Have My Say

A few years ago, I was reading the forum posts of one of the bigger photography websites.  It was one of the forums that was supposed to deal with non-photographic discussions.  So here was where people could talk about the world at large.  Anyway, the discussion turned to gun control.  I read about ten pages of comments and what I noticed was that anti-gun folks outnumbered the pro-gun contingent by about fifty to one.  And this numerical advantage was used to good effect by preventing any of the anti-gun folks from having to complete any rational discussion of even their most outlandish statements.  Whenever it looked like a pro-gun point was about to be made the anti-gun crowd dog-piled their opponent and shifted the argument to some new attack point and the whole process began again.  Finally, when in exasperation the victim lost his temper and barked back at his attackers he was labeled as rabid and hateful and his comments were deleted and he was banned from the site.


It bothered me.  Now, I didn’t know any of the participants from Adam.  I had read their comments before and of course I had my own preferences on their opinions based on where I agreed or disagreed with them.  But this was different.  This was basically censorship.  You were not allowed to have certain opinions.  But that wasn’t a policy of the website.  At least not a published one.  It was an unwritten one.  Basically, it was a private club.  But only the members knew it.  Every one else was there at the tolerance of the club members.  And this club was very regimented.  There was an orthodoxy about politics, religion, sexual orientation, environmental policies, climate change, gun control, race relations and especially culture.  Any variance from these orthodoxies were handled in exactly the same way.  The offender was mobbed and silenced and if necessary banned.


Well needless to say I went out of my way to be evicted.  I waited for a topic that I was sure would trigger the mob and knowing that it was my last hurrah I went for the gusto.  I didn’t attempt logic or even anger.  I went straight for mockery and insult.  It was glorious.  Of course, it was deleted but not until a furor arose.  Surprisingly, I was told I could return if I apologized and recanted.  Hah.


Anyway, that’s why I built this website.  I wanted a place where I could talk about photography and science fiction and movies that I liked and if I wanted to talk about politics I didn’t have to worry about being banned.  I could have my say.  But what I also recognized is that I should let other people have their say too.  Now I don’t mean I have to allow trolls to trash a thread or allow them to tell everyone else what they can’t say.  But it does mean that everyone doesn’t have to agree.  Some of my readers hate Donald Trump.  Okay, fine.  If you want to say why, no problem, go ahead.  By the same token, I think the Clintons are criminal grifters who also happen to be Alinskyite radicals.  So we’re probably not gonna agree on politics.  But maybe we both like Sony mirrorless cameras or classic horror movies or hiking in the southwest deserts.  So, if we can agree to disagree then we can still talk about things we both enjoy.


So that’s how I see this site working.  Because of my political slant I’m gonna guess that it will mostly attract people of the same general political slant.  But based on some of the poll results I’ve seen there is a significant population of folks from the left side of the aisle.  I have no problem with that.  You can even have your say.  Just don’t be jerk about it.  And that goes for our side too.  No need to be a jerk.  Keep it decent.  No dog piling.  No ad hominems.  Just opinions and no trolling.  Life’s too short.


There, I had my say.

Website Slowdown 1-13-2018 – 1-18-2018

The next six days are going to be very busy for me personally.  As a superhero with a secret identity I am sometimes called on to save the world or put together engineering reports (kinda the same thing).  Because of this you will (and probably already have) noticed a slowdown in my output here on OCF.  Never fear.  It’s very rare.  Usually I’m able to slough off the boring minutiae of every day life to pontificate and bloviate to my heart’s content here in the real world.  Persevere and I’ll try to link to good external content to tide you over until I can concentrate the full weight of my philosophical gravitas on the urgent priorities of the day.  Thank you for your patience.

Antepenultimate Christmas Day 2017

The day before the day before Christmas this year is turning out to be climatically challenging but not without its charms.  To start off there is an ongoing freezing rain falling.  What this means is that a deadly coating of ice is accumulating on the roads and driveways of New England generating the dreaded “black ice” that all Yankees fear and also use as an excuse for “working from home.”  Luckily, I have the day off.  As a matter of fact, I’m into the second day of a vacation that lasts until January Second.  So, even though I will have to address the ice problem sooner than I’d like, my current outlook and world view is serene.  The waves of laziness and the glow of indolence are soothing my soul and generating a “Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men” vibe that surprises even me.  Now, don’t get me wrong, “Men” is a poetical rendering for “Men of Good Will” which excludes democrats, deviants and malefactors in general.  But it still encompasses a great many people that annoy me most of the time.  So today is the beginning of that great period of the year when I have almost no homicidal rage and I truly feel that most people aren’t irredeemably evil.  Falalalala … lalalala.

And going along with this general benevolence I feel I must mingle, commune and otherwise hob-nob with my fellow wizards here at OCF.  I feel that anyone who can read my rambling nonsense and still come back for more is in some way a kindred spirit and must be encouraged to return and possibly shout back across the ether.  So, here’s a loud and heartfelt Merry Christmas to all of the folks out there and a Happy New Year too.  Feel free to leave a return greeting in the comments.

All indications are for a better year ahead and better days to come.  Even the imbeciles in Congress were able to get out of their own way and pass a reasonably helpful tax bill.  Anyway, I should have time over the course of this week (between family get togethers and other festivities) to publish at least a few posts.  With all the events and activity going on in Washington it should be easy for me to gin up some outrage and elevate my blood pressure sufficiently to produce something apoplectic and apocalyptic enough to match my usual output.  I’ve been perplexed with how the Mueller investigation is interacting with the Trump Administration.  I can’t figure if the President is naïve or cornered or biding his time.  But without a doubt 2018 will be another year of high political drama.  And #metoo will continue to provide incredible comedy value for your money.  So, stay tuned but don’t forget to leave time for pumpkin pie, roast beast and hanging out with family.  Ho, Ho, Ho.

December Third 2017 Site Update

Well, the year is almost done.  It’s been a busy but good year.  Starting to get the hang of this routine.  Mixing work and blogging is always a challenge but I’m liking it.  We’ve started to get some feedback from the readers (which is always appreciated and encouraged).  I’ve decided to stop attaching the survey to each post.  We got 47 responses and they are literally across the whole gamut of ideologies (well no actual Cthulhu Worshippers self-identifying).  Here is the break down:

Conservative 17
Moderate 4
Liberal 2
Alt-Right 3
Civic Nationalist 0
Traditionalist 3
Progressive 0
Alt-Lite 1
Alt-West 2
Dissident Right 2
Libertarian 5
Reactionary 0
Neo-Reactionary 0
Nationalist 2
Human Biodiversity Adherent 0
Dark Enlightenment Adherent 1
Ayn Randian 1
Ron Paul Follower 2
Bernie Bro 2
Total 47


Plenty of conservatives and other right leaners but also plenty of libertarians and even a few lefties to provide atmosphere.  Looks about right.

My first article submission to “American Greatness was accepted and published last week and I am told was viewed positively so I’ve been told I can submit some more which I will do very soon.  I like that publication.  They have a good mix of writers but I think I can provide a unique point of view they’re missing, a sort of combination of Ambrose Woolfinger and Harold Bissonette with just a dash of Ralph Kramdan and George Jettson thrown in for flavoring.  So that’s coming up.

Also upcoming is a series of photo articles on some of the amazing landscape vistas in the southwestern US.  I have an associate that I think I have convinced to put together a little travelogue of his recent trip to some of these incredible locales.  That I’m looking forward to.

I’m currently reading Vox Day’s SJWs Always Double Down.  I’ll share my thoughts on this timely sequel to his earlier SJW survival manual.

And I’m working on a number of other reviews and projects so stay tuned.