21OCT2020 – OCF Update

The last week or so has been fun for me because I’ve had some time off to keep up with posting on the site and reading around the web on what’s going on.  And not just the election.  We really are living in interesting times.  And not just for the worse.  All kinds of opportunities are out there if you have the time and energy to dig into them.

I’ve been very encouraged by the quality of the posts that the guest contributors have provided.  Of course War Pig is always interesting but Tyler, Jason, Tom, Charlemagne Really and the Fat Man have each provided something interesting to add value to the site.  And I want to encourage others readers to think about submitting something.  If you’ve always wanted to have your say then leave a comment here or send an e-mail to orionscoldfire (at) charter.net and get in touch with me.  I don’t just need political posts.  Any kind of general interest stuff will be considered.

And I like that the commenting is picking up.  I need the feedback even if it’s disagreement.  There are going to be a lot of challenging times ahead and getting multiple points of view will be valuable.  And by the same token readers should be willing to consider that we don’t have all the answers.

Well, onward and upward.  Here comes the future, ready or not.


05OCT2020 – OCF Update – photog Bound

Regular readers of OCF will have been dismayed at the low output for the last couple of days.  Shameful as it is to admit, the day job is interfering with my work here on the site.  As tragic as it is it will be short lived.  After Wednesday I will have a very long break that will allow me to bloviate to my heart’s content.

In the meantime, I’ll produce as much content in the next couple of days as is humanly possible while simultaneously being beaten like a red-headed stepchild or whipped like an army mule.  Working where I do is akin to being an orc.  But not one of the really cool orcs like the Uruk Hai, more like the morgul rat types that grumble and complain and are constantly whipped by the non-commissioned officer orcs that always overhear them grumbling.

The President has once again befuddled his critics and seems to have dodged the COVID bullet and now claims he’s feeling better than he has in twenty years.  What the hell!  Where’s my dose of dexamethasone?  I could really use a dose of “twenty-years-younger” right about now.  Oh well, he is the leader of the free world, if there is a free world anymore.

As an aside ShatnerKhan III will occur this Saturday and as a major change of pace, there will not be any pastrami or corned beef.  There was a decision to go with homemade sausage.  There will apparently be both regular Italian sweet sausage and a specialty thin Italian sausage called cervellata that was much in demand in Brooklyn back when there were Italian neighborhoods in Brooklyn.  Of course it isn’t pronounced anything like it’s spelled thanks to the magic of southern dialectical Italian.  It sounds more like shivrelod.  But if you told that to one of the guys from the old country they’d claim you weren’t hearing it correctly.  Yeah right!

It has been speculated that ShatnerKhan has degenerated into an excuse for eating fattening foods.  I would argue that is actually an upgrade.  Be that as it may, we will be breaking new ground exploring a little known gem from Shatner’s middle period called The Devil’s Rain (1975).  Just listen to this summary and look at the cast.

A satanist cult leader is burnt alive by the local church. He vows to come back to hunt down and enslave every descendant of his congregation, by the power of the book of blood contracts, in which they sold their souls to the devil.

Starring Ernest Borgnine, Eddie Albert, Ida Lupino

You might think this could be a good horror movie.  You might be wrong.  To round out the program we’ll be watching a favorite Star Trek episode to be decided by popular acclaim, listening to some of Shatner’s latest spoken word songs and watching a particularly disturbing interview that includes Shatner and Mike Tyson threatening each other with death.

In addition to sausage and peppers sandwiches there will be  pumpkin, coconut custard and apple pies a la mode, various sweets and coffee.  Camera girl offered a fruit salad as a healthy choice but we’re going with mounds bars and M&Ms.  Considering the age and weight profile of the audience there may be casualties.

There was a discussion about live streaming our comments on The Devil’s Rain but in order to maintain anonymity I purchased multiple copies of the mask that Michael Myers wore in Halloween.  This mask is supposedly based on a mold of William Shatner’s face.

After wearing one for thirty seconds I don’t think this will work out.  I also have my doubts about our technical ability to perform a live stream.  But some enthusiasm still exists.

