapolis and adding in the losses in city taxes associated with the closing of so many businesses, some leaving the city permanently and some unable to re-open at all, it paints a picture of a city on the rocks.  And just to make sure that things don’t get better, the city council’s decision to defund the police has a large number of officers opting for early retirement with the rest of them essentially refusing to perform any police function riskier than directing traffic.

The upshot of the police stepping back is the gangs have declared it open season on their enemies and their neighborhoods have become shooting galleries with, unfortunately, young children becoming a prominent part of the collateral damage to the civilian population.  The non-criminal population has complained to the city council and warned them that defunding the police is tantamount to starting a war in their neighborhoods but the council doesn’t really care about their problems so far.  They’re so excited by the whole police defunding narrative that they can’t see where this will lead.

I’m trying to guess what proportion of Minneapolis will have to leave to catch the city council’s attention.  Minneapolis has a population of 430,000 people.  If 20,000 people leave, which would be in line with what’s happening in New York (5%), that would surely put a serious dent in the tax base.  Especially since the ones leaving will be the upper middle class that has the wherewithal to leave.  Sometime this fall I’m imagining the sum total of the misery they’ve created is going to come crashing down on the mayor and city council.  That should be a sight to see.

And pretty much the same sequence of events is going to play out in all the blue states that played this game of revolution theater.  They incurred enormous costs and inflicted horrendous losses on their tax base, demoralized their citizens and destroyed their police forces.  So that come this fall when they are talking of opening school, they’ll be afraid to send their kids for fear of them not surviving the roaming bands of savages.  What a delightful time to be a law and order candidate!  Seriously, it may not matter in places like New York and California but I’m guessing that places like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will be ripe for the picking for campaign ads featuring their favorite state politicians ordering the police to stand down while the mob flows over and annihilates the functional parts of their city like a column of army ants stripping the flesh off the bones of an unfortunate animal in their path.

And how about the statue nonsense?  I’m guessing the whole Columbus thing hasn’t helped the Democrats to any Italian-American votes.  And now that they’ve started taking down statues of Frederick Douglas and even Abraham Lincoln, I think it’s going to sink in for all but the stupidest that this isn’t about respect, it’s about trying to demoralize Americans and take away their heritage.  I think the President did a good job at Mount Rushmore to remind people of the heritage that men like Washington and Jefferson have left us and how stupid it would be to renounce men who created this amazing land and wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, two of the most important documents in the history of mankind.  Yes, yes.  I see amazing opportunities to point out to the voters and to Americans in general just how feckless the Democrats have become and how much damage they’ve inflicted on their own people.  And once the COVID lockdown continues in the blue states and business stays paralyzed, they are going to be in a bad place.

And on top of the negative ads it should go without saying that a positive message is even more important at a time like this.  It should be highlighted that recovery from the economic damage of the COVID lockdown is moving rapidly to bring us back to a strong economy in 2021.  Going along with this should be message for the base in terms of pushing back on the tech companies in their assault on the Right and protecting religious liberties.  Hopefully Barr and his team won’t prove to be completely useless and will finally move to punish the intelligence agency conspirators who caused chaos during the President’s whole first term.

So, cheer up.  The Democrats have left open their flank to incoming fire to such an extent that it will make the Battle of Marathon look like a game of pattycake.  Creepy Uncle Joe will be completely at a loss as to what to say.  I’m guessing he’ll just take a knee and stay there until the election is over.

2020 Choice – Stand or Grovel

This election will be the perfect indicator of whether or not we have been overwhelmed by the rot that has beset our institutions for the last hundred years.  A starker choice could not be imagined.  The foaming-at-the-mouth Left has dropped the mask completely.  They have embraced the mob in all its nihilistic rage and unleashed it on the citizens of the blue states and the blue cities.  Seattle has gone as far as setting up a killing zone in their capitol where the mob patrols with machine guns and doles out death to the black lives that supposedly they are representing.  It’s like something out of Pol Pot.

If the election does go to Biden you can argue whether voter fraud, or dislike of President Trump by white women or demographics was the deciding factor but what will be undeniable is that a new nation will be dominant inside the geographic boundaries of what used to be America.  The millennials will soon be the dominant cohort within the American demographic and if they decide that what is going on in the streets of our cities is acceptable then nothing will deflect us from the course that the Left is plotting.

So let’s take it one step further, even if President Trump wins this election but only just barely, that still tells me that we are changing for the worse.  What happened in 1968, the rioting and the arson, was still an aberration that shocked the country and galvanized the population to support a law and order candidate in President Nixon, to clean up the problem.  If we don’t see the same reaction to the even more disturbing violence and anarchy gripping our cities this year then it speaks of a loss of will.

