An Open Letter of Thanks from a Deplorable to Antifa and BLM

I don’t typically give the devil his due but these are not normal circumstances and I think I must.

In our hyperpolarized 50/50 America the economic and social disruption caused by the Wuhan flu should have been a very serious obstacle to an incumbent president’s re-election prospects.  Not that it would have made it impossible for the incumbent but rather that it would have given the challenger a great point of attack.  The loss of many jobs and businesses can easily be politicized during a campaign to the challenger’s advantage.  And that is why the President was so invested in restarting the economy as soon as possible.  This would allow enough time for the economic picture to be on the rebound by the November election.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the campaign.  When it became apparent that Bernie Sanders was not going to be the Democrat candidate for president, his most radical followers seemed to have pulled out Plan B.  And based on actual circumstances Plan B seems to have been a race war.  Unfortunately for their plans, the blue states, instead of quelling the riots, have instead embraced the radical racialist philosophy of BLM and have begun the process of demonizing the white population, dismantling their police departments and eventually setting up a network of warlord drug fiefdoms where their inner-city ghettos are currently situated.  Once these free-fire zones have been in place for a few years all the honest people will be forced to flee the cities and these former metropolises will join Detroit and Baltimore as third world hellholes and cautionary tales for Democrats who think they know how not to waste a crisis.

The upshot of all this is that the Bernie Bros have managed to unleash a Democrat mediated nightmare that almost certainly assures not only the President’s re-election but provides a scenario where down ticket Republicans get a serious boost in their election prospects too.  That is if they are smart enough to take advantage of it.  And being Republicans that is a big if.

But how did this happen?  If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d hypothesize that false flag agents of the far right infiltrated Antifa and instigated the George Floyd rebellion in Minneapolis and then helped set up separate franchises in all the other blue cities.  It’s of course a ridiculous idea, but the outcome of the rioting is almost ideal as an object lesson for suburbanites who want to see what it would be like if Democrats are allowed to set racial policy across the country.  Not only do they now have to avoid the no-man’s land in their own city but they have to endure corporate training about their white privilege and unconscious bias.  Their kids will be endlessly propagandized at school and encouraged to denigrate their parents, heritage and history.

However, it happened, it truly is a miracle of biblical proportion.  It’s like that scene in the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” where the angel gives George Bailey a chance to see what life would be like if he had never been born.  Instead what has happened is the country has been given the chance to see what the Democrat’s 1619 policy will look like ahead of time.  Under their leadership rioting, looting and arson are now spectator sports for Antifa, BLM and the thugs who follow them around.  The protection that you have come to expect from the police will be gone and guns will be plentiful for criminals but still forbidden for you.  Economic growth will disappear for you, but slavery reparations will still have to be paid for, so expect your paycheck to get a lot smaller.  All in all, you’ll be reminded that you really did have a pretty wonderful life last year before the Wuhan flu and BLM took it all away.  And you’ll have a chance in November to put the Democrats in charge and make this nightmare a permanent situation or re-elect President Trump and let him end their reign of terror.  Tough choice.

So, thanks again Antifa, thanks BLM and thanks to all the Democrat mayors and governors who stood idly by while the mob looted, burned, beat and murdered everything in their path.  You’ve done in real life what a thousand commercials could not have done.  You have shown America the future.  Anyone with an IQ higher than the outside temperature in Minneapolis in January should now know exactly what to expect under a Democrat regime, an Orwellian dystopia involving racial violence, the end of free speech and economic serfdom.  Well done.

And if between now and November you get bored, feel free to burn down the cities again just for old times sake and to keep in practice.  If I might offer a suggestion, this time burn down the universities.  Start with Harvard.  I hear they have plenty of statues that need toppling.

Never Let Your Enemy’s Stupidity Go to Waste

Maybe it’s because it’s July, my favorite time of the year.  And because I’m on vacation this week, which removes a very serious irritant in the way of my annoying boss.  But whatever the reason, I’m just not able to feel gloomy this week.  I’ve decided that I will look at the flip-side of all the horror going on and paint a rosy picture of the time ahead.

