Everything You Could Ever Need to Know About Brexit

Over at the very excellent Claremont Review of Books, Christopher Caldwell has a very long article called “Why Hasn’t Brexit Happened Yet?

It’s exhaustive (and actually exhausting!) but very well written.  It gives you all the background you need to know just how desperate the globalists are to kill Brexit.  Only the truly hardcore will finish the whole article.  But I am a glutton for punishment so I did get to the end.



Racism for Me But Not for Thee

William Voegeli has an article at Claremont Review of Books titled RACISM, REVISED.


In it he reviews the New York Times (NYT) differeing stance on racism committed by white people and non-white people.  The case in point is their employee Sarah Jeong.  She has a Twitter history that is littered with the most egregious anti-white bias imaginable.  But the NYT waived their hands at this and said it was those evil white trolls that made her do it.  But when an equivalent bias was shown by a white person, off with his head.  Very interesting read.