Someone might say that it is the propaganda by the media and the kowtowing by the corporations that is misleading Americans.  That these normal people have been fooled by the narrative that the rioting is a reasonable reaction to systemic racism in the police and in American society.  But that is nonsense.  Only someone already brainwashed by the Left could mistake what is happening for reasonable.  Anyone with even a trace of self-respect and an iota of common sense would see what’s happening as an attack on the foundations of our identity and the symbols of the greatest and best country in the history of mankind.

If we do not see a resounding victory for the Right then we are heading down a road to serfdom.  It is possible that through the efforts of a Trump administration we can begin to change direction and change the institutions that have brought about this problem.  With the right Supreme Court and with legislation and enforcement by the DOJ many harmful practices could be suppressed.  But with the current slender majority in the Senate and the Democrat majority in the House and the unreliable nature of the Supreme Court it seems unlikely that much will be done.

So that is why I see this election as a barometer.  If President Trump wins a decisive victory and we pick up seats in the Senate and retake the majority in the House then I see a sliver of hope that there is still enough of the silent majority to allow us to try and turn this thing around together as the United States of America.  If that happens, we stand.  Anything else tells me that the future will require groveling and that is something I won’t stick around for.

Minnesota Wants Federal Money to Rebuild Minneapolis

Minnesota’s Governor Walz has requested President Trump to declare a national disaster and bail out Minnesota to the tune of $500 million for the damage which he himself caused when he allowed the rioting thugs to burn down Minneapolis.

I think the correct response is to respectfully ask Governor Walz to go pound sand where the sun don’t shine.  The first thing that should be done is to cut off all federal police funding to Minneapolis and institute a DOJ investigation into the civil rights violations inherent in a city knowingly allowing a mob to terrorize American citizens based on their racial identity.

Anti-White Lives Do Not Matter to Me

For the first half of my life I had hoped that eventually black Americans would become reconciled with their country and we would reach a point where we wouldn’t have the periodic race riots and looting/arson sprees that seem to be occurring more and more frequently.

I no longer believe that to be true.  There will never be a time when a black underclass will not be ready, willing and able to erupt in a spasm of destructive rage that destroys everything in their reach and allows the race hustlers to extort more loot from the frightened people of this country.  It’s as simple as that.

How we eventually end this stalemate where we have to interact in this horrific dysfunctional relationship is currently unknown to me.  Maybe we split the country or maybe we figure out a way to end the black privilege that allows them to commit mayhem through some strict enforcement of the laws.  That is a mystery to me.

So, if this insanity will continue into the foreseeable future, then the most important thing for me to figure out is how to avoid being where the rioters are going to be.  By extension I want to make sure none of the people I care about are anywhere near the rioters either.

So, what should I do?  Here’s my checklist:

  • Live far away from large cities. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a city in Oklahoma or in New York.  Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, St. Louis, Kansas City?  Of course.  But even Salt Lake City or Boise probably have their slums where the denizens are smoldering over some perceived slight that they imagine white people have inflicted on them.  Give all these cities a wide berth.
  • Don’t live in blue or purple states. Because in these states, even if you’re far from the slums, the government will allow the rioters to come to your town to destroy your way of life.  Look at Minnesota.  The governor there wouldn’t even stop the rioters from hopping into cars and going out to the suburbs to terrorize the people out there.  The government in these states seem to take pride in punishing the non-black citizens by allowing them to be harassed.
  • Don’t send your kids to the public schools. Don’t let the state propagandize them and torture them into thinking they’re the problem.  Allowing this to happen is like crippling them.
  • Tell your children the real truth about how the system is rigged in this country and how they can avoid being victimized by the next round of rampages. Explain to them that the Democrat party gins up this outrage every election cycle to ensure a good crop of black votes.  Let them know that there are many people who buy into this white self-hatred but they themselves don’t have to.
  • Find like minded people to associate with and avoid as much as possible the company of the anti-white individuals. Make a point of doing business with folks that you know are like-minded.  And in addition to patronizing tradesmen like plumbers and electricians, which is a no-brainer, look at retailers.  I’d pay a hefty premium to give my business to someone I like rather than give Jeff Bezos the money.
  • If you’re religious find a church where the pastor doesn’t spend his time preaching the gospel of social justice according to Saint Al Sharpton. You’re better off starting your own church rather than let your children be indoctrinated in self-hatred by some atheist clergyman who wants to atone for some ancestor who owned a slave or something.