First of all, I read that the Federal government has declined to grant Minnesota a declaration of national emergency to allow them to receive federal funds to help them repair the estimated $500 million worth of damage done by Mayor Frey’s city sponsored arson/looting riot.  Putting that on top of the cost of all the police overtime needed to try to quell the ongoing gang wars currently depopulating the more toxic neighborhoods of Minneapolis and adding in the losses in city taxes associated with the closing of so many businesses, some leaving the city permanently and some unable to re-open at all, it paints a picture of a city on the rocks.  And just to make sure that things don’t get better, the city council’s decision to defund the police has a large number of officers opting for early retirement with the rest of them essentially refusing to perform any police function riskier than directing traffic.

The upshot of the police stepping back is the gangs have declared it open season on their enemies and their neighborhoods have become shooting galleries with, unfortunately, young children becoming a prominent part of the collateral damage to the civilian population.  The non-criminal population has complained to the city council and warned them that defunding the police is tantamount to starting a war in their neighborhoods but the council doesn’t really care about their problems so far.  They’re so excited by the whole police defunding narrative that they can’t see where this will lead.

I’m trying to guess what proportion of Minneapolis will have to leave to catch the city council’s attention.  Minneapolis has a population of 430,000 people.  If 20,000 people leave, which would be in line with what’s happening in New York (5%), that would surely put a serious dent in the tax base.  Especially since the ones leaving will be the upper middle class that has the wherewithal to leave.  Sometime this fall I’m imagining the sum total of the misery they’ve created is going to come crashing down on the mayor and city council.  That should be a sight to see.

And pretty much the same sequence of events is going to play out in all the blue states that played this game of revolution theater.  They incurred enormous costs and inflicted horrendous losses on their tax base, demoralized their citizens and destroyed their police forces.  So that come this fall when they are talking of opening school, they’ll be afraid to send their kids for fear of them not surviving the roaming bands of savages.  What a delightful time to be a law and order candidate!  Seriously, it may not matter in places like New York and California but I’m guessing that places like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania will be ripe for the picking for campaign ads featuring their favorite state politicians ordering the police to stand down while the mob flows over and annihilates the functional parts of their city like a column of army ants stripping the flesh off the bones of an unfortunate animal in their path.

And how about the statue nonsense?  I’m guessing the whole Columbus thing hasn’t helped the Democrats to any Italian-American votes.  And now that they’ve started taking down statues of Frederick Douglas and even Abraham Lincoln, I think it’s going to sink in for all but the stupidest that this isn’t about respect, it’s about trying to demoralize Americans and take away their heritage.  I think the President did a good job at Mount Rushmore to remind people of the heritage that men like Washington and Jefferson have left us and how stupid it would be to renounce men who created this amazing land and wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, two of the most important documents in the history of mankind.  Yes, yes.  I see amazing opportunities to point out to the voters and to Americans in general just how feckless the Democrats have become and how much damage they’ve inflicted on their own people.  And once the COVID lockdown continues in the blue states and business stays paralyzed, they are going to be in a bad place.

And on top of the negative ads it should go without saying that a positive message is even more important at a time like this.  It should be highlighted that recovery from the economic damage of the COVID lockdown is moving rapidly to bring us back to a strong economy in 2021.  Going along with this should be message for the base in terms of pushing back on the tech companies in their assault on the Right and protecting religious liberties.  Hopefully Barr and his team won’t prove to be completely useless and will finally move to punish the intelligence agency conspirators who caused chaos during the President’s whole first term.

So, cheer up.  The Democrats have left open their flank to incoming fire to such an extent that it will make the Battle of Marathon look like a game of pattycake.  Creepy Uncle Joe will be completely at a loss as to what to say.  I’m guessing he’ll just take a knee and stay there until the election is over.

Minneapolis City Council Says They Will Dismantle the Police

Nine members of the Minneapolis City Council, a veto-proof majority, have announced that they intend to eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department.  The idea is to replace the police department with a “community-based public safety model,” whatever that is.

Realistically I don’t think they’ll do much of anything beyond handing over a ton of cash to “community organizers” and tying the police force’s hands on lethal force and hiring more minority and female cops.  But let’s just imagine what may happen if the police become so angry about all this vilification and decide to stop interfering with the underclass not only in the ‘hood but also everywhere else.

