Guest Contributor – War Pig – Comments on Antifa’s Announced Disruptions in Washington D.C.

I see where Antifa and BLM are calling for the burning of Congress and SCOTUS over replacing RBG. They should remember a little factoid, to wit:

The Third Infantry Regiment (Old Guard) is mostly known for guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and performing ceremonial duties at the White House and Arlington National Cemetery. However, they are a fully trained, fully armed and equipped infantry regiment filled with motivated hard chargers. They will have something to say about burning down Congress or SCOTUS or the White House. They are fully capable of putting down an insurrection.

It would not be wise to provoke their use as infantry. A little reminder for the fools at Antifa and BLM.

And since it is Washington, DC, posse comitatus prohibitions do not apply. Trump does not need to even invoke the insurrection act. He can just order the Old Guard to saddle up in full battle rattle and stand by.

When the American Indian Movement occupied the Bureau of Indian Affairs HQ in Washington, they strutted about showing Winchesters and such and declaring they would never move until certain things were fixed to their liking. Nixon, being a clever sort did not call out the Old Guard. He just called in the Rangers to look things over. The rangers observed and allowed themselves to be seen observing. Ranger patches in full view.

Seeing that, the protesters held a quick meeting, declared “victory”, and left for home. Rangers do not play well with others. If you want to influence hearts and minds, call the Green Beret. If all you want to do is break sh*t and hurt people, call the Rangers.

This of course would be more of a job for the Old Guard than the Rangers. The Old Guard are expressly allowed to defend the capital with no martial law being declared. Since DC is a federal city most laws are a shade different there. Besides, the Rangers are currently employed elsewhere.

Guest Contributor – Charlemagne Really – Addressing the Current Situation

With the plethora of recent, pressing subjects to write about, it’s difficult to choose just one. How does one sum up the current heated political landscape in a simple letter. How does one convey compassion and concern with the Corona, COVID-19, Wuhan or whatever it’s called outbreak and its lingering consequences?

I do not know exactly, being the mere mortal that I am. However, as Admiral David Farragut famously cried out “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”.

Let’s start with the political landscape. Some have said this season’s election cycle is the most divisive ever. I am not sure about that claim as I haven’t been around forever. What I do know, is that politics by its own nature is divisive. It’s supposed to be. So, politics it’s not necessarily bad as some have insinuated.

Americans are witnessing a planned well financed all-out attack on its core values, principles and imperfect history upon which it stands. One of which is, “one Nation under God”. This very phrase being omitted from the oration of the Pledge of Allegiance, not once but twice, in error (sure) at the recent Democrat Convention. Perhaps it was an honest omission but I seriously doubt it. More likely, it’s an insight into their vision of the United States. A vision devoid of God and replaced with the tyranny of the state. So perhaps the new pledge will be One Nation under US (the state, their state). A frightening prospect at best.

Speaking of the DNC and Democrats….

The violence in the mostly Democrat controlled cities, large and small, continues under the guise of Social Justice protests. Nothing about the violence and rioters is about justice. Mind you, I am not talking about the protest and protesters. As long as the protests remain peaceful and are conducted in daylight, they remain legitimate. However once darkness falls it’s been painfully obvious that the peaceful protests turn into violent riots. One doesn’t participate in a peaceful protest armed to the teeth with bats, bricks, hammers, crowbars, face shields and professional grade gas masks. No, this equipment is for one reason and one reason only. To engage in violence and riot. It’s not about social justice, nor anyone who has been a victim of injustice. The weapon wielding rioters are using the excuse of social justice for BLM as an excuse to burn down, loot and plunder. And the BLM organization is more than happy to have these ill-informed and ill-intentioned rioters unleash anarchy on the streets of America.

