Free America –21FEB2021 Update

As we settle into the new totalitarian regime the sense of outrage dulls and each new atrocity becomes less shocking because it’s already expected.  Biden is telling the Democrat Congress he wants a bill that gives the illegals an eight-year path to citizenship.  Then he wants to have D.C. and Puerto Rico declared states.  Soon he’ll demand slavery reparations.  And after that he’ll want to balance the books by cancelling the 401K and social security accounts of anyone who isn’t black.  Well, sure.  Are we expecting anything less?  They’ve telegraphed this stuff for years.  With full control of the Congress and White House the only check on their plans is the Supreme Court and I think we know how that will play out.  Even gun grabs and hate speech legislation are on the agenda and now it sounds like they intend to use the FBI as the secret police and arrest people they don’t like by calling them insurrectionists.  Good times.

During a get together with some friends we were talking about that teacher in New York City who was fired. Apparently at some kind of group session where people were supposed to talk about personal struggles she tried to talk about her grandparents and their loss of a child during the Holocaust.  She was shut down because they let her know the only ones allowed to talk about problems are black and brown people.  Then to top it off when they were taking a group picture, she wouldn’t give the Wakanda Salute (put her arms in front of her in the shape of an X).  Apparently, this is a gesture used in the Marvel Comics movie Black Panther.  I think she felt it was silly or divisive.  So, they fired her.  I think she had been given an award recently for figuring out a way to improve math test scores in her school.

We were discussing the fact that people are leaving New York in epidemic numbers to get their kids out of the public school system.  And obviously with the story about the teacher just mentioned it isn’t hard to imagine that in a very few years they will have driven all the good teachers and most families that care about educating their kids, right out of the system.  We debated whether this would have any effect on the city government.  I think the opinion was it wouldn’t.  At least not until the system crashed and burned beyond repair.  And that is a truly amazing result.  New York City is estimated to have eight million people living in it.  Now, that was before the disruptions from COVID and BLM.  If someone told me it had lost a million people, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.  But even if there were only six million people living there, I find it shocking to imagine what will happen to the productivity and general behavior of the inhabitants if the school system becomes like what they have in Detroit or Baltimore.  That level of illiteracy and dysfunction in a place as hard to keep running as New York will be truly frightening.  I wouldn’t be surprised if whole industries just up and move out overnight.  Wall Street, the banks, the insurance companies, the advertising companies, even the fashion industry can, and probably will, leave when the city starts becoming like Detroit.  As it is the lawlessness of the BLM riots has destroyed the retail stores in uptown and midtown.  It’s actually hard to imagine things improving without some serious incentives by the state and federal government.

One of the guys was saying that communities as far away as Florida were seeing school enrollments skyrocketing with New York emigres looking to find schools where their kids would get a decent education.  I imagine a similar thing will be going on in other cities similarly affected.  Certainly, Minneapolis is experiencing a crime epidemic and I’m sure the parents there are looking for a way to escape.  Chicago also sounds like it is melting down.  So, the good times are just flowing in Dementia Joe’s America.  It’s at least a small comfort that the states that voted overwhelmingly for Biden are taking it on the chin big time.  And with the political fall out that the governors of New York and California are suffering lately it is a little less painful to see what the communists are doing to the Former United States.

But here in Free America we don’t give the Wakanda Salute.  We don’t watch sports games where people disrespect the National Anthem of Free America.  We don’t tell our children that they should be ashamed because their skin happens to be fair.  We don’t let teachers fool them about who they are and what is right and wrong.  And our pronouns don’t need to be asked.  They’re self-evident.

Then the get together devolved into an argument about deciding who were the hottest women on television back in the day.  The final match up was between Wrangler Jane on F Troop and Barbara Eden on I Dream of Jeannie.  Well, that should be obvious.

Nothing Left to Fear

When the Dissident Right mocks the people who haven’t given up hope of fixing the country conventionally, their favorite line of ridicule is, “Maybe if we just vote harder next time we’ll win.”  The irony is this time we voted as hard as it is possible to vote and we lost by millions.  Basically, the Democrats proved that they can rig any number of votes necessary to win.

So that’s that.  As the dissidents are fond of saying, “We’re not voting our way out of this.”  A few months ago, I said our choices are Fold, Flee or Fight.  None of those are easy choices to make and I still haven’t decided between Flee or Fight.

But one thing is now better.  I no longer have to be afraid of whatever the next thing the Left manufactures to upset me.  For instance, the latest outrages include:

  • D.C. and Puerto Rico will get statehood.
  • Citizenship for sixty million illegals.
  • Make gun ownership illegal.
  • Criminalize Christianity.
  • Criminalize masculinity.