I can just see an enterprising young businessman from the mean streets who notices that Mayor Frey has a pretty nice wardrobe of Armani suits and decides to pay a visit to the mayor’s house to “borrow” them for a while.  I imagine that previously the mayor would have had a detail of police whose only job was to provide 24/7 security to hizzoner.  I’m guessing that security may become just a wee bit more relaxed after this.  And what might be the situation for the nine City Council members who have announced their intention to eliminate the police.  Well, I’ve got to tell you, I wouldn’t want to be them after today.  The police really are the ones who make life in a big city possible.  If you turn them against you, I foresee many, many bad things happening to the people threatening their livelihood.  Remember for a minute that there are always a certain number of bad actors on the police force and they’ve just lost their steady gig and they are pretty handy with a gun.  Now add in that there isn’t any police force to stop them and they know you were the one who got them fired.  It doesn’t sound good.

You know, come to think of it, I really think they should vote on this thing right away.  I’d be interested in seeing what happens when the police department has a ninety percent sick week in Minneapolis.  It might actually outdo the recent riots for destructive result.  And the timing is perfect.  The long hot summer and the COVID-19 depression are both right there to make a bad situation into a living hell.  When the first wave of teenagers robs its first department store and realize that no one is going to stop them they’re going to get a rush of excitement that may not let up until they’ve looted every store for a mile around.  And that’s not even considering how exciting it’s going to get when the young thugs who currently practice the knockout game in their inner-city neighborhoods export it to the better neighborhoods like Fulton.  Once the self-righteous citizens of Minneapolis get a real good look at what happens when you tell the underclass that there is no one there to make them stop they’re gonna beg the cops to come back and they’ll pay them double without a thought.  Unless you live in a gated community with round the clock armed guards you really don’t want to let the mob have its way.

But let’s see whether it’s all talk or not.  It would make for an interesting experiment but not a pretty picture.  Let’s call it a teachable moment.

By My Accounting Antifa Just Lost Biden the Election

So long COVID-19, hello domestic terrorist manhunt.  The electorate is a complicated jigsaw puzzle of competing priorities.  Race, ethnicity, age and sex factor into the calculations that parties and candidates have to make as to where to invest time and money trying to pick up votes and where not to bother.

As I mentioned yesterday, I think Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey just threw Minnesota firmly into the Trump camp.  Going beyond that I wouldn’t be surprised if we pick up a House seat or two.  I’ll explain why I said that.  President Trump has always had a difficult time garnering the votes of upper middle-class women.  The women I mean are office workers and middle managers who have families but also have feminist friends at work who constantly harangue them on the evils of President Trump.  And so even if they themselves are not man-hating harridans, they are sympathetic to the narrative of the evil patriarchy keeping down the virtuous and brilliant women of the world.

Because of this the President’s numbers have always been skewed toward men.  It is true that in 2016 he did win the white-woman-vote.  But in 2018 the republicans lost a number of seats because the white women’s vote turned sharply against them.  That was why so many women were in the 2020 Democrat Presidential field.  And that is why someone as crazy as Elizabeth warren is still in the running for Democrat VP.  Warrren is catnip to the angry woman’s vote.  I wouldn’t have been surprised at all if Warren was selected, although all things considered I still consider it more likely that another woman, Kamala Harris, will be the pick.  And that’s because Kamala also ticks off that exciting African-American box that is also so important to the Democrat coalition.  In this sense she’s a twofer.

And up until the COVID-19 debacle the Democrats had the added headache of an economy that was dropping African-American unemployment to all-time lows and boosting paychecks too.  Despite the recent public cases of celebrity African-Americans embracing President Trump such as Kanye West there is no danger of that vote shifting decisively to him.  But if there is no particular anger toward the President the danger for the Democrats is that the African American vote won’t show up in large numbers at all.  And that would more or less cook their goose.