As with most people, Black lives matter to me. I too have Black friends and co-workers. However, it is necessary to point out that the BLM organization doesn’t represent most Black lives. How do I know. Go to their web site and read. Research their founders, their history and their current ideology. Look at Chicago and the number of Black lives lost due to the murderous gangs. All one gets from the BLM organization is complete silence. They don’t care about Chicago, Portland and most recently Kenosha. They simply don’t give a hoot about any community suffering under gangs in Black neighborhoods. It doesn’t fit their agenda. Those thousands of Black lives do not matter to them. So, what does matter to them?

For one thing, it’s power. More specifically it’s political power. They are using the social justice mantra as a cover to cause division, incite violence and perpetrate a coordinated assault on America, its institutions and its people (you and me).

They masquerade as a benevolent and worthy cause while they continue to implement the downfall of this country.

I will continue to care and support my Black friends, co-workers and fellow citizens. However, I will not offer the same for an Organization which is Marxist (Socialist/Communist) and anti-freedom at its very dark sinister core.

I pray that the violence will end. And end just as quickly as it began. I pray for and will support real social justice. I pray people will see through the charade of the Organization that supposedly champions social justice. I pray for all Americans, no matter what their skin color, to live peacefully while they pursue their dreams and live their lives.

So, let us be adults and act as adults. Caring, kind, compassionate, ready to defend one another from the evils that sometimes ensnare us.

A man far better and immeasurably superior to me, said “Blessed are the peace makers for they will be called the children of God”.

What will you do?

12SEP2020 – Looking Around and Looking Ahead

Now that Ringling Brothers’ Barnum and Bailey Circus has been forced out of business by PETA, President Trump truly is the Greatest Show on Earth.  There always seems to be another spectacle starting up as the previous act finishes.  From what I understand he has five foreign policy victories to celebrate this week.  Israel is being recognized by:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Bahrain
  • and Kosovo

Saudi Arabia is now allowing Israeli flights to go through their airspace.  And just to keep things interesting the President brokered a deal between Serbia and Kosovo.  Already two separate nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize for the President have been sponsored by individuals who preface their remarks by declaring that they dislike President Trump but admit that he has already done more for world peace than Obama ever did either before or after his empty win of the Peace Prize was awarded to him.  Joe Biden claims that President Trump is achieving these victories by accident!

The President is crisscrossing the country to attend campaign rallies that draw huge enthusiastic crowds and of course, he is tweeting away on all the most important and even some quite trivial events.  He really does have an energy level that is hard to imagine for a man his age.

Meanwhile even Biden’s strongest advocates admit they haven’t yet figured out how they will make their candidate attractive enough to convince millennials to vote for him.  Well, they did get him out of the basement and all the way to Pennsylvania last week.

As I said it’s an amazing show.  And it should keep even jaded political junkies such as me completely engaged right up to Election Day.  Of course, there are plenty of other side shows to keep us watching.  They’re not as amusing.  The spectacle of unending rioting in Portland is not a pleasant sight but it is important.  A poll of Oregonians shows that 66% disapprove of the riots and 60% think the Mayor of Portland is doing a poor job of ending the protests.  Now if a state as blue as Oregon is unhappy with their unending riots just think what purple states like Colorado and Nevada must be thinking of their “protests.”

The ongoing COVID lockdown in the Northeast remains a good story to remind the country of what shutting down a large portion of your small business community does to economic health.  New York has lost tens of thousands of jobs and when combined with the disruptions caused by the rioting is hardly recognizable as the dynamic business and cultural center it once was.

And the remote teaching model being used in the schools in the Northeast has been a nightmare for working mothers.  Many of them are attempting to re-enter the office environment after six months but have to work around a schedule where their children are home at least three days a week.  Employers say they will accommodate these changes but problems have cropped up on all sides.

Then we have the looming specter of voter fraud through the use of mail in ballots.  The Democrats hope to drag the voting process out for weeks and possibly months.  And they have been talking up the idea that President Trump will be ejected from the White House by troops.  Oh, those Democrats love their drama.

