12APR2020 – OCF Update – Happy Easter

Good Morning to everyone out there.  It’s a bright sunny day and the wind has died down, although not completely so some of my focus stack pictures I took today of some flowers are probably a mess.  There was frost on the flowers this morning which is to be expected in this weird little stretch of the world I live in.

Camera Girl and I are going to have a video family gathering later and that should somewhat assuage the isolation and she’s making a few treats to make up for the ham or lamb or turkey that could have been.

I hope all of you will have a good day and enjoy whatever company, real or virtual you may have.  And for the Christians have a very Happy Easter.

28MAR2020 – OCF Update

This is the beginning of Week 3 of the COVID-19 lock-down here in lovely but chilly New England and the cabin fever hasn’t really set in yet.  But I must say the news has been a little monotonous.  Even Italy hasn’t reached their peak mortality yet and we’re still climbing so we’ll be here for at least a few more weeks.

The only political news is that Creepy Uncle Joe is not just creepy he’s a sex criminal.  One of his Senate staff workers accused him of an actual sexual assault on the streets of Washington D.C. back when he was just a lowly Senator.  Immediately calls to draft Andrew Cuomo as the Democratic Presidential Candidate began circulating.  It’s just amazing how terrible the Democrat bench truly is.

I must apologize for the low output on political posts.  I’ve tried to compensate by posting more reviews and photo stuff.  Just to let you know why this is, I’ve always felt that banging away at the same old thing when there’s nothing new to say is boring.  I assume it’s just as boring for the reader as it is for the writer.  So that’s why I haven’t been producing much of that stuff.  Chances are this is a very temporary lull caused by the lock-down.  We all know that regardless of whether the Democrats nominate Biden or an even worse candidate (as hard as that is to imagine) this election season will be the loudest, nastiest street brawl imaginable so I don’t see the need to pound away at the same old stuff when nothing is currently happening.

What I will do is look for interesting stuff in the news and life and post it along with my own cultural notes.  So hang in there.  Something horrible is bound to happen in Washington and we’ll have plenty of chances to be outraged sometime soon.

Also I want to start getting some feedback from the readers on the various types of posts I do.  After all Vox Populi, Vox Dei.  I want to see what is most interesting to the readers and give them more of that.

22MAR2020 – OCF Update – Locked Down in New England and Annoyingly Upbeat

Don’t ask me why but for reasons unknown I am disgustingly cheerful today.  It can’t be the temperature because it was 20F this morning and that’s not spring in my book.  Maybe it’s the sunshine and the increased daylight hours.  But whatever the cause I haven’t got any angst to distribute this morning.  What’s a prophet of doom to do?  So, I’ll use my COVID-19 lockdown leisure time today to walk the prison yard, shank a few of my enemies with a shiv, or shiv them with a shank and start a new tunnel to freedom.

I was looking around at a number of science sites talking about quinine derivatives that might be a component of an effective COVID-19 treatment and a couple of interesting things emerged.

  • The first is that there is some pretty good evidence that chloroquine and azithromycin is effective in preventing COVID-19 infected people from developing life threatening pneumonia.
  • The second is that many people in the pharmaceutical industry hate Trump so much that they are angry that he may get credit for pushing a successful treatment forward in a timely manner.

I work with a lot of technical types and they are mostly anti-Trump.  There will be a fair amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth if the President gets credit for shortening the pandemic to something manageable.  These people really are almost gleeful in the face of a looming depression.  That’s how much they despise the President and, by extension, how much they despise us.

Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m optimistic and cheerful today.  I think the therapy being mentioned is going to be effective at lowering the death rate to a very minimal level and allow the rest of us to get back to work.  Boy, that would piss off a lot of people I know.  Good.