Our elites have adopted the Black Lives Matter agenda.  More precisely they’ve decided to impose it on their serfs, namely us.  They themselves will just continue living in their gated communities with their private security out of reach of the arson, looting and mayhem that they’ve reserved for us.  They have adopted the Black Lives Matter mantra.  And that mantra says, “Only Black Lives Matter.”  If you say blue lives matter or white lives matter or even all lives matter, you will be denounced as a racist.  So, don’t be foolish enough to think that any of this has anything at all to do with equal treatment.  That is the last thing they want.  What they want is immunity from the law.  In fact, they want their own law.  And rest assured under that law everything you have won’t be enough to provide reparations for whatever alleged sins your ancestors committed against their ancestors.  And that is assuming that your ancestors were even in the country before 1865 which mine were not.

The lives that matter to me are those of me and mine and my friends.  They can be white, orange or purple but to me they are the ones that matter.  The lives that don’t matter to me are Anti-White lives.  Let the antifa and BLM thugs burning down the country worry about their own lives.  White or black, I no longer consider them countrymen.  They are my enemy.  Their lives matter to me not at all.  As far as I’m concerned, they can go to hell.

A White Cop in a Black City

That Atlanta cop who shot the black guy who shot at him with a taser is being charged with murder.  Think about what that job must be like nowadays.  The criminals and the low lives won’t allow themselves to be arrested anymore.  They’ll fight you, try to get your gun and if you do your job or defend yourself, you’ll be charged with murder if the perp dies.  You have to wear a camera all the time and any altercation that gets ugly leaves you liable to police brutality charges and disciplinary actions.  The brazenness of the criminals means you stand a good chance of being shot or stabbed or assaulted in some fashion and the black population hates and insults you at every turn.  Your food will be poisoned in fast food joints by the minimum wage employees from the neighborhood and your chain of command and the mayor will turn on you at the drop of a hat and feed you to the sharks.

So, you might ask yourself why would anyone want to be a white cop in a black city.  The short answer is it used not to be this bad.  And that has been true forever.  The cities have been getting progressively worse over the course of the last century but we have now reached the breaking point.  Places like Baltimore, St. Louis, Kansas City and Atlanta have finally reached the point where the cop’s job is untenable.

Why don’t they quit?  Well the pay is good; the benefits are very good and the retirement is excellent.  Some cops can retire at twenty years in.  That means you could be thirty-eight and retiring on full pay.  Plus, if you quit now what would you do?  Your family is local.  Your kids are in school in a suburb and you have roots in the community.  What job would pay anything close to what you currently make?  You want to stay.  But how to avoid ending up in jail?

What I expect to see from now on is cops ignoring all black crime.  I’m not even sure they’ll intervene in a gang shootout.  They’ll just wait for the two sides to run out of bullets and call the ambulances to collect the ones who didn’t avoid the flying lead.  And this probably will hold for black criminals in white neighborhoods.  And that will hasten the white flight that is already gripping the cities that recently went through the riots.  I’ve spoken to Manhattanites who tell me that the middle-class people are looking to get out.  The way it was explained to me the rich don’t care because they are completely insulated from the impact.  They have their own schools and security arrangements and if things get really bad, they’ll just stay out at their homes in the Hamptons until the violence blows over.  But the middle class have none of these buffers.  So, they’re leaving.  And when they do the city starts sinking.  The tax base will disappear and city services will suffer drastic cuts and then even the rich will leave.  And once that happens you get Detroit.

I only hope no more white guys become cops in black cities.  Let the guys in there get out as soon as they can and then let the jobs be filled by black city dwellers.  That will be the perfect solution.  I guarantee that the denizens won’t like it much.  The criminals won’t be able to yell racism and the black cops won’t worry about police brutality.  But the honest citizens will be the ones to pity.  The levels of corruption and incompetency in black run cities are usually impressive.  Baltimore is on their second mayor convicted of financial crimes associated with the office and I believe the next mayor will be one of those two coming back for another try.  Detroit politics are so laughably corrupt that Michigan had to step in and oversee much of their finances.  And the school systems are truly frightening in their dysfunction.

But the best outcome in Atlanta would be for the whole police force to resign en masse.  Within a month there wouldn’t be a single business unlooted in the whole city.  The murder rate would be so high that the people tallying it would give it up as unmanageable.  And Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms would beg the police on bended knee to come back.  She would somehow have the officer who was arrested for murder cleared of the charge and reinstated.

That would be the best outcome for Atlanta.  But it would not be the best outcome for those policemen.  Their jobs will never be anything but hellish.  They should get out and stay out.  These cities are unmanageable and will only get worse.  Let the people there manage themselves.  Let the Democrats rule all the Detroits they are making.  After all, White Lives Matter too.  At least to us they do.

Have They Had Enough Yet?