Meanwhile Bill Barr teases us with announcements of rioters and agitators being arrested.  Sure, he arrests some of the worst actors but nothing is done to prosecute Antifa and BLM as organized crime groups using the RICO laws.  And we’re not hearing much about the Durham investigation anymore.  I guess now that his end of summer deadline is blown, we can’t expect anything to come of the effort.  I was glad to see that the feds went after that rat that murdered the Patriot Prayer guy in Portland a week ago.  But I guess it has to be something as egregious as murder on camera to get much of anything from our Justice Department.

Well, that’s a snapshot of the world around us.  It’s a madhouse in every way imaginable but we keep advancing down the road one step at a time.  My advice is don’t be surprised at anything that happens but take every news report with a big grain of salt.  As the President is fond of saying a lot of what you hear is fake news.  And regardless of the outcome in November remember that it’s up to each of us to decide how we will live our lives and who we will spend it with.  There are millions of good people out there and we can achieve an enormous amount if we don’t get discouraged and if we think clearly about what we want to accomplish.  I have spoken with many people out there and we’re learning that we aren’t alone and we aren’t at the mercy of the Woke Left.  It’s a pleasure writing this for anyone who is looking for a bit of news and a positive thought from someone on our side of the fence.  Have a good day.

The Metamorphosis of the Democrat Party

Those on the Dissident Right have for a while predicted that the Republican Party would by default become the white party.  This was assuming that the Republicans would not be stupid enough to once again purge the party of the deplorables because of their politically incorrect but necessary views on immigration and globalism.  In some senses, the Republican Party already was the white party, in the sense that almost all of its members were white.  But in as much as the Democrat Party had plenty of white people in it, it wasn’t the exclusive white party.

But what has happened instead is that the Democrat Party is becoming the anti-white party.  Now that’s a remarkable process.  The woke areas of the country, the northeast and the northwest are waging open war against white Americans and these radicals are saying explicitly that it’s because they’re white.  Being white is a crime and the only acceptable way to avoid punishment is groveling and monetary reparations.

So far, this new paradigm for the Left has been doing wonderfully.  Corporations and the Media have accepted the Gospel according to BLM wholeheartedly.  Money has poured in and mayors and governors of the blue states have kowtowed and embraced the anti-white agenda hook line and sinker.  The police have been defanged and rioters and looters have carte blanche to vandalize and burn the blue cities whenever and wherever they please.  It’s Antifa heaven.

But there’s an election coming up and Americans get to have a say.  And I would say that there is a pretty sizable number of white Democrats and even some non-white Democrats who may not want to see the anti-white party in charge of the country.  It will be interesting to see how the purple (and even some of the blue) states choose sides in the November presidential and congressional elections.

Currently Joe Biden is trying to thread the needle by decrying violence but affirming his allegiance to racial justice and blaming white people.  And indications from the press are that they’ve finally noticed that burning and pillaging the blue cities is not a winning electoral strategy.  But it’s kind of too late and the Democrats are going to have to win or lose on the horse they’ve backed.

But even looking beyond November, the Democrats have been overtaken by their younger, more militant wing.  And for better or worse they have become the anti-white party.  And now the whites in the Democrat party will see clearly how they stand with “their” party.  They are a hated minority of that party and their place is to shut up, grovel and pay up.  I’m not implying that there aren’t plenty of white people who wouldn’t accept that role in the Democrat coalition.  But I am thinking it is a significantly smaller number than the current white segment of Democrat voters.  And as I mentioned earlier, there are probably plenty of non-white, non-black Democrat voters who aren’t enthusiastic supporters of the Black Lives Matters shakedown either.  After all there are more Hispanic voters than black voters and they are living through the rolling riots in the Democrat cities and maybe they wouldn’t mind having police holding down the criminal activities where they live.