Strange and stranger things are happening wherever you look but I contend we need to have some fun in the midst of this so bear with me.  I’ll be back to share some serious thoughts soon but right now chaos reigns here at the compound.

02OCT2020 – OCF Update – President’s COVID Diagnosis & Site Info

Here’s good wishes for the President and First Lady to have an uneventful recovery from their COVID infections.  President Trump, like you, I could stand to lose twenty or more pounds.  Here’s a good reason for both of us to start eating healthier and exercising more.  Camera Girl and the First Lady, being thinner and healthier are sure to nag us to do these things but we should do them on our own to ensure that the world will have long term access to such magnificent men as ourselves.

The site will be quieter than usual this morning as I attend to important matters.  I’ve been put in charge of my 2-year-old granddaughter and that is a full time job!  Camera Girl, hurry back.  I don’t have your stamina.

29SEP2020 – OCF Update

Well, where are we?

Tonight, is the first Presidential Debate.  The level of insanity that will be on display should be breathtaking.  I remember Biden in his debates against Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan.  He never lets truth or even common-sense stand in the way of saying something Biden.  His creepiness should be on full display.  But the big mystery is whether he is coherent or not.  Apparently, there are some drugs that can be used to lift a dementia patient up out of the fog.  If Joe seems sharp, not intelligent but sharp, then we’ll have to assume they’ve got him doped up.  Either that or he dogged it during the whole earlier part of his campaign.  Either way watching the debate should be interesting.

A month or so before Election Day and indications are that voter fraud through mail in ballots is going to be a wholesale business.  It’s going to be interesting to see if the adjudication of this election ends at the Supreme Court or goes way beyond that.  From the things I’m hearing this may turn into a freak show where voting levels go to unheard of levels and the whole process goes off the rails.  That sounds like something that could cause a very serious reaction from both sides.  The Left is already occupying the street in many blue locales.  If unrest occurs in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin then armed conflict cannot be ruled out.

Florida has ended the COVID precautions and raised the all clear signal for its citizens.  This should be an interesting moment.  If two or three weeks down the road the daily death rate remains the same it will be an indicator that the other rational areas can do the same.  And it’s none too soon as far as I’m concerned.  The holidays are coming soon and I’d like to think this lockdown will end before Christmas.  New England will be the last to relent but at least if there are some early examples it will build impatience among the sane to pressure the authorities to wake up and smell the coffee.

I keep threatening to do some of my photo retrospectives but the day job has been keeping me busy.  But in about a week, things will definitely improve and I’ll keep some of my promises.  Insects are the first subject.  But hopefully I’ll have a foliage group and some other things too.  And I haven’t forgotten my promise to do a report on what I learned about photographing hummingbirds.

I still have another Olivier Shakespeare play (Othello) to review and I will continue on through the Star Trek series no matter how painful it becomes.  The powers that be are threatening to inflict ShatnerKhan III on an unsuspecting world.  I have been trying to figure out a way to live blog or make a podcast out of it.  Because of this I have purchased multiple copies of the Shatner mask that the Michael Myers character wore during the Halloween movies to allow for anonymity during the video.  This is an indication that ShatnerKhan has now descended into the madness that we knew it eventually would.  But since the food is well worth it, we expect to continue the series well into double figures.

And as promised I’m recruiting some other writers for the site.  And I like the change.  Not only because it takes some of the pressure off me to write but also because other voices make the site more interesting and generally better.  And I’m still looking for more writers.  If you or someone you know has some content to share leave a comment here or send an e-mail to orionscoldfire “at” charter.net and let me know.  And don’t restrict yourself to politics.  Anything interesting will be considered.

02SEP2020 – OCF Update

Shocking events everywhere we look.  But maybe we’re not as easily shocked anymore.  Running street battles with Americans shooting at each other used to be a shocking concept.  Not anymore.  It’s the status quo.  So I better get used to all this so as not to seem behind the times.  But when I see something interesting I’ll be sure to write down my comments.

And I’ll be sure to provide some entertaining stuff too that will help us enjoy our bumpy ride.  For instance the next two Star Trek episodes are “The Trouble With Tribbles” and “The Gamesters of Triskelion.”  I haven’t watched either episode in decades but I know they are of the highest entertainment value and I’ll exploit them to the fullest extent.