This week I expect some more movie reviews and possibly music reviews.  I also feel it is time for a political satire.  What exactly it will entail is hard to say sonce there are so many targets to choose from.  I think I’m overdue to put together a description of the current state of Sony mirrorless photography and identify the much smaller number of holes in the system that exist currently.  And going along with my recent defense of Western Civilization, I think I’ll have a post giving my take on outreach to the various groups that are assumed to be wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democrat party.  I mean, some of those people, women especially, probably haven’t heard a conservative argument about anything in their whole lives.  We may be able to do some recruiting.

And on the photo side I’m going to do a few more focus stacks.  I was at a standstill this week because suddenly my computer thought my camera was a storage device and not a camera and so I couldn’t use the software that allows remote control.  I found that the only thing that fixed the problem was reloading the drivers for the USB devices.  Of course, it is a little chilly for outdoor focus stack work but I am a martyr for my art.

Finally, a suggestion came up during the preliminary planning for ShatnerKhan II.  It was hinted that maybe the program could include non-Shatner-related themes.  It seemed like heresy to me but I said I would consider it.  I throw it out to the readership if this is anathema or is it the natural evolution.  I think the only way to even consider this is if deep theoretical research is done in advance to justify the validity of non-Shatner content.  I foresee the need for enormous quantities of deli meats and potato salad to even begin this kind of philosophical discussion.  What do you think?

So good morning my fellow prisoners of the COVID-19 gulag.  We have nothing to lose but our chains so have a fun day.

12MAR2020 – OCF Update

As COVID-19 slowly annoys us all to death, I’m sitting here at the Compound telecommuting and contemplating the state of this goofy world we inhabit.

I’m in a little bit of a lull right now.  I need to do some planning for the weeks ahead.  But I’m somewhat distracted by panic around me.  I just find it uninspiring to write about people hoarding toilet paper.

The photo side of things needs some work but the outside world is extremely blah at the moment.  I’ll have some spring stuff soon but nothing has interested me yet. I’ll probably try a focus stack outside on a new sprouting hyacinth that I noticed breaking out of the dirt today.

And I’m always looking to expand the scope of the site so if anyone out there is looking to share a post on something of general (or even specialized) interest write me at orionscoldfire(at)charter.net and we can discuss it.

I should have a chance this weekend to break out of my malaise.  So hang in there, I’ll come around soon.


27FEB2020 – OCF Update

As has been the case lately that stupid day job has been interfering with the important things in my life.  Well, what can you do?  They pay me a princely salary and I don’t really get much done.  It’s hard to walk away.  But I will persevere and keep the content coming as best I can.

I’ve got some Shakespeare movies that I’ll review.  I’m still about 70 pages from the end of “The Age of Entitlement.”  As I’ve said, it’s painful to read but it’s an amazing story of how we got where we are in a step by step narrative.

I think the Monday morning (or Sunday night to be completely technical) post won’t be on the 2020 race or big things in the news.  I think I want to talk about practical things we can do day to day to improve our lives while living under the thumb of Big Brother (who by the way, doesn’t really love us).

And finally, I’ve got to figure out some way to get more comments from the folks out there.  Especially when we get lots of new viewers.  It’s way too quiet. Maybe some sort of contest.  So if any of you folks know of effective way to increase comments, I’m definitely interested in ideas.

24FEB2020 – OCF Update – Site Analytics

Today was an amazing day on the site traffic wise.   Whatfinger picked up my little Debate Comedy Post and depending on whether you use Google Analytics or another index that counts the bots too, we had something between 660 and 830 page views as of 10 pm eastern time.

But as exciting as that is, I still haven’t succeeded in getting viewers from all 50 states in the same day.

This time it’s Alaska and South Dakota that are holding out.  Other times it’s been Vermont or Delaware.

Ah well, there’s still time.  But I fear I will be denied again.  The color darkness represents the number of readers in a state.  In this case you can see that Texas has the highest number of readers at 70.  If anyone knows anyone in Alaska or South Dakota that needs a laugh at Bernie Sanders’ expense let them know tonight is the night to click in.