Now that the Democrats have made the leap from a working class / middle class coalition to an upper class / lower class social justice shake down gang there will definitely be a re-sorting going on in the population.  It’s actually very advantageous for the Right that the Democrats have been forced to take sides.  The optics for the party that backs race rioters are not so good.  Americans are frightened and disgusted by what they’ve seen on the streets and on their televisions.  Now is the perfect time for President Trump’s message of law and order and an end to racial scapegoating of white Americans.  Let’s see if I’ve got the numbers right.  Stay tuned for November.

Vox Day Has Collated Information on How Antifa Wages War and Commits Murder

Vox links to and excerpts from two articles that:

  1. provides the details on how Antifa assassinated Jay Danielson, and
  2. details the command structure and techniques that Antifa uses to fight its war.

The details on the Danielson hit are illuminating and indicate that conspiracy to commit murder should be on the FBI’s agenda for taking down Antifa and BLM.  That’s a RICO offense and would give the feds the justification for taking away all those billions that the gutless corporate types have handed over to BLM in the last few months.

US Marshalls and FBI Put Down Antifa Mad Dog Killer

The feds did what the Portland police and Oregon law enforcement refused to do.  They hunted down the murdering thug who killed Aaron Danielson and when he resisted arrest they put him down.  The fugitive Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was tracked down to an apartment in Lacey, Wash., near Tacoma.  He was confronted as he entered an automobile and when he refused to submit to arrest he was shot and killed.  Reinoehl had earlier admitted in an interview that he shot Danielson, allegedly in self defense.  But video of the killing tells a different story.

Good riddance.  Let’s hope the feds start targeting the rest of the scum that Antifa/BLM has hired as mercenaries.  Antifa hired these thugs to make their pathetic army of twig boys and blue haired fat girls more destructive.  With them removed the protests will more resemble a latte complaint at a Starbucks than a riot.

Congratulations to President Trump and Bill Barr for doing the right thing and getting justice for Danielson.  As for Portland, may the earth swallow you up and leave nothing behind but a hole in the ground.  You are not Americans.  You are sham marxist revolutionaries that deserve whatever horrible things happen to you.  And I hope they do.

Oregon Has Legalized Murdering Conservatives

It’s an extraordinary thing.  Antifa can now murder conservatives with complete impunity.  The local and state authorities won’t even pursue the killer, even when he’s been identified by video evidence.  Oregon has now become a banana republic.  There are officially two laws, one for the people in charge and a separate one for the deplorables.  I expect this will make it clear to everyone on our side that this is no longer one country but two.  On their soil you no longer have the rights of an American and your life has no value to the authorities.  Of course, it really is a valuable piece of information to have.  It should provide context for decisions that many of us will have to make in the future.

It’s an extraordinary thing.  This used to be the greatest country in the world.  Now large parts of it are lunatic asylums.  A place like Portland, Oregon has descended into madness, the likes of which, you have to go all the way back to the French Revolution’s reign of terror to find.  The lunatics in the street and the lunatics in the city hall and the governor’s mansion have definitively thrown away, law, order and sanity.  I can understand the politicians.  They’re just prostitutes doing whatever they think the voters want them to do.  But the majority of people in Oregon have acquiesced in the madness and probably mostly agree with it.  Minneapolis is the same way.  New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, all the large cities have followed the same plan.  They plan to allow looters and arsonists to hold their citizens hostage until the November election.  If they think it will throw the election to President Trump they may convince the maniacs to go into hiding for a few months but this is the cultural revolution they plan to punish us with for as long as it takes to destroy us.

Hopefully, the murder of that fellow in Portland by the Antifa thug and the state’s tacit approval of it should be enough to awaken any real Americans who are still asleep.  If that doesn’t wake them then they’re already dead from the neck up already.  What everyone needs to understand is that we no longer have the possibility of compromise.  The two sides are diametrically opposed and have no common ground.  The only question is how the struggle will be waged.  It is obvious that they no longer consider our leaders legitimate.  We should adopt the same opinion concerning theirs.  If Joe Biden occupies the White House in 2021 he will be an enemy that I will work against in any way I can.  If President Trump prevails in November I hope he uses all means at his disposal to purge the federal government of Democrat cabalists and uses his time in paring down the bureaucracy to weaken our enemies there.  He should provide all means of support at his disposal for the red states and do everything in his power to weaken and demoralize the blue states.  Any other policy would be a waste of time.

