Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS Lens – Lens Review – Part 1

Back in February I rented this lens for a Connecticut Riverboat ride to photograph bald eagles.  Due to my rank stupidity the shutter speeds were too slow to compensate for the vibration and motion of the boat.  But after the trip I tested out the lens and found it was sharp enough to warrant purchasing one at some point.

Well that point is now.  It arrived yesterday and I took some shots of birds, hummingbirds, a blue jay and a swallow.  What it showed me is that a600mm focal length is very unforgiving of vibration of any sort.  This just a quick tease.  Here are my very unserious first shots and comparison photo to show you the size.  Actually for a 200-600mm zoom it’s pretty compact and not very heavy.  But I ‘ll get into all the specs in the next post here’s just something to get my foot in the door.