But now we have a new wrinkle.  The rioting that Antifa has sparked after the death of George Floyd looks like it might cause the black vote to come out strongly for the Democrats.  But what it also will most probably do is push the white-woman-vote to the Republicans.  And the reason is quite simple.  No matter how you feel about President Trump’s relations with women if you’re a woman who works in a city or suburb seeing the rioters burning, looting and beating the inhabitants of your local metropolis and promising on social networks that they’re headed out to your suburb to finish the job you are probably plenty scared.  And since this is all going on without your local Democrat Mayor or Governor stopping it, you’re probably looking for a man who will.  And guess who that is?  That’s right, America’s most reviled patriarchal alpha male President Trump.  And all of a sudden, his strutting and posturing doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.  When that loser Mayor Jacob Frey abandoned the local police precinct to the looters and the arsonist and the area devolved into bedlam President Trump said that if the Governor didn’t bring in National Guard troops right away then he’d have to do it instead.  That probably sounds pretty reassuring to someone in St. Paul who hears that the rioters have crossed the river and will be in striking distance that night.  So that’s it in a nutshell.  The race riots will probably throw the black vote to Biden but it almost surely will throw the white-woman (and hispanic-woman) -vote to President Trump.  That’s a trade the Democrats can’t afford.

Combine that with the some of the revelations that are probably going to come out of the Russia-gate investigations and the improvements in the unemployment numbers that should begin to unfold in the third quarter and it looks difficult for Creepy Uncle Joe to keep up.  And one other thing should be interesting.  What will come out of the Antifa investigation?  Antifa is a guerilla organization that has been causing great harm but getting a free ride.  If some of their members are linked directly to the violence in Minneapolis that will make them Public Enemy Number One.  Antifa gets funding from Left-Wing sources such as George Soros.  If any of these sources turn out to be friends of Joe Biden or even Obama that would truly cook their goose.

The Long Hot Summer Begins

The riots, looting and arson in Minneapolis have spread to other Democrat cities.  It’s a tricky proposition for the mayors and governors in those jurisdictions in terms of how far they let it go.  The Mayor of Minneapolis was willing to let the closest police precinct burn to the ground along with all the stores and even banks in the area.  Now that the anarchy has spread to nearby St. Paul it’s probable that state officials are in a panic to put a stop to the chaos.  I don’t know enough about Minneapolis politics to know if the Mayor there is immune from voter outrage.  But even a city like New York back in the late eighties with a very large minority population finally reached a point where law and order problems created a backlash that brought in Rudy Giuliani.  Whether Minneapolis is simply too liberal to ever retreat from the appeasement of crime approach is about to be seen.

And all the usual suspects are on tv stirring the pot.  The Mayor of Chicago somehow blames the President.  It should be interesting to see whether Lori Lightfoot’s city ends up burning down too.  To her credit the Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Bottoms, addressed the senselessness and stupidity of the rioters destroying their own city.  In a small ironic twist, the rioters have smashed some parts of the CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

The manufactured nature of the riots is so blatant that even the left-wing press has acknowledged it.  The inner-city population is looting the stores but wherever the damage is worst you can see some blond-headed twenty something at the center smashing a store window or lighting a Molotov cocktail.  This is Antifa’s show.  They ignited it and they’re keeping it going.

The bigger picture is what will be the political fallout from a spasm of violence and lawlessness running through the cities of the United States during an election year.  President Trump has to very carefully choreograph his response to the events on the ground.  He’ll profess anger for the death of George Floyd but he’ll have to condemn in the strongest terms the evil madness of the rioters.  And if finally, the governor in Minnesota fails to take control of the chaos the President will have to step in.  Taken all together I think this chaos will hurt the Democrats.  It’s reminiscent of the street violence in 1968 that helped elect Richard Nixon president.  Even voters in Democrat controlled states fear the violence and destruction that a mob unleashes when it riots.  It wouldn’t surprise me if this increases President Trump’s margin when he flips Minnesota in November.  And looking down the road it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that both Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey get the boot in a few years when they’re up for re-election.

And one last consequence of this madness is what it will do to the COVID-19 situation.  I predict that we’re going to hear a lot less about the “pandemic.”  I noticed that a lot of the rioters weren’t social distancing as they looted the various stores and offices and I assume that when you’re running from a mob or a National Guard riot squad that a face mask will be too hard to breathe through.  A lot of citizens may figure if it’s good enough for the mob it’s good enough for them.