Assume that the election will be a dirty, dishonest slugfest with fraud and violence front and center.  Whatever means are used by the Republicans to win won’t be questioned by me.  They should bring in as many sleazy lawyers and dishonest judges as they can find.  Granted we’ll never be able to match the numbers that the Democrats have but we should try.  They should cut deals with whatever power brokers they can to sew up whatever support is out there.  They should use identity politics wherever it gives them an advantage and promise any ridiculous things that will get them a win on November 3rd.

It’s an extraordinary thing.  I never thought I’d say this but we aren’t going back to what we were before.  We are in a new world.  We have to weigh every option to see how it helps our side and weakens theirs.  And if you’re behind enemy lines watch your back.  These people don’t like you and they’d prefer you dead.  There is absolutely no reason to be honest with them.  Find people from our side to socialize with and avoid the pod people under any and all circumstances.  They aren’t worth it.  Not even for mockery.  They aren’t worth it.  And if you can escape into the free America I highly recommend it.  Let’s hope it will be a relatively bloodless civil war.  But either way it’s already begun.

Is It Too Soon for Drone Strikes on Antifa?

I was trying to imagine what being a normal American living in Portland Oregon must be like.  The only analogy I could think of was being a Christian inside of the ISIS caliphate.  Living in fear of an insane regime that hates normalcy.  Portland is on day 96 of the Reign of Terror.  Most of the businesses in the downtown area that is permanently infested with hominid vermin have permanently closed up.  Hopefully the ones that weren’t dependent on urban foot traffic have moved to safer areas.  Oregon is a blue state and I’m sure the majority of the population around Portland are sympathetic to the agenda that the Antifa/BLM lunatics are espousing.  For that reason, I don’t feel too bad about the collateral damage that would occur if the Pentagon were called in to perform a series of surgical strikes to decapitate Antifa.  And the word decapitate is sort of deceptive.  That implies cutting off the head.  Antifa doesn’t have a head or brain or even a backbone.  It’s more like a giant jellyfish.  All stingers, all slime and no brain.

But I digress.  A city and a state that would allow a festering sore like the Portland rebellion to just go on and on deserves no pity.  Whatever funding Portland (and Oregon) currently gets from the federal government should be held up until order is restored.  After what has gone on at that federal courthouse, I sincerely hope that the FBI already has the identity of all the rioters, especially the ones that used lasers to blind some of the federal agents, and rounds them up and carts them off to prison.

Antifa and BLM are criminal organizations.  They need to be treated as such.  The RICO laws were enacted for just such a purpose.  Their funding needs to be seized, their leaders arrested and prosecuted and all their moronic followers given a few years in prison to allow them to see the error of their stupid ways.  Currently they are providing the Republicans with the winning hand they need to prevail in the November election but to allow these people to inflict so much harm on normal Americans without being punished is an outrage.  They have destroyed the lives and livelihood of thousands of families.  They have disrupted and degraded the world we live in.  If they are allowed to go back to their parents’ basements and play video games without suffering any consequences for their crimes then there is something seriously wrong with our system.

You know, my post title is wrong.  We don’t need drone strikes.  Portland should be evacuated at bayonet point, burned to the ground, bulldozed flat and the ground salted.  A statue should be erected showing a stream of lemmings running off a cliff and piling up dead at the bottom.  The lemmings should have nose-rings, tattoos and skate boards.  Maybe the inscription should simply read, “Dude!”