Whatever.  I don’t care.  Trying to figure out how we can scrape together enough votes in the Senate and the House and how to win back the White House and engineer reliable votes on the Supreme Court is just a stupid game they play with us.  They won’t let us win and we won’t win by voting harder.  When all is said and done, I still have three choices, Fold, Flee or Fight.  And none of the things that the Left can do change those choices.  Sure, if they ban guns then it’ll be harder to fight.  But you have to be willing to fight in order for that disadvantage to even matter.  Outvoting me with DC or Puerto Rico is academic.  They outvote us by fraud.  Why should I care if they increase that voting edge?  Can I lose twice in the same election?  If they officially take away my freedom of speech and religion is that much worse than what is going on right now?  Not really.

Short of sending me to an actual arctic prison camp there really isn’t much that they can do to make things worse.  We already live under a coercive tyranny.  The prospect of the Left making things incrementally worse really isn’t scary anymore for me.

In fact, I almost hope they’ll ratchet things up a whole bunch.  If things got much, much worse then I’ll have to make one of those choices.

So, go ahead Dementia Joe, Cryin’ Chuck and Crazy Nancy.  Declare George Floyd’s Birthday a national holiday.  Get Bruce Jenner crowned as Miss America.  Have Miley Cyrus canonized.

I don’t care.

And that feels great.  None of that crap has anything to do with me.  That’s an alternate reality that I never signed on for.  In my reality Bruce Jenner is a self-mutilated mental patient.  George Floyd was a fentanyl addict that mixed it up with the cops.  Miley Cyrus is an ex-Disney child actress turned attention whore.  Joe Biden is a hack politician and a creepy sexual deviant who likes to paw little girls and women.  Kamala Harris is a literal whore who parlayed her sexual favors into a political career in California.  Nancy Pelosi is a drunk who traded on her father’s name as a politician to enrich her husband’s real estate investments through her patronage.

In my reality human beings have the right to freedom of association, religion, speech and self-defense.  If none of those things exist in the place I currently live maybe that’s a good reason to fight the system or leave.  So, thank you Leftists.  You’re making it easier to do something hard to do.

20JAN2021 – OCF Update – Day One of Post-America

I was talking with some buddies of mine during the nailing up of the scarecrow in DC this morning and we were speculating on what kinds of things we could expect.  The first thing mentioned was that gasoline will be between four and five dollars a gallon as soon as fracking is banned.  That led to speculation about oil company stocks which have been significantly lower in price in the last year because of the COVID collapse in commuting.  We all agreed that they would start rising significantly in price.  Something to think about for long term investors.  A couple of guys brought up that Dementia Joe was sure to start the solar and wind grifts going again just like his old butt buddy Obama back in his Solyndra Scam days.  One guy said there would be a pay day if you get in and out before the collapse that was bound to occur after the scammers sucked the cash out of the government subsidies.  Another guy told him to stick to picking cards in three-card monte games as the odds were better.

I told the guys I’ve begun reading Solzhenitsyn to see if I can pick up any pointers on how to live in a gulag.  They thought that was a little gloomy of me.  But I told them I could see how looking at the Soviet mindset would be valuable.  I wished them a successful end of the week and signed off.

Today is a sad day for anyone who loved this country growing up.  It’s almost as if they thought long and hard at who would be the worst man they could pretend was President of the United States.  Look at the scorecard.  As a politician Dementia Joe was always a mediocre hack.  Recent developments prove that he sold his services to the Chinese and Ukrainians, with his crack addict son Hunter as the bagman.  Intellectually he was known to be a mental midget even in his prime, having been caught plagiarizing smarter people both in school and as a candidate for President.  And now in his dotage he can barely get through a paragraph of teleprompter text without stammering and drawing a blank on what he was trying to say.  He probably is closing in on middle-stage dementia and now we’re going to see him in charge of the nuclear arsenal and the world economy.

But replacing him with his Vice President will be going from the frying pan into the fire.  Willie Brown’s Ho is equally dim-witted and equally dishonest.  And listening to her speak is even worse than suffering through Biden’s jabbering.  Her histrionics during the Democrat debates reminded me of a female mental patient during an emotional breakdown.

I hope to spend some time mocking and lampooning our evil idiots in Washington.  There will be some joy in that.  I hope I can be scurrilous enough that they outrage the other side.  They truly deserve it.  But other than that I’ll spend my time looking for and highlighting activity on our side of the political fence and researching any strategies that will allow us to avoid the fallout of living under the tyranny of the banana republic regime that has been installed.

Just to repeat, this is a sad day for America but we must learn to adapt to these circumstances begin the job of building our own society.  Day One of Post-America survived.

19JAN2021 – Funniest Biden News Item of the Day

Ya gotta see this to believe it.  Really ugly man in a sun dress is joining the Biden administration.

I’ve got to believe this guy is putting us on.  He was married and has two kids but now he’s the world’s ugliest woman.  If it wasn’t so sad it would be laugh out loud funny.  All hail Dementia Joe.  King of the Weirdos.