Plug for Roger Kimball’s article “The Delusional Press for Power of the Anti-Trump Crowd.”

Just a quick recommendation and a link on an article on the website American Greatness. Roger Kimball wrote a piece called “The Delusional Press for Power of the Anti-Trump Crowd.”  I think it’s pretty great.  I’ll start out by saying that I laughed when I saw the picture at the top of the story was the peasants with pitchforks scene from the original Frankenstein movie.  That was priceless.  He analyzes what the media is doing and why.  I won’t paraphrase or belabor it.  I’ll just highly recommend it.

We Interrupt This Crisis to Go On With Our Actual Lives

Boy I’m glad I don’t have to watch or read the MSM.  I get a small dose reading my right wing news sources.  They can’t help but report on the big story, i.e., the MSM’s steadily increasing meltdown.  I guess I could consider it entertainment if it weren’t so repetitive.  I mean, how many times can talking heads speculate on how soon Trump will be impeached?

Sure, I know.  No one benefits more than me from mocking the 24/7 outrage machine.  The Trump one act plays are a staple of my blog here and provide me with many chuckles.  But even I know when it’s too much of a good thing.  So I’ll be pacing myself on this day to day drum beating.  And of course if they hand me any comedy gold on a platter, well, who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

But my intent is to mix up the output between book and movie reviews, photography articles and general interest posts.  And that’s all for the good.  Part of the strategy of the left is to keep up a steady barrage of bad news to destroy morale.  If you can break away from that monotonous shrieking and enjoy something normal and even wholesome from time to time it recharges the batteries and defeats their intent.

However, what I define as general interest can be considered odd.  But that’s just how it goes.  And, of course, general interest includes anything that impacts the culture war.  So I won’t always be ignoring the left wing nitwits.  I just may be looking away from the front page when selecting a topic of interest.  And now that actual warm weather is occurring over most of the country (but not you Colorado, you’ve been bad) things like baseball and barbecues could even enter into my musings.  For the first time in quite a while the Yankees are looking like a healthy and even exciting team.  For someone who has to deal with Red Sox fans on a more or less daily basis, that can be a very gratifying situation.  I’ve always thought that the Donald had a lot in common with George Steinbrenner, the late owner of the Yankees.  Both were bigger than life showmen who demanded success from those around them.  Steinbrenner was hysterically parodied by Larry David on the Seinfeld television comedy and I sort of take that as my example on how to handle the Trump character in my comic portrayals.

I’ve been gratified of late to see a few commenters on the blog and I definitely encourage anyone who has an opinion to express it (within the bounds of politeness of course).  I’m also looking to add some guest posters soon.  I have another photographer who has already said he’d provide some landscape stuff and I have a young reviewer that I’ll use to provide a fresh perspective on some of the young adult books that are out there.

So things are looking up here at OCF and let’s hope that the next time the MSM is talking about the Donald it’s to announce that they’re throwing in the towel (yeah right!).

Fake News for April Fools

Back when George W was still president I discovered Real Clear Politics (RCP) as a site that included at least a few of the not so-left-leaning news sources and polls during elections.  It became one of the easiest links to finding conservative information and opinion.  I guess, it still is.  At least I still visit it for news.  But, my God, what a mess.  Listen to these headlines:

Trump’s Chumps

The Landmines that Could Kill Trump’s Tax Cuts

WH Struggles to Get Out from Under Russia Controversy

Are the Brits Bonkers to Brexit?

Walking Away from the ACA Not an Option for GOP

Nunes Was Supposed to Probe Collusion, Not Commit It

How Do Men Like Trump Win?  Let My Fictional Panel Explain

And even from supposedly friendly sources, the best we get is:

Mistakes, He’s Made A Few Too Many

I mean, honestly, WTF.  And if you keep score of the articles written specifically by the staff of RCP you’ll quickly see that they’re no better than the Washington Post or the New York Times.  Now, of course, the Post and the Times (and the rest of the Old Guard) are obviously performing the same services for the Democrats as they did back when W was in office.  The calculation is that a constant drum beat of gloom, doom and slander will eventually damage President Trump enough to stop his agenda and turn the nation against him.  With W it worked.  Once the war turned sour he was slowly ground down by the press.  Of course, Trump isn’t W.  He attacks the press instinctively, successfully and with relish.  And his agenda will be for the most part popular with every day Americans.  So, I’m willing to let him do his thing for at least a few weeks at a time without panicking at the sight of unfriendly headlines.  After all, it’s currently the democrats who seem to be whistling past the graveyard with these headlines.  Next week the Senate may already have Gorsuch seated on the Supreme Court.  And even the knuckleheads in Congress seem to be trying to get their act together.  I’m of the opinion that all the headlines about poll numbers plunging and panicking republicans are pure spin.  So, what’s this post about?  I’m just complaining.  I’m pretty sick and tired of not having a reliable go-to site with the content I want.  But with a little fishing around I can generally see news and opinion that I want.  Here’s where I go:  Yeah, I still go there first (groan).  Well, of course, you’ve gotta (and it can be hilarious).  This where Publius Decius Mus used to write.  I like a lot of the opinion pieces they write.  And they don’t have any obvious NeverTrumpers on staff.

And there are other more radical sites but I’ll leave them for another day.

So that is currently where I gather my information.  RCP and Drudge are news aggregators so effectively this allows me to cherry pick the best of what’s out there.  But that means there is a lot of dross there too.  American Greatness only gives opinion.  Between these sites I get most of what I want.  And of course for all of the rest of the world there is the most important opinion site of all Orion’s Cold Fire (OCF)!  I mean, come on, of course it is!  But modesty forbids me to elaborate on the obvious.  So enjoy April Fool’s Day (naturally, it’s snowing here today) but don’t be fooled by the foolish headlines.  All’s right in this best of all possible worlds.  I guess?

Trump vs The MSM (Part I)

Trump vs The MSM (Part II)


Scene: Oval Office

President Trump (PT):  Spicer, get in here will ya?  I’ve got a bone to pick with you.

Press Secretary Spicer (PSS):  How can I help you Mr. President?

PT:  I was just watching your presser with those news yahoos.  Why didn’t you blast those imbeciles?  Polite speech is wasted on these losers.

PSS:  Well, Mr. President, I am trying to maintain the dignity of our offices.

PT:  Under most circumstances that would make sense.  But these cretins are true villains.  Treating them humanely is a mistake.

PSS:  But how can you be sure that that strategy won’t boomerang against us?

PT:  That’s where tactics come into play.

PSS:  I confess I’ll need all the help on this I can get.

PT:  Relax, I’ve looked into the resources available to the White House and I’ve set up a command center for you.  You’ll have about forty men on your crew.  It’ll be their job to collect counter intelligence on the news rats and set up the audio-visual show.

PSS:  Sir, is that even legal?

PT:  Son, all it requires is enough manpower to research the earlier news reports of these blithering idiots to show just what kind of duplicitous hypocrites they really are.

PSS:  But is this not excessive?

PT:  That is dead wrong.  Even though the main stream media is barely credible with a good percentage of the population it is a mistake to let them lie about us and our work.  Now get together with your crew and start setting up the technical equipment in advance of the next press conference.

PSS:  Yes Mr. President.  Do you happen to have anything available on the NBC crew?  They’ve been especially annoying today.

PT:  Are you kidding?  I’ve got a reel of them throwing softballs to Obama about Reverend Wright that will have them running for the exits.

PSS:  Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of weasels.


Trump vs The MSM (Part II)