We will probably prevail in the November election.  There is some consolation in that.  But the fact that whole swaths of this country are now irredeemably controlled by the criminally insane and their facilitators does not give me any hope that we can avoid a reckoning down the road.  These people were completely willing to burn down their own cities to score political points.  We’re not going to be able to reason with them.  We have to come up with ways to protect ourselves from their spasms of rage.  Red states will have to work out mechanisms to neutralize the psychos holed up in some of their urban centers.  Purple states like Wisconsin and Minnesota are going to have to make a choice.  Do they want to be like Illinois or Iowa?

But as I’ve said before we really owe Antifa and BLM a vote of thanks.  When they dropped the mask and showed their true colors, they did a million times more to wake up sleep-walking America than all the red-pilled bloggers and pundits ever could.  What we do with all these awakened Americans is the important question.  How do we use the opportunity?  Let’s hope President Trump has a plan to punish our enemies.  After all they are his enemies too.

Selective Abandonment of the Law

If I were President Trump, when I got in front of the microphone at the Republican convention, I would address the citizens living in blue states across the country and ask, “Have you had enough of your democrat masters feeding you to the mob?  If so, then vote them out of office and try the Republicans for a change.  They’re no smarter but they are a little less evil.”

If a state decides to pick and choose who doesn’t have to obey the law and who does isn’t that the same behavior, we passed the civil rights laws to prevent back in the 1960s?  We now have mobs all around the country burning, looting and assaulting innocent Americans with virtual immunity from police action while anyone who tries to resist this felonious attack on property and life is immediately arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law.

If I were a local, I’d want the mayor of Kenosha and the governor of Wisconsin prosecuted for civil rights violations.  This same playbook was used months ago in the adjoining state of Minnesota.  There is no longer any excuse that they didn’t know what the result of pulling back the police would be.  This is a premeditated sacrifice of the livelihoods and lives of the people of Kenosha to the political allegiance of these politicians.

I guess we’re about to find out if the people of Kenosha are okay with having their city sacked by vandals.  The mayor is up for re-election this year.  I would approximate his chances as 0.0%.  The governor has two years before his election but unless something even more horrible happens that allows the Republicans to take the blame, I’d say his chances are 0.1%.

I read an article that asked a bunch of people in Wisconsin whom they were going to support for President in November and even lifelong Democrats who hate President Trump said they were going to vote for him.  So at least some good has come out of this fiasco.  But why doesn’t the Department of Justice intervene and hold these people accountable for their abandonment of their own citizens?  All they have to do is interview the police and find out if orders were issued to permit the violence that is being perpetrated daily in these cities.  Why isn’t the FBI identifying the ringleaders in these Antifa/BLM gangs and drag them away as domestic terrorists?  It gets hard to believe that there is anyone who cares about these people whose lives are being destroyed.

What I want to hear come out of the Republican convention is that justice will be served against the people who perpetrated and the people who abetted and even the people who allowed this reign of terror to go on and on for months.  The Democrats have turned this country into a banana republic.  Portland and Seattle might as well be in Venezuela.  The leaders use mobs of partisans to terrorize and silence their enemies and law only applies to whom the leaders say it does.  Lori Lightfoot, the noxious Mayor of Chicago is okay with the mob burning down other people’s neighborhoods but has a special police detachment reserved for protecting her home.

The first one who should be charged is that half-wit Jacob Frey.  The DOJ should charge him with the damage that was done to all the businesses in Minneapolis.  And he should be held accountable for any deaths and injuries that occurred because of his abandonment of his city to the mob.

Next should be the idiot governor of Minnesota.  His refusal to utilize the National Guard when the problem was till manageable was equally culpable with Frey’s idiocy.

The rest of the conspirators, the mayors of the rest of the blue cities, New York, LA, Seattle, Chicago, Portland, etc., should also be held accountable.  With the murder rates skyrocketing in many of these places serious charges should be levied against all of them.

Will any of this happen?  I’m guessing no.  As an alternative, do you think the idiot Republicans would at least run on the rioting as a way to try and regain control of the House of Representatives and bolster their hold on the Senate.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Americans, even Americans in blue states have had enough of watching the United States turned into Beirut.