At the Daily Quote its Sun Tzu week.  The wisdom of war and never a more fitting time for it.

On the photo side I plan on doing a couple of summer retrospectives.  This summer hasn’t been very productive for either flowers or butterflies but I want to do an insect review and maybe a flower one too.  I also think I’ve now got enough experience with shooting hummingbirds with both the 90mm macro and the 200-600 zoom to put together some kind of an essay on what I’ve learned and some explanatory photos for emphasis and interest.

As we head into the fall it’s time to start looking for horror movies for the Halloween season.  Having already reviewed all the 1930s and 1940s classic monster movies I guess it’s time to look at some of the more up to date candidates.  This will be a more ticklish business.  Realistic horror came into its own in the last thirty years with stories like the Silence of the Lambs.  But there is also some stuff that has crossed so far over the line into sadism that watching it is just an exercise in degradation.  I will tread carefully.

And of course the election will be a circus that even P.T. Barnum would envy.  We will have a spectacle that would make Nero sit up and take notice.

So stay tuned.

29AUG2020 – OCF Update – Hacked By Putin

Well it finally happened.  They got me.  Hacked by Putin, just like the DNC.  I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on that Biden ad.  It only took six and a half hours of fumbling around with hosting sites and security companies and threatening the Kremlin but once I got President Trump on the line he straightened the whole thing out in five minutes.

If anyone got spam from me you have my humblest apologies.  I’ll work with the experts to make sure those commies can’t attack again.  By tomorrow I’ll have the photos and quotes up to date and I’ll work on some new pearls of wisdom besides.

{a much humbled and chastened} photog

20AUG2020 – OCF Update

First off, apologies on that notification this afternoon.  There was no post.  Something odd must have happened with the software or maybe I’ve got a gremlin.  Hopefully it’s a one off.

Unfortunately the day job is really starting to interfere with OCF.  So I may have to quit the day job.  But bear with me.  Serving two masters (and a mistress if you count Camera Girl’s endless demands) is an impossibility according to the good book.  But that’s where I am right now.  And that is why the paucity of posting.  So I’m checking with the people who count up my pennies to see if retirement is in my immediate future.  If it is then all good things will be possible.  I’ve opened up a Kindle Direct Publishing account and might try my hand at some fiction writing.

Camera Girl is of course worried about her lavish life style evaporating, her mountain gorilla rescue colony on her private Hawaiian island, the Mozart cloning effort going on in Bora Bora, her five alarm chili cooking lessons.  I told her to cancel the chili lessons.

But I have many skills.  Looking through the want ads I saw an interesting opportunity for a rodeo clown.  That’s similar to my present job but with much more dignity and a better class of people.  After all, I don’t think the rodeo has started to kneel during the anthem or accused their employees of white privilege.

I feel a little guilty because I’ve skipped the Dem convention.  In my defense I have a weak stomach and probably would be ill if I watched that much stupidity, but from what I’ve heard it sounds pretty unwatchable.

I read an article by, I guess you’d call him an entrepreneur, living in NYC.  His thesis is that this time the city won’t be coming back.  His biggest reason is that there’s no longer a good reason to live in New York.  Culturally, all the advantages have been cancelled out.  The good restaurants, the theater, the stores are all gone and won’t be coming back, not soon anyway and only in a much more degraded fashion.  Commercially, the office buildings will never fill up again now that businesses have discovered that remote working is a viable and much cheaper option for almost everything except manufacturing.  Plus the retail stores have been looted and burned out of existence and have no hope of customers showing up for months to come.  And finally, the residents who can leave, have.  The loss of all the above plus the rampant crime and fear that it entails has made New York a decidedly unappealing locale for the upper classes.  And when they leave that will change the complexion of life in New York in a decisive way.