Now that most of arson fires have gone out and Antifa is back in its parents’ basements, I’ve started to think about how the President’s campaign should address the riots.  Naturally there will be the usual lip service to the need to correct problems with police practices and ways of identifying rogue officers, etc., etc., etc.

But if I were framing the argument, I’d put it to the voters like this.  Even knowing that there are dishonest and even criminal police officers out there, would you rather live in a place policed by the current police force or by some combination of BLM and Antifa?

In places like Seattle, San Francisco, Portland and Minneapolis they might vote for BLM and Antifa.  But they won’t in Michigan or Pennsylvania or even Wisconsin.  Hell, even most of the people in Minnesota outside of Minneapolis must be appalled.  The people in those states watched as the mayors of blue cities in their states capitulated to the rioters and let them loot stores and burn them down.  Even the governors treated the rioters with kid gloves hesitating to let the National Guard subdue the protests and arrest the perpetrators.  In these places I’m guessing that the dominant sentiment is how do we get new governors who will protect us from the monster that the progressive cities have created.  They’ve seen that the next place the rioters want to go is into the suburbs and countryside to terrorize the non-urban populations surrounding their hellhole homes.

I’d have a commercial that features Minneapolis and New York City in flames and police chiefs, mayors, governors and Joe Biden on their knees.  I’d show that Minneapolis police precinct being abandoned and then that idiot Mayor Frey running away from a crowd of BLM and Antifa followers.

And as valuable as this will be in the Presidential campaign, I think it will also be effective for the rest of the ticket.  Races for mayor and governor of several cities and states should be affected by the actions that several of the incumbents took during the riots.  And even office holders who aren’t up for re-election soon should worry that recall votes may be started against them.  As for congressional and senate seats, the same kind of commercials showing Pelosi and Schumer on their knees wearing their matching colorful prayer shawls should be highly effective.

And I’d make sure that the film clips showed all the gory details.  Show the picture of the white Antifa guys taking a sledge hammer to the security gates to let the looters into a store.  And the Antifa guys with the rock hammers tearing up curbstones to assault the police with.  Show that shop owner in Dallas crumpled on the sidewalk like a dead animal.  Show the old woman in Buffalo being beaten with a two by four by thugs.  Show the woman in Minneapolis in a wheelchair being tormented by a mob and doused with a fire extinguisher.  Show the footage of the retired police captain from St. Louis being gunned down trying to protect his friend’s store.  This one should be especially poignant considering that the officer is black.

Show a couple of the interviews with the sick old ladies living in the inner city neighborhoods that have just been looted and burned and listen to them cry because now their grocery store and their drug store are gone and they have to travel an hour by bus to get to a place that isn’t burned out.

Play the interview with the black businessman in Minneapolis whose sports bar was gutted and torched, whose life savings are now gone.

I’ve even got the tag line to end each of these commercials:

“Had enough?  Vote Republican and stop the madness.”

And all this has the added benefit that it’s actually 100% true.  Even in blue states the majority of the voters aren’t inner city denizens.  Most of the voters are middle- and working-class people.  When they finally have had enough of the madness, they will vote for someone who will stop it.  So, the only question is, have they had enough yet?


I held this up last night to see how the fallout from the Atlanta police arrest killing would play out.  This situation is going to repeat indefinitely.  Apparently, the new dynamic for black criminals is to resist arrest by any and all means.  Apparently suicide by cop is the new normal and considering the lives some of these folks live it probably doesn’t seem like a bad option.  That is going to make the BLM crowd shout twice as loud.  But it still leaves the same choice for the voters.  If you’re a middle-class American living in the suburbs are you happier with the police trying to maintain some semblance of order in the dangerous Democrat cities or would you like there to be warlords and thug armies in charge like in Mexico and other failed states.  Seems a pretty easy answer but maybe knuckling under is the new American way.  Time will tell.

Walter Williams Points to the Real Problems for Black Americans and It Isn’t Racism

Williams is an economics professor and also happens to be black.  He points to the fact that the cities that are burning have been run by Democrats and in may cases black Democrats for decades.  Of course the Media will ignore this and just keep shouting Racism!  So what else is new?

10JUN2020 – American Greatness Post of the Day – Paul Bradford Sees a Future National Leader

I haven’t had a lot of American Greatness posts lately.  Nothing recently has really grabbed me.  But I have been talking for a while about who will be our leader in another five years.  Paul Bradford throws a name up there and gives his reasons for thinking it.  Senator Cotton deserves credit for not mincing words over how you stop a riot.  That kind of honesty is more not just necessary.  It’s a matter of national life and death.  What was it Lincoln said?  A House divided against itself cannot stand.

Riots Expose Important Divide Among Potential Trump Successors