13FEB2020 – OCF Update

Once again, this week, my day job has kept me from my avocation, which of course is my work here on OCF.  Things won’t be back to normal next week but they will improve quite a bit.  But I want to preview a little of what will be ahead.

I’ve been reading Christopher Caldwell’s new book The Age of Entitlement.  I’m only about a third of the way through but I can already tell you that the clear way he walks through the almost endless chain of betrayals, cowardice and stupidity that brought us from the 1960s to where we are today is supremely important to read and at the same time almost too painful to stand.  What galls the most is how whenever some horrible piece of legislation is going to be foisted on us the defenders of these poison cups always deride as absurd all the consequences that history will show to be the exact results of the law in question.  Each time I have to stop reading it after about fifteen minutes.  It’s profoundly depressing.  When I finish it I will review it and give my reaction.

This weekend I’ll have my wildlife outing and bald eagles will be the central quarry.  With the Sony 200mm – 600mm zoom I hope to get some decent shots of the birds both in the air and on their nests.  This will give me an excuse to review the lens.

And of course we’ll have a Star Trek episode and hopefully a music and movie review to post.  As far as political posts, I’ll see what catches my interest.  I’m not sure what else there is to say about the Dem race.  Maybe I’ll do a satire post on an imaginary debate between the remaining clowns.  We’ll see.

Sorry about the low production rate here but things will improve.  Stay tuned.

22JAN2020- OCF Update

So I haven’t bothered to read any detailed reports of the Senate Trial.  But the headlines are amusing and encouraging.  Apparently Mitch McConnell has kept his nerve and stonewalled the Dems on all their requests to extend the trial and showboat for the media.  Good for you, turtle man.  Let him keep that up for another day or two and we can move on to something really important, namely the sign stealing scandal in Major League Baseball.  Perhaps Nancy Pelosi can inject herself into that crisis.  If I remember my history Nancy was involved in that earlier baseball scandal involving the 1919 Chicago Black Sox when she seduced Shoeless Joe Jackson by showing him a not so shapely ankle in exchange for his cooperation in throwing the World Series.  During testimony Shoeless Joe lamented, “That old bag’s ankle was definitely not worth the lifetime baseball ban.”  Or so I’ve heard.

The other political story of interest is Bernie Sanders holding his ground against a full court press by the press.  They have accused him of everything including being “like Donald Trump,” which is as close as they can come to issuing a fatwa against him.  But one story I glanced at claimed that a new nationwide poll has Bernie  leading Creepy Uncle Joe for the first time.  If Bernie gets the nomination I think it would be the first time in history that a U. S. Presidential election featured only men born in New York City.  A definite sign of the apocalypse.  A lot of people are saying Bernie is a bigger threat than any of the other Dem candidates.  Maybe that’s true.  He definitely promises a lot of stuff and he does claim he’s for the people.  Well, either way I don’t think any of these doofuses will give the President much trouble.

Work is a bear right now but I’ll try to squeeze in a post whenever humanly possible.  I’ve got some more country music reviews and of course Star Trek must go on.  I’ll add some more stuff to reclaiming the family and of course The He-Man Woman Haters’ Club but those posts shouldn’t be rushed.  They need time and loving care.

Stay tuned.


14JAN2020 – OCF Update

This truly is a bad week for outrage.  Everything is coming up roses for our side on all fronts.

The Iranian crisis is a crisis for Iran and not us.  Seeing just how much their own people despise the mullahs is heart warming.

Watching the Democrat Clown Car totter forward toward their convention is astonishing.  Not one of their candidates is electable at this point.  This is going to be an epic train wreck.

The Impeachment Farce wends its slow way from Pelosi’s retirement home in the House to the feckless Senate where boobs like Mitt Romney will do their disloyal best to damage President Trump.  I don’t see it working.

Okay, let’s smile for a change.  It just might make us feel a little better.