When I left New York thirty three years ago I did so because it had become a bad place to raise kids for anyone who wasn’t rich.  Now, unless you have a security fence like the one around the T Rex pen in Jurassic Park and a private helipad, even the rich wouldn’t want to live there.  Well, I’ve already made my peace with being a stranger in a strange land.  Any place that would enthusiastically re-elect Bill de Blasio deserves everything it gets and more.  I just feel bad for the small business owners and working class people.  But it will be a permanent object lesson for all of them about living in a place where marxists are in charge.

The weather has taken on a late summer feel.  Which is still plenty warm but definitely means that fall will be sneaking up on us before we know it.  It also means soon I’ll run out of flowers, plants and bugs to take pictures of.

And, of course, this going to be an election from hell.  We can expect the Democrats to pull out all the stops and break every law in the book to try and drag Creepy Uncle Joe over the finish line.  We’ll all need strong stomachs by the time this thing is over.

So stay tuned.

08AUG2020 – OCF Update

Apologies for my lack of content.  My power and data lines have been down since Tuesday afternoon and just this minute the internet came back on line.  The power is still out but the generator has another day or two of propane to run on so life is good.

I’ll try to catch up but bear with some spotty content until I catch up with what has happened in my absence.  Unless the giant ants have already taken over the world in which case I salute our insect overlords and look forward to pointing out Democrats for them to devour.


05AUG2020 OCF Update – Marooned in the Dead Zone

Tropical Storm “Whatever the Hell it Was Called” blew through here yesterday and I’ve been without power, phone, cable and internet for about thirty hours.  One point of clarification, Camera Girl and I only have a land line.  I am the last adult male in North America without any sort of cellular phone.  Because of this I haven’t seen news, read a blog or even been able to get on OCS since early afternoon on Tuesday.  I took a car ride to visit family today and had to make four detours to get through all the downed power lines in my heavily wooded part of the country.  But my visit was practical.  I wanted to make sure they had running water in the house and were able to keep their refrigerated food cold.  I didn’t ask them whether the country was still called America or whether the White House had been repainted black to show sensitivity for hurt feelings.  I wasn’t even sure exactly how many people in the Northeast were without power.  I knew there were a lot locally but how far it extended was completely unknown to me.

It’s kind of a weird feeling.  I couldn’t even get on line to do my day job.  Luckily the dvd player doesn’t require the internet and so I was able to watch the next episode of Star Trek tonight.  It’s the one where Kirk, Spock, Scotty and McCoy go down to a planet and then start aging 30 years per day and Spock convenes a competency hearing and has Kirk declared too senile to captain the Enterprise.  It’s wonderful.  I’ll write it up soon but what struck me was that I was so grateful for a diversion from the quiet.  Well, not exactly quiet.  If the air conditioner is off, I can hear the generator cranking away.  It’s about as loud as a lawn tractor but hour after hour it really begins to get annoying as a background sound.  And it’s not exactly cabin fever.  After all the car still runs.  I mean, it’s not as if I’m going all Jack Torrance or anything but if Camera Girl starts pulling a Shelley Duvall act around here it won’t be good.  In a lot of ways, I’ve always been the caretaker here and nobody better forget it.

Well anyway, I’ve been thinking about all the bizarre things that have happened in the last six months and I’ve decided we have officially entered into a permanent state of madness.  Basically nothing is unthinkable and the odds of the whole human race descending into an irrevocable death spiral seems just as likely as not.  And at this point I think I might be willing to take my chances in the new setup.  With enough ammunition and gasoline, I could see myself as the next Lord Humungous.  I’ve always wanted to be able to threaten to unleash my dogs of war.  The only thing is I’ll have to lose some weight. Humungous was pretty fit.

So that’s where we are.  Forced to huddle in our homes afraid to go to the grocery store without a mask because the thought police will turn me in.  Working from home because our corporate masters are afraid of being sued for killing us with COVID and now we don’t have electricity, running water, refrigeration or access to mass communication.  At this rate pretty soon we’ll be envying the peasants during the black plague because at least they had that guy with the cart collecting the dead.  We’ll probably be forced to stockpile our dead until someone figures out a safe way for the garbagemen to collect them.


Update: 6AUG2020 I travelled to a wifi area to post this.  I’m not sure when my access will be restored so bear with my sparse commenting